DYM Chapter 1793

Ye Mo had just finished setting up the formation flags at this moment, and had already started pulling this extremely high grade immortal spirit vein. But at that moment an extremely violent spatial fluctuation came, and even the surrounding space made a clicking sound.

Ye Mo’s face changed greatly, and he immediately thought that what Little Ice Ginseng said was true.

The violent aura was getting heavier and heavier, and it even carried a hint of spatial collapse. Ye Mo no longer dared to stay outside, and with his immortal energy burning, he forcibly brought that immortal spirit vein along with him into the golden page world.

“Boom ……”

Less than three breaths after Ye Mo entered the Golden Page World, a terrifying explosion sounded and the place where Ye Mo had just stood had become a void.

Ye Mo’s divine sense carefully stretched out, only to find that there were spatial collapses and spatial dislocations everywhere outside the Golden Page World. If he was outside now, even if he was more capable, he would have been torn into pieces. Not to mention a person, even his divine sense was engulfed by the terrifying explosion outside.

If it wasn’t for Little Ice Cucumber’s reminder, he might have hesitated to burn his immortal energy even if he felt the violent aura of space, and once he hesitated, it would be a toss-up whether he could still enter the Golden Page World. Even if he did enter, he would probably end up being injured and disabled.

This kind of terrifying burst would not be able to be stopped by small worlds at all, even if they were true spirit worlds, they would be torn apart by such bursts. It was a good thing that he still had his Chaos World, otherwise he would have been finished at this point. The organisers of the Little Heavenly Domain were simply too yīn, this Little Heavenly Domain explosion had definitely been calculated by those guys. The three days were simply too accurate, from the time the three days arrived, when those Da Luo Immortals went out, to when the Little Heavenly Domain exploded, there were only less than two hours before and after.

“Boss, are you alright?” Shadowless hurried over to ask curtly, and Little Ice Ginseng also ran over.

“I’m fine, you take Ice Ginseng somewhere else, I’m going to close up under the Bitter Bamboo to cultivate.” Ye Mo was also a little unsure in his heart, he didn’t know where this explosion would take him to.

It was good that he had been in the void a lot xìng, so even if he lost his way, he wasn’t afraid.

“Boss, I want to go see the Chaos Tree.” Little Ice Ginseng scowled and made his request despite his fear. The Chaos Tree was the source of all woods. As an immortal spirit creature that was already psychic, Little Ice Ginseng was really unable to restrain his thoughts.

Shadowless secretly despised that this little ice ginseng dared to go against its words and proposed to see the Chaos Tree in front of the boss.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I’m going to be in seclusion, it’s fine for you to go see the Chaos Tree, but you are not allowed to destroy half of it.”

Hearing that Ye Mo agreed so simply, the little ice ginseng was even more overjoyed, only Shadowless lowered its head and secretly complained that the boss didn’t give it any face.


Sensing that time was running out, Ye Mo immediately sent that upper grade immortal spirit vein next to the Bitter Bamboo after entering the Golden Page World, he wanted to raise his cultivation, the early stage of Da Luo Immortal was just not enough. In the Lower Heavenly Realm, a Da Luo Immortal might still be considered a top expert, in the Middle Heavenly Realm a Da Luo Immortal could still be considered good, but in the Upper Heavenly Realm, a Da Luo Immortal could only be considered ordinary.

Decades had pa*sed since he came to the Immortal Realm, and if this continued, it would not be good for him and those who had ascended from Mo Yue City.

Yan Jiu Tian’s advancement speed was really too fast, if he was a little bit slower, he would be left behind by him to a hundred thousand miles. Ye Mo knew that Yan Jiutian was going to kill him for sure, just as if he was going to kill Yan Jiutian as well. Too many of his secrets were known by Yan Jiutian, while Yan Jiutian had just as many secrets known by him. Between the two, one had to be killed.

That extremely high grade immortal spirit vein, Ye Mo was going to save it for when he impacted the Immortal King, right now he was only at the early stage of Da Luo Immortal, using the upper grade immortal spirit vein should be almost enough.

Shadowless had known for a long time that Ye Mo was cultivating with an amazing sound, but it was Little Ice Sen who was frozen in awe. Using the Immortal Spirit Veins to cultivate and absorbing at such a terrifying rate, the swirling vortex of Immortal Spirit Qi that curled up showed Ye Mo’s terrifying absorption speed. With so much immortal spirit qi being absorbed, wouldn’t that be an amazing increase in cultivation?


The group of people who got the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit in the square of Hong Yu Immortal City were not the only ones who were with Ye Mo. There were quite a few Peng Yue Immortal Fruits inside the Little Heavenly Domain, and although those who went in only searched less than a tenth of the Little Heavenly Domain, the proceeds were still very substantial.

Some precious immortal spirit herbs were refined on the spot into various immortal pills, which were auctioned off on the spot at Hong Yu Square. There was even an auction for the ‘Yi Wang Dan’.

All Da Luo Immortals who had obtained the Peng Yue Immortal Fruits could exchange their allocated Peng Yue Immortal Fruits for ‘Yi Wang Dan’, although a single Immortal Fruit could only be exchanged for a medium ‘Yi Wang Dan’.

Of those sects that did not have a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Sovereign, almost all of those who had received Peng Yue Immortal Fruits exchanged their Peng Yue Immortal Fruits for ‘Yi Wang Dan’, with the exception of Thistle and the Cloud Seeking Sage.

Thistle had surrendered all the rest, leaving behind two Peng Yue Immortal Fruits. These two Peng Yue Immortal Fruits, she surrendered another one to the clan and left the other one for herself, but did not ask for the ‘Yi Wang Dan’. For her, the first thing down below was to find Ye Mo, who was a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Master, so she would just let Ye Mo refine the pills directly. Even if Ye Mo failed in refining the pills, it would still give Ye Mo one more experience in refining the ‘Yi Wang Dan’.

The a*sembly in Hongyu Square went through six days, although many clans were not satisfied with the few Immortal Emperors hiding the truth. However, the rest of the people in the square were very satisfied with the several Immortal Emperors. Even those who did not get the same, they had respect for what the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperors and others had done.

After retrieving some precious Immortal Spirit Gra*ses from the Little Heavenly Domain, they did not hide them from themselves and even refined them into pills to sell to everyone, who would not like such a good thing? To others it was only under the leadership of the Zha Kong Emperor and the Dragon River Emperor that such good things were done.


The Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Conference had ended, and many people followed their sect’s immortal ships back, while some still went back in their original immortal ships.

The immortal sect that Thistle belongs to belongs to the Imperial Sect and of course has its own immortal ship. However, Thistle did not have any intention of going back because she had not received any news from Ye Mo.

Not only Jie Xie, but also Ji Shu and Qi Beicang and the others were disappointed that Ye Mo had left without even saying hello to them.

Foraging Cloud was just as puzzled, Ye Mo and she had agreed that once the Little Heavenly Domain matter was over, Ye Mo would send her a message. But now that the matter of the Little Heavenly Domain was over, even the grand auction at Hong Yu Square had ended, she still hadn’t received any message from Ye Mo.

If she said that Ye Mo was lying to her, she would never believe it because the concealment technique Ye Mo gave her was real. She had spent time with Ye Mo and knew that Ye Mo was a person who would not just take a loss. That concealment technique was given to her, so how could Ye Mo not come out for no reason?

Seeing that the Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s immortal ship was about to leave Hong Yu Immortal City, the Cloud Seeking Saintess became a little anxious. Since she had already made a deal with Ye Mo, she was not willing to go back on her word. Only she, like Thistle, also left behind a Peng Yue Immortal Fruit. This immortal fruit was, of course, something to trade with Ye Mo.

No, I have to ask Ye Mo’s sister, Fairy Xi Yue. The Cloud Seeking Saintess had just thought of this when she felt the ban on the doorway move. She opened the restraint, only to find that Thistle was already standing at the doorway.

“Xi Yue has met Sage Maiden Foraging Cloud.” Foraging Cloud and Thistle were far less close than Ning’e and Thistle’s relationship, and as there was no one else here, Thistle was more polite instead.

“Sister Xi Yue, please sit down. I was about to look for you, but I didn’t expect you to come.” The Cloud Seeking Saintess said in a hurry.

“You were looking for me?” Thistle asked in confusion.

The Cloud Searching Saintess hurriedly said, “Yes, do you know where your brother Ye Mo has gone? I had a deal with him, and now he’s given me his things, and I haven’t given him mine yet.”

Xi Yue immediately asked in a startled voice, “You’ve seen my brother, when did that happen? What place did he say he went to?”

Hearing Xi Yue’s words, the Cloud Seeking Sage realised that Thistle didn’t know where Ye Mo had gone either, and she could only tell her about Ye Mo’s search for her before he entered the Little Heavenly Domain.

“My brother is in trouble? Someone is after him?” Thistle was dumbfounded, there were so many strong people in Qing Wei Heaven, although Ye Mo wasn’t bad either, but his cultivation level was there.

“Sister Xi Yue, I guess your brother didn’t come over, he should know that person is waiting for him in Hong Yu Immortal City, with your brother’s xìng character, he’s not at a disadvantage, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Seeking Cloud also knew what was going on, it must be that Ye Mo didn’t dare to come to Hongyu Immortal City again.

Thistle nodded, her hanging heart relaxed slightly. Ye Mo and her had been together for not too long, and as she knew many secrets, she certainly knew Ye Mo a little better than Foraging Cloud. It was just that concern was confusing, foraging cloud was from the perspective of a bystander, while she was concerned from the perspective of a sister.

“Or maybe your brother knew that the Qing Wei Heaven was dangerous and went back early.” Foraging Cloud casually rea*sured her and took out another Peng Yue Immortal Fruit and handed it to Thistle, “This is what I traded with your brother, when you meet him, bring it to him for me.”

When Thistle saw that Forrest Cloud had taken out the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit, he immediately knew that what she said was true. He was not polite either, and put away the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit and bid farewell to Forrest Cloud.

Or perhaps Ye Mo had really gone back first as Foraging Cloud had guessed. One just had to go to the Ever Rising Sky first, and when Ye Mo returned, he would definitely come to the Ever Rising Sky to find her.


At this time, Ye Mo was still cultivating inside the Golden Page World, while that small heavenly domain before had already been destroyed to the point of no return amidst the violent explosions. The Golden Page World and the remnants of those small celestial domains bursting were generally floating in the void, carried around in bits and pieces by the void turbulence.

While at this time, Ye Mo’s head was filled with swirls of immortal spiritual qi, the thick fog of immortal spiritual qi completely concealing him and Bitter Bamboo. Little Ice Ginseng had long since seen this and was standing in front of the Chaos Tree thinking about how to make it grow faster.