DYM Chapter 1763

Di Braised Cheng was still thinking about whether or not to go up on stage to challenge Ye Mo when he suddenly felt Ye Mo’s gaze sweep past him. Ye Mo’s gaze was calm and did not have the slightest killing intent. However, Di Braucheng felt a coldness in his body, he actually had a premonition that Ye Mo was waiting for him to challenge him on the stage, this feeling was strange but clear as day.

Di Braised Cheng clenched his fist and gave up on his intention to challenge Ye Mo on the stage. He was going to kill this early Da Luo Xian, yet he had to investigate the other party clearly before he killed them. This was his habit, he did not like to do things that he was not sure of. The best thing was to be able to kill the other party in the void.

Seeing that Di Jiu Cheng had no intention of coming up, Ye Mo was a little disappointed in his heart, the reason he didn’t emit his killing intent was because he wanted to kill Di Jiu Cheng. Since he had already done it, there was no need to continue cowering. The clan that Di Jiusheng belonged to might be very powerful, but so what? He was now on an immortal ship, and even if that clan was powerful, it couldn’t immediately rush to the Void Immortal Ship, right?

If that Ji Bo in the Void tried to kill him, or if he could only escape. If he killed Di Braised Cheng again before he escaped, there would be one less hard hand on the immortal ship for those who wanted to challenge the few people from Thieu. However, he would not have taken the initiative to challenge Di Braised Cheng if he had not taken the initiative to challenge him.

Ye Mo killed Cliff Eagle in seconds, where else would anyone dare to challenge him on stage again, there were only sounds of awe and congratulations on the sidelines. Qi Beicang and the others were even the first to rush up and congratulate Ye Mo.

“Ning E, do you know what this Ye Mo’s name is from?” Fang Cheng, who was standing on the side, stared at Ye Mo and asked in a deep voice to Fairy Ning’e who was beside him.

Speaking of which, Ye Mo had even used him once, so of course he was a little uncomfortable in his heart, if he saw Ye Mo alone. He was going to teach Ye Mo a lesson. Unexpectedly, he now found out that he was not necessarily a match for this Da Luo Immortal’s early stage. This caused him to be greatly appalled in his heart.

Ning E frowned and said, “I’m not really sure. Xi Yue brought Ye Mo with her when she came over, saying that he was her brother. Before that, I thought Ye Mo was her daoist partner, but later I realised that Ye Mo was really her younger brother. As for how this brother of hers came to be, I didn’t ask, it seemed to come out of nowhere in general.”

“Then can you help me ask Senior Sister Xi Yue about the origin of this Ye Mo? This person seems a little too mysterious. With such a terrifying strike, and looking so young, he definitely can’t be a casual cultivator. If this person is also a casual cultivator, those emperor clans are too lacking in vision. I believe that no emperor clan would let go of such a genius.” Fang Cheng said once again.

Ning E nodded her head. “I’ll ask Xi Yue when I’m free, but Xi Yue is very close to this younger brother of hers, so she won’t necessarily talk to me.”

Fang Cheng said with a hmph, “I heard someone say that Foraging Cloud seems to have been sitting inside Ye Mo’s room for a long time, not knowing what to do?”

“What?” Ning E exclaimed, “I’ll go ask her.” After saying that, she hurriedly turned around and ran.

Fang Cheng did not follow Ning E and left, but looked at Ye Mo, who was surrounded by Ji Shu and the others, and pondered.


Ye Mo did not go to celebrate with Qi Beicang and the others, he continued to choose seclusion while promising Thistle. He would definitely come out of seclusion in half a month. Originally, he wanted to entrust Thistle to help him go to the auction, but he was afraid that he would escape from the void. Thistle’s going to the auction would have an effect on her, and that was why he dismissed the idea. He had already decided that when he caught the ‘Void Flying Snow’ in the Void, he would look for Little Immortal King Roumang to force information.

Ye Mo sorted out his things and found that with the more than one billion immortal crystals from Cliff Eagle, his total number of immortal crystals had actually reached six billion. This figure was too much for him to even think about before, and now he had reached it.

Even though he was a seventh grade immortal dan master, but six billion immortal crystals to refine to sell was not a simple matter. Not to mention that for an ordinary Immortal Pill Master, there was still a question of the chances of success in refining a pill.

After seeing some of the refining tips inside Cliff Eagle’s ring, Ye Mo realised that this Cliff Eagle was also an immortal weapon master, no wonder this guy could recognise that the dan furnace was a lower grade divine weapon.

After sorting out all the immortal crystals, Ye Mo took out the rusty dan furnace.

The rusty stains on the outside of this dan furnace were all forbidden, and only those who were proficient in formations and forbidden systems could tell a thing or two. That Cliff Eagle was an immortal weapon master, it wasn’t unusual for him to be able to tell this. As for Hua Ruxue knowing, it should have something to do with that Ji Bo behind her.

Ye Mo was now an immortal formation master who could barely set up a level five immortal formation, and also had nine revolutions of his divine thoughts, so since he could tell that the rust on the outside of this dan furnace was a forbidden system, it would only take some time.

Ten days later, Ye Mo had completely refined away the forbidden system on the outside of the dan furnace, and those rusty stains came off. After the rusty spots on the outside of the furnace had been refined away, the furnace even emitted a faint medicinal fragrance, showing that this furnace had once refined countless pills.

The prohibitions of this Lower Divine Artifact Dan Furnace were far less than the imitation space-time shuttle, but even so, Ye Mo estimated that it would take him half a month to refine all these prohibitions.

In the remaining days, Ye Mo casually found a concealment technique and changed it by deducing it through the ‘Three Life Decision’. This technique was intended to be given to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s Sage Yun. The re-derived concealment technique was far inferior to the concealment technique of the ‘Three Life Dictate’ itself, but it was far better than ordinary concealment techniques.

After doing this, Ye Mo opened the room ban and saw the Cloud Seeking Saintess hovering outside his door. When she saw Ye Mo’s room ban open, the Cloud Seeking Sage immediately greeted her with surprise.

Ye Mo knew what the Foraging Cloud Sainted Maiden wanted and said with a faint smile, “Please enter, Senior Sister Foraging Cloud.”

The Foraging Cloud Sainted Maiden hurriedly entered Ye Mo’s room and said somewhat awkwardly after helping Ye Mo with the forbidden system, “Foraging Cloud first congratulates Senior Brother Ye for his great display of power and instantly killing a person who didn’t know the sky was high ……”

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Saint Maiden Foraging Cloud to finish her words, he directly took out a jade slip and handed it to Foraging Cloud and said, “This concealment technique is slightly different from the one I use, it’s not bad, so I’ll give it to Senior Sister Foraging Cloud.”

When Saintess Seeking Cloud saw Ye Mo take out the jade slip, her eyes already showed surprise, but after hearing Ye Mo’s words. That surprise had turned into dismay. Then there was some faint disappointment. Obviously she had heard out what Ye Mo meant. The jade slip Ye Mo gave her was not what she wanted the most.

Ye Mo knew what the Cloud Seeking Sage’s loss was, and didn’t bother to explain. He was not familiar with the Cloud Seeking Saintess at all, let alone talking about friendship. Giving her a jade slip that had been deduced for five days was already repaying the other party’s kindness for the answer, so if the other party was still not satisfied, then he could only apologise.

The loss of the Cloud Seeking Saint Maiden disappeared in just a moment, as she hurriedly took the jade slip, her eyes forcing delight as she said, “Many thanks to Senior Brother Ye ……”

After saying that. Her divine sense had swept into the jade slip, and soon her face revealed a genuine surprise. She found that the concealing jade slip technique Ye Mo had given her was simply seamless in its concealing effect. She suddenly understood why Ye Mo had said that, he must have wanted to surprise her, this was definitely the concealment technique she wanted the most. This kind of concealment technique, even if an immortal daddy didn’t deliberately use his divine sense to investigate, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell her cultivation.

“Many thanks to Senior Brother Ye ……,” Immortal Forager Cloud hurriedly put away the jade slip and thanked Ye Mo sincerely at the first opportunity.

Ye Mo also didn’t explain that the reason why Immortal Sister Foraging Cloud thought that the merit jade slip she gave her was top-notch was because she hadn’t seen the real ‘Three Life Decision’ concealment merit.

“Senior Sister Foraging Cloud. During the time I was in seclusion, was there anything important happening on the immortal ship?” Ye Mo asked casually with a smile.

Foraging Cloud shook her head and said, “No. The immortal ship will stop in one day, and the place to pounce on the ‘Void Flying Snow’ has already arrived. The important thing to talk about is that you have become the biggest topic of conversation by killing Myriad Chengtian Cliff Eagle with one punch. I heard that several people from Myriad Chengtian wanted to challenge you, but they were all suppressed by Di Braised Cheng ……”

Speaking of this, the Cloud Seeking Saintess seemed to recall something and hurriedly said again, “By the way, after you closed down, you held a high-level auction on the top level of the Immortal Ship ……”

“A high-level auction?” Ye Mo asked suspiciously, but in his heart he was pleasantly surprised, before he could ask, the Cloud Seeking Sage had spoken first.

“Yes, I have been in that auction. There were many top-notch things that appeared at the auction, three items of extremely high quality immortal weapons appeared, including a search for an extremely high quality immortal weapon airship that could cross the void. In addition to that, a demon dan of an eighth grade immortal demon beast appeared ……”

Seeing that Ye Mo was interested in the things that appeared at the auction, the Cloud Searching Saintess immediately spoke out without hiding anything.

“Is there anything else?” After Ye Mo asked it out, he realized that he was a bit eager.

The Cloud Seeking Saintess didn’t pay attention to it, as these items were all top-notch goodies for the Da Luo Immortals, and she didn’t feel wrong when Ye Mo was so eager to ask.

“There was also a rank seven Immortal Pill ‘Yi Wang Dan’, yes, there was also a Five Elements Pier, I heard that the pier was sent for auction by a Lord Immortal ……”

The Cloud Seeking Saintess was still talking, but Ye Mo’s heart was tumbling, he could barely restrain his heartbeat. The stone pier that was brought to auction was most likely the one he wanted, if it really was that stone pier and he was to get it, then his Golden Page World would be complete with all five elements and would become a true Chaos World in the future.

The thought of his Chaos World forming made Ye Mo excited. Unfortunately, at this moment, Foraging Cloud surprisingly did not say anything further.

Ye Mo hurriedly followed and asked, “Senior Sister Foraging Cloud, what is that Five Elements Pier for? What price did it sell for?”

Sister Foraging Cloud shook her head and said, “The price for that stone pier was too high and the auction was aborted. That Immortal Lord’s reserve price was 1.5 billion immortal crystals plus a medium-grade immortal spirit vein, but it turned out that no one could even afford to pay the reserve price. I also heard from someone that that Lord Immortal Dignitary has participated in a dozen auctions in order to try to sell this stone dun, but all of them were unsuccessful, and this time he plans to try in the Upper Heaven Domain.”

When Ye Mo heard this, a chill suddenly rose up in his heart. He was more than seventy percent sure that this Immortal Daoist who owned the stone pier was fishing for fools like him who had the rest of the stone piers and desperately needed a fifth one.

This was because he had clearly heard the auction price of the stone pier from Qin Nianmei’s mouth, which was 1.8 billion Immortal Crystals, plus a top grade Immortal Spirit Vein. Since that Immortal Dignitary knew the value of the stone pier, it was impossible for him to buy it back at a high price, sell it at a low price, and attend dozens of auctions in a row.