DYM Chapter 1796

In all directions, there were dense Void Iron Wing Bears, which had stopped here long ago, just waiting for him to throw himself into the net.

The Void Iron Wing Bears are extremely fast in the void and have a high level of spiritual intelligence. They not only have thick skin and flesh, but also know how to fight in groups. The Void Ironwing Bear’s mouth is pointed like a spear, and its main talents are the inflammatory blade and the bite. This Void Demon Beast’s teeth are like immortal weapons, and once it is bitten, even an Immortal King will have a piece of skin torn off.

If it was just the Void Ironwing Bear, Ye Mo wasn’t too concerned, it would still be possible to find Shadowless out and then kill a way out.

But not now, he was surrounded by Void Ironwing Bears, and it would definitely drag on for a long time. Once it dragged on for a long time, that ghost ship would rush up. Compared to that, Ye Mo was still more worried about the ghost ship. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to think too much about it now, as the Void Ironwing Bears were already surrounding him.

Ye Mo raised his hand to offer the Purple Sandal, while a thunder sword arc was struck out by him.

These Void Iron Wing Bears were all Immortal Demon Beasts that had reached level four or above, ranging from level four to level six, and very few of them had even reached the peak level of level six.

Ye Mo panted, fortunately there were no level seven Void Ironwing Bears, if a level seven Void Demon Beast came, even if the Golden Page World would be exposed, he would only be able to enter the Golden Page World.

Ye Mo had seen a level seven immortal demonic beast once, when he was in the Seven Refinement Tower, that one guy that was several storeys high was still fresh in Ye Mo’s mind.

“Boom boom boom ……”

After Ye Mo’s thunder sword struck out, the void instantly overflowed with thunder and lightning, and a thunder arc sword fell down, reflecting the hooded void with a slight blue color.

Only then did Ye Mo realise that the colour of his thunder arc sword had changed from pure black to a shiny blue with a hint of brightness. If it was anywhere else it would not be easy to see. But in this grey void. It immediately revealed itself.

“Ka ka ka ……”

The lightning arc sword came down. Brown mist splattered everywhere, these Void Ironwing Bears had been in the void for years, and even their blood was brown. One by one, the Void Ironwing Bears were swept away by Ye Mo’s Thunder Arc Sword and were instantly swept away by the Void Turbulence.

But at the same time countless flaming blades pounced on Ye Mo, who hurriedly sacrificed a large defensive censer that he had refined, while putting away the space-time shuttle.

The Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron he had obtained at the auction was still broken, and although it had been refined, Ye Mo didn’t want to use it just yet. He wanted to use it after he had repaired this Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron. In Ye Mo’s mind, although there were many of these Void Ironwing Bears, they were only some rank four to rank six ones, and ordinary defensive immortal weapons would be enough. So he thought that this sixth grade defensive immortal artifact of his should be able to hold off for half a day.

As for putting away the Time Space Shuttle, it was because the Time Space Shuttle was something that Ye Mo used to escape from, it was very fast, but its defensive ability was not very strong. In case it was destroyed by these Void Ironwing Beasts, Ye Mo would be at a big loss.


“Miss, it’s the Void Ironwing Bears again. What do we do?” At this moment, the purple-clothed fairy girl on that fairy ship also said in shock and trembling. They had just escaped from the Void Ironwing Bear’s mouth, so of course they knew how powerful this bear was.

“Quickly turn around. Turn on the attack ban.” The white-skirted immortaless said immediately, with some regret in her heart. She was so focused on chasing the person in front of her that she had forgotten about the incredibly cunning Void Ironwing Bear.

“Boom boom ……” The dense inflammation blades struck Ye Mo’s defensive immortal weapon, and in the time of an incense stick, cracks appeared in Ye Mo’s defensive immortal weapon.

Another half column of incense later, Ye Mo’s defensive immortal device clicked and shattered open. Without the defensive cauldron, countless inflammatory blades quickly tore through Ye Mo’s immortal energy shield and struck Ye Mo’s body.

Ye Mo frowned some, although these Void Ironwing Bears individually were nothing, but so many of them added up to be incredibly powerful that even a sixth grade defensive immortal weapon wouldn’t last long.

Ye Mo was about to call out Shadowless to help, but he saw that the immortal ship had already appeared in his divine sense. Moreover, the immortal ship also started to attack the Void Iron Wing Bear, and even had magic treasures smashed out.

Seeing this scene, Ye Mo immediately knew that he had misunderstood. This immortal ship was not a ghost ship, it should be a ship that walked in the void. If he had known that this ship was not a ghost ship, he would not have fled and would not have been caught in the middle of the Void Ironwing Bears.

Knowing that the immortal ship was not a ghost ship, Ye Mo did not dare to call out Shadowless again, and even warned Shadowless not to come out, while he himself changed his appearance into an ordinary-looking young face.

He could not let anyone have half a clue about what he was doing in the Little Heavenly Domain and Hong Yu Immortal City, once he was found out, it would not be a game. All these years of experience had taught Ye Mo not to be half-hearted.

After knowing that it was not a ghost ship, Ye Mo no longer planned to escape, and even went all out to fight these Void Ironwing Bears. At this moment, he didn’t even bother to sacrifice his defensive magic treasures, with his Immortal Spirit Body’s body refining cultivation. As long as he ran his body refining technique during the fight, he could still refine his body while fighting.

The dense thunder arc swords were once again offered by Ye Mo in waves, and the violet shooting was also continuously cleaved by Ye Mo, as the Illusory Cloud Domain Killing Blade brought up a rainbow of swords hundreds of feet long spreading out in the void. From a distance, it looked like a purple rainbow, extremely gorgeous.

In just a short period of time, in an area of dozens of miles around Ye Mo, it was all covered with sword rainbows and thunder mangles.

Pieces and pieces of Void Ironwing Bears were cut down by Ye Mo, and the same countless Ironwing Bears spewed out inflammatory blades that hit Ye Mo’s body. Various bloodstained wounds were continuously added to Ye Mo’s body, only for these bloodstained wounds to quickly recover under Ye Mo’s body refining technique before quenching his body.

Half a day later, Ye Mo didn’t know how many Void Ironwing Bears he had killed, but he was still surrounded by dense Void Ironwing Bears. His body was even a red glow, and he was already surrounded by countless inflammatory blades spewed out by the Ironwing Bears. Some of the Ironwing Bears that had slipped through the net under Ye Mo’s attack even rushed to Ye Mo’s side without fear of death, trying to tear Ye Mo apart.

In the end, even the Ironwing Bears surrounding the immortal ship were all attracted to Ye Mo’s side and attacked him frantically.

Thunder arcs, blade mangles, inflammation blades, hissing ……

were intertwined in this void, the range constantly expanding and expanding again. If this wasn’t a void, if there was still sunlight here, then at this point it could be clearly seen that it was already stained with brown blood. Ye Mo, on the other hand, had no idea how many Void Ironwing Bears he had already killed, he was already completely immersed in this kind of Void killing.

Every time to the point where his immortal energy was about to dry up, an elixir was swallowed by him. When his divine sense was void, the same a pill to replenish his divine sense went down, this had slowly formed an inertia. Ye Mo himself didn’t even know that his pills were dwindling drastically and the Dan poison in his body was rising dramatically.

After that one thunder sword struck out, an area of thunder and lightning formed in his mind, and he could even feel in the midst of the killing that there was a thunder about to be caught by him.

At the same time, a purple blade went out and also formed a vacuum around him, which also made him feel that a new kind of breakthrough was about to be formed.


Not far away, the immortal ship had stopped, the immortal ship did not continue to flee, the people on the immortal ship were frozen in place, it was two immortal kings who also stared blankly at the place where Ye Mo was killing.

What kind of person was this, to be so terrifying, looking at him he didn’t seem to have reached Immortal King yet, was there really such a powerful Da Luo Immortal? This was in addition to not having a domain, such a large area of killing, even Immortal Kings might not be able to do it, ah?

The white-skirted female immortal even looked at Ye Mo in the midst of the killing in complete disbelief, she even had a feeling that the person in the midst of the killing at this moment, it was as if he was in a state of emptiness, there were times when she could not seem to feel his presence.

Only an epiphany would give this feeling, but who could have an epiphany in the middle of a killing? But how could this be such a feeling of emptiness if it wasn’t an epiphany?

“So powerful ……,” the purple-clothed female immortal muttered as she took a long breath after a long time.

Just when Ye Mo felt that his thunder sword was about to break through, his body suddenly erupted with a burst of fine clicking sounds, and in just a short period of time, he felt that his physical body had once again become a notch stronger. At the same time as his Thunder Sword was about to break through, his body refinement had actually broken through first. From the early stage of his Immortal Spirit Body before, he had reached the middle stage of his Immortal Spirit Body.

However, there was a gain and a loss, as the refining body cultivation broke through, the epiphany from the killing earlier also completely disappeared. His thunder sword was stuck once again, and Ye Mo simply had an itchy feeling that was hard to express. This was on the verge of a breakthrough, why couldn’t he break through?

Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to slowly kill these Void Ironwing Bears, and raised his hand to blast out a wave killing fist. Ye Mo believed that with his cultivation level close to Da Luo Xian’s completion, he shouldn’t have any difficulty in trying to offer up the Wave Kill.

Although Ye Mo’s killing could not be said to be slow at all, batches and batches of Void Ironwing Bears were killed every time he struck, but compared to those endless Void Ironwing Bears, Ye Mo’s killing was still a bit slow.

As soon as the wave kill came out, the temperature of the surrounding void instantly rose, and before the fist wave came out, that terrifying scorching heat had already swept around.

“Boom ……”

A wave of inflammation that almost had the power to destroy the void was sacrificed by Ye Mo, this was not a palace, there was no obstruction, this fist was sacrificed, that wave of inflammation was simply like a wild horse that was out of control, it spurted out without restraint.

The void was instantly illuminated by this wave of heat, and the endless Void Ironwing Bears were defenceless in this wave of heat, and the low level Void Ironwing Bears were instantly grilled into flying ash. Even if the first wave did not extinguish the bears, they were still unable to resist the second wave that followed.

The fiery red wave was like a raging sea, rushing up with a loud booming sound, breaking like a volcanic eruption. As the second wave pa*sed, a third wave rose again out of thin air.