DYM Chapter 1770

Bi Qin took a look at that jade slip and his face suddenly changed, the most he could get here in a day was only five ‘Void Flying Snow’, in fact the five ‘Void Flying Snow’ had to be divided out into two, he himself could only get three ‘Void Flying Snow’. Ye Mo wanted ten pieces at once, knowing that he had already given Ye Mo five pieces just now.

The reason why he gave Ye Mo five ‘Void Flying Snow’ was that apart from saving the Da Luo Xian under him, the main reason was that he was not willing to fight Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s skill was simply too terrifying, once they fought, even if there were more people on their side, they would probably be killed or injured.

However, taking out ten ‘Void Flying Snow’ was already a broken bone for Bi Qin. He didn’t dare to blame Ye Mo and immediately turned back to stare at those two Da Luo Immortals and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Those two Da Luo Immortals how dared to admit that this was what they said, before they thought that Ye Mo would never be able to get a good deal when he came here and faced so many people, but now it seemed that they had thought wrong completely. If it was exposed again that the reason why Ye Mo wanted ten was because they said so, then they would be finished.

Seeing that the two Da Luo Immortals were cowering and unable to give a reason, Bi Qin also had no choice but to face Ye Mo again and said with a fist: “Immortal Friend Ye, we have only collected less than ten ‘Void Flying Snow’ in total here …… ”

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Bi Qin immediately continued with a boost of spirit, “So ten ‘Void Flying Snow’, I really can’t take them out.”

“In that case, do you guys not want to pay it back? Or do I have to find the two that played the note?” Ye Mo said in a light voice, not even half-heartedly understanding.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t relent at all, Bi Qin could only grit his teeth and say, “Pay.”

If Ye Mo looked for those two who had put down the IOUs. His prestige would vanish into thin air. Not to mention getting the others’ ‘Void Flying Snow’. It would be impossible to keep this squad from scattering.

After getting ten ‘Void Flying Snow’ once again, Ye Mo didn’t even stay for half a breath, and directly led both Chu Shining and Ren Yu Jin to quickly leave.

“That’s too arrogant.” A Da Luo Immortal Perfection stared at the direction where Ye Mo disappeared and spoke with hatred.

Di Braised Cheng sneered and said, “You can challenge him to go, we’ll definitely go and cheer you on.”

That Great Luo Xian opened his mouth, but didn’t dare to say a word, asking him to challenge Ye Mo was almost like going to send him to his death.

Di Braised Cheng simply ignored him, he just gave Bi Qin a fist hug and didn’t even bother to say a word. He turned around and left. As soon as Di Jiu Cheng left, the people who followed Di Jiu Cheng left at once**. The rest of them saw Di Jiusheng leave. They too left.

In a flash, only Bi Qin’s group was left here, there were only ten or so people, trying to stop and rob here was a joke, after all, there were very few who were alone like Ye Mo. It is with Chu Shining and Ren Yu Jin generally two together are not many.


Two hours later, Ye Mo stopped and asked, “Brother Chu, there are only two of you? No grouping with the people from the Forbidden Upper Sky?”

Chu Shining said with a bitter smile on his face, “Although my Yue Ren Immortal Village is not small, it is not enough compared to those big immortal sects. Others are unwilling to join us, and we don’t want to beg them.”

Ye Mo understood when he thought about Ji Shu and the others, Ji Shu and Qi Beicang and the others were disciples of some big sects, and uniting together was considered as people divided by groups. It was indeed impossible to get those emperor clans or young city lords to befriend people like Chu Shining. It wasn’t that people were so condescending, but this was simply not a circle.

The only reason why he could become friends with these people was also because of Ji Shu, if it wasn’t for Ji Shu, he wouldn’t have known Qi Beicang just as much, and he wouldn’t have known Jiu Shu Yan just as much. Just as he was now a Da Luo Immortal, it was impossible for him to run away and do a mission with a Heavenly Immortal under normal circumstances. Back when he was a Heavenly Immortal, he didn’t dare to cross paths with a Great Immortal, and the same Great Immortals wouldn’t go looking for him to do any tasks.

“Then how many ‘Void Flying Snow’ did you get this time?” Ye Mo asked

Thinking that Ye Mo wanted ‘Void Flying Snow’, Chu Shiny quickly took out three ‘Void Flying Snow’ and handed them to Ye Mo and said, “My cousin and I are lucky and there is a special pouncing ‘Void Flying Snow’ magic treasure, we got three in total. It’s useless for us to have them, so we’ll give them all to Brother Ye.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I am not asking for your ‘Void Flying Snow’, I want to give you all the ‘Void Flying Snow’ on my body …… ”

“How does that work?” Chu Shining refused without waiting for Ye Mo to finish.

Ye Mo said, “Actually, I want to ask you a favor, after you enter the top thousand and are invited by the Immortal Emperor, give me that Peng Yue Immortal Fruit. Of course as payment, I will give you two ‘Yi Wang Dan’.”

“Ah ……,” Chu Shining looked at Ye Mo in a daze, somewhat in disbelief. Even one Peng Yue Immortal Fruit could not be exchanged for one ‘Yi Wang Dan’, they gave Ye Mo one Peng Yue Immortal Fruit and Ye Mo gave two ‘Yi Wang Dan’, where could such a good thing happen?

Ye Mo coughed and said, “I got a dan furnace from you, so I already owe you guys a favor, besides, I am a seventh grade immortal dan master, as long as I have the Peng Yue immortal fruit, I can refine the ‘Yi Wang Dan’.”

After Ye Mo said this, Chu Shining and Ren Yu Jin were even more dumbfounded, a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster was no less prestigious than an Immortal Emperor, not even less than an Immortal Emperor. Ye Mo was actually a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster, this was a bit too hard for them to believe.

Seeing that the two people simply couldn’t believe it, Ye Mo had to explain one more time and said, “I am indeed a Seventh Grade Immortal Dan Grandmaster, but I have offended an extremely powerful person who has a backer in Qing Wei Heaven, I am afraid that I will be a*sa*sinated by him if I go to meet an Immortal Emperor, so ……”

Although Ye Mo’s reasoning was poor, but what Chu Shining wanted wasn’t even about that anymore, instead he made sure to befriend Ye Mo, a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster. He didn’t even need Ye Mo to continue explaining, he didn’t even need any reason to hurry up and say, “That’s no problem, I can help with this, it’s just that I’m afraid that I’ll have a hard time entering the top one thousand for ‘Void Flying Snow’ under twenty pieces.”

“That’s no problem.” Ye Mo immediately took out a ring and handed it to Chu Shining and said. “Here are fifty ‘Void Flying Snow’. You can take them.”

Once again, Chu Shinyin was frozen. He really couldn’t figure out how Ye Mo had gotten so many ‘Void Flying Snow’. However, he didn’t ask, no matter how Ye Mo came by them, he shouldn’t ask about these.

After Ye Mo gave the ‘Void Flying Snow’ to Shining Chu, he once again took out a jade slip and handed it to Shining Chu and said, “This jade slip was given by the Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s Sage Yun, if anyone asks how you caught so many, this jade slip and that magic treasure of yours, plus a certain amount of luck is the reason. ”

The reason he gave fifty ‘Void Flying Snow’ to Chu Shining was because Ye Mo understood the difficulty of ‘Void Flying Snow’ pouncing. An average person. It was not bad if they could catch one in three months, and there were others who couldn’t even get one. For those who were lucky, there were only three or five of them. Even if a small team gathered all the ‘Void Flying Snow’ together, fifty pieces should be enough to enter the top one thousand.

After giving the ‘Void Flying Snow’ to Chu Shining, Ye Mo let the two of them go first, he didn’t want to follow the two of them together, lest he be suspected. Chu Shinyin also knew what Ye Mo meant, he just said hello to Ye Mo before quickly returning to the immortal ship with Ren Yujin.

After sending Chu Shinyin and Ren Yujin away, Ye Mo had wanted to wait for Thistle to come over. Then he would take some ‘Void Flying Snow’ to Jie Xie, but an Immortal King divine Sense swept into him. It made Ye Mo instantly not dare to wait.

That Immortal King divine sense was very familiar to Ye Mo, it was Ji Bo’s divine sense. This was close to the immortal ship, but Ye Mo was not sure if Ji Bo would risk making a move on him. After sensing that divine sense, Ye Mo immediately cast a transport technique and accelerated his speed to the immortal ship.

In just a few breaths of time, Ji Bo appeared at the place where Ye Mo had just stopped and did not hesitate to chase after him.

Luckily, Ye Mo was already very close to the immortal ship at this time, and with Ye Mo’s frantic burning of immortal energy, after ten breaths, Ye Mo’s divine sense had already seen the immortal ship. And at that moment, Ji Bo’s figure likewise appeared in front of him, while stopping Ye Mo.

Ye Mo stopped and stared at Ji Bo calmly and without waves. This was close to the immortal ship, so he didn’t believe that Ji Bo dared to make a move here.

“Lord Immortal King, may I ask what you are stopping me for?” Ye Mo said as he hugged his fist respectfully.

Ji Bo sneered and said, “You continue to run away, huh? Did you think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you once you got here?” After saying that, he raised his hand and already grabbed at Ye Mo, not giving him any chance at all.

He believed that if he wanted to kill Ye Mo, just one or two breaths would be enough, one or two breaths of time would be enough for him to dispose of the place.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this guy to really dare to make a move here, so where did he dare to hesitate, he sacrificed his World Stone Scale and his immortal energy frantically poured into the World Stone Scale, trying to block this grab.

However, just as Ye Mo sacrificed the World Stone Scale, he felt that he couldn’t move at all. Ye Mo was shocked beyond belief, he knew that he had entered Ji Bo’s Immortal King Domain. In the Immortal King’s Domain, he was powerless to resist other than waiting for death.

The powerful pressure of the Immortal King Domain had already suppressed Ye Mo to the point of vomiting blood, where could Ye Mo think of anything else at this moment, his Divine Sense Blade and Divine Sense Domain were frantically sacrificed in an instant, trying to break the domain around him, even if it broke open a little, he could sacrifice the World Stone Scale to block the grab.

“Ka ……”

With Ye Mo’s divine sense desperately burning, that Ji Bo’s Immortal King domain had just formed, and there was a crack.

“Huh,” Ji Bo let out a surprised cry, he didn’t expect that a mere Da Luo Xian could make an extra crack in his Immortal King Domain, even if he was casting the Immortal King Domain at random, it was not something that a Da Luo Xian could break free from.

Ye Mo was indeed unable to break free from this Immortal King Domain, not to mention this sliver of crack, even if the crack was tens of times bigger, he would not have the ability to break free from Ji Bo’s Immortal King Domain. But to him, this tiny crack would allow him to drive the World Stone Scales.

The World Stone Scales blocked the terrifying big hand of Ji Bo just as it was about to grab Ye Mo.

“Boom ……”

The World Stone Scale was like a piece of paper as it was knocked out.