DYM Chapter 1769

When the two hesitated slightly, Ye Mo’s voice became icy cold, “What, not willing?”

The two Da Luo Immortals hurriedly looked at each other and said, “Yes, of course I am willing.”

At this moment, the two had already figured out that they would bring Ye Mo there before they could say anything. Anyway, when the time came, there were many people and Ye Mo was only one person, so how could they be afraid of him?

Although Ye Mo desperately hated this kind of guy who stopped him and robbed him, he didn’t want to be a nuisance here. He was only one person and the other party was a small group and there were quite a few of them. At this time, it was definitely better for him to do more than one thing.

The reason why he was making excuses was because his divine sense blade had broken through the other party’s divine sense shielding formation and saw that one of the people fighting was Chu Shining. He was owing Chu Yin Yin a favour, so he had to help out a little at this time no matter what.

And among the people standing on the side watching, there was also one person Ye Mo knew, which was Di Braised Cheng. Ye Mo wasn’t sure if that captain was Di Juxingcheng, if so, he would find an excuse for Di Juxingcheng to challenge him.

From Little Immortal King Rou Mang, Ye Mo already knew clearly that there was a good chance that Di Juxingcheng also had a trace of Immortal Emperor’s divine thoughts on him, if that was the case, he might not be able to kill him even if he fought Di Juxingcheng. Instead of that, it would be better to let Di Brazen Cheng challenge him.

Since Chu Shining was only down right now and nothing would happen for a while, Ye Mo would have time to find some trouble, or at least anger his opponent. He believed that Di Braised Cheng, as a captain and a Da Luo Xian complete existence, would never allow himself to snatch his ‘Void Flying Snow’ through such means.


Chu Shining was already close to the point of deficiency, but he knew that if he wasn’t careful, he would send his little life here, a matter that concerned his little life, Chu Shining didn’t dare to be half careless.

Ren Yu Jin was anxious on the side and wanted to rush up several times, but she was also very clear. If she rushed up there, she would not be helping, but making Chu Shining die even faster.

Once she went up herself, dozens of people on the other side could rush up.

Just as Ren Yu Jin was anxious, a loud ‘boom’ could be heard as a purple rainbow blade qi split in, and the surrounding formation that shielded divine sense immediately collapsed away, and three figures had appeared around the battlefield.

These three people were obviously Ye Mo and the two Da Luo Immortals who brought Ye Mo over, and after those two Da Luo Immortals came over. Immediately, they panicked and ran to the middle of the dozens of people.

“Big brother Ye.” Ren Yu Jin called out in surprise, she had seen Ye Mo challenge that Cliff Eagle and knew how powerful Ye Mo was, now that Ye Mo had come over, maybe she and her cousin Chu Shining would be saved.

Chu Yin Yin also saw Ye Mo coming over. But he was wrapped up in his opponent and couldn’t get away at all. Just now, he was only slightly distracted and one of his opponent’s flying swords had already broken through the air. When he was about to be split in half by this flying sword, Ye Mo had already dodged over and hit this flying sword with a punch, knocking that flying sword straight away before pulling Chu Shining over and saying, “Brother Chu. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Chu Shining took a few big breaths before he said, “Thank you, Brother Ye, for saving me once more.”

The Da Luo Xian who was ready to kill Chu Shining saw Ye Mo step in to help Chu Shining and was immediately furious, but he didn’t dare to go up to Ye Mo and make a move.

“What. Want to bully the lesser man with more people? Two to beat one?” A Grand Luo Immortal saw that Ye Mo had made a move to save Chu Shining as soon as he arrived and immediately shouted in dissatisfaction.

Ye Mo patted Chu Shining’s shoulder and gestured for Chu Shining to go rest on the side before turning back to that Great Luo Immortal and said, “You’re right. I’m just a lot of people bullying a lot of people, what can you do to me?”

Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart. There were so many people surrounding the two of them, Chu Shining and Ren Yu Jin, and they still had the face to say that there were too many people bullying too few. He had already seen that the dozens of people here should be the forces of the three parties, and there were only ten people at most on Di Jiu Cheng’s side.

In the battle with Yan Jiutian just now, being interrupted Ye Mo was already upset in his heart. Although he could not kill Yan Jiutian, he could teach him a lesson. Being upset was also stopped on the way and Chu Shining was his friend. With all these added up, how could Ye Mo have any patience.

“Seek death.” That Da Luo Immortal let out a cold cry while gesturing to the several Da Luo Immortals behind him, that meant that everyone should come together and finish Ye Mo first.

Ye Mo waved his hand and told Chu Shining and Ren Yu Jin, who were about to speak, to back off, and directly stepped forward, his body was filled with a murderous aura, and his killing intent instantly climbed wildly. In just a short amount of time, a ripple of killing intent invisible to the naked eye had formed around him.

“Hurry up if you want to make a move, don’t dilly-dally.” As Ye Mo raised his hand, the World Stone Scale was already suspended above his head. As soon as the World Stone Scale came out, the void around him became oppressive, as if this World Stone Scale was the vault of heaven, once it fell, the crowd could only wait for death.

To those ordinary Da Luo Immortals Ye Mo did not care at all, he believed that his Void Fist could solve one, as for the World Stone Scale going out, it could equally kill Da Luo Immortals in seconds. So what if he was besieged? He didn’t even put it in his eyes. What he was waiting for was Di Juxingcheng, and if Di Juxingcheng dared to come forward, even if he had the protection of an Immortal Emperor’s divine thoughts, he would kill him.

“Luo Cang stand down.” A young Da Luo Immortal Perfection walked up and scolded, after he finished scolding, he gave Ye Mo a polite hug and said, “Immortal Friend Ye, my friend spoke too directly. What happened just now, Teng Shengtian Bi Qin still asks Immortal Friend Ye not to take it to heart.”

Ye Mo frowned and sized up the Bi Qin in front of him, very young, with blonde hair and strong aura fluctuations, this person’s cultivation should be no less than Little Immortal King Lu Mang.

“You’re the captain?” Ye Mo asked with a slightly disappointed tone, he thought that the captain was Di Jiu Cheng, so it seemed that Di Jiu Cheng was not the captain. If Di Jiu Cheng was not the captain, this gave Ye Mo no way to take the initiative to find him.

“Yes.” Bi Qin said with a faint smile once again clasping his fist, “I am indeed the captain, in fact, it is just a duel here, the duel is absolutely fair and just. Brother Di, Brother Pang and Brother Tai Shi are all just here to watch the fun and then be a witness by the way. Of course, as witnesses, we will not treat everyone badly. If Immortal Friend Ye is willing, he can also stay here as a witness.”

Ye Mo immediately understood that Bi Qin was here to collect the ‘Void Flying Snow’ by means of a duel, and Di Braised Cheng and the others who testified would all get a certain share. Bi Qin would be the villain and everyone would collect the benefits, and if he was sued on the immortal ship, the remaining few people could also help Bi Qin testify.

Chu Shining sneered and said, “Is that so? Why are my cousin and I not willing to hand over the ‘Void Flying Snow’ to buy our way. Then we won’t be allowed to leave?”

Ye Mo coldly stared at Bi Qin and said, “It seems like when I pa*sed by here, I also had to hand over the ‘Void Flying Snow’ to buy my way. Friend Bi is doing a good job, it’s much easier than us coming in the wind and going in the rain to collect ‘Void Flying Snow’.”

Bi Qin’s face changed, Ye Mo’s nonsense was clearly a deliberate attempt to find fault.

“What the hell, this immortal will come to see if your big name is true or not ……” A late stage Da Luo immortal had already crossed over Bi Qin and at the same time offered a six-headed flying fork to roll towards Ye Mo.

The first thing that happened to him was that he wanted to stop this Da Luo Xian, but his heart moved and he swallowed the words that came to his mouth instead. If Ye Mo really wasn’t that powerful, it might not be possible for so many of them to go up together and destroy him.

Ye Mo had nowhere to release the killing power he had gathered. This Da Luo Xian rushing up was just right for him.

Without waiting for the six-headed flying fork to sweep over, Ye Mo similarly struck out with a fist.


Ye Mo’s face just changed greatly with this punch Bi Qin’s face, he already knew that Ye Mo’s skills were a little bigger than his reputation. Unfortunately, now he didn’t even have the ability to block it, once he dared to rush into Ye Mo’s fist wind killing vortex. Then he was just as much of a cannon fodder existence.

Di Braised Cheng had been laughing coldly on the side, if Bi Qin could lead someone to suppress Ye Mo, he would not hesitate to go up and help.

However, now after Ye Mo’s punch, Di Braised Cheng’s face changed just as much. A few months ago, Ye Mo killed Cliff Eagle with a single punch during his fight with him on the challenge stage, and he was right below the challenge stage. He saw it clearly too. Moreover, that crystal ball of the fight had been studied by him over and over again, and at this time, when he saw Ye Mo’s punch again, he knew that compared to a few months ago. Ye Mo’s strength had improved a great deal more.

Di Braised Cheng originally had the intention of challenging Ye Mo, but now after seeing this punch from Ye Mo, he was immediately put off.

As soon as that Da Luo Xian’s six-headed flying fork was offered up, it was wrapped up in a vortex of killing power in the void. This Great Luo Immortal felt his immortal energy give a slight lurch. In just this moment, he felt the endless swirls of killing power in the void roll towards him. It seemed that in just one breath he would be swept into that vortex. Once he entered the vortex, he had a premonition that he would immediately turn into a bloody mist.

With his heart and soul split, this Da Luo Xian could no longer care about continuing to attack Ye Mo, and his immortal energy was burning wildly as he tried to break free from the vortex’s curl. Unfortunately, the vortex seemed to carry a destructive and murderous aura, wanting to sweep everything around it in and destroy it.

“Immortal Friend Ye, be merciful, I am willing to pay five ‘Void Flying Snow’……,” Bi Qin hurriedly shouted as he saw that the Da Luo Immortal was about to be wrapped in the vortex of fist potential and torn into pieces.

The terrifying vortex of killing power gave a lurch as Ye Mo kicked that Great Luo Immortal in the chest and said with a cold snort, “Get lost.”

That Great Luo Immortal was kicked backwards by Ye Mo and flew out, spurting blood in the void, but he didn’t feel insulted in the slightest, but had a look of fear on his face. If Bi Qin had said his words a little bit later, he would have been wrapped up in that killing vortex and then churned into pieces.

As that Da Luo Xian was kicked away by Ye Mo, the surrounding killing intent and killing vortex instantly dissipated, as if nothing had happened here.

Bi Qin, who had originally wanted to leap y to try, no longer had that thought, and without hesitation, he took out five jade boxes and sent them to Ye Mo and said, “Immortal Friend Ye, thank you for being merciful.”

Taking out five ‘Void Flying Snow’ in one go, Bi Qin only felt a pang of flesh pain. Some of them hadn’t caught a single one for several months, yet he had taken out five at once. If he hadn’t blocked the way here for a while, he would have had to take out even his old capital.

Ye Mo took the five jade boxes and threw them into his ring, then once again took out a jade slip and handed it to Bi Qin and said, “This is an IOU, take a look to see if there are any problems, if there are no problems, clear this account.”