DYM Chapter 1776

But what distressed Ye Mo was that he simply didn’t know how he should get in. Don’t even think about stealing a jade token, every jade token was precious nowadays, and no sect would relax their guarding of jade tokens. Even if there were people like Chu Shining, they would all consciously give the jade token away very early on and would not stay on their person to seek death.

What’s more, even if he stole the jade token, he couldn’t go in, 1,100 people, every one of them had their origins, if it was a sect it was a bit better to talk about it, where would he go alone to find his origins? In case the Zha Kong Immortal Emperor found out that something was wrong, he would not be going to get rich, but to find death.

Ye Mo returned to his residence somewhat sullenly, even if he had too many secrets, he couldn’t think of how to enter the Little Heavenly Domain.

Ye Mo was tempted to look for Thistle to discuss it, but he also knew that Thistle must be under close protection now.

A day later, Ye Mo was no longer going to sit withered like this, he couldn’t think of a way to go on like this. Just when he was planning to go out for a walk, the ban at the entrance moved.

Ye Mo opened the ban and stared at the veiled purple-robed fairy at the entrance and asked in surprise, “Saintess Foraging Cloud, how are you able to come out now?”

The first thing she did was to enter Ye Mo’s room, then helped him with the restraint and said, “Why can’t I come out? The Piaomiao Immortal Pool got two jade medals this time, and I don’t have the jade medals with me, who would dare to touch my Piaomiao Immortal Pool?”

Ye Mo thought about it, the Piaomiao Immortal Pond was an emperor clan, with this kind of backstage, the jade medals would definitely not be on his body anymore, this was completely different from Chu Shining who had no backstage.

“I don’t know what the Seeking Cloud Saintess came to see me about? Here your immortal seniors of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond are all here, you appear to me again ……”

Although Ye Mo’s words were somewhat hidden, but the Cloud Seeking Saintess had long heard them out. On the immortal ship, their Piaomiao Immortal Pond did not have any immortal elders present, while here there were immortal elders present, foraging clouds as a holy maiden appearing alone inside a man’s room, this would definitely not have a good impact.

Saintess Foraging Cloud said with a faint smile, ”Because some people have complained, so I am looking for you on the immortal ship, and my master knows about it. I am now simply being crisp and clear, there is no need to cower. By the way, my master is still interested in talking about you, I wonder if you are interested in meeting my master?”

Ye Mo was startled in his heart, what did the Cloud Seeking Sage’s master want to see him for? The Cloud Seeking Saint Maiden’s master was at least an Immortal Daoist cultivator, right? How would he dare to meet an immortal dweller alone?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I am used to being scatterbrained, I will be rude when I see my senior, I think I will not go to see him.”

Seeking Cloud seemed to know that Ye Mo didn’t want to go to see her senior, and said unconcernedly, “Senior Brother Ye, after I practiced that concealment technique you gave me, I realised that I was a frog at the bottom of the well. To have such an ingenious gong method, I guess it has already reached the peak of the Immortal level?”

Ye Mo’s face sank, what did this Foraging Cloud mean?

As if he didn’t see Ye Mo’s face, Foraging Cloud said to himself, “By the way, Senior Brother Ye, I heard that there is a great auction tonight in Hong Yu Immortal City. Do you know the immortal daddy who sold the five element stone pier on the immortal ship before? I heard that he is participating in this auction again ……”

Ye Mo was instantly shocked in his heart, what did the Cloud Seeking Saintess mean by this? Could it be that she saw that she was interested in that stone pier? But when he asked about the stone dun on the immortal ship before, he didn’t reveal half of the information ah?

Besides, that Immortal Sovereign dared to openly auction off the Five Elements Stone Mound in Hong Yu Immortal City, did he not want to live? The Five Elements Stone Pier might just be a precious item in the Lower Heavenly Realm, but in Hong Yu Immortal City, where there were so many Immortal Emperors, which Immortal Emperor did not know that the Five Elements Stone Pier involved the Chaos World?

Ye Mo did not believe that an Immortal Emperor would not even be able to see through this, if he could see through it and still dare to do so, then that meant that this person would not be afraid of Immortal Emperors, he was definitely not as simple as an Immortal Emperor.

“I want to go to the auction to have a look, would you like to go? If you are willing, we will go there together.” Foraged Cloud suddenly looked at Ye Mo and asked again.

Ye Mo didn’t know what Foraged Cloud meant, but he immediately shook his head and said, “I haven’t obtained the qualification to go to the Little Heaven Domain, and I plan to leave here tomorrow. As for going to the auction, I’m not interested and don’t really want to go.”

Ye Mo had already made up his mind when he heard Foraging Cloud mention the stone dun in front of him again, and even Foraging Cloud’s master wanted to see him, that once Foraging Cloud left, he would immediately go and leave a message to Thistle and leave immediately, this was definitely not a place to stay for long.

The Foraged Cloud Sage was silent for a long time before she said, “I thought you were interested in that Five Elements Stone Pier, it seems I thought wrong. However, I can tell you for sure that even if the person selling that Five Elements Stone Pier is an Immortal Emperor, there is no way he would take the real thing and sell it. That Five Elements Stone Mound is 100% fake, and the person who took out the Five Elements Stone Mound is well aware that others can think of this. But this person is absolutely audacious, and his aim is to let all the people know that the real one is in his possession.”

“Why?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked, but after asking, he understood what was going on.

“My master said that this person is most likely already a half-saint who is about to attain the Dao, and he probably desperately needs to attain the Dao. If all the five elemental stone piers are gathered, even if there is no Chaos World, as long as there is a True Spirit World, he can still attain the Dao through the five elements. The five elements to prove the dao is much easier than proving the dao through other means.” Foraged Cloud explained.

Ye Mo was in a daze, as Foraging Cloud’s master understood this, the rest of the Immortal Emperors would definitely understand this as well. Unless there were Immortal Emperors who thought their lives were too long, no one would dare to find this guy who was selling five element stone piers for fishing. Once someone found this guy, this guy would absolutely think that the rest of the stone piers were on the person who was looking for him, and he would desperately try to snatch them back. So people who don’t have a stone pier on them will not only not go looking for him, they will also show no interest in the stone pier at all. Those who have the stone pier, that is, knowing full well how powerful he is, may still go to backstab him or pay attention to him.

Just like himself, even if he knew full well that the stone pier was not available now, but after hearing the news, he might still go to the scene to take a look. Maybe he would be targeted by that person just by taking a look.

After understanding this, Ye Mo would definitely not go to that guy now, nor would he be brain-damaged enough to a*sa*sinate him. Even if the other guy looked like he dared, he didn’t even want to know. At least right now, he didn’t have the ability to a*sa*sinate someone who might be a half-saint.

“I heard that there is also an Inferior Divine Artifact, and a Demigod Artifact inside this auction.”

The words of the Cloud Seeking Saintess made Ye Mo cautious once again, he had obtained a dan furnace that was a lower grade divine artifact, then Hua Ru Xue didn’t know if she would have already seen it. If Hua Ru Xue knew that the dan furnace he had obtained was a divine artifact, coupled with the fact that he had killed the Immortal King of her clan, she would definitely not spare him. However, Ye Mo believed that that Hua Ru Xue knew that the dan furnace was good, and should not have thought that it was a lower grade divine weapon.

It looked like it needed to go quickly, it couldn’t be delayed any longer.

Seeing Ye Mo’s appearance, the Cloud Seeking Saintess knew that Ye Mo should want to leave even more, she pursed her lips and suddenly said, “Senior Brother Ye, if I can take you into the Little Heavenly Domain, you ……”

“What?” Ye Mo froze, taking himself into the Little Heavenly Domain under the noses of several Immortal Emperors?

“You’re saying you can take me into the Little Heavenly Domain?” Ye Mo calmed down after his astonishment.

“That’s right, I am indeed able to bring you into the Little Heavenly Domain.” The Cloud Seeking Saintess said calmly.

Ye Mo asked calmly, “Let’s not talk about whether or not you can bring me into the Little Heavenly Domain, right now it’s me and you who are not relatives, why do you want to help me?”

“If I said that I suddenly fell in love with you and then wanted to help you, would you believe me?” The Cloud Seeking Saintess said indifferently.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “I don’t believe it.”

The Cloud Seeking Sage didn’t think anything of it, instead she took out the jade slip that Ye Mo gave her last time and flipped it over and over and said, “The concealment technique you said you gave me last time is slightly different from the one you used, I want to ……”

Seeing the Cloud Seeking Saintess looking at herself, Ye Mo coldly snorted and said, “So you want my concealment technique?”

“Yes, I actually don’t know if the concealment technique you use yourself is more powerful, but I really need a powerful concealment technique like this, even if I don’t become a saintess and give everything I have.” The Cloud Seeking Saintess stared at Ye Mo and said firmly.

Ye Mo reckoned that what this woman had to do to get the concealment technique was definitely not small, but it had nothing to do with him, he was thinking that if the Cloud Seeking Saintess really had a way to bring him into the Little Heavenly Domain, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to come up with the concealment technique.

“I also know that you have a good body refining technique ……”

“Then you don’t have to think about it, I won’t agree to it.” Before the Cloud Seeking Saintess could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ye Mo.

“Tell me what you have to do to bring me into the Little Heaven Domain.” Ye Mo didn’t immediately agree with the Cloud Seeking Saintess’ words, he was curious to know what method the Cloud Seeking Saintess used to bring him into the Little Heavenly Domain.

“I have a small world ……”

After the Cloud Seeking Saintess just said a few words, Ye Mo shook his head in disappointment, if he wanted to bring himself into the Little Heavenly Domain just because he had a small world, this Cloud Seeking Saintess was a bit too naive.

The Small World, True Spirit World and the Chaos World were completely different. The Chaos World could be hidden into the deepest part of the Sea of Consciousness, and as long as other people’s divine sense did not stir the deepest part of your Sea of Consciousness, they would not be able to detect it. However, the small world and the true spirit world could not, at most they could only be refined into bracelets or rings and so on and worn on the body. To conceal the divine sense of an immortal emperor in such a world was simply an idiotic statement.

Seeing Ye Mo’s disappointed look, the Cloud Seeking Saintess seemed to know what he was thinking and said again, “If I hang the small world on my chest, the Immortal Emperor wouldn’t let me take it out even if he noticed it, right? Moreover, I don’t think I would be the only one who used the Small World to bring people into the Little Heavenly Domain. Wouldn’t the Lord Immortal Emperor of Zhaikong be able to not think of it? If they didn’t say so in advance, then they would have acquiesced long ago. Even if I let you out again in case of failure, you won’t lose anything, the fact that Immortal Emperor Zakong didn’t say it before means that he won’t reprimand.”

Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart, he wouldn’t lose anything? Once he came out from inside the Foraging Cloud Sage’s small world, several Immortal Emperors would use their divine sense to check him out at the first opportunity.

“Moreover, my little world hasn’t been refined yet ……”

These words of the Cloud Seeking Saintess caused a sudden flash of light to cross Ye Mo’s mind, and he suddenly remembered a cheating method.