DYM Chapter 1762

“Is that so? So many people bullying one? Cliff Eagle you go and challenge this low-cultivation brat, I’ll see who dares to approach you for a challenge, I’ll challenge him first. When did I, Miao Chengtian, become such a good bully? Anyone wants to come up and challenge?” A cold and disdainful voice rang out, directly referring to Ye Mo as a kid with a low cultivation level, Xiang Changyong and Yin Huon immediately shut their mouths.

They could not afford to mess with this person, the number one expert under the Miao Cheng Heaven ranked Immortal, Di Braised Cheng, who was also a disciple of the Jiu Qian Imperial Sect, the number one imperial sect in the Miao Cheng Heaven.

Even Xiang Changyong could not afford to mess with him, and Yin Huun could not afford to mess with him, not to mention Qi Beicang and the others next to Yin Huun. Thistle raised her eye brows and wanted to speak, but was stopped by Ye Mo.

“Sister Xi Yue, there’s no need for you to come, I’ll be fine.” Ye Mo’s heart was already overflowing with killing intent, holding back on this immortal ship was not the way to go at all. If it was just him, he would be able to talk a bit better, now he also had friends on this.

If he couldn’t hold back, there was no need to hold back any longer. The Divine Sense Technique had already been exposed to that Immortal King, and even if he continued to hide, he would still be propagated by Hua Ru Xue, so he might as well come clean and painfully.

“Hurry up, I have limited time.” Ye Mo flew and landed on the stage and said calmly to Cliff Eagle.

While Ye Mo’s tone was calm, Cliff Eagle was brash, he could not have imagined that he had provoked the same hatred from Di Braised Cheng for being challenged by multiple people. Now that Ye Mo had gotten into the ring, with Di Brazen’s cheerleading, his strength immediately came up, and without hesitation, he also flew onto the stage.

“If you admit defeat now, you still have a slight chance, otherwise don’t blame me for killing you like a chicken.” When Cliff Eagle got on the stage, he did not immediately make a move, but instead said one more thing.

If there hadn’t been Xiang Changyong, Yin Huen and Thistle to cheer for Ye Mo. He would have made his move a long time ago, where would he have taken the initiative to say that Ye Mo should lose?

Di Braised Cheng, however, was a little impatient, and he said to Cliff Eagle with some discomfort, “Since you took the initiative to challenge, show your full strength. What’s there to fear if you should kill.”

With these words from Di Braised Cheng, the only trace of worry Cliff Eagle had disappeared without a trace, not waiting for Ye Mo to answer his words. A several zhang long black sèd square halberd was already offered up by him.

Tens of thousands of halberd shadows were created out of thin air at the same time as Cliff Eagle offered the square halberd, the halberd wind rose in all directions, killing intent filled the air, and the nearer immortals subconsciously walked a little further away.

Ye Mo was a dry and crisp person, since he had decided not to retreat, much less keep his hands. He was incomparably experienced in combat, and his immortal energy and divine sense were also far stronger than Yai Yi’s. At this moment, he didn’t even wait for Yai Yi’s squared halberd killing momentum to form. Already, he struck out with a punch.

“Buzz ……”

Ye Mo’s fist was almost a full force strike. It was limited even if there was a hold back. After this punch was struck. The entire area around the challenge stage for tens of miles was immediately wrapped in the fist wind. The murderous air in the sky completely obscured the aura of the halberd shadow that had not yet formed.

Even the immortals watching from the sidelines under the ring were subconsciously tensed by this punch, as if it was smashing right into their own chests. A burst of breath came out.

After Di Braised Cheng saw this punch from Ye Mo, his face immediately changed drastically. He was the number one expert under the Miao Cheng Tian Daxian, so of course he understood the power of Ye Mo’s punch.

To be exact, it was not a punch of spells, but a punch of divine power. This fist divine ability had already swept the killing momentum around it, and coupled with the puncher’s own abundant immortal energy and majestic might, this punch was simply unstoppable.

“Boom ……”

Before Cliff Eagle’s square halberd could be fully offered, it was wrapped in the fist wind and turned into something as heavy as a thousand pounds, unable to be brought up at all.

“Ka ……”

The fist wind struck the square halberd with a terrifyingly loud sound. Cliff Eagle’s face changed and his Immortal Yuan burned at the same time, once his square halberd was wrapped up in the opponent’s fist power, he simply had to wait for his death.

The terrifying killing force had already been completely wrapped up by Ye Mo, and Cliff Eagle found that it was too late for him to break free. A vortex of killing power invisible to the naked eye was brought up by Ye Mo’s fist power, as if it was a huge grindstone pressing over. Cliff Eagle unexpectedly felt his breathing was difficult as the grinder seemed to have pressed down on his chest.

“Boom, boom, boom” the killing vortex exploded the space around him with a bang, and Cliff Eagle’s pupils widened as he seemed to feel the aura of destruction and death.

At this moment, Cliff Eagle could no longer hold back his horror, was this punch made by an early Da Luo Immortal, or was it made by an Immortal King? How could there be such a terrifying Fist Dao divine ability? He was already beginning to regret his first move to initiate the attack, he should have sacrificed his defensive shield first, why did he choose to initiate the attack?

“I concede defeat ……” Cliff Eagle shouted in panic, but he soon realized that his voice was wrapped up in the swirl of his opponent’s killing power, and he couldn’t even utter a single word.

“Boom ……”

The terrifying vortex of killing power swept over by Ye Mo sturdily crushed Cliff Eagle, and a dull muffled sound was made in the middle of this vortex of fist power.

A trail of blood and flesh flew everywhere, and in an instant, it turned into nothingness in this killing power vortex, and a black-sèred square halberd was stirred up tens of feet high, and fell down again, directly thrusting into a corner of the challenge stage, the end of the halberd still wobbling non-stop.

“Ding dang!”

A ring fell and struck the challenge platform with a crisp clang.

The vortex of killing power disappeared and the ring was calm again, while the Yai Yi had disappeared from the ring, with only a few pools of blood and the square halberd stuck on the edge of the ring to indicate that Yai Yi had disappeared from the ring.

There was silence all around. Almost all of them stared at Ye Mo in shock, and even their breathing was suppressed.

At this moment, Ye Mo, however, extended a hand made of immortal energy and slowly picked up a ring. This scene was like a man walking under the sunset who suddenly found a ring on the road, and he picked it up with his hand so peacefully and freely, without a single point of force or killing intent.

Silence, still silence.

An early Da Luo Immortal killed a late Da Luo Immortal who challenged him with a single move, or rather a single punch. No stratagems were used, no magic treasures were used, he used his fist, a single punch to kill.

It was only a few more breaths later that a startling applause erupted from outside the ring, one that almost toppled the entire challenge to him.

The fight was not at all jīng, but there was no one here who thought it was not a good fight. Everyone here thought that they had never seen such an amazing punch, never seen such a divine punch. This was the true divine power of the fist dao, without any half-hearted discount.

“Good ……”

“Beautiful …….”

Soaring praises and roars shook the sky, this was the world of the strong, only the strong could win support, only the strong could win respect. As for the dead losers, no one remembered them long ago.

Ye Mo let out a breath and stood on the challenge platform and clasped his fist to the bottom, he felt that he had not done anything wrong. Others had bayoneted him, and there was no need for him to be coy. Respect was based on strength, and if he held back, neither he nor his friends would gain any respect.

Exposing his strength or he was in danger, but so what? At least on the immortal ship, no one dared to touch him yet, and in the void he only had to be careful not to be intercepted by an immortal king. As for reaching the Qing Wei Heaven, the sky was as high as a bird could fly, where could he not go?

Thistle clenched her fist and her heart was filled with pride, she knew that Ye Mo would be able to do it, and now it was really true. Moreover, she also knew that Ye Mo’s strength was more than several times stronger than when he fought with that middle Da Luo Xian Mingcai.

At this moment, she was sure that Ye Mo had not hidden his strength back then, but this was a secret she would not tell anyone. She knew that this secret concerned Ye Mo’s life and death, and once it was told, Ye Mo would no longer be able to stay on this immortal ship in peace, or even show his face in any heavenly domain. Both her and Feng Xi’s lives were given by Ye Mo, even if she herself gave her life away, she would not reveal this secret of her only brother, although she did not know exactly what it was.

Qi Beicang stared blankly at Ye Mo for a long time before muttering, “I finally understand.”

He finally understood why Ye Mo could persuade to apologise to Changyong, it wasn’t even that Ye Mo would talk, it was that his fist was a little too terrifying. This punch, even if he was allowed to go up there, he couldn’t dodge it even if he was haggard and unprepared. Facing this punch, he could only wait for death. Xiang Changyong didn’t want to die, he could only apologise.

Ji Shu stared at Ye Mo as blankly as Yin Huen, even if Ji Shu knew that Ye Mo was at the peak of Immortal Nether Body, he couldn’t believe that Ye Mo’s Fist Dao divine ability was so terrifying. If he knew that Ye Mo was already an Immortal Spirit Body Refining Immortal, perhaps he would be even more shocked.

Xiang Changyong let out a long breath, knowing that he had indeed been wise. He had not guessed that Ye Mo had the ability to easily kill him in seconds, and even if Ye Mo could not kill him in seconds, he could still easily kill him once he challenged him. He only felt glad that he did not let Ye Mo take the initiative to challenge himself.

Hua Ruxue’s mouth opened wide, she suddenly felt that the secret in Ye Mo’s body was definitely more than just the divine Sense Technique, Ye Mo definitely had other secrets.

Yan Jiutian, who was standing in a corner, saw Ye Mo’s fist knocking Yayi into a bloody mist and frowned. He knew Ye Mo’s ability, and he wasn’t even the least bit surprised that Ye Mo was able to kill Cliff Eagle with one punch. If Ye Mo did not have this ability, even if Ye Mo knew his secret, he would not be able to threaten him, Yan Jiu Tian. What he was worried about was that Ye Mo doing so would make more people pay attention to him, which was not good for him.

He was concerned about Ye Mo, not about his life or death, but about what Ye Mo had on him, whether or not he had the Time Formation Disc. Ye Mo still had the Nine Revolutions of Divine Sense on him, and the World Stone, and his Time Shuttle, all of these things were his, and he could not give them up to others.

Di Braised Cheng, who had connived at Cliff Eagle to kill Ye Mo, had a yīn face, he felt that there was something odd about this early stage of Da Luo Xian, this terrifying divine fist technique, even if he had to crack it, it wouldn’t be much easier. He stared at Ye Mo with icy cold eyes as he wondered if he needed to go up and kill this Da Luo Xian early stage who could threaten him.