DYM Chapter 1761

The old man who had injured Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness immediately changed his face so much that his hands even trembled a little. How could he have imagined that Ye Mo would dare to beat the immortal ship’s drum? What made him even more unexpected was that Ye Mo, a mere early Da Luo Xian, had not only detected his divine sense, but also blocked his divine sense attack, making him return without any success.

That kind of powerful divine sense technique was something that even he had never seen before. If it wasn’t for that kind of divine sense technique, the other party was only a Da Luo Xian early stage, even if he hadn’t made a full strike, it would have been impossible for his sea of consciousness to be unharmed.

In fact, he did not want to probe the deepest part of Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness, he just wanted to make a divine sense mark inside Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness. According to his thoughts, Ye Mo was only a Da Luo Xian at the early stage, so he would be unaware of it if he made a divine sense mark. However, what he did not expect was that his divine sense had just touched Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness when he received the strongest counterattack.

It was because of his opponent’s counterattack that he increased the strength of his divine sense attack at the same time, otherwise his own sea of consciousness would have been injured. As a result, this attack caused Ye Mo to be seriously injured, and he became a precedent for attacking a Da Luo Immortal with a Bit Immortal.

The punishment for a bit immortal attacking a Da Luo immortal on this immortal ship was not ordinary, it would be the death of his soul, so how could he not be nervous and scared?

Ye Mo did not know how heavy the punishment was for a Bit Immortal attacking a Da Luo Immortal, and even if he did, he would not hesitate to beat the drum. Once his sea of consciousness was exposed, he would have died without a burial place, so how could this happen a second time? So the first thing he did when he got up was to beat the drum.

Some of the surrounding Da Luo Immortals looked at Ye Mo, and their eyes were full of admiration. This early Da Luo Immortal was really a newborn calf that was not afraid of a tiger. No ordinary ranked Immortal would dare to strike the Immortal Ship Drum even if they gave a small lesson to a Da Luo Immortal.

Once they had angered this Immortal. Or if he angered this Immortal’s friend, then this Da Luo Immortal would be finished himself even if he had taken revenge for an arrow. What’s more, all the people of the sect Ye Mo had P*ssed off knew that it was an emperor clan. The Devil’s Delight Clan was an extremely heavy killing clan among the emperor clans. Apart from male thieves and female prostitutes, this clan just loved to kill. Some small immortal sects that angered the Devil’s Delight Sect would only end up in extinction.

“You really dare to beat the immortal ship drum. You are so vicious.” Hua Ru Xue no longer had the naivety or charm that she had just had, nor did she have the pitying look that she had just apologised for. Instead, there was a murderous look on her face, a look that could not wait to swallow Ye Mo up immediately.

Just as Hua Ru Xue finished her words, several extremely strong auras swept over, and almost as soon as those strong auras swept over, the two Immortal Dignitaries had landed in the middle of the market.

“What is it?” The one who asked was a skinny early Immortal Dignitary, and when he landed and just spoke, that aura of cultivation overwhelmed the people around him, making it difficult for them to breathe.

This Immortal Dignitary’s words were obviously directed at Ye Mo, as Ye Mo still had the drumstick in his hand.

Only then did Ye Mo put down the drumstick. He bowed and cupped his fist and said, “This person is using his ranked Immortal cultivation. He sneaked up on me. It left me seriously injured, if I didn’t know how to block it with some rough divine sense. At this moment, my sea of consciousness would have been shattered by him and I would have become a ruined man. As an immortal who travelled to the Qing Wei Heaven to participate in the competition. I am at peace with myself, but I have incurred a disaster. I ask the two lords to do so.”

“Is that so?” That Immortal Dignitary’s aura rose majestically and swept up the space around him killing the air forming a ripple that had completely sealed the space around him.

It was the first time Ye Mo had seen an Immortal Djinn’s killing machine, so terrifyingly direct, it seemed that once this killing machine was aroused, he could tear the people around him apart without even having to make a move.

Ye Mo was secretly shocked in his heart, this was still an early Immortal Dweller, this early Immortal Dweller hadn’t even made a move or even inspired his killing machine, and it was so terrifying. Once a peak Immortal Dweller or even an Immortal Emperor strikes, how terrifying would that be?

At this moment, Ye Mo had some doubts that he could conceal his divine sense from the Immortal Emperors. Although that middle-aged scholar in the Netherworld Spring before had a supreme cultivation, he was trapped after all. If there was no trapped Immortal Emperor, could he still guard his sea of consciousness?

Not to mention Immortal Emperors, even the divine sense attack of that Immortal King behind Hua Ru Xue just now did not come out at full strength, and once it did, he would still be able to guard it?

“Yes, two lords, junior actually did not intend to make a move against this Da Luo Immortal, it was just because he wanted to check the other party’s kung fu. As a result, he was misunderstood by the other party and caused an attack on each other, junior is willing to take responsibility and request that the two lords be sentenced lightly.” The Immortal King who had made a move against Ye Mo hurriedly bowed and begged for mercy.

Hua Ruxue hurriedly said as well, “Hua Ruxue has met the two Immortal Kings of Wind and Thunder, Ji Bo is my family servant. I am also at fault in this matter, I am willing to compensate for the other party’s losses and also accept the punishment from the immortal ship.”

The skinny early Xian Zun heard that Hua Ru Xue had not only recognised them as Xian Zuns, but also called out his honorific name, he asked with some confusion, “You know us?”

“Yes, my junior is a disciple of the Demon Huan Clan and once followed my master on this immortal ship.” Hua Ru Xue hurriedly bowed once again and said.

“Your master is?” The immortal daddy asked as his tone softened a little.

“My master, Immortal Emperor Luo Yan of the Demon Huan Clan, I wonder if the two Immortal Dignitaries have heard of him?” Hua Ru Xue bowed once again and said.

“So it’s Lord Immortal Emperor Luo Yan.” The thin immortal emperor immediately moved with horror, and then his tone eased, that is, the murderous intent pressing towards Ji Bo also slowed down a lot. Although space was still bound, this binding was no longer the kind where one could not breathe.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to get a good deal this time. The attitude of these two Immortal Dwellers had obviously changed, and the thin Immortal Dweller had already looked at himself with some coldness after he heard that he had offended the disciple of Immortal Emperor Luo Yan.

Sure enough the thin Immortal Dignitary looked back at Ye Mo coldly and said, “Now the other party is willing to make amends and apologize, are you willing to accept? If you are willing to accept, then open up your terms. If you are not willing to accept, we will take away this Immortal King who hurt you to be punished.”

Ye Mo was tempted to beat the drum again to draw in an above Immortal Emperor enforcer, but when he thought of how he had nothing to rely on, and the fact that in case an Immortal Emperor came over and really forcefully exterminated him, he would have no place to jump to the sky. Even if people didn’t strike at the workshop, they could do it at any time when he was in seclusion.

Ye Mo let out a long breath, he was depressed, no matter where he was, without strength and without reliance, he was an existence that was at the mercy of others. Even though this immortal ship had rules to follow, these rules were just as readily adaptable.

“I am willing to accept an apology, I need two billion immortal crystals.” Ye Mo took a breath and said, he knew that after he said the two billion immortal crystals, if he went to the auction again, he might be suspected. However, he was already very depressed that he had suffered such a big loss and couldn’t get it back now. If he didn’t want any more immortal crystals, he would be even more upset to the extreme.

“Here, just in case you have a bad appetite and can’t eat it.” Where did Hua Ru Xue look like she was half apologizing, she directly threw out two Immortal Crystal cards to Ye Mo.

“The young man really has gumption.” The thin Immortal Dignitary sneered after seeing Ye Mo accept the Immortal Crystal Cards, and with another Immortal Dignitary brought up a spatial ripple and instantly disappeared in the middle of the marketplace.

Where did Ye Mo care so much, the big deal was that he would not go to the auction and just close up until he caught the ‘Void Flying Snow’.

“I guess you can’t leave yet if you want to, you just said that you will accept my challenge soon, now you have to go to the challenge stage, not somewhere else.” Seeing that Ye Mo was about to leave, Cliff Eagle immediately called out to stop Ye Mo.

Cliff Eagle was greatly pleased to see Ye Mo suffer a loss, but seeing that Ye Mo had earned two billion immortal crystals in the blink of an eye, his heart grew even more uncomfortable. If he killed Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s ring would be his. Even if he didn’t want the two billion immortal crystals, he could still give it back to Hua Ruxue as a personal favour.

If Hua Ru Xue must want his dan furnace, the two billion immortal crystals would definitely be compensation, so it would be worth it.

“As you wish, lead the way.” Ye Mo said without hesitation, although he had earned two billion immortal crystals, he was equally unhappy in his heart.


The fact that someone was going to fight on the challenge stage attracted most of the people on the immortal ship in just a short time, and soon even Jie Xie and the others knew about it.

When Xiang Changyong heard that Ye Mo was going to fight someone, he immediately froze. He had seen what happened to Ye Mo with his own eyes, he was not even a match for Ye Mo, who was this who was tired of living to challenge Ye Mo? But he quickly reacted that he could watch the fun and he rushed to the challenge stage with dozens of people at the first opportunity.

“Brother Ye, I didn’t expect anyone else to dare to seek you out for a duel, haha, today I, Xiang Mou, will have a hilarious time watching. By the way, Brother Ye, after your duel, can you come to my place for a few drinks?” Immediately after Xiang Changyong saw Ye Mo, he clasped his fist from afar and said.

“I might not be able to for a few days, let’s wait until we get to Qing Wei Tian.” When Ye Mo saw Xiang Changyong appear here, while Jie Xie and Qi Beicang and the others also hurriedly came over, he knew that the beam between Qi Beicang and Xiang Changyong had been resolved.

Although this immortal ship had been flying for two months or so, Xiang Changyong’s great name was already very famous on the immortal ship. He had killed several people through challenges, and his methods were so severe and ruthless that almost all of his challenged opponents were killed in seconds.

When he saw how polite and familiar Xiang Changyong was with Ye Mo, his heart sank. Even Hua Ruxue could only tease Xiang Changyong, but did not dare to offend him, because Xiang Changyong’s background was even bigger than Hua Ruxue’s. He knew very well Xiang Changyong’s background, and even Hua Ruxue could only tease him, but did not dare to offend him. Add to that what Xiang Changyong said, that obviously meant he would definitely lose.

“It was you who sought a challenge from my brother? Then I’ll challenge to kill you first.” When Jie Xue came over, he didn’t speak to Ye Mo first, instead, he first stared coldly and sternly at Cliff Eagle and said.

“A mere late Da Luo Immortal, where is the need for Brother Ye and Fairy Xi Yue to do it, I, Yin Huun, will do it.” Yin Huun was a Da Luo Immortal Perfection, and before he could finish his words, his killing aura was already forcing itself towards Cliff Eagle.

A sudden chill ran down Cliff Eagle’s back as he realised that he had not investigated the origins of this opponent he was going to challenge.