DYM Chapter 1757

With this one blow, not only did the stout man immediately move, but the rest of the people inside the room also moved. The people who came here were all the best of their cla*s, and it was not simple for Ye Mo, an early stage Da Luo Xian, to be able to block such a powerful killing machine, not to mention being injured, without even moving his hair.

In fact, apart from Ye Mo, the rest of the people were all brought down by this killing machine, their clothes fluttering. And it was clear to all of them that that blow was only aimed at Ye Mo.

The big, sturdy man’s eyes stared, he was strong and his backstage was unbelievably tough, but he was not a brainless person. The people he had challenged to kill, he had investigated them all. He had also investigated the people around that Qi Beicang, and apart from a Half-step Immortal King called Wei Chou and that Fang Cheng, he had not looked at the rest of them. He also knew that there was another early Da Luo Immortal on Qi Bei Cang’s side, but after seeing him today, he realised that this early Da Luo Immortal in front of him, he feared, would not be simple.

“I am Xiang Changyong, when Qi Beicang wants to fight, just say so, Xiang has been waiting impatiently for a long time.” The stout man’s amazement disappeared in just a moment, and did not continue to exert his aura to oppress Ye Mo, he just looked at Ye Mo flatly and said.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the rest of the immortals who were inside the room, then said, “I need to place this battle note to you alone, of course, if you don’t dare to take it alone, you can also have everyone else stay.”

“Hahahahahaha ……” Xiang Changyong laughed loudly, “I, Xiang Mou, still don’t dare to take the war letter? Anyone who wants to fight, I, Xiang Mou, will take it. A mere provocation need not even be mentioned in front of this Immortal.”

Even Ye Mo had to admit that not only was Xiang Changyong’s temper violent. Even his temper was not small.

“Please wait a moment, everyone. I want to see what a mere early Da Luo Xian can do to me?” Xiang Changyong’s tone was disdainful. He likewise saw Ye Mo as a dead man as well. After he finished challenging Qi Beicang, the next person he would challenge was Ye Mo.

The people inside the room seemed to know Xiang Changyong’s character and immediately left one after another. Although some people wanted to challenge Ye Mo, they knew that even if they wanted to challenge Ye Mo, they had to wait until Ye Mo came out.

After all the people inside the room left, Ye Mo didn’t even wait for Xiang Changyong to put the room ban on, he backhanded several bans out. Immediately, Xiang Changyong’s room was isolated once again.

“Seeing as you blocked one of my killing slashes, I’ll give you a chance. Say what you are looking for me.” Xiang Changyong stared coldly at Ye Mo, he knew that if Ye Mo wanted to find him alone, it would definitely not be something as simple as just placing a battle note.

“You try to receive one punch from me first.” Ye Mo didn’t have any nonsense at all and struck out with a punch.

Where would Xiang Changyong have thought that Ye Mo would dare to make a move inside his room, but he reacted extremely quickly and was immediately furious. He hadn’t even begun to be arrogant, and a mere Da Luo Xian dared to be so arrogant. In the next moment, a huge round cymbal was offered up to block in front of him.

Ye Mo’s punch seemed to appear out of thin air, and this strike swept away the spatial killing power inside Xiang Changyong’s entire house. The killing power was still rising out of thin air, forming a vortex of killing power in just a breath. It wrapped up Xiang Changyong.

To Ye Mo, the void could absorb the spatial killing force for hundreds or thousands of miles in circumference. It was also possible to control his fist wind within the confines of a house.

Xiang Changyong was not Yan Jiutian, and compared to Yan Jiutian, Xiang Changyong was not enough. Ye Mo was not even afraid of Yan Jiutian, so if he wanted to teach Xiang Changyong a lesson, where was the need to be afraid. He was completely sure to kill Xiang Changyong without alerting anyone outside the room.

Of course, Ye Mo would not kill Xiang Changyong, and if he wanted to kill him, he would not be in Xiang Changyong’s house. Xiang Changyong was not a small person, and he was not afraid of provoking Xiang Changyong, but after killing Xiang Changyong and angering the people behind Xiang Changyong, Ye Mo was not willing to do so.

When Ye Mo threw his fist, Xiang Changyong was still sneering. But when Ye Mo drove the killing momentum throughout the room, and that killing momentum continued to increase out of thin air, seemingly coming out of nowhere in the void, Xiang Changyong had frowned and was secretly alarmed, he felt that Ye Mo’s cultivation could not be worse than his.

When Ye Mo’s killing power formed a vortex and wrapped him completely in it, and it became difficult for him to even offer the round cymbal magic treasure, Xiang Changyong’s heart was already chilled. Once this fist wind killing power of the opponent burst around him, he would become the centre of this burst and be torn to pieces by this fist power of the opponent.

At this moment, Xiang Changyong realized that it was not that the other party was not inferior to him, but that he was too far inferior to the other party. From the fact that Ye Mo’s terrifying fist killing power had not touched the walls of the room even a little bit, Xiang Changyong knew that this punch was not the real strength of the other party at all. If the other party’s true strength was exerted, he would definitely not last ten breaths in front of this early stage of Da Luo Xian.

How could he not know that Chang Rongtian had such a terrifying Da Luo Immortal? His killing power chop just now was no better than a drop in the ocean compared to this punch from the other party, no wonder it didn’t even drive the other party’s hair.

The terrifying killing power invaded Xiang Changyong’s mind directly, making him feel as if his little life would no longer belong to him in the next moment.

Cold sweat dripped down from Xiang Changyong’s body as he felt for the first time that he was so close to death. Ye Mo’s punch was certainly the first to strike, causing him to lose the first opportunity, but the truth was, even if he was well prepared, could he block this punch? Even if he could block this punch, then he might not be able to block the next one.

Xiang Changyong’s round cymbal emitted a terrifying buzzing sound, that was the ringing sound of Ye Mo’s fist wind killing power stirring up.

Just as Xiang Changyong closed his eyes and waited for death, the terrifying killing force suddenly stopped and the killing vortex slowly disappeared. Xiang Changyong’s face turned pale with relief, knowing very well that he had made a trip through the gate of ghosts. If his opponent had not temporarily withdrawn the punch, he would have been dead by now.

Xiang Changyong was not a person without insight, he could see at a glance that the punch that Ye Mo had executed was a kind of Fist Dao divine ability. Such a terrifying fist wind and fist momentum formed a Fist Dao divine ability, and the opponent could even send and receive it with ease. This showed how strong the opponent was.

The killing vortex in the room instantly disappeared into thin air as Ye Mo’s fist wind was collected, and the entire room returned to its original state. Xiang Changyong was drenched in cold sweat, but in his heart he was secretly relieved, except that his face was extremely ugly.

“I can easily kill you.” Ye Mo said coldly after putting his fist away.

If it was Ye Mo who had said this when he first came in, Xiang Changyong would have made his move long ago. A Da Luo Xian early stage, daring to say in front of himself that he could easily kill him, he, Xiang Changyong, had never seen such a rampant person.

Xiang Changyong put away the cymbal, although he was violent, he knew that what Ye Mo said was true, the other party could really kill him easily.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Xiang Changyong to make a statement before continuing, “I didn’t come here to kill you, if I were to kill you, I would have challenged you directly.”

Xiang Changyong winced, if he failed on the challenge stage, not only would he face being killed, but also after his death, people would ridicule him for being killed by an early Da Luo Xian.

There was a moment of silence before Xiang Changyong said in a deep voice, “You are right, you can indeed kill me easily. I killed Qi Beicang because I was entrusted by someone, if I had known that Qi Beicang had a friend like you, I would not have challenged him.”

At this point, Xiang Changyong had understood why Ye Mo had asked him to ask the rest of the people inside the room to leave, people did so to give face to him, Xiang Changyong. It was obvious that the other party was not afraid of him, Xiang Changyong, but did not want to make a feud with him.

“I appreciate your kindness, Xiang Changyong.” Xiang Changyong added once again. He had a violent temper, but it didn’t mean he was a fool, if he was a fool, he wouldn’t have had to investigate the other party before challenging them.

Ye Mo nodded, it was best if Xiang Changyong could calm down and answer his words, if the other party was a crazy guy who was an idiot, then Ye Mo could only kill Xiang Changyong through the challenge. It was obvious that Xiang Changyong understood this, which was why he answered Ye Mo’s words so calmly.

“Very well, I hope you can go and offer an apology to Qi Beicang, you can just say that you were instigated by someone and cancel the challenge.” Ye Mo immediately said.

Xiang Changyong subconsciously replied, “Impossible, I, Xiang Changyong, will never apologise to anyone, let alone cancel the challenge.”

Ye Mo coldly snorted and said, “In that case, then I will challenge you first. That Hua Ruxue I think is good, you and Hua Ruxue ……”

“Wait ……” Xiang Changyong didn’t wait for Ye Mo to finish his words before he stepped in to stop him, “I agree to your request, but if I want to cancel the challenge, then I need Qi Beicang’s consent to do so, otherwise there is no way for the challenge to be cancelled. ”

“I will convince Qi Bei Cang, and he will more than likely not give you a hard time. You are a smart person, I believe you will know what to do. It’s true that I can’t afford to mess with the Dongming Emperor Clan right now, and I don’t want to make an enemy with it, but I equally don’t want anything to happen to my friend. However, just because I don’t want to make enemies doesn’t mean I’m afraid of any forces.”

What Ye Mo said once again made it clear to Xiang Changyong that the other party did not consider him, Xiang Changyong, as an opponent at all, what the other party feared was the Dongming Imperial Clan. And inside the other party’s statement was just that he didn’t want to mess with it now, once a feud was made, he would still mess with the Dongming Emperor Sect in the future.

Xiang Changyong, however, did not feel that Ye Mo’s aura was big, an early Da Luo Xian could easily kill him a late peak Da Luo Xian. It would be strange if such a person’s achievements were smaller in the future.

“I agree, but if Qi Bei Cang insults me, I would rather die at your hands than submit.” Xiang Changyong eventually chose to bow his head, he believed that once he toughened up, the other party would immediately challenge him.

Ye Mo nodded his head, turned around and left. He believed that with Xiang Changyong bowing his head, Qi Beicang would not continue to insult the other party.

“May I know your friend’s name?” Xiang Changyong hastily clasped his fist and asked, although Ye Mo had suppressed him and had to bow his head, the other party had given face, otherwise he would not have been so well off.

“Scattered cultivator Ye Mo.” Ye Mo had already opened the ban and walked out.

There were still many Da Luo Immortals gathered outside the room. These people were not only Xiang Changyong’s friends, but also some who had come to see the fun. They were all wondering if Xiang Changyong would kill the early Da Luo Immortal who had sent the war letter.