DYM Chapter 1787

Although this immortal spirit vein was not small, it was not one of those extremely large immortal spirit veins. Now after being found by Shadowless at its source, it was pulled directly into the Golden Page World by Ye Mo with the help of the formation flag.

This was the first upper grade immortal spirit vein Ye Mo had obtained, and for Ye Mo to cultivate directly on an immortal spirit vein was even more effective than immortal crystals. Unfortunately, it was a top grade immortal spirit vein, not a very high grade immortal spirit vein.

Just after Ye Mo put away the Immortal Spirit Vein, he heard a hissing sound coming from Shadowless. Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept over, only to find that Shadowless was surrounded by five or six Da Luo Immortals.

With so many people surrounding Shadowless alone, Ye Mo was instantly enraged, and in just a few breaths, Ye Mo landed in front of these five or six Da Luo Immortals.

What puzzled Ye Mo was that the Da Luo Immortal who wanted to share the Immortal Spirit Veins with him before was still standing in the middle of the five or six people and had not been swallowed by Shadowless. Although he was in a bit of a mess, he was obviously not in fear of his xìng life.

Seeing Ye Mo coming, those few Da Luo Immortals did not attack again. Shadowless stood beside Ye Mo with a somewhat downcast look, and did not continue to attack either. It had just boasted that it was going to swallow that Da Luo Immortal in one bite, but now, not to mention swallowing the other party, these five or six Da Luo Immortals surrounded it, and if Ye Mo didn’t come over, it might have to suffer a loss.

“This immortal friend, this immortal demonic beast should be your immortal pet, it was chasing after my friend and we stepped in to stop it. Now that no one is hurt, I suggest we leave it at that.” A Da Luo Immortal whose cultivation level had reached half-step Immortal King took the initiative to stand out and said to Ye Mo with a fist clasp.

Seeing the other party’s polite words, Ye Mo also nodded his head, not caring. The other party should have known about the power of the Shadowless and reckoned that they would not be able to take advantage of him before acting like this. To him, there was no need to argue with others now, there were good things everywhere in here. It was not cost effective to waste time over this argument.

“Dare to rob my boss’s Immortal Spirit Veins, next time this Immortal sees you, I will definitely devour you in one bite.” Seeing that the two sides could not fight, Shadowless stared with some displeasure at the Da Luo Immortal that he had chased away and threatened. Because its next level was Immortal Taotie, although it had not yet advanced to Immortal Taotie, this one was already calling itself Immortal Taotie when it opened and closed its mouth.

A few people froze when they heard this, then they realized that it was someone on their side who coveted someone else’s Immortal Spirit Veins, no wonder they were chasing after them.

Immortal spirit veins are certainly precious, but compared to this small heavenly domain. It was nothing. After all, there were too many good things in the small heavenly domain, and they had limited time, so they might as well get something else if they had this time to grab the Immortal Spirit Veins.

Just at this time, a firework rose into the air. Several Da Luo Immortals who had wanted to leave saw the firework and didn’t even say hello. Immediately, they flew over. Ye Mo, however, could tell that this firework was very uncomplicated, and was even equivalent to a one-time medium-grade immortal weapon.

“Go over and take a look.” Ye Mo immediately said, and sat down on Shadowless without ceremony.

Shadowless moved his body and instantly left behind the few Da Luo Immortals who had gone first before him. When the few Da Luo Immortals saw Shadowless’ speed, they were appalled, this Immortal Demon Beast didn’t know what had turned into it. Not only was it incredibly strong in combat, but even its speed was first-cla*s.

In less than half a pillar of time, Ye Mo had reached this place where the fireworks were set off, and there were surprisingly nearly a hundred people gathered here. Even Thistle and the Cloud Seeking Saintess were among them.

In front of these hundred people was an immense and incomparable mountain peak, which was surrounded by a haze, while inside the haze it was impossible to sweep in with divine sense.

“Boss, this is a natural formation.” After Shadowless stopped. Immediately, he said.

Without Shadowless saying it, Ye Mo could see that this mountain peak surrounded by haze was a huge natural formation. And it was a top-notch defensive formation. At least Ye Mo couldn’t break this formation, this formation was a little too high level.

Seeing Ye Mo riding over on a weird black horse with wings, the people here were already very strange. It was even stranger when they saw this strange black horse speaking with a human mouth. Under normal circumstances, those who had such a demonic beast that could speak and whose spirit was wide open were either big clans or top-tier powers, and it was rare for an ordinary Da Luo Xian to have this.

Some people’s eyes were already showing greed, the speed of the shadowless just now had been seen by many people.

“This immortal friend, are you selling this immortal pet of yours? I’ll pay any amount of immortal crystals. I come from the Dongming Imperial Clan, and as you know, our Lord Immortal Emperor Yu Long is very interested in this kind of immortal pet, so I suggest you sell it, otherwise ……” a late Da Luo Immortal walked up to Ye Mo and clasped his fist and said, not finishing a sentence and leaving a half threat.

The Dongming Emperor Clan is incredibly powerful, where three Immortal Emperors are located. When ordinary people heard this, even if they knew that he was pulling a big banner to make a tiger skin, they would not offend the Dongming Imperial Sect because of an immortal pet.

“Get lost, if you nag half a word more, this Immortal will swallow you in one bite.” Ye Mo didn’t even speak, and Shadowless shouted loudly. To it, it was simply unbearable that this guy who spoke was trying to provoke the boss to sell itself out. Coupled with the fact that it hadn’t behaved well before, Shadowless was really afraid that Ye Mo would sell it out.

Unless it was foolish enough to not stay where there was the Chaos World and Bitter Bamboo and go follow someone else. What’s more, it had already claimed its master, so it couldn’t leave at all. If someone else sold it to it, it might be roasted and eaten again.

“A beast dares to speak wildly.” That Great Luo Xian’s face turned cold as he raised his hand and grabbed at Shadowless.

Where could Shadowless hold back, his big mouth opened and he took a bite. This Da Luo Immortal had a slightly lower cultivation level than the one who had fought with Ye Mo before, and he was still taking the initiative to rush towards Shadowless. His whole body was exposed to Shadowless’ big mouth, and he was not even blocked.

When this Da Luo Xian felt the powerful suction force coming from him, and the space around him was no longer under his control, he was immediately shocked beyond belief, knowing that he had underestimated this guy who didn’t look like a horse or a dragon.

Shadowless had to be eager to show himself in front of Ye Mo, and was even more desperate to swallow this Da Luo Xian who wanted to buy it.

Seeing that this Da Luo Xian was about to be swallowed by Shadowless, the other two people on the side immediately rushed up and tried to save this Da Luo Xian who was being swallowed by Shadowless.

Ye Mo snorted coldly and raised his hand to slap out two slaps. One person fought Shadowless and counted it as useless if Shadowless lost. Surrounding Shadowless again, it simply treated him like air.

Ye Mo’s immortal energy and divine sense were already far towards the completion of an average Da Luo Immortal, and if he could control the domain, it was not even worse than an average Immortal King. These two cultivated general Da Luo Immortals came, he would still put them in mind there.

The space in the Little Heavenly Domain was not as solid as the space outside. As Ye Mo’s two slaps went out, the surrounding space trembled and shook. The two Da Luo Immortals were immediately horrified and hurriedly sacrificed their magic treasures to block these two slaps of Ye Mo’s.

“Boom boom ……”

With two loud sounds, these two Da Luo Immortals were unexpectedly caught off guard and were slapped out several thousand meters by Ye Mo’s two slaps before they fell down. Although the two did not fall to the ground, they had suffered a big loss.

“Ka-ching”, by now the Da Luo Immortal that was devoured by Shadowless had disappeared, and the clicking sound from Shadowless’ mouth could still be heard.

The Da Luo Immortal who had tried to rob Ye Mo’s Immortal Spirit Veins earlier arrived here. He saw Shadowless swallowing a Da Luo Immortal just as Ye Mo slapped two Da Luo Immortals away with two slaps and was immediately alarmed, subconsciously walking around Ye Mo and Shadowless to the other side.

The few Da Luo Immortals who followed him were even more thankful that they did not fight with Ye Mo. This white-faced middle-aged Da Luo Immortal was just a little too scary.

The nearly one hundred people next to him drew a cold breath backwards. There were only a few breaths before and after this, and the man and beast that had just arrived had preempted the others, swallowed a Da Luo Xian not to mention, and beat two late Da Luo Xian to the side. Some thoughtful people had already seen that Ye Mo’s face was raw, which meant that Ye Mo had not come in with them.

But no one bothered to suspect, after all, after entering. Someone had also used the mask to shield their appearance.

Thistle looked at Ye Mo in amazement, she vaguely felt that there was something familiar about Ye Mo’s strikes, but she didn’t dare to go up and ask. Ye Mo and that immortal pet immortal demon beast of his were a little too powerful, especially that dragon horse unlike immortal demon beast. People just wanted to buy it, and it swallowed a Da Luo Immortal.

A man whose cultivation level had reached half-step Immortal King walked out, smiled and cupped his fist at Ye Mo and said, “I am Yuan Sha of the Great Red Heaven Domain, I have not yet asked for your immortal friend’s name.”

“My name is Ning Xiao Ma.” Ye Mo immediately clasped his fist and said. He had some big things to do in the Little Heavenly Domain and didn’t want to involve Jie Xie. At this moment, he and Jie Xie knew each other. There was no benefit to Thistle.

“Hello brother Ning, this Misty Peak is a natural formation, I think brother Ning should already know about it. Previously, we trapped this mountain peak because we saw an immortal spirit creature that had already gained spiritual wisdom enter this Haze Mountain peak. This mountain peak is a natural formation, and I would like to invite Brother Ning to break through this formation together. There are likely to be many top-notch immortal spirit objects inside this hazy mountain peak, so once we break it open, we can also share it with each other.”

After Yuan Sha finished speaking, he smiled and waited for Ye Mo to answer. Ye Mo and his immortal pet’s strength was too high, he put out the firework message to get more people to help, but he didn’t expect to find an expert like Ye Mo to come over. Even if it was himself, he was afraid that he was not a match for Ye Mo.

Of course Ye Mo knew what Yuan Sha meant, he was just telling himself a bit in advance that they had found this hazy mountain peak, once they broke it open, there would be something for everyone to share, so that one person would not be too greedy.

“Of course you can, but since we are all working together, there are always those who contribute more and those who contribute less. I don’t think it should be appropriate if we share it equally?” Ye Mo immediately said.

“That’s certainly true, I mean the same thing, the natural formation of this Misty Peak is very sturdy and requires all of us to work together. Brother Han, you come in and say something.” Yuan Sha turned back and greeted a young late stage Da Luo Immortal behind him.

The young late Da Luo Immortal came in front of Ye Mo and cupped his fist and said, “Hello Immortal Friend Ning, my name is Han Xiao Fu, I come from the Heavenly Lord’s House in Qing Wei Heaven.”

“You’re a disciple of the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor?” Ye Mo asked suspiciously.

“No, it’s just that my master and the Great Emperor are extremely good friends, and I was able to live in the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion.” Cold Xiaofu knew how powerful Ye Mo was, and spoke in a sincere tone. Ye Mo called Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor, but he addressed Predicate Wind Great Emperor with respect, so it was evident that he still had respect for Predicate Wind.

“I am a rank five immortal formation master, and although I cannot break this natural formation, I know how to strongly attack this formation. If Immortal Friend Ning is willing, I can come and command the breaking of the formation.” Han Xiaofu once again said very politely.

Ye Mo was just about to reply when Shadowless sent a voice, “Boss, there are too many things inside this Misty Peak, don’t share them equally, let’s do it alone.”

Ye Mo looked back at Shadowless, this guy was too thick and dark.