DYM Chapter 1801

Ye Mo’s defensive magic treasure and the golden thunder arcs continuously clashed together, the roar of the Immortal Grave Ridge was incessant, the surrounding space was shaken by the dense thunder arcs.

One by one, the golden lightning arcs were blocked by Ye Mo’s defensive magic treasure, but the same golden lightning arcs pa*sed through the defensive magic treasure or pierced through Ye Mo’s defensive immortal weapon and struck Ye Mo’s body.

Blood splattered up and Ye Mo’s bones broke inch by inch as these thunder arcs struck his body, and there was no half-way trick to take other than to resist them hard.

Although the Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron was a broken Extreme Immortal Artifact, it was extremely useful at this moment, forming a hurricane-like cauldron shadow, blocking seven of the nine thunder arcs underground, and the remaining two that missed the net were kicked down directly by Ye Mo with his foot.

“Poof, ka-ching ……”

Ye Mo’s legs’ skin flew and flesh shattered on the spot, his leg bones broke, even if he was an immortal spirit body, he couldn’t block the golden thunder arc that was thicker than a bucket of water. The world stone scales and the purple circus even formed a huge mountain peak and a purple blade rainbow, with a buzzing roar, the world stone scales were directly knocked away by the golden thunder arc, and the piece of gorgeous purple blade rainbow could not block dozens of golden thunder arcs as well.

“Boom boom boom ……”

After these eighty-one thunder arcs were blocked by Ye Mo for a large part, the excess still hit Ye Mo’s body intensively.

With a “thud”, Ye Mo fell to the ground. Such thick arcs of thunder struck his body so continuously that even if Ye Mo’s ‘Three Life Duel’ was powerful, he would not be able to refine it in time. At this moment, Ye Mo’s body was covered in blood and charred black.

When Ye Mo was struck directly into the depths of the earth, he felt difficulty even breathing. Or maybe just one more lightning arc. His Yuan Shen might have been smashed into pieces.

This thunderstorm was living to kill him. Ye Mo’s eyes erupted with angry flames. Although he couldn’t move. Yet, he was still frantically pounding the Immortal King cultivation barrier. He knew that his current thunder tribulation was different from others, while others’ thunder tribulations became more terrifying the further they went, the most terrifying part of his thunder tribulation was the first and second waves. Once he had advanced through the first two waves of thunder tribulations, then the later ones would not be enough for him at all.

Although he only had one breath left, Ye Mo’s Body Refining Technique still worked automatically. After absorbing these golden thunder arcs, the body refining technique continued to strengthen Ye Mo’s flesh and blood body, condensing his flesh and blood again and again. The golden thunder arcs were even refined by Ye Mo’s ‘Three Life Duel’ at the fastest speed. A golden thunder source was formed, and in addition to refining Ye Mo’s flesh body, it also continuously impacted that layer of Immortal King partition with the surrounding Immortal Spiritual Qi that was frantically absorbed by Ye Mo.

“The second wave of thunderstorms did not even pause, not giving Ye Mo the slightest chance to catch his breath as it began to brew up, looking like it was about to fall again. Ye Mo forced his anger down, invoking the golden thunder source and the terrifying immortal spirit qi to keep pounding on the immortal king compartment.

The roar in the air grew louder and louder and even began to explode in the air. Ye Mo was very clear. If he couldn’t break through the Immortal King divider before the second wave of thunder tribulation fell, he could only wait for death. It looked like this time’s thunder tribulation had predetermined his life and death long ago. It was only because he was well prepared. Not only had he prepared over a hundred defensive immortal weapons, but he had also purchased the Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron. Otherwise, he would not have been able to survive the first wave of thunder tribulation.

Understanding where his danger lay, Ye Mo could no longer think of anything else and took out two ‘Yi Wang Dan’ and swallowed them at the same time. The terrifying immortal spiritual energy instantly filled Ye Mo’s meridians, the kind of immortal spiritual energy that had nowhere to go and the extremely dense thunder source almost tore Ye Mo’s meridians apart. Or rather, Ye Mo’s middle stage Immortal Spiritual Body could only barely block the bombardment of these raging Immortal Spiritual Qi.

The two ‘Yi Wang Dan’ and the golden thunder source that had been refined by Ye Mo, as well as the immortal spirit qi provided by the extremely high grade immortal spirit veins combined together. Like an iron hammer, it blasted through the layer of Immortal King partition when all of Ye Mo’s meridians almost burst.

“Ka ka ka ……”

An almost inaudible rupture rang out and Ye Mo felt his body lighten as those piles of immortal yuan and golden thunder sources spread out instantly. It was as if a larger and more expansive space had been built outside the riverbank that was already filled with water, and after this riverbank was dug up, this already full water instantly had a place to go.

Ye Mo felt his cultivation level climbing wildly, a terrifying power that was dozens of times stronger than the perfection of the Da Luo Immortal surged up, and this power was still rising, that is, even his divine sense began to spread wildly.

This feeling of rapidly increasing strength almost made Ye Mo think he was in a dream. He had experienced many promotions and soaring strengths, but never once had he felt so crazy and clear as he did this time.

The continuous stream of immortal spiritual qi and golden thunder sources did not dissipate immediately after smashing open Ye Mo’s Immortal King’s partition, but once again impacted Ye Mo’s body refining cultivation under his body refining technique.

The torn meridians were healing at the speed of breathing, the legs that were previously split by the underground thunder arc were also rapidly recovering, and Ye Mo’s body refining cultivation was brushing up.

This time, the thunder arc arc was certainly terrifying to the extreme, but the benefits gained once it was blocked over were equally unimaginable.

At the same time as Ye Mo felt his might continue to be unleashed, his Immortal King Domain had involuntarily stretched out, and at this moment, his Immortal King Domain had not only expanded several times again, but had also begun to be perfected. A terrifying Immortal King aura spread out across Immortal Grave Ridge, and some Yin attributed Immortal Demon Beasts and some powerful Yin Souls from afar, fled, this aura was too powerful for them. The thunder tribulation here was too crazy, and the people who were crossing the tribulation here were even crazier.

Ye Mo felt another thin ringing in his body, and the next moment, an even more powerful feeling came, Ye Mo clenched his fist and slowly stood up. He was clear that his body refining cultivation had broken through at the same time and had reached the late stage of Immortal Spirit Body.

“Ka …… Ka …… Boom boom boom ……”

After the explosion above his head, even crazier booms fell the moment Ye Mo’s cultivation and body refinement broke through at the same time. One hundred and eight golden arcs of lightning tribulation once again divided into dozens of directions and blasted at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo raised his head and calmly stared at the hundred or so thick golden thunder arcs, this time he didn’t even offer any defensive magic treasures, he just flew up and charged.

At the same time, his thunder arc sword and fist struck out. He would use this golden thunder arc to continue to temper his cultivation while continuing to temper his thunder sword.


The Immortal Grave Ridge was too remote in the Forbidden Upper Sky and was a place of extremely heavy Yin Qi, without many immortal spirit objects. Although the commotion caused by Ye Mo’s tribulation was great, not many people could feel it. But just because there weren’t many, didn’t mean there weren’t any. At this moment, two Da Luo Immortals who were outside the Immortal Grave Ridge felt this terrifying aura of thunder tribulation, and there was also an almost imperceptible pressure of Immortal Kings.

“There’s a rank six Immortal Demon Beast crossing the tribulation here to advance to rank seven?” The Da Luo Immortal wearing scarlet clothes said as he stared in horror at the depths of Immortal Grave Ridge.

“How is it possible that an Immortal Demon Beast is advancing to level seven at Immortal Grave Ridge?” Another grey-clothed Da Luo Immortal asked in confusion.

“This kind of might is definitely a commotion made by an Immortal Demon Beast advancing to level seven, if we don’t leave early, when that Immortal Demon Beast finishes its tribulation and its divine sense sweeps us, it will definitely be a death sentence.” The Crimson Clothed Grand Luo Immortal said cautiously.

The grey-clothed Grand Luo Immortal nodded, “Good, let’s go now then.”

The two Great Luo Immortals finished speaking and accelerated their speed from leaving the Immortal Grave Ridge, if there really was a high level Immortal Demon Beast transmigrating here, once it was discovered, it would indeed be a death sentence.


Forbidden on the periphery of the heaven’s realm, an eagle-eyed man wandered around for a while now, he finally found a place where the void vortex tumbled the least. He sacrificed his defensive magic treasure and rushed in as fast as he could.

He had been searching for good things in the void for years, and his knowledge of such realms was much deeper than ordinary people, and in just a short time, he had rushed through the realm.

If Ye Mo was here, he could obviously recognise this man as the Eagle-eyed Immortal King who had fought with him in the void. Ye Mo, however, did not expect that this guy had actually chased him to the Forbidden Upper Sky. It was just that his extremely high quality flying immortal weapon was far inferior to Ye Mo’s lower quality divine weapon, plus he still needed to constantly look for traces of Ye Mo’s flying past along the way, which slowed him down by more than a month.

If he didn’t have a tracing compa*s, he would have lost the trail long ago, and where would he have been able to find any semblance of Ye Mo.

“Fleeing to the forbidden heavens and I can’t do anything to you?” This eagle-eyed man sneered, while offering up his tracing compa*s and began to search carefully.

In just half a pillar of time, he once again recognised a direction and immediately powered his extremely high quality immortal weapon. And as he flew along, he also kept taking out his tracing compa*s to locate it.

Seven days later, this Eagle-eyed Great Luo Immortal stopped two Great Luo Immortals who were rapidly flying away.

The two Da Luo Immortals were the same two who had seen Ye Mo fleeing from the tribulation earlier. The two had fled for a head or two before they slowed down and discussed what kind of Immortal Demon Beast might be inside the Immortal Grave Ridge, which was crossing the tribulation.

The two Da Luo Immortals were discussing the Immortal Demon Beast while they were rushing along, when an Immortal King stopped their way, and only then did the two of them suddenly realize with a start.

“My junior has met Lord Immortal King.” That grey-clothed Da Luo Immortal immediately knew that the person in front of them was definitely at a much higher cultivation level than them, and was most likely an Immortal King. Facing an Immortal King, the two of them simply did not even have the room to ask.

“Have you ever met such a person?” This Eagle-eyed Immortal King raised his hand and casually drew out Ye Mo’s image while directly asking.

Although Ye Mo had used a mask to conceal his true appearance, the mask he used was that of a Half-Sage, and the Eagle-Eyed Immortal King’s cultivation level was too low to still see Ye Mo’s true appearance.