DYM Chapter 1798

Luan Xingyin was very good at reading people’s opinions, and when she saw that Ye Mo seemed like he was going to refuse, she smiled sweetly and continued, “If we hurry, we will be able to catch the biggest event of Luanze Immortal Village.”

“What big event?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

“Is it possible that Brother Mo has not heard of the Luanze Immortal Village?” Luan Xingyin saw that she mentioned Luanze Immortal Village several times Ye Mo did not have any reaction, but was a bit puzzled to ask.

Ye Mo said slightly embarra*sed, “I’ve been in seclusion and rarely go out, so I really haven’t heard of the Luanze Immortal Village.”

“No wonder.” Luan Xing Yin dawned on him and then explained, “My Luanze Immortal Villa is the number one Immortal Villa in Yuyu Heaven, if the Villa Master hadn’t gone out to seek the Dao and never returned, my Luanze Immortal Villa would have been an Imperial Sect long ago. Even now, my Luanze Villa is one of the three venerable sects in Yuyu Heaven.”

Ye Mo had long guessed that this Luan Xing Yin had two Immortal Kings escorting her and went out on such a high grade Immortal ship, so there must be an Immortal Emperor behind it without a doubt, and now it seemed that he was not wrong. However, it was not many for a Zun Clan to have an immortal ship of this rank.

“I, Luanze Immortal Villa, will gather the talented immortals of Yu Yu Heaven to hold a flower appreciation a*sembly, but of course the flower appreciation a*sembly is only superficial, in fact this time it is to select sons-in-law for the outstanding immortals of our Immortal Villa. The ten women who will participate in the son-in-law selection are all the most outstanding disciples of my Luanze Immortal Villa, and even the number one beauty of my Luanze Immortal Villa will participate. Brother Mo, you have outstanding natural talent ……”

“Miss, and you yourself are also going to participate, Miss is also one of the three great fairies of my Luanze Immortal Village.” The purple clothed fairy next to her suddenly giggled and said.

Luan Xing Yin did blush in a rare moment, but did not refute that purple clothed fairy’s words, however. However, there was no way to continue the persuasion.

Ye Mo had long since listened with disinterest. A flower appreciation party. A son-in-law recruitment event, how could he be in the mood to attend.

Seeing Luan Xingyin waiting for him to answer, he said without hesitation, cupping his fist, “I’m really sorry, Fairy Luan. I happen to have something to do, but I can’t go to Luanze Immortal Village. If I pa*s by the Luanze Immortal Villa next time, I will definitely come and pay a visit.”

“Brother Mo, do you really have to go?” Luan Xingyin looked a little disappointed, she had seen with her own eyes how powerful Ye Mo was. Although it was a bit worse looking. But if he participated in Luanze Immortal Village’s son-in-law recruitment, he might become a member of Luanze Immortal Village.

“Yes, please ask Fairy Luan to open the ban.” Ye Mo had lost interest in continuing to talk, he didn’t like this kind of nagging, he had already said he was leaving, so what was there to persuade.

Luan Xingyin could see that Ye Mo had already decided to go, so she could only say, “Then in the future, if Brother Mo is free, remember to come to my Luanze Immortal Villa to sit down, my Luanze Immortal Villa always welcomes Brother Mo, this is my Immortal Villa’s VIP card”

After saying that, Luan Xingyin opened the ban on the immortal ship. At the same time, she took out a VIP card and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hastily thanked him and then took it, bidding farewell to Luan Xingyin. Immediately, he left the immortal ship and at the same time sacrificed his space-time shuttle, and in just a short time, the space-time shuttle and the immortal ship were farther apart.

“Miss, this Mo Ying is indeed very powerful, but he is somewhat average looking.” The purple-clothed fairy commented on Ye Mo next to Luan Xingyin.

Luan Xingyin shook her head and said, “This person is so terrifying for a Da Luo Immortal, his future achievements will definitely be unlimited. How many Da Luo Immortals do you see that have lower grade divine weapons? His flying shuttle can’t even catch up with our immortal ships, so it’s definitely a lower grade divine weapon. Moreover, that last move of his, the Fire Wave, makes me feel that he also has an extremely high grade of strange Heavenly Flame. This kind of person, if he is willing to stay at my Luanze Immortal Village, is far above the geniuses of those sects.”

After saying that, Luan Xing Yin sighed and continued, “Among the genius immortals I’ve met, only Chu Jiuyu, who is still residing in the Immortal Village, can be compared to him. Even if it is Chu Jiu Yu, I am afraid that I am not a match for this person.”

“Miss, will Brother Chu join my Immortal Village?” The purple-clothed fairy asked.

Luan Xingyin pondered for a moment and said, “This person, Chu Jiuyu, is equally astonishingly talented, if he wasn’t just a casual cultivator, he might have already achieved Immortal King by now. But this man is equally ambitious and extremely arrogant, with extremely high vision, whether he can join my Immortal Villa is not certain yet.”

If Luan Xingyin knew that if she said that Chu Jiu Yu was at Luanze Villa, Ye Mo would definitely go with her, she would have said it long ago.


Of course Ye Mo did not know that Chu Jiu Yu was now at Luanze Immortal Village, at this time he had already seen the heavenly domain coordinates in the orientation dial on the space-time shuttle. The nearest celestial domain was indeed the Yuyu Heaven, but Ye Mo did not want to go to the Yuyu Heaven, the place he was going to was the Forbidden Upper Heaven. The distance to the Forbidden Upper Heaven was slightly farther, and Ye Mo estimated that it would take him about a year to open his space-time shuttle to its maximum speed.

If he went to Yu Yu Heaven first, it might not even take him three or four months to get there by teleportation array. However, Ye Mo did not plan to do the teleportation formation to get there, he planned to fly directly to the Forbidden Upper Sky.

In the past, he didn’t cultivate because he didn’t have the resources, but now that he had enough resources, he decided to raise his cultivation level to Immortal King before doing so. In such places, without strength, everything was in vain.

Of course a better option for Ye Mo was to go to Yu Yu Heaven first, then do the teleportation array to the Forbidden Upper Heaven, and when he finished his business, he could cultivate on his way back to the Lower Heaven Domain, so he wouldn’t waste time at all.

But Ye Mo still did not choose this way, he chose to raise his cultivation level first. In the process of going to the Forbidden Upper Heaven, Ye Mo estimated that he could also cultivate to the peak of Da Luo Xian. When he reached the peak of Da Luo Immortal, he would just be able to go to the Immortal Grave Ridge in the Forbidden Upper Heaven to cross the Immortal King Tribulation. Once he reached Immortal King, even if he met an Immortal Dweller, he would still have a chance to escape.

The Immortal King Tribulation Ye Mo did not dare to cross it in the void, the Immortal King Tribulation was several times more powerful than any of the previous lightning tribulations, Ye Mo had to be careful. Once he advanced to Immortal King, he would be equal to a ranked immortal, a ranked immortal, that was synonymous with longevity and a symbol of strength.

And even from another perspective, Ye Mo felt that he had to advance to Immortal King before he could venture out. Although he had a lot of things, his heritage was far from Yan Jiutian’s. Not to mention that Yan Jiutian was now an Immortal King, once he met Yan Jiutian, he would never be lucky if he was still a Da Luo Immortal.

Even if we don’t talk about Yan Jiutian, the last time he met Ji Bo, it made Ye Mo extremely uncomfortable in his heart. He was able to fight Yan Jiu Tian, who could escape in Ji Bo’s hands, but he couldn’t escape.

The reason for this was because his heritage was not as good as Yan Jiutian’s. Yan Jiutian had a lot of tricks, while he was relying on just a few immortal treasures he had obtained. There were so many immortal kings in the Upper Heavenly Domain that one could run into one at any time if they were not careful.

Ye Mo handed the immortal ship to Shadowless and Little Ice Cucumber to control once again, and after telling them that the place he was going to was the Forbidden Upper Heaven, he continued to enter the Golden Page World to close up.


Half a year had pa*sed outside the time formation disk, while in the time formation disk Ye Mo felt the immortal energy in his body like a tumbling river, surging and surging. Every time the immortal yuan operated it would unconsciously stretch out its own might, and some of the immortal spiritual qi he absorbed in could only quench his body and meridians, never to go any further.

The dan poison formed from swallowing too many pills before had also long been refined and expelled by Ye Mo. Feeling the powerful force, Ye Mo was almost about to try his strength with a fist swing.

Ye Mo stood up again, he knew that he was already a Da Luo Immortal complete, as long as he crossed the lightning tribulation, he would become an undoubtedly promoted Immortal King and become a true ranked Immortal. The extremely high grade immortal spirit veins were so much better than the upper grade immortal spirit veins, not only were they faster to absorb, but they allowed him to advance to the peak of Da Luo Immortal with around forty percent still present.

Seeing Ye Mo come out of the Golden Page World, Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng hurriedly gathered around. Ye Mo looked at the journey on the time and space shuttle and surprisingly, it would only take two months to reach the Forbidden Upper Heaven.

Ye Mo did not take over the control of the time and space shuttle, but continued to let Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng control the time and space shuttle while he stood at the front of the shuttle to feel the might of the void.

Although he had Bitter Bamboo and cultivated in the Chaos World, his roots were incomparably strong. But when cultivation reached a certain level, it was beneficial to his cultivation to quietly feel the vastness of the void.

After half a month had pa*sed, Ye Mo felt his cultivation become more and more refined, and even his sea of consciousness began to slowly expand. Ye Mo believed that at this time, he continued to cultivate the Nine Revolutions of the Divine Mind, and it wouldn’t be long before he could continue to break through.

This day Ye Mo was trying to use his divine sense to drive the rapidly flying meteorites in the void when he felt a burst of divine sense fluctuations coming from his divine sense domain.

Someone had come over and was spying on him with his divine sense, and even dared to come this way quickly. This person’s divine sense fluctuation was definitely not a great immortal, and was most likely already an immortal king.

Ye Mo first let Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng enter the Golden Page World, and at the same time, he himself took over the control of the Time Space Shuttle, he did not want to expose Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng. He didn’t want to expose Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng. He also put the Purple Blazer on his back again, the Purple Blazer could be taken out of the Golden Page World when no one was around, but now that someone was coming, an Immortal King, in case there was a conflict, Ye Mo wouldn’t dare to take out the Purple Blazer in front of an Immortal King.

In just tens of breaths of time, a blue transported light flew in at the side, an extremely beautiful windmill arrived quickly, at the front end of the windmill was standing an eagle-eyed man.

Surprisingly, it was a late Immortal King, Ye Mo frowned for a moment, a late Da Luo Immortal was equivalent to a cultivation level like Ji Bo, not much worse than Ji Bo.

This Immortal King who came over was obviously targeting him, but Ye Mo wasn’t worried, this man’s flying magic treasure was inferior to his, it was only an extremely high quality flying immortal weapon.

“Huh, an imitation time and space shuttle? It’s still a lower grade divine weapon.” This Immortal King’s eyes immediately glowed after seeing Ye Mo’s Time and Space Shuttle, and he even muttered to himself in awe.

Ye Mo was going to clasp his fist in greeting, after all, the other party’s cultivation level was higher than his. However, hearing such a greedy tone from this guy, he immediately gave up his intention to greet him.