DYM Chapter 1782

As the auction continued, a young, handsome Grand Luo Xian in Box A71 suddenly stood up and said, “Master Uncle, why don’t I send one of my men out first and wait in the square outside the auction to prevent that person from suddenly leaving.”

The square-faced man who was called Senior Uncle snorted coldly and said, “Trying to leave through my divine sense, huh. But what you say is good, my divine sense can’t keep an eye on him all the time, you send ……”

The square-faced man said here, his face suddenly changed and suddenly stood up, gritting his teeth and saying hatefully, “Good, good, what a jiān thing ……”

“What’s going on?” When that handsome Grand Luo Xian heard this, a bad feeling of foreboding immediately surged up and his face changed.

“This person has just left, send someone to catch him immediately.” The square-faced senior uncle’s face was a little ugly, he had just said that the person he was monitoring could not get away, and this had disappeared in the blink of an eye, which was tantamount to a slap in the face.

That handsome Grand Luo Xian no longer cared about this and immediately stood up and said to the two middle-aged men beside him, “You two will go out with me now, that fellow who bought the ‘True Mincing Mud’, even if he escapes to the sky, I will catch him back.”


After Ye Mo was teleported to the square, he immediately left quickly, and in just the blink of an eye, his face and clothes all changed.

A few breaths later, he had left Hong Yu Immortal City interspersed among the dense crowd. Half a pillar of incense later, Ye Mo had already sacrificed the time and space shuttle.

Two hours later, Ye Mo stopped the time and space shuttle in the middle of a dense forest. This place was already very far from Hongyu Immortal City, and Ye Mo believed that even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to find him without knowing when he had come out. Moreover, his time was limited and there was no need to fly further.

As a precaution, Ye Mo used the place where he was as the centre, and then sacrificed his space-time shuttle to fly out in four directions for half a column each, leaving an extremely hidden monitoring formation at the location of these four directions.

These surveillance formations were carved into ordinary rocks or carved on top of some leaves by him. Ye Mo believed that even if an Immortal Emperor swept through with his divine sense, if he didn’t deliberately, he wouldn’t know that the patterns on the leaves and the patterns on the rocks were surveillance arrays that he had carved.

The reason for carving these monitoring array discs was, of course, to prevent himself from being followed over, and once he found out on the monitoring array discs that he was being followed, he would rather stay in the Golden Page World and not come out. Even if the Cloud Seeking Saintess thought that he had stolen the jade tablet, then he couldn’t care less. Compared to his own little life, the rest was all secondary.

After doing this, Ye Mo once again returned to the origin point, found a large tree among the dense trees, vanish into the bottom of the tree, and after reaching the deepest part, he set up another extremely hidden concealment formation, and then entered the Golden Page World.

In the Golden Page World, Ye Mo let the Time Formation Plate run before taking out the dragon’s eye sized ‘True Ming Mud’. In fact, he didn’t need so much ‘True Mud’ at all; to him, just a sliver of ‘True Mud’ would be enough. However, he could not negotiate with others and say that he only needed a little bit.

The ‘True Mud’ in his hand was indeed a top grade, and a very good top grade, not knowing how many times better it was than the much larger ‘True Mud’ he had purchased at the beginning. The crude pill garden he had refined last time had been given to Yan Bingyu, and this time he had spent a large sum of money on the ‘True Drizzling Mud’, and what he wanted to refine was certainly not a pill garden.

After putting the ‘True Drizzling Mud’ aside, Ye Mo took out the jade token given by the Cloud Seeking Sage. At first, he had roughly studied the teleportation formation engraved in this jade token, and Ye Mo believed that if he was given half a year to study this jade token, he could completely upgrade his formation to a rank six formation immortal master and then refine this identical jade token.

Half a year was not available to others, but he had it. He had the Time Formation Plate, and his entry into the Little Heavenly Domain was in ten days’ time, so for him, that was two to three years’ time.

Even if he could refine an identical jade token, Ye Mo would not be foolish enough to actually refine one. What he was going to do was to use a tiny bit of ‘True Ming Mud’ to carve a millimetre of formation pattern inside the jade token’s teleportation formation, and then fuse this formation pattern inside the jade token’s teleportation formation disk. Ye Mo believed that if he had fused the formation pattern breath, even if he held the jade token in his hand and swept it with his divine sense, it would take a while before he could see it. He just didn’t believe that those Immortal Emperors would carefully scan the jade token they sent out.

To cheat to enter the Little Heavenly Domain, Ye Mo thought that whether it was a small world, or a space refined by something else, it was also dangerous under the divine sense of Immortal Emperors. Besides, who knew if the Immortal Emperor would suddenly make some more rules when it came time for the Little Heavenly Domain to open? If he used such an idiotic method as using the small world that Foraging Cloud said to bring people in, he would rather not cheat.


Inside the time array disk, half a year had rushed by and Ye Mo had been studying the teleportation array disk in the jade token. He had rarely spent so much time yet, using the ‘Three Life Dictates’ to deduce an ordinary teleportation array disk. But this time, it involved him entering the Little Heavenly Domain, so he had to be careful.

Half a year later, Ye Mo had not only deduced every step of this teleportation array disk’s engraving scheme, but also found a divine sense imprint inside this teleportation array disk.

This was due to the seal that the middle-aged scribe had placed on him, which was hidden by the middle-aged scribe in the Star Core Inferno, and Ye Mo only checked it in his Golden Page World. Perhaps he had been imprinted more than once, and now Ye Mo was very sensitive to imprints. He could even tell that this mark was not a tracking mark, but a marking mark.

In other words, even if you could make the same jade token, it would not work without this mark.

Ye Mo didn’t touch this mark, he started to repair the teleportation formation engraved on this formation plate, carefully using a trace of ‘True Ming Mud’ to engrave the formation pattern, and then slowly fused it into this teleportation formation plate.

All of this was simple for Ye Mo, he could even do it in just half a month, but the most complicated thing for him was to make the ‘True Ming Mud’ completely disappear and even fuse into the jade plate completely, becoming exactly the same as the aura in the jade plate.

Even if Ye Mo was already a master artifact refiner and close to a master immortal formation master. He had also used the ‘Three Life Dictates’ to deduce the full means of this formation plate, he would still need to take his time to refine it. It was a time-wasting process that would take at least a year or so to not touch that mark and then incorporate it into his own formation pattern. Without the time array plate, Ye Mo believed that no one would be able to do this in a few days.


The Hong Yu Immortal City’s auction was jīng and colorful, and five days of auctioning not only lower grade divine weapons, but also all kinds of top quality goodies. The Five Elements Stone Pier even fetched a price of an extremely high quality Immortal Spirit Vein plus several billion Immortal Crystals, a terrifying price that even those who had experienced countless auctions would not necessarily be able to meet.

Seeing that the auction was about to end, inside an inconspicuous box in the auction, a purple-robed man sat with a frown and did not move. Anyone who had swept through with their divine sense knew that this was the man who had purchased the Five Elements Stone Pier with a very high quality immortal spirit vein and several billion immortal crystals.

He was thinking over and over some of the details of his previous investigation. There were quite a few people attending this auction, but he had investigated every single one of them, and based on his experience, these people should not have a stone pier. This was because the reactions of these people were all expected of him, and if they possessed stone piers, it would not be this kind of reaction.

Although there were still some people whose divine sense was monitoring him, he didn’t put it in his eyes. He was even waiting to see who would come after him when he left the city on his own later.

Beside him, there was a man who looked like a servant standing.

After thinking for a long time, this purple-robed man suddenly asked, “Ji Liang, do you have anything to add?”

The servant bowed and said, “Master, that late Da Luo Xian in room C453 is slightly suspicious.”

“Oh, how so?” The purple-robed man immediately asked, the rude man in room C453 he had also swept with his divine sense, a late stage Da Luo Immortal, behaving normally, nothing suspicious. However, he knew that this servant of his, who was very observant of people and things, had followed him for hundreds of thousands of years, and there were times when he didn’t even notice the details that Ji Liang would notice.

The servant called Ji Liang hastily replied, ”No. C453 had previously purchased a wrecked extremely high quality immortal weapon, the Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron, when someone in box A71 had competed with him, but the competition wasn’t fierce. When the ‘True Drizzling Mud’ appeared afterwards, there was fierce competition between box A71 and those in box C453, and in the end, C453 sold it for several times more than the price of the ‘True Drizzling Mud’ itself.”

The purple-robed man nodded, he knew all this and was more than satisfied with Ji Liang’s subtle observation. He said with a hmph, “You continue.”

“Yes.” After Ji Liang answered, he continued, “After that, that Da Luo Xian of C453 added 300 million at once to purchase the ‘True Drizzling Mud’, seemingly gambling and overwhelmingly angry, until just now I felt that things didn’t seem to be like that.”

“Oh,” the purple-robed man also revealed a stony attitude and listened more carefully and intently.

Ji Liang said slowly, “Because of C 453’s seemingly gambling action, it made box A 71 give up on continuing to fight for the ‘True Mud’, but the owner of A 71 is the young lord of the Sword Xuan Emperor Clan, and the fact that someone took food from his mouth, not even once, made him annoyed. That young lord also had an immortal djinn with him. I know that immortal djinn and he cultivates a good divine thought technique. This divine thought technique can spy on others when they can’t feel it, so that Immortal Djinn has been spying on that Da Luo Immortal in Box C453.”

The purple-robed man seemed to understand somewhat what Ji Liang meant, and the hostility in his eyes immediately increased, and even his breathing became ragged.

“You go on.”

“But that Da Luo Xian of C453 had no intention of leaving, and was even very interested in the items at the back, but as soon as that Immortal of the Sword Xuan Emperor Sect moved his divine sense away, the Da Luo Xian of C453 immediately walked away from inside the box.”

After Ji Liang finished his words, the purple-robed man had calmed down as he said in a cold voice, “You mean to say that this person has already known about the divine sense search, and he even knows about our search as well?”

After the purple-robed man finished speaking, there was no longer any need for Ji Liang to answer, he had already guessed it. It was only at this moment that he recalled the Da Luo Xian from C453 and felt a hint of oddness, the time period when he saw the excitement and calmness of the stone dun seemed a little too accurate.