DYM Chapter 1786

Ye Mo saw that 70% of the Grade 7 Immortal Spirit Gra*ses inside his Immortal Pill Garden had been eaten by Shadowless, as for those Grade 4 and 5 Immortal Spirit Gra*ses instead, he didn’t touch them. Now when he heard Shadowless say that he had eaten a few very unimportant Immortal Spirit Gra*ses, he was furious. Without even thinking, he lifted his foot and kicked Shadowless out of the Immortal Medicine Garden.

“These are the few very unimportant Immortal Spirit Gra*ses you said so that means those rank four Immortal Spirit Gra*ses are very important to me?”

Hearing that Ye Mo’s tone was a little off, Shadowless hurriedly ran over again and said curtly, “Boss, I can help you find more Immortal Spirit Gra*ses, isn’t there a Chaos Star Domain? You just need to take me there, I can definitely find more.”

Ye Mo even suspected that if Shadowless had hands, it would have already beat its chest with a thud by now.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and he was already planning to throw Shadowless out in search of immortal spirit objects. However, he still said with a stern face, “There are a few things in here that I can’t touch that you know about, right?”

“I know, of course I know, that bamboo, where I sleep. And that little bean sprout, you must have a great use for protecting it, boss. Hey, I didn’t even bother to touch the yellow Chinese plum, so how could I not know. Am I the kind of person who doesn’t have a sense of proportion?” Shadowless said loudly ingratiatingly.

“Do you count as a person?” When Ye Mo saw that those few things of his were indeed not touched, his anger lessened slightly and he stared at Shadowless and said, “You can go and move them too, but I’m telling you, if I see the Bitter Bamboo missing a bamboo leaf, and also if you get close to within a thousand feet of that sapling. I’ll skin you and roast you for dinner.”

“If you drop a bamboo leaf yourself, then you can’t blame me ……,” said Shadowless in a scowling whisper.

Ye Mo’s face was cold, “No matter what the reason is, it’s your business if the bitter bamboo and that little sapling have damage. Even if you drop a bamboo leaf yourself, I will still roast you.”

Shadowless’s huge body winced. Subconsciously, it moved away from Ye Mo a little. It suddenly felt that this Golden Page world was a bit dangerous. In case it accidentally strolled within a thousand feet of that little bean sprout, was it going to roast and eat it as well? Moreover, the boss’ words seemed a bit unreasonable.

Seeing that he had already scared Shadowless, Ye Mo did not continue to threaten it, but just casually asked, “You are a dragon tribe aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am from the Dragon Clan. But it shouldn’t count now, my bloodline has mutated and I now belong to a mutated divine beast.” Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t continue talking about roasting it, Shadowless once again became fluent in speech. It was even a little smug.

“A mutated divine beast should be good, right?” Ye Mo asked in a light voice.

Shadowless immediately said even more smugly, “It’s not only good, it’s heaven and earth, endless universe ……”

Ye Mo did not hesitate to interrupt Shadowless’ continued bragging and said as his voice turned cold, “You are so powerful, and you only advanced one level even after swallowing one of my ‘Emperor Dao Crystals’. If it were another bottom tier divine beast, an ‘Emperor Dao Crystal’ would have advanced more than one level, right?”

“This ……” Shadowless was dumbfounded for a while before saying, “Boss, actually I’ve already advanced very quickly, a mere ‘Emperor Dao Crystal’ is just that. To be honest, it’s really nothing. If I had a few dozen more, I think it wouldn’t be impossible even to advance another level ……”

Ye Mo almost kicked over again, a few dozen more ’emperor dao crystals’? This b*****d still thinks that ’emperor dao crystals’ are everywhere. Just pick them up at random.

“You are now a second level Heavenly Taotie, how long will it take to advance to a third level Immortal Taotie?” Ye Mo was already disappointed in his heart when he thought about how even one ‘Emperor Dao Crystal’ only allowed Shadowless to advance a small step. How precious was an ‘Emperor’s Dao Crystal’? Surprisingly, it could not allow Shadowless to directly advance to Immortal Taos.

“There should be a twenty or thirty …… No, I think there’s a dozen or so. Maybe just seven or eight of that crystal would be about right.” Shadowless came wanting to say twenty to thirty emperor dao crystals, but when he saw Ye Mo’s face yīn. Immediately, he changed his words one after another.

“Then you can keep it in Tiantao for the rest of your life.” Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to Wu Ying and raised his hand, directly throwing Wu Ying out of the Golden Page World, while he himself also exited the Golden Page World.

He had made such a large medicinal garden, as long as he advanced to Immortal King, he could just practice his pills casually, he didn’t even need to look for cultivation resources everywhere. This was a good thing, being taken out by Shadowless at once, 70% to 80%.

After Ye Mo exited the Golden Page World, only then did he see Shadowless frozen like a silly bird looking at everything around him, for a long time before he asked in shock, “So much Chaos Devil Qi?”

“This is collapsed spirit demon qi, see if it will nirvana your spirit root, if there is nirvana, I will give you a pill.” Ye Mo knew that Shadowless could eat, he didn’t know if this ability to eat was still there after it mutated.

“Nirvana my spirit root, this thing is a great tonic.” Shadowless’ body shook, and all the routed spirit demon Qi around it was absorbed into it. This was not all, it opened its big mouth once again, and all the collapsed spirit demon qi around tens of miles was swept up by Shadowless and all filled into its stomach.

Immediately, Ye Mo felt that nirvana aura around him weaken, and with his Three Life Dictates running, it was directly refined into immortal energy without the medicinal effects of the ‘Flying Snow Pill’ at all.

“This is really good stuff.” Ye Mo muttered once more and immediately began to run the Three Life Dictates and began to refine these routed spirit demon qi as well.

Half a day later, Ye Mo felt his cultivation level jīng up a lot again, then he remembered the main purpose of coming in, and immediately tapped Shadowless and said, “Hurry up and go in and find something good, these collapsed spirit demon qi will be absorbed slowly later.”

“Right, right.” Shadowless immediately came to his senses, and with a lift of his foot, he immediately brought up a golden sè residual shadow and disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight.

So fast? Ye Mo was amazed at Shadowless’ speed and hurriedly chased after him. Although Shadowless was not a spirit-seeking beast or anything like that, this guy was a foodie and was most sensitive to good food. And to it, the delicious things were those immortal spirit herbs and immortal spirit objects.

After another half day, Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed. Shadowless had already helped him find more high grade immortal spirit gra*ses, which also included a piece of over a hundred grade eight cold clovers.

Ye Mo knew that the rest of them only had three days here, but he had more than three days. The others might not dare to stay longer even if they had the ‘Flying Snow Pill’. After all, the others who came in were all famous and famous, while he didn’t care.

At the end of the second day in, Shadowless suddenly stopped at a cháo wet mountain range.

Ye Mo looked at this mountain range in confusion, there were neither immortal spirit gra*ses nor immortal spirit qi was thinner compared to other places, he did not understand why Shadowless stopped here.

Just when he wanted to ask Shadowless, Shadowless had already opened his mouth wide to spurt out dozens of sword qi one after another. Immediately, the space around him emitted a burst of clattering sounds, and the next moment a clattering sound rang out.

In just a dozen breaths of time, this cháo wet mountain range was immediately filled with a dense immortal spirit qi.

“Natural Hidden Spirit Formation ……” Ye Mo exclaimed in surprise, and then he understood what was going on. There was a top grade immortal spirit vein down here, but it was shielded by a natural concealment formation. He couldn’t see it without looking closely, but Shadowless had natural intuition and saw straight away that there was a top grade immortal spirit vein here.

“It looks like you have some use for it.” Ye Mo nodded his head and casually praised Shadowless.

Hearing Ye Mo’s praise, Shadowless was even more smug as he lifted his front feet and casually raked the ground a few times. A path of mud hundreds of feet wide tumbled up from the ground, and in just a few moments, a white stained top grade immortal spirit vein source had appeared in front of Ye Mo’s eyes.

If Ye Mo were to collect this immortal spirit vein, he would definitely have to vanish into the ground and set up a formation to collect it. However, Shadowless was even more powerful, and actually turned this Immortal Spirit Vein up directly.

With Ye Mo’s current cultivation level, he could already see the immortal spirit vein, and this immortal spirit vein was not a particularly large one, so he could completely collect it.

“Immortal Spirit Vein?” With an astonished voice, a human figure flew down in front of Ye Mo.

This person Ye Mo had seen before, it was one of the Da Luo Immortals among the eleven hundred who attended the Immortal Emperor’s reception. And he was also a Da Luo Immortal in perfection, his cultivation level was much higher than his. However, Ye Mo was now hiding his cultivation level, and his cultivation level did not appear to be early Da Luo Xian, but late Da Luo Xian.

“Whoever sees it will get half of this Immortal Spirit Vein a person.” That Da Luo Xian said as he gave a fist to Ye Mo.

Although there were many Immortal Spirit Gra*ses in here, there were very few Grade 8 ones, so compared to the Immortal Spirit Veins, some Immortal Spirit Gra*ses were nothing.

Before Ye Mo could say anything, Shadowless said, “Boss, do you want me to swallow him?”

“You can swallow him?” Shadowless had advanced a level, only Ye Mo’s knowledge of Shadowless was still stuck on the original basis, he only thought that Shadowless could help him out, to say that alone against a Da Luo Immortal, he should not be able to do so yet.

“Hey, hey, take a look.” Seeing that Ye Mo did not express any objection, Shadowless immediately opened his mouth wide.

The late Da Luo Immortal that came over had froze when he heard Shadowless speak. It wasn’t that he had never seen an immortal demon beast that spoke, but which of those immortal demon beasts was not a sect protector immortal demon?

Just in the course of this half-hearted hesitation on his part, Shadowless’s maw had opened wide.

Everything around him was even in the grip of Shadowless’ maw, and they were all swept in.

That Great Luo Immortal also felt the powerful spatial suction, so where was the need to care about the Immortal Spirit Veins, he raised his hand and offered up a blue-sèd light.

“Boom.” That blue-sèd light collided with the huge snake head of Shadowless, causing the surrounding space to shake.

That Great Luo Xian’s face immediately changed, although he had blocked this blow from Shadowless, he felt out that Shadowless was more powerful than him. At this moment, how could he dare to ask for something, and turned around and fled.

When Shadowless saw that it had opened its mouth and failed to inhale this Da Luo Xian into its mouth, it immediately felt a great loss of face. Just now, it had boasted in front of Ye Mo, and now in the blink of an eye, its opponent had fled. At this moment, it would not rest, and without even waiting for Ye Mo’s command, it chased after him with a streak of shadow.

Ye Mo even forgot to collect the Immortal Spirit Veins, he didn’t even think that Shadowless would be so ferocious after its mutation and upgrade, even a late stage Da Luo Immortal was not its opponent. Did this mean that he would have an a*sistant of the same level in the future?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo was overjoyed, no longer bothering to look at Shadowless, he directly threw out several formation flags, and then drove the immortal spirit veins underground.