DYM Chapter 1765

The Da Luo Immortals on the deck of the immortal ship entered the void one after another, and Ye Mo also followed the crowd into the void. A very ordinary late Da Luo Immortal squeezed behind Ye Mo and then followed him into the void.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept casually over his body and saw that a divine sense mark had been made on him.

Ye Mo didn’t remove that divine sense mark, and in his heart he only laughed coldly. He had found out the divine sense mark made by that Half-Saint, and even a mere Da Luo Xian dared to make a divine sense mark on his body.

After entering the void, Ye Mo did not join Thistle and the others and left alone far away. Two pillars later, he had already taken off the divine sense mark and packed it up in a jade box.

If Ye Mo didn’t know who had made this divine sense mark, he wouldn’t have taken it off at all. If this divine sense mark had been made by Little Immortal King Lu Mang or Emperor Brazen, he would not have been afraid at all. If this divine sense mark was made by Hua Ruxue, he needed to worry about that Ji Bo behind Hua Ruxue.

Ye Mo sacrificed the imitation time and space shuttle, he wanted to try the speed of this thing.

After the space-time shuttle was driven by Ye Mo, it just twitched in the void and instantly disappeared from its place, Ye Mo’s divine sense sweeping out was a little uncomfortable, it was too fast. The various directions and celestial domains on the space-time shuttle pointed clearly, Ye Mo was shocked and at the same time, his heart was overjoyed.

This thing was simply a must-have for escaping and rushing. The speed of a lower grade divine weapon was so terrifying, how far would the real space-time shuttle go against the sky?

A day later, Ye Mo stopped the space-time shuttle, knowing that he was far out of the range of the immortal ship. If he went any further. He might have to lose contact with the immortal ship.

It was only one day. Yet Ye Mo felt that if he used the Green Moon, he might not be able to fly this far in a month.

Ye Mo put away the space-time shuttle, took out that divine sense marked jade box, fixed the jade box next to a meteorite and fixed the meteorite again, before he chose a place farther away and started pouncing on the ‘Void Flying Snow’ and also started fishing. He didn’t know who would be coming this time, if it was at the Immortal King level. He would leave immediately, if it was below the Immortal King level, anyone who came, he would have to fight before he could say anything.

Ye Mo was just getting ready when his divine sense pounced on a white flash. With Ye Mo’s experience, he immediately knew that it was ‘Void Flying Snow’.

The reason why ‘Void Flying Snow’ was rare was that firstly, it was difficult to pounce on, and secondly, the amount of ‘Void Flying Snow’ was also very rare. At first, Ye Mo had to wait for ten days, or even a month, in order to pounce on a ‘Void Flying Snow’. Instead, there were so many here, and he saw ‘Void Flying Snow’ right after he arrived. Was it because the immortal ship knew that there were many ‘Void Flying Snows’ here, and that was why it deliberately stopped here?

Ye Mo hesitated for just a moment. The ‘Void Flying Snow’ had already disappeared. This let Ye Mo know that the ‘Void Flying Snow’ here seemed to be a bit faster.

But these Ye Mo was not afraid, as long as there was more ‘Void Flying Snow’, as for the ‘Void Flying Snow’ being faster or slower he did not care at all. He had comprehended a new use of the divine sense net from that middle-aged scribe, and his use of the divine sense net was now far stronger than when he was a Xuan Xian, so how could he be afraid of not being able to catch the ‘Void Flying Snow’?

As expected, Ye Mo only waited for half a column of time before another shadow flew over. This shadow’s speed quickly decreased under Ye Mo’s divine sense domain, and the next moment this shadow was already carried by Ye Mo’s divine sense net and sent directly in front of him.

It was an extremely high quality ‘Void Flying Snow’, better in colour than the several Ye Mo had pounced on before.

Ye Mo directly took out a jade box and sent this ‘Void Flying Snow’ into it. Compared to before, his current capture of ‘Void Flying Snow’ was simply a sure thing. The most important thing was that the time he needed to pounce on the ‘Void Flying Snow’ was extremely short. He believed that in this place, with his own means, he could definitely catch more ‘Void Flying Snow’.

Over the next few days, a constant stream of ‘Void Flying Snow’ was caught by Ye Mo’s divine sense net and collected in jade boxes. Sometimes a dozen of them would come in a day, and even at the worst two days would catch one.

In only ten days or so, Ye Mo had already caught nearly a hundred ‘Void Flying Snow’, an achievement that Ye Mo could say he had not even thought of.

But at the back of the day, the ‘Void Flying Snow’ gradually became scarce, and when only one was caught in the following three days, Ye Mo was already ready to leave the place. As for the guy who had left a divine sense mark on him, Ye Mo no longer wanted to bother about it.

Ye Mo was about to take that divine sense mark away as well, when his heart moved, then he retreated dozens of miles away into hiding, and a moment later, a blurred shadow landed on top of that meteorite.

“Since you are waiting for me, then come out.” The shadow standing on the meteorite gradually became clearer and what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that this person was not the three he guessed, but Yan Jiutian.

Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of Yan Jiutian, just as Yan Jiutian wasn’t afraid of him. He immediately showed his form, since it was Yan Jiutian, there was no need for him to be afraid. Yan Jiu Tian would not join forces with others, and since he appeared here, there was no need to worry about others following him.

“You are indeed very powerful, to have refined my space-time shuttle in such a short period of time. I thought there was no way for you to refine it before you came out this time, so it looks like I underestimated you.” Yan Jiu Tian’s tone was calm, not at all like someone who had had his time and space shuttle taken away by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “You are also very powerful, but that spacetime shuttle is not yours anymore. After I refined my own time and space shuttle, you could still chase it here, it looks like you have a good skill at placing divine sense imprints.”

Yan Jiu Tian sneered disdainfully and said, “Such a rubbish divine sense mark would have been placed by me? Since you know where I come from and still underestimate me so much, it looks like even if you don’t meet me today, your future achievements will be limited.”

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, he then realized that he seemed to have some preconceptions. He had not thought that this divine sense mark was made by Yan Jiutian before, just that he subconsciously felt that it was impossible for Yan Jiutian to make this kind of divine sense mark.

Now it really seemed to be the case, if this divine sense mark was not made by Yan Jiutian, then who made it? If Yan Jiutian didn’t make the divine sense mark, how did he catch up with himself? Could it be that the mark of the inferior divine weapon had not yet been completely refined? But his lower grade divine weapon was lost inside the Golden Page World, even if it hadn’t been refined, Yan Jiu Tian wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

“How did you catch up with me?” With doubts in his heart, Ye Mo instantly asked in a deep voice.

Yan Jiu Tian said proudly, “Even if you use the space-time shuttle to fly for a few months, I can still find a trace of the flight path of the divine weapon in the void.”

Ye Mo frowned, he then realised that Yan Jiu Tian was basing his flight trajectory, could it be that the divine weapon shuttle could really leave such an obvious trajectory in the emptiness of the Immortal Realm? If that was really the case, then how could he use this space-time shuttle to escape the Immortal King’s pursuit?

“You don’t have to worry, your skills are good, but I’m not going to give you a chance this time. To worry about whether the time and space shuttle will be discovered is also my business, it has nothing to do with you.” Yan Jiu Tian acted as if he knew what Ye Mo was thinking in his heart.

“Hahahahahaha ……” Without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, another wild laugh came out, followed by a man in a golden shirt appearing.

Little Immortal King Lang Mang, Ye Mo did not expect that the one who made the divine sense mark was this stupid pig.

“Huh ……”

Little Immortal King Luo Mang flew closer and only then did he see Yan Jiutian. Yan Jiu Tian was standing on the meteorite, his figure was one with the void, it was hard to detect with divine sense, now that the Little Immortal King came close, only then did he see Yan Jiu Tian.

“Running backwards, and hiring a trash to help. Did you think that with this, I, Luomang, would let you go? Or wouldn’t be able to find you?” After Little Immortal King Rou Mang disdainfully glanced at Ye Mo, he then swept Yan Jiu Tian with cold eyes.

He also knew about Ye Mo’s killing of Cliff Eagle with one punch, and he believed that with his own ability, he could equally kill some trash Da Luo Immortal with a single move at will. What’s more, he still had a big reserve card, to kill an early Da Luo Xian Ye Mo, it wasn’t simple?

“Idiot.” Yan Jiutian looked at Little Immortal King Luomang and cursed speechlessly.

Little Immortal King Lu Mang immediately became furious, a mere late Da Luo Immortal, who looked as if he had just entered the late stage, dared to call him an idiot, this was simply a death wish.

“Seeking death.” Little Immortal King Rou Mang had already made his move as soon as he thought of it, two looming black and white had already been offered up by him.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept up, but found that it was a golden lamp, which had two colours in the middle, one black and one white, but the bottom and top were golden.

After the golden lamp was sacrificed, it immediately spun up drippingly, and in just a breath of time, the spinning golden lamp wrapped up the entire area around Yan Jiu Tian for hundreds of miles. Inside the golden lamp there seemed to be countless voices shouting, calling out to those around them to enter the golden lamp.

If this was not the void, the place surrounded by the golden lamp would have long since been devoid of an inch of life. It seemed that all the life had disappeared in this golden lamp, or it simply could not survive.

Ye Mo withdrew a thousand miles away in this instant, but he did not flee, he was not afraid of these two people, there was no need to flee. However, this golden lamp Ye Mo knew that it should be extremely powerful, he even felt that no life existed in the golden lamp outside, so Yan Jiu Tian was inside the range of the golden lamp, so he wondered how it would be?

“Sure enough, you are an idiot.” Yan Jiutian sneered, while a fog-line like lance was offered up, bringing up an ear-piercing shrill sound.

He was already extremely upset when the lance did not sweep Ye Mo into the Yin Yang Golden Lamp, and now Yan Jiutian even called him an idiot, how could he still hold back. The black and white in the golden lamp burst open, and the hundreds of miles of space wrapped in the golden lamp became more and more transformed, and the life seemed to fade away over and over again, and in the end it seemed that even the void within this golden lamp was going to be exterminated.

“Give me a break ……” Yan Jiutian saw the black and white space of the golden lamp burst open, and the space surrounded by the golden lamp was even more extinct with life, and his surrounding body was even crackled by this extinct life. His face was instead more than a hint of seriousness, and the black fog-line lance in his hand had already rolled out backwards.

“Ka ……”

“Boom ……”

The black fog-line lance impacted on top of the golden lamp, and black and white space and the fog-line lance instantly intertwined together, curling up one life-destroying aura after another.