DYM Chapter 1759

If not for Xiang Changyong’s sincere tone and genuine attitude, no one would have believed it was true, and everyone here would have thought that Xiang Changyong had deliberately said the opposite to hit his face.

Seeing the silence in the room, Xiang Changyong was very embarra*sed. He could only say sincerely again, “Brother Qi, I wonder what your opinion is?”

Although Qi Beicang was slightly drunk, he came to his senses in an instant, and as his immortal energy pulsed, the smell of alcohol had long disappeared. He immediately understood that Xiang Changyong’s coming over and taking the initiative to apologise and seek peace should have something to do with Ye Mo.

The other party took the initiative to apologise, so of course Qi Beicang wouldn’t refuse, and hastily clasped his fist and said: “So it was instigated by someone, since Brother Xiang has come to apologise, of course this little matter will be forgotten. Come, please come in and have a drink too.”

Although he was a little dejected, Qi Beicang’s words also gave Xiang Changyong a step up.

Moreover, after saying this, Qi Beicang had already helped Xiang Changyong to pour a cup of wine. At this moment, Ji Shu and the others all understood that the other party had indeed come to apologise.

Xiang Changyong very much did not want to drink here and go, but was afraid that Ye Mo was not sincere in apologising for him, so he hastily took the gla*s and drank it down and said, “All the unpleasantness and misunderstanding, we will have no more after this gla*s of wine.”

Qi Beicang was in a very happy mood and said with a big smile, “Of course, Brother Xiang is open-minded and I admire him for that.

Only then did Xiang Changyong put his mind at ease and immediately cupped his fist and said, “In that case, then I will take my leave.”

Xiang Changyong turned around and walked to the door, then remembered something and turned back again and said, “If you are free when you return, you are welcome to come and sit down.”

Only after saying this did Xiang Changyong suddenly remember the words that Ye Mo had replied to him before he left. Scattered cultivator Ye Mo.

Only now did he understand the meaning of those words. Scattered cultivator Ye Mo meant that he, Ye Mo, was a scattered cultivator. The four seas were his home. If he continued to look for trouble with his friend, Ye Mo would not hesitate to deal with him and had no worries.

Seeing Xiang Changyong leave, only then did the people inside the room start to talk. At this moment, everyone knew that Xiang Changyong would come to apologise because of Ye Mo’s visit. But how could Ye Mo, an early stage Da Luo Immortal, persuade Xiang Changyong to come and apologise?

Only Thistle put her heart down, she knew best in her heart. Ye Mo should not have used words to persuade him, but his fists. Xiang Changyong seemed to be acting violently. In fact, he was extremely measured. The fact that he could come to apologize meant that he had already considered the consequences of not coming to apologize.

“Hahahahahaha ……” Qi Bei Cang then laughed loudly, in an extremely comfortable mood, where there was no trace of his previous dishevelment. Xiang Changyong approached him for a challenge, he sent someone to deliver the war letter, and Xiang Changyong took the initiative to come and apologize. This kind of talk went anywhere, he, Qi Bei Cang, had face.

“Thanks to Brother Ye today, eh, why isn’t he back yet?” Qi Bei Cang was about to continue celebrating when he remembered that Ye Mo hadn’t returned by now.

Ji Bei Cang had already put his heart down. She took the initiative to say, “My brother should be out on something, don’t worry about him.”

“It looks like our squad will have Ye Mo in the future. No one will dare to challenge us either.” Ji Shu likewise laughed, looking extremely relieved. He knew a little more about Ye Mo than the others, at least he knew that Ye Mo was still a body refining immortal and his body refining cultivation level was a little higher than his.

The atmosphere, which had been overwhelming just a moment ago, immediately became warm again because of Xiang Chang Yong’s apology.


Ye Mo walked to several shops in a row, but he didn’t get any news about the auction, and he even wanted to go directly to look for Rou Mang in his heart. Just at this time, he saw a large sign hanging at the entrance of a merchant building, which clearly stated the Yi Ge Auction, and Ye Mo immediately walked into the merchant building.

Half a column of incense later, Ye Mo came out from inside this merchant building again, and he finally figured out what was going on. This Yi Pavilion Auction was held regularly and was not at all the one he wanted to inquire about. However, he also inquired from inside and found out that there was another directed auction on the immortal ship.

This auction usually only invited some immortals of top status, or top disciples of the emperor clan to attend, ordinary immortals were not qualified to go.

Little Immortal King Rou Mang was a disciple of Lord Chang Rongtian, so he obviously had a chance, and Ye Mo reckoned that Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s Cloud Seeking Saintess was also qualified to be invited. As for whether or not Thistle was qualified, he didn’t know yet.

Ye Mo decided to ask Sister Xi Yue first, and then ask the Cloud Seeking Sage. Before he could leave the market, he heard a cacophony of voices coming from inside the market. Ren Yujin’s voice was so loud that Ye Mo could hear it clearly from afar.

Ren Yujin and Chu Shining were at least people he knew, and Ye Mo felt that both of them were still nice, and that Ren Flirt was also very nice. When Ye Mo saw that it was their stall that was in trouble, he didn’t think much about it and immediately rushed over.

“Big brother Ye.” Ren Yu Jin had an awe of Ye Mo herself, she felt that Ye Mo was mysterious and had an unfathomable cultivation. Now that Ye Mo came over, she hurriedly greeted him.

“What is it about?” Ye Mo asked as he looked at the rusty dan furnace in Ren Yu Jin’s hand.

Chu Shining said in a hurry, “After Yu Jin and I saw this dan furnace, I felt that this dan furnace was not ordinary and was about to put it away. But this immortal friend insisted that I sell the dan stove to him, and since I didn’t want to sell it, he was being unreasonable here, saying that what I took out of my stall, I was selling.”

“This stall of yours is obviously selling old goods, this dan stove I saw you just pick up from the stall, how am I being unreasonable? If it’s not for sale, don’t set up a stall here.” In front of the stall a Da Luo Immortal Perfection with a greenish face loudly berated Chu Shining.

Ren Yujin immediately shot back, “Why can’t I set up a stall here? Does this market belong to you?”

“Show me the dan furnace.” Ye Mo said as he reached out his hand.

“Brother Ye, if you like this dan stove, you can take it. I’ll give it to you, and I’m partial to not selling it to this rude person.” After Ren Yu Jin delivered the dan stove to Ye Mo, she also sneered at that green-faced Da Luo Xian Perfection once again.

That Great Luo Immortal Perfection snorted coldly and just stared at the dan furnace in Ye Mo’s hand without saying anything. Obviously, he wanted this dan furnace in Ye Mo’s hand very much.

Ye Mo took the dan furnace and swept his divine sense in. When Ye Mo’s divine sense encountered one protective restriction after another, he immediately understood why this Da Luo Xian Perfection in front of him must want this Dan Furnace in his hand.

Ye Mo had seen lower grade divine weapons, and he was an immortal weapon master, so once this dan furnace arrived in his hands, he could see that the rusty stains on the outside of this dan furnace were all layers of formation prohibitions. If this rusty array restriction was removed, this dan furnace was simply a lower grade divine weapon.

A lower grade divine artifact dan furnace would definitely not be worth less than a medium grade divine artifact magic treasure, and Ye Mo was moved by this dan furnace the first time.

“Brother Chu, senior sister Yu Jin, this dan furnace should be a good magic treasure. I am also an immortal dan master, this dan furnace will be of use to me ……”

Before Ye Mo could finish his words, Chu Shiny said, “Senior Brother Ye, you have shown us great kindness, so take this dan furnace if you like it, besides, Senior Sister Yu Jin has also agreed to give it to you.”

“Then, thanks a lot.” Ye Mo wasn’t polite, it was true that he had a great kindness to the three of them, Chu Shining, and this dan furnace was also considered something he had thrown away. It was just that he didn’t expect that there was this kind of superb goods among that pile of what he thought was trash, but he couldn’t be blamed for that, it was normal that he couldn’t see it for a while with such a rusty ban on the outside of this dan furnace. Besides, he had no intention of treating the two of them poorly.

“There’s always a first come, first served inside the market, right? I came before you, so who are you to take the things?” The green-faced Grand Luo Xian immediately became anxious when he got the item into Ye Mo’s hands.

Ye Mo put away the dan furnace before he looked at this Da Luo Xian and said unhurriedly, “Did you see that I bought it? People gave it to me just now and you didn’t hear it?”

Some immortals watching around immediately burst out laughing, what Ye Mo said was obviously true, the dan stove was given to him by someone else’s stall owner.

“You ……” Even if it was a stronger word, this Da Luo Immortal had nothing to say. The other party hadn’t offered a piece of immortal crystal, it was simply a gift, so what reason did he have to say first come first served?

However, he immediately put himself in the right position and said to Ye Mo with a fist clasp, “Friend, this dan furnace is very important to me. Name a price and I’ll ask you to buy it over.”

“Since you must buy it, then I will transfer it to you ……,” Ye Mo said with a frown, he was a little less convinced that this Da Luo Xian could afford the price.

When that Da Luo Xian saw that Ye Mo said he would let go of the dan furnace, he immediately said excitedly, “Good, many thanks friend.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Don’t say thank you yet, the price of this dan furnace is very high, if you can’t afford the price, then don’t blame me.”

“Go ahead.” That Da Luo Xian said with his heart set very firmly, he believed that if he took out his family’s money, this early Da Luo Xian in front of him would not be stunned off.

Ye Mo nodded, “Then I will make a price for a very high grade immortal spirit vein, if you can come up with a complete very high grade immortal spirit vein, you can have this dan furnace.”

Ye Mo didn’t know which was worth more, a lower grade divine artefact dan furnace or an extremely high grade immortal spirit vein, but he was sure that he wasn’t exaggerating with this price. To some high level Immortal elixir patriarchs who desperately needed a dan furnace, or the value of this dan furnace was what was priceless.

But to Ye Mo, the extremely high quality immortal spirit veins were definitely more important. Because he had a divine Nong Furnace already, otherwise, he would not have bought it even if it was a few extremely high quality immortal spirit veins. He didn’t believe that this Da Luo Xian could take it out, and if the other party did take it out, this dan furnace would be sold to him.

“You ……” This green-faced Da Luo Xian immediately pointed at Ye Mo angrily, it was obvious that he thought Ye Mo was deliberately amusing him. Not to mention the Extreme Grade Immortal Spirit Veins, even the Lower Grade Immortal Spirit Veins he didn’t have. Even Immortal Emperors did not necessarily have Extreme Grade Immortal Spirit Veins, and it was said that several Great Emperors did not each have Extreme Grade Immortal Spirit Veins.

Just then, another charming voice called out from the side, “Brother Ye, can you sell me that dan furnace of yours? The price will of course be discounted as you said.”