DYM Chapter 1788

Ye Mo was about to transmit a voice to Shadowless and ask it how it knew, when he felt that something was wrong. Subconsciously, Ye Mo looked back at the people around him, only to find that most of them were looking at him and Shadowless.

It was only an instant before Ye Mo understood and raised his hand and slapped Shadowless on the head, “Don’t transmit if you don’t know how, idiot, now all the people know what you are talking about.”

Although Shadowless had advanced to Heavenly Gourmets, unfortunately its heritage had not yet been perfected, and the voice transmission was something it had worked out on its own, and was incomparably crude. This voice transmission came out and the spatial fluctuations were immediately heard by most people. This is the same as saying in front of others, I know there are good things in here, the boss and I won’t take you guys for a ride.

Shadowless, however, did not feel half embarra*sed, but only said with some aggravation, “Boss, didn’t I just catch this voice transmission, I was testing it out just now.”

Thistle and the cloud-seeking saint maiden a few female immortals really couldn’t help themselves and even laughed out loud, this kind of sound transmission was really a living treasure.

Ye Mo saw that Shadowless was still losing face, and hurriedly transmitted a few phrases of the mantra to it, letting it go and slowly comprehend it on the side. The sound transmission is actually very simple, but if the cultivation level is not good, it is easy for others to catch the spatial fluctuations. Shadowless had never transmitted a sound, and the first time it caught something, it dared to do so in front of nearly a hundred late Da Luo Xian.

Yuan Sha grinned and once again clasped his fist and said, “We will all cooperate and then Brother Han will command the formation breaking, what does Brother Ning think?”

At this moment, he was greatly settled in his heart, after that dragon horse unlike fellow had just pa*sed on his voice, everyone was on the same page, even if Ye Mo wanted to eat alone, he couldn’t.

Han Xiaofu was a rank five immortal formation master, Ye Mo was also an immortal formation master, and was slightly higher than Han Xiaofu. Of course he was clear about the power of this defensive formation, relying on the two of them, he and Shadowless, would not be able to open it even for several days, so cooperation was a must.

“My opinion is of course the same as Immortal Friend Yuan, let’s cooperate ……”

Ye Mo had just said this when he heard Shadowless’ voice transmission again. “Boss, I can break the haze outside, that thing is good nutrition.”

Ye Mo once again looked around and confirmed that this time Shadowless had really learned to transmit his voice and that no one had heard that sentence just now. Only then was he slightly relieved, even if he was cooperating, he couldn’t let all the bottom cards be known.

The haze that wrapped around the outside of this mountain peak contained a dense routing spirit demonic qi that was more than tens of times denser than the kind of routing spirit demonic qi that had just entered the Little Heavenly Domain. If one were to forcibly attack, it would cause the routed spirit demon qi to overflow in all directions.

Once the collapsed spirit demon qi overflows, it will accelerate the nirvana of everyone’s spirit roots. The most that everyone had left of the ‘Flying Snow Pill’ was just one. Even if some people had brought in ‘Flying Snow Pills’ privately, it was only a small number of people. Because everyone was afraid of accelerating the nirvana of their spirit roots, the strength of their attacks would definitely have to be discounted. And there would also be a fear of collapsing spirit demon qi. A lot of time would be wasted.

Now that Shadowless can devour the collapsed spirit demon qi, it would be like he has an additional bottom card. Thinking of this Ye Mo immediately said: “Immortal Friend Yuan, the haze that surrounds the mountain peak has a large amount of collapsed spirit demon qi, once you forcefully attack it. If we attack it forcibly, it will speed up the nirvana of the spirit roots, and it will also lengthen the time it takes to break through the formation of this mountain peak. We only have one day left, and after one day, we will be transported out, I think shortening the time is the most important thing.”

Ye Mo spoke about the collapsing spirit demon qi overflowing. Many people around already revealed somewhat scornful looks. There were seventy to eighty of them here and they hadn’t attacked until now because they were afraid of these collapsing spirit demon qi. Once the Collapsing Spirit Demonic Qi spilled out in all directions, they would have to leave this Little Heavenly Domain in advance. There were simply too many treasures inside the Little Heavenly Domain, and everyone here had reaped a great harvest, so no one would be willing to let them leave a minute early now.

“That’s exactly it. My proposal to break through this defensive formation in front of us by fixing the orientation is for fear of collapsing the Spirit Demon Qi.” Han Xiaofu said in a hurry.

Ye Mo knew that this Han Xiaofu came from Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor’s Heavenly Lord House. In fact, he also wanted to ask him if the Heavenly Star Immortal Emperor was in the Heavenly Lord Mansion, but such words could not be asked casually.

“Does Brother Ning have any good ideas?” Yuan Sha heard Ye Mo’s meaning and hurriedly asked.

Ye Mo made a confident face and replied, “Not bad, Immortal Friend Yuan, if I break the haze here in a short period of time so that everyone can break the formation with ease, how many percent of the stuff does Immortal Friend Yuan think he can share?”

Yuan Sha froze for a moment and immediately said in surprise, “Brother Ning, you can really break the haze here?”

Hearing this on the side, Shadowless immediately revealed a look of disdain, if Ye Mo hadn’t opened his mouth, Yuan Sha would have immediately come out with its chest slapped and its mouth wide open to devour the haze if this sentence hadn’t come out. This fellow dared to doubt its ability, it was simply unbearable.

Immediately after Yuan Sha finished speaking, he understood and didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to answer, he immediately said, “How many percent do you want, Brother Ning?”

Ye Mo knew that there were many people here, plus he had eighty-seven people, so it was not appropriate to want to share too much. However, this distribution must be in his hands, and that immortal spirit object that escaped in must be gotten.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo thought briefly and said, “I don’t want too much either, I’ll share 20% of the stuff inside, but the precondition is that the power to distribute the stuff must be in my hands.”

“I agree.” Yuan Sha replied without hesitation, and after he finished speaking he looked at the rest of the group and asked, “Fellow Immortals, this Immortal Ning broke through the Festering Spirit Demon Qi Haze alone. He then has the right to distribute the initiative and twenty percent of the stuff, I have agreed to this, what do you all think?”

“I agree too.” Han Xiaofu immediately replied, he was an Immortal Formation Master, plus he came from the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor’s Heavenly Lord’s House, so he had a certain status here. Before Ye Mo came, it was Yuan Sha and him who had a slightly higher status here.

“Agreed ……”

The rest of the people agreed, even the two Da Luo Immortals who had been slapped away by Ye Mo with two slaps had to agree. If it was anywhere else, no one would have agreed, there would be nearly a hundred people, and Ye Mo alone had shared 20%, everyone would definitely be uncomfortable in their hearts. But time was limited here, if they could break the natural formation here in a short time, everyone would have more time to get something else.

“Let’s do it.” When Ye Mo saw that everyone agreed, he no longer hesitated and immediately said to Shadowless.

Shadowless had been waiting for a long time to perform, and when he heard Ye Mo speak, he didn’t even hesitate to rush into the haze and open his mouth wide.

The haze, which had wrapped the mountain peak tightly, suddenly tumbled up. At the back, it was like a tumbling cloud. Soon everyone could see clearly that in this haze, the immortal demon beast, unlike the dragon and horse, was opening its mouth, and the tumbling haze rushed into the mouth of the immortal demon beast like a river lacking an embankment, and the terrifying demonic Qi was actually swallowed by the immortal demon beast.

Some people were immediately appalled, what kind of immortal demon beast was this? It was simply too heavenly to be able to devour even the Spirit-Destroying Demonic Qi, right? Some thoughtful Da Luo Immortals were already thinking, “An immortal demonic beast that is not even afraid of the Collapsing Spirit Demonic Qi, wouldn’t it be able to ignore the Collapsing Spirit Demonic Qi here and stay for as long as it wanted?

Yuan Sha’s face also changed abruptly. He didn’t expect that this Immortal Demon Beast of Ye Mo’s was not only powerful, but also this kind of thing, once they teleported out. How much would this immortal demon beast get if it was alone in here?

In just half a column of time, the haze that surrounded this mountain peak completely disappeared, revealing a formation that even some people who were not immortal formation masters could see.

Seeing that the haze had disappeared, several Da Luo Immortals immediately rushed up and tried to attack. However, they did not want Shadowless to suddenly smoke as if he was smoking. The few Da Luo Immortals who had rushed forward immediately retreated in shock.

Shadowless smugly inhaled the smoke again, as if to tell the crowd that the smoke I swallowed could still be emitted.

However, Ye Mo was secretly speechless, he knew that Shadowless could emit the smoke only because this part of the haze smoke had not yet been digested by it. In a day and a half, the smoke will definitely be digested by it. It would no longer be able to emit it.

This guy looks like he was born with it, he knows all these things, I don’t know who taught him. Could it be that he has been letting it sneak up on people all the time. This fellow was so used to sneaking up on people that he liked to do it from behind?

Yuan Sha quickly snapped out of his shock, and with a calm face, he said to Han Xiao Fu, who was still in shock, “Brother Han, now you arrange the attack point.”

Although Yuan Sha had calmed down on the surface, he was already treating Ye Mo’s Shadowless in his heart as a must-have. This heaven defying immortal demon beast was definitely not simple. It might even be a divine beast. There was no way for him to deal with it in here. So he had already made up his mind. Once he got out, he would immediately report the appearance of this immortal demonic beast to the clan.

Han Xiaofu also understood and immediately designated an attack point, then in his mind he was likewise thinking about the origin of this Immortal Demon Beast. This kind of immortal demon beast must be reported to his master, as for how to deal with this Ning Xiaoma, that was not his business.

When Ye Mo saw the flickering eyes of the crowd, could he not know what these people were thinking. In fact, even if Wu Ying did not display this kind of heaven defying tactics, with Wu Ying growing golden stained wings, Ye Mo would not call Wu Ying out in front of people in the future. Unless he had gained a certain level of strength, Shadowless would definitely be snatched up by someone.

Seeing that Shadowless could spurt out the devouring spirit demonic qi again, none of the dozens of immortals here dared to go near Shadowless anymore.

Although Han Xiaofu had no way to break this high-level defensive immortal formation, as a rank five immortal formation master, he still found a place to strongly attack this natural immortal formation. Although it was not the weakest point, but with ten people attacking with immortal weapons and treasures at the same time, even the strongest natural immortal formation was constantly wearing out.

Another half day pa*sed and the Natural Immortal Formation emitted a clacking sound, the crowd was all excited, all of them knew that this Immortal Formation was about to be broken.

“Clack ……” After a shattering sound, with a continuous clacking sound came out, everyone present knew that the Immortal Formation had been completely broken.

A dense immortal spirit aura poured out, and a huge ancient tree tens of feet tall appeared in front of the crowd. Hundreds of red and brilliant immortal spirit fruits hung from the branches of the tree, looking extremely beautiful.

“Peng Yue Immortal Fruits?” Almost all of them shouted in shock, many people had seen the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Tree, but they had never seen such a tall Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Tree.

Without waiting for others to rejoice, an extremely fast black shadow had already rushed into the formation and stood in front of the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Tree, while spewing out one burst of collapsing spirit demonic Qi after another, before saying loudly, “Boss, the formation has been broken, now it’s your turn to distribute it. Those who are close to the formation, give way, the further back you are, the more the boss will allocate to you first.”