DYM Chapter 1767

Ye Mo’s immortal energy collapsed in a burst, and his Void Fist Power Vortex had not even fully coalesced before it became weak due to his collapsed immortal energy.

Yan Jiu Tian’s fog-line lance had already broken through the already weak and collapsed fist potential vortex and stabbed directly at Ye Mo’s brow. Ye Mo could no longer think of anything else and sacrificed the purple circus in cold sweat, while the World Stone blasted out.


Even though Yan Jiu Tian’s fog-line lance had been blocked by the void fist potential vortex, Ye Mo still felt a burst of recoil of immortal energy when the Purple Sandblast and the fog-line lance clashed together. At this moment, his internal organs seemed to be on fire and his immortal energy was in chaos. And to add insult to injury, the World Stone impacted on top of the big bell, stirring up an even more terrifying piercing sound as the World Stone scale similarly rolled backwards and flew out.

The World Stone Scale was not useless, but at least it stopped the bell’s chirping for a moment. The moment the bell was hit by the World Stone Scale, the bound space around it gave a lurch and Ye Mo’s body was lightened, spurting out several mouthfuls of blood and flying backwards. A few black arrows flew faster than he did and pierced his chest directly.

Under one glance, Ye Mo was at a full disadvantage and also suffered a considerable injury, but fortunately he finally escaped temporarily with the help of the World Stone. If it wasn’t for his Immortal Spirit Body refining cultivation, those few arrows just now would have been something for him to suffer from, and would have even caused his body to collapse.

Ye Mo, who had been sent flying tens of miles away, didn’t even have time to check his injuries, and several immortal pills had already been swallowed.

“No wonder he is qualified to call my bluff, he has even advanced to Immortal Spirit Body.” Yan Jiu Tian was shocked to see that his mist sharp arrows did not hurt Ye Mo as much as he thought they would.

However, he didn’t relax under his hand as the scattered fog lines once again coalesced into an even more terrifying fog line lance, and with one step, his aura was as powerful as a rainbow as he smashed at Ye Mo once again. He had seen how terrifying Ye Mo was, and even if Ye Mo was now inferior to him, he had to kill his opponent while he had the chance, otherwise he could hardly have peace of mind.

This spear was rolled and sacrificed, and the surrounding space was immediately driven by this black thread of fog spear, even completely binding Ye Mo’s retreat.

The void seemed to be filled with the shadow of the black thread of fog lance, leaving Ye Mo with nowhere to hide at all. Before the fog-line lance reached close, the protective space around Ye Mo was already being cut with a snickering sound.

Ye Mo had no way to dodge, and in fact he didn’t even think about dodging, even if he was being pressured by an Immortal King, the other party, a Da Luo Immortal of the same level as him, was also pressuring him, and Ye Mo was already extremely upset in his heart.

In the one round encounter just now, he was at an absolute disadvantage. It wasn’t that he was really so much inferior to Yan Jiutian, but it had to do with his combat experience. Yan Jiutian’s combat experience was far too richer than his, and that fog line was even more illusory, making it impossible to defend against.

“Tarzan Press give me a smash ……” Ye Mo fell backwards out and before he could even stand still in the void, the World Stone was once again sacrificed and smashed towards Yan Jiu Tian, and at the same time Thunder Sand was sacrificed. Ye Mo sacrificed the thunder sand but stored it but did not launch it, waiting for the best time between breaths, he must teach Yan Jiutian a lesson.

This was the first time that Ye Mo had executed two divine spells at the same time, Tarzan Press and Thunder Sand.

This time, he easily pinned Ye Mo down, and Yan Jiutian was greatly pleased in his heart. He was even more experienced in battle and didn’t even give Ye Mo a chance to catch his breath before he once again sacrificed his fog spear and a dozen of fog arrows were ready. There was even a fog net prepared at the periphery, so that once Ye Mo escaped, he would be caught directly in the net and left at his disposal.

If he wanted to escape, he would have already left when Yan Jiu Tian and the Little Immortal King were fighting earlier.

While Yan Jiu Tian was incredibly proud, he was an equally proud person. Yan Jiu Tian was only a late Da Luo Immortal, to Ye Mo he did not think that his early Da Luo Immortal stage was much worse than Yan Jiu Tian. Since his debut, Ye Mo had never lost to an opponent with the same major realm, so would he be able to escape so easily now?

Yan Jiutian’s Mist Line Lance and Ye Mo’s Tarzan Press were executed almost simultaneously, but Yan Jiutian found that his Mist Line Lance was still some distance away from Ye Mo when Ye Mo’s huge World Stone had already fallen.

What a powerful divine ability, Yan Jiutian was secretly horrified in his heart. He was a master of spatial laws, could he not know that this divine ability of Ye Mo’s fused with spatial laws, if not for the spatial laws, the opponent’s world stone could not have come to his head as soon as it smashed down. What made him even more depressed was that this spatial law was still déjà vu to him.

Even Yan Jiutian had to admire Ye Mo, who had only seen him perform the spatial laws once and was able to comprehend a glimpse of it. To him, Ye Mo’s comprehension ability was simply unprecedented.

Yan Jiu Tian could no longer care about attacking Ye Mo, the fog line lance had already formed an equally huge black-silver mountain to blast the World Stone Scale. At the same time, he once again powered the giant bell suspended in the void.

When Ye Mo saw that giant bell emitting a buzzing sound, how could he not know that Yan Jiu Tian was going to repeat his old trick? He had just lost to this huge fog bell, and if this huge bell hadn’t suddenly sounded, he couldn’t have been at an absolute disadvantage and injured instantly. As a result, he was now at a disadvantage compared to Yan Jiutian. At this moment, this giant bell once again emitted a buzzing sound, and Ye Mo immediately sacrificed his Haotian Drum.

The fact that he was discovered by Yan Jiutian did not matter, at this time it was a matter of xìng life at stake, Ye Mo did not dare to hold back his hand.

“Bam ……”

The giant bell once again emitted a soul-shattering chime as Ye Mo forcibly held back the collapse of his immortal energy and struck out with a pale face.


This was the first time Ye Mo had cast three divine abilities, and a burst of weakness came through, and his body almost trembled. The reason why he didn’t dare to cast Wave Kill before was because the immortal energy and divine sense consumed by Wave Kill was too terrifying. He reckoned that although the Wave Kill was powerful, it would probably still be difficult to kill Yan Jiutian in one go, and at most, it would only leave Yan Jiutian seriously injured. Once Yan Jiutian could not die and he consumed too much, it would be him waiting to die.

The vortex of spatial killing potential for a hundred miles in circumference once again Ye Mo’s void fist swept up, driving endless killing potential to surge over. Yan Jiutian laughed coldly in his heart, Ye Mo was at his wit’s end, he had even executed one fist twice, the first time it did not harm him, how dare he execute it this time?


The heavens turned over, the entire void was turned over as if it were, Ye Mo’s World Stone Scale had smashed together with Yan Jiutian’s Mist Giant Peak.

The void was suddenly stirred up, it was this void that was also hit with a ripple, it seemed that with just a little bit more force it could tear this void apart as well and enter another interface.

“Ka, ka ……”

The ‘Void Secret Silver’ outside the World Stone splashed out in all directions and flew everywhere, while Yan Jiu Tian’s black fog mountain peak was blasted away just as much. Unlike the last time the two met, this time the World Stone blocked Yan Jiu Tian’s Black Mist Mountain Peak, and while the World Stone was knocked away, the Black Mist Mountain Peak was likewise knocked away.

Only the ‘Void Secret Silver’ on the exterior of the World Stone was scraped away a large layer, which caused Ye Mo to suffer a small loss.

Yan Jiu Tian laughed coldly as the black mist mountain peaks that had been knocked away didn’t even need to be bothered by him, they gathered directly while his immortal energy once again gathered up and charged straight at the giant bell.

The humming sound of the giant bell intensified and finally formed a long and incomparable “bam bam” chirping sound, which was continuous and hovered in the void.

Ye Mo’s face grew paler and paler, and he finally couldn’t help but spray a mouthful of blood again, but his fist of emptiness didn’t disperse in the slightest this time, instead it became more cohesive, and in a few moments, the killing vortex of the fist of emptiness had already formed.

However, Yan Jiutian suddenly felt that something was wrong, the killing vortex of Ye Mo’s fist of emptiness was not coming at him, but blasted on a big drum that he had sacrificed.

“Dang ……”

A terrifying killing sound roared up, just one drum sound was like an army of ten million attacking in a frenzy, the entire void instantly roared with gold and iron, the killing power was majestic and raging. Endless killing intent and killing momentum swept in from thousands and even tens of thousands of miles around, blasting directly at Yan Jiu Tian.

Yan Jiu Tian’s sea of consciousness was weakened by the thud, and an uncontrollable fear rose up from his heart.

“DONG ……”

A second drumbeat sounded, the void seemed to be caving in, heaven and earth seemed to be grinding away, and everything around him trembled at this terrifying drumbeat.

The sound of the drum spread out like ripples, and some other meteorites or other things, like flying ashes, disappeared in the sound of the drum.

The whole void was filled with shouting and slaughtering sounds, and the giant bell that was still banging before was stirred by such a terrifying drum sound and had long since disappeared like a bee buzzing.

“DONG ……”

The third drum sound came like the trumpet of a general attack, the void shook and vibrated, the drum sound spread out in succession, seeming to tear apart the entire vastness of heaven and earth. The sound of the drums was so terrifying that Yan Jiutian was completely unable to withstand it, and several more mouthfuls of fresh blood spurted out. At this moment, Yan Jiutian’s face was as pale as paper, and it felt like the spears of tens of millions of soldiers had all been blasted at him alone.

“Raisha, give me a fight ……”

Ye Mo’s face was as pale and terrifying, but he could not let go of this opportunity, and thunder sand spurted out.

Lightning flashed in the void, a loud booming sound exploded out of thin air, a black sème thick thunder slashed out of the void abruptly and struck directly at the top of Yan Jiu Tian’s head.

Yan Jiutian let out a muffled grunt and his body flashed as the space in front of him seemed to have suddenly widened. The thunder sand was about to hit empty, but unfortunately, Ye Mo had already prepared his spatial laws, as if the thunder sand knew his retreating trajectory, it suddenly split into two, after one part hit empty, the other part suddenly turned a direction and still fell from the top of his head.

Yan Jiutian’s dead soul straightened out and roared frantically, “Rip ……”

A dozens of feet long silver sè giant auger suddenly appeared under Ye Mo’s thunder sand, the giant auger’s eyes showed sadness and desolation, but it did not have any half-hearted intention to retreat and blocked before the terrifying killing thunder sand.

“Boom, ka ……”

The silver-silver giant auger’s sad and forlorn eyes instantly dimmed, like a dead gra*s that had interrupted its roots in winter, and when blown by the wind, it swayed and drifted away.