DYM Chapter 1783

“Immediately go and thoroughly investigate the whereabouts of this person.” The purple-robed man suddenly stood up and said, at this moment he no longer had the heart to stay here.

He simply couldn’t imagine that he had gone to all the trouble, only to have the truly suspicious person escape from under his nose, this was simply a slap in the face.


Ye Mo did not know that the owner of this stone pier was also looking for him, and he thought that the person looking for him was the one who was competing with him for the ‘True Ming Mud’. But even if he knew, he wouldn’t care, at least Hong Yu Immortal City he wouldn’t be strutting back.

Looking at the jade teleportation array that had not changed half a bit in his hand, Ye Mo was satisfied in his heart. It had taken him less than two years to complete this meticulous work, and in fact there were still three days until the Little Heavenly Domain opened.

After putting away the time array disk, Ye Mo was about to leave the Golden Page World, when he perceived that one of the four monitoring formations he had set up earlier was sending a blurred jittering, the blurred jittering was so strong that he could not see clearly what the monitoring formation was monitoring at all.

Ye Mo first stopped his urge to go out and immediately observed it with more attention.

A terrifying ground crumbling was completely caught by Ye Mo’s monitoring formation, and as the dust and debris flew away from the sky, a purple-robed man appeared in the middle of the monitoring formation.

In front of the purple-robed man was a middle-aged immortal. Ye Mo could not tell the cultivation level of the middle-aged immortal from the monitoring array panel, but he was sure that the cultivation level of the middle-aged immortal was definitely no less than that of an immortal.

The monitoring array panel Ye Mo had set up was too far away to hear the other party’s voice, but unfortunately, Ye Mo was just as ignorant of lip-sync. He could only roughly guess that it should be that the middle-aged immortal and the purple-robed man had fought against each other, and the result was that the middle-aged immortal was not a match for the purple-robed man.

When he thought of this, Ye Mo was appalled, even an Immortal Daoist could not defeat the purple-robed man, and the purple-robed man did not seem to have exerted much effort, could this guy be an Immortal Emperor?

An immortal emperor and an immortal dweller, why were they fighting here? Although this place was not close to Hongyu Immortal City anymore, it was not very far compared to Hongyu Immortal City where there were Immortal Emperors.

Such an inspiring fight would definitely attract the Immortal Emperor’s attention, so why had the Immortal Emperor not come out by now?

Ye Mo did not dare to look at the scene of the fight again, even if he was looking through the monitoring array panel. The immortal emperor’s divine sense was so powerful that he could be discovered if he was not paying attention.

Ye Mo hid inside the Golden Page World, not daring to stretch his divine sense, and only refined a few ‘Flying Snow Pills’.

Another two days pa*sed before Ye Mo carefully checked his monitoring array again, only to find that the purple-robed man had already left. The middle-aged immortal daddy that he had defeated was even unknown, and Ye Mo estimated that he should have been extinguished into ashes.

Only then did Ye Mo carefully exit the Golden Page World, put away his concealment formation, and at the same time sacrificed his space-time shuttle to quickly leave the place and fly towards Hong Yu Immortal City.

When he was about to approach Hong Yu Immortal City, Ye Mo put away the time and space shuttle while sending a message to the Cloud Seeking Sage.

Just an hour later, the Cloud Seeking Saintess hurriedly arrived at the place outside the city where Ye Mo was, Ye Mo paid attention and found that no one was following her.

The fact that the Cloud Seeking Saintess was in such a hurry showed that she was very afraid that Ye Mo had really cheated her.

“I’m in a hurry, how did you disappear for so many days at once. It’s a good thing I trusted you and didn’t bother to ask.” The Cloud Seeking Saintess said immediately after seeing Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that this was not a place to stay for long, and after his divine sense domain confirmed that there was no one around and no divine sense coming over, he then took out the jade token and handed it to the Cloud Seeking Saint Maiden and said, “Don’t say anything more now, I have offended someone and must leave here immediately. I won’t be going to the Little Heavenly Domain, in case I am found out, I won’t be able to do anything. Now the jade token is for you, if you get more Peng Yue Immortal Fruits in the Little Heavenly Domain, you just need to give me one, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that the space around the two of them fluctuated up in a burst, and in an instant, Ye Mo disappeared without a trace.

“Instantaneous movement?” The Cloud Seeking Saintess repeated in a daze.

Just now, before she had time to react to Ye Mo’s words, Ye Mo hurriedly shoved the jade token into her hand and disappeared with an instantaneous shift.

The Cloud Seeking Saintess was shocked beyond belief, he could not have imagined that Ye Mo, a mere early Da Luo Immortal, could teleport, this was simply too heaven defying. Instantaneous movement was an advanced divine Dao technique, a Da Luo Immortal could master an advanced divine Dao technique?

The only regret was that the spatial fluctuations caused by Ye Mo’s instantaneous movement were too great, and with such spatial fluctuations, it wasn’t too difficult for others to find him. If one day Ye Mo could reduce the spatial fluctuation of this instantaneous movement, this would be another extremely powerful divine ability, how did he have so many terrifying divine abilities?

Just as the Cloud Seeking Sage was still in shock and confusion, the space around him fluctuated once again, and Ye Mo appeared in front of the Cloud Seeking Sage again in the blink of an eye. As Ye Mo landed, the surrounding space fluctuated even more, and even the divine sense could not locate it accurately.

After Ye Mo teleported back again, he said somewhat apologetically, “I’ll pa*s on the concealment technique to you first, and I’ll send you a message you after you come out.”

After saying that, Ye Mo again didn’t wait for the Cloud Seeking Saint Maiden’s reply, he stuffed a jade slip to the Cloud Seeking Saint Maiden, then once again a burst of spatial fluctuations, and instantly disappeared without a trace again.

The cloud-seeking saint maiden shook her head, such a powerful spatial fluctuation, if it was her, she would not have instantly moved.

Ye Mo at this time, however, breathed a sigh of relief, he finally pa*sed through several instantaneous spatial fluctuations and entered the ‘True Ming Mud’ refined teleportation formation pattern in the jade token in the gap when the Cloud Seeking Sainted Maiden was not paying attention.

This spatial formation pattern was only barely enough space for one person to sleep in because of the extremely small amount of ‘True Ming Mud’ used, but it was enough for Ye Mo. As soon as he entered this formation pattern space, he immediately ran the ‘Three Life Dictate’ and concealed his entire body’s aura.

Although his formation pattern was already the same as his original formation pattern’s aura, without the slightest difference, but cheating in front of an Immortal Emperor, Ye Mo was extremely cautious.

Originally, he planned to tell the Cloud Seeking Saintess that he had entered the jade token, but he was afraid that the Cloud Seeking Saintess would reveal her foot. In front of an Immortal Emperor, a Da Luo Immortal was indeed **less**.

After looking at the jade slip given by Ye Mo, the concealment technique inside was indeed much better than her original one. Immediately, she was pleasantly surprised and put away the jade token and jade slip and hurriedly rushed back to Hong Yu Immortal City.

Although she had exchanged chips this time, it was better for her, after all, bringing Ye Mo into the Little Heavenly Domain was going to be risky. And this time she only had to bring out a Peng Yue Immortal Fruit for Ye Mo, which she was definitely willing to do. The little heavenly domain has not been opened for many years, and there are heaps of immortal fruits and immortal spirit gra*ses inside, what is one Peng Yue immortal fruit?


The largest square in Hong Yu Immortal City was packed with people at this time, more people than ten days ago. This was because today was the day to enter the Little Heavenly Domain.

Although the quota was only 1,100 people, who didn’t want to see what the Little Heavenly Domain looked like, and who didn’t want to know what treasures were finally inside the Little Heavenly Domain?

Seemingly knowing that there were very many people today, the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor appeared early on the high platform in the middle of the square. On the high platform in the middle of the square was a teleportation array, with a huge four-sided monitoring array screen above it.

After Immortal Emperor Predictable Wind came out, the rest of the Immortal Emperors came out one after another, surprisingly there were twelve Immortal Emperors at once this time, which was several more than ten days ago.

Immortal Emperor Predictable Wind stood on the high platform and clasped his fist in all directions before saying in a loud voice, “Thank you to all our friends from all the major celestial domains for coming to this event in Qing Wei Heaven. But because the number of places to enter the Little Heavenly Domain is limited, so we have decided that three days later, when all the geniuses who have entered the Little Heavenly Domain come out from the Little Heavenly Domain, we will immediately hold a public auction on top of this square, and the items to be auctioned off will be the proceeds of these Immortals who have entered the Little Heavenly Domain ……”

Because of the immortal emperor sitting in the town and the limited number of places, many people were disappointed to get the good things inside the Little Heavenly Domain. Now that the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor said this, it was the same as giving the opportunity to everyone again. As long as you had Immortal Crystals, you could exchange them for the best cultivation resources, or top-notch Immortal materials.

The atmosphere in the square was once again heated up, and many people with large amounts of immortal crystals were already jumping at the chance, and some even began to join together and prepare to pool their immortal crystals together to beg for top-grade immortal materials.

The Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor nodded in satisfaction at the response from below, then continued, “The following is a call for the 1,100 jīngs who are participating in the Small Heavenly Domain to come up to the stage ……”

As Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor’s words fell, one thousand one hundred Da Luo Immortals who had jade medals came on stage one after another. Although there were eleven hundred people, the stage still looked a little empty on the enormous and incomparable high platform.

Thistle stood on the high platform and swept her divine sense around, soon she became gloomy, she did not see her brother Ye Mo. It was evident that her brother had not obtained the jade token and should have left Hong Yu Immortal City. Earlier, she was protected by the people of her division, that is, she knew that it was already a few days after Ye Mo had left Hong Yu Immortal City.

“Now, please ask Emperor Longhe to say the rules for entering the Little Heavenly Domain, and also say which people cannot enter the Little Heavenly Domain.” Immortal Emperor Predictable Wind immediately stood to the side after he finished speaking.

As one of the Four Great Emperors, Great Emperor Longhe looked very ordinary, even a middle-aged man who couldn’t be found when thrown inside a pile of people. He walked out with a smile on his face, looking amiable. However, all the people here knew that Long He was one of the Four Great Emperors, and he could smash dozens of immortal cities with a casual slap, and even a heavenly domain could not withstand his tossing.

The Great Emperor Longhe walked out with just a slight smile, and it seemed that everyone in the square felt that gentle aura of the Great Emperor Longhe.

“It is not easy to enter the small heavenly domain, it requires ten of us Immortal Emperors to open the gap in the void at the same time, and this is barely enough to get in, so the number of places is limited. For the sake of fairness, anyone here who is carrying a spatial world, please come forward, otherwise the jade token will be confiscated to directly disqualify you from entering.”

Great Emperor Longhe’s words were like a hammer hitting some people who were carrying small worlds, or carrying the rest of the space trying to cheat. Although Great Emperor Longhe said it in a euphemistic way, everyone knew what Great Emperor Longhe meant.