DYM Chapter 1756

“This immortal ship is full of the best of the major celestial domains, how can they kill people?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Thistle said in a hurry, “He was challenged. Immortals on the immortal ship who are in conflict can go through a challenge and go to the challenge platform to fight with each other. On the challenge platform, life or death is not a consideration. If you refuse the challenge, you have to voluntarily admit defeat, and once you do so, you must accept one of the challenger’s insulting conditions. Qi Bei Cang was the one who was challenged, and with his position as the Young City Lord, he could not accept the insulting condition from others? But time was suppressed by me, I said wait until you come out.”

Ye Mo was relieved to hear this, which meant that Qi Beicang was still okay now. Being challenged on the immortal ship and going on the challenge platform Ye Mo had seen it before. He himself had killed several people in a row on the challenge platform and finally left the lower cla*s of the Tang Feng Immortal Ship by winning the challenge.

“Who challenged him?” Ye Mo asked.

Seeing that Ye Mo was no longer in a hurry, Thistle then explained, “Qi Bei Cang has offended Xiang Changyong of the Brahma Heaven’s Dongming Imperial Clan, who is at the peak of Da Luo Xian cultivation and is only one step away from Da Luo Xian perfection. He is extremely powerful, and is extremely famous among the Great Dastmasters of the Vandu Heaven. However, his temperament was very violent and he was quick to kill. It was during these two months on the immortal ship that he killed quite a few people on the pretext of a challenge.”

Ye Mo nodded, and after putting the ban on the room, he and Thistle went to see Qi Beicang together. Although Qi Beicang was the young city lord, he was similar to Ji Shu and didn’t have many vices. Moreover, he was a good person and was very sincere to his friends. The only flaw is that he likes female sex a little too much.


When Ye Mo and Ji Shu entered Qi Bei Cang’s room, they found that there were already a dozen people inside the room, all of whom had come over from Chang Rong Tian together. Even Ning E and that boyfriend of hers, Fang Cheng, were here.

Qi Beicang was sitting on one side. His face was a little ugly. He obviously knew it himself. It was not a match for Xiang Changyong. When he saw Ye Mo enter, he nodded and didn’t have the heart to ask how Ye Mo had been in seclusion for a few months.

Ji Shu and the others instead immediately got up and greeted both Ye Mo and Thistle.

“Brother Ji, what’s going on?” Ye Mo looked at Ji Shu and asked.

Ji Shu sighed and glanced at Qi Beicang before saying, “I can only say that that Xiang Changyong was too arrogant and Beicang was too careless to go and get close to Hua Ruxue of the Demon Huan Sect. That Hua Ru Xue is simply a woman who eats people without spitting bones, and after cheating Bei Cang out of his things. She even instigated Xiang Changyong to kill Bei Cang. The few people who were killed by Xiang Changyong in the name of challenge on the Immortal Ship before, several of them were bad deeds done by Hua Ru Xue.”

The Devil’s Delight Sect Ye Mo had heard about it from Thistle, it was a notorious sect. There were no good men or women inside the sect. Of course these were all things that Ye Mo had heard from Thistle’s mouth, and it had nothing to do with him as to whether or not that was exactly the case. But now that Qi Beicang was being targeted by the women of the Devil’s Delight Sect, and he was going to let Xiang Changyong kill them, Ye Mo decided not to sit back and watch anymore.

When Yan Jiutian had threatened him in the beginning, Qi Beicang was the first one to stand up and help. Ye Mo had never been one to let his friends suffer, and it was obvious that he had to help in such matters.

“Actually, our idea is to choose someone whose strength is not inferior to Xiang Changyong’s to negotiate with Xiang Changyong. As long as Xiang Changyong knows that our side is not inferior to theirs, or he will take the initiative to give in a step.” Ji Shu finished by looking at Fang Cheng who was beside Fairy Ning’e. That glance was obvious that it was the person here, Fang Cheng, who was the strongest, close to Da Luo Immortal Perfection, and with unparalleled means.

Ye Mo remembered that there was also a half-step Immortal King guy here, but it was obvious that that guy didn’t come over, it looked like he was just afraid of trouble on his own body.

Fang Cheng was not a fool, now that everyone was looking at him, he could only cough and say, “That Xiang Changyong is from the Dongming Imperial Clan, which is no less powerful than our Jinshan, and the people around him are all top level immortals of the Vandu Heaven. The Holy Maiden of the Nine Van Immortal Pond, Yi Yi, is even just a hair’s breadth away from reaching Immortal King status, and our strength is too far from theirs. I feel that a great man can bend and stretch, there is no need for Senior Brother Bei Cang to fight him hard.”

Fang Cheng was close to saying that he wanted Qi Beicang to just surrender and admit defeat, but his meaning was understood by everyone, it meant that he wanted Qi Beicang to surrender and admit defeat. Although everyone understood Fang Cheng’s meaning, no one echoed Fang Cheng’s words.

If one conceded defeat in the challenge, it would not only ruin one’s life, but also the reputation of one’s sect.

The reason was that once one side conceded defeat, the winner could propose any condition, some people proposed to make the loser drill under their span, or make the loser kowtow and beg for mercy, etc. Any means that could insult the other side would be proposed.

It could be said that once Qi Beicang conceded defeat, it was probably better to live than to die. Then Xiang Changyong would definitely propose conditions that would be extremely insulting to him, and at that time he, Qi Beicang, would be worse off than dead.

“Brother Qi, why should such a trivial matter be taken to heart, just a mere Xiang Changyong, what’s the point?” Of course Ye Mo would ignore Fang Cheng’s bad idea, it was simply an idiotic idea.

Although Qi Beicang’s face was still ugly, he laughed at Ye Mo’s words and said, “Brother Ye is right, there is only Qi Beicang who dies in battle, there is no Qi Beicang who bends his knee. I will fight against Xiang Changyong, I am also a late stage Da Luo Immortal, so I will not be afraid of him. Who can go and make war for me?”

The entire room inside froze, everyone knew that Qi Beicang had to fight, but no one had taken the initiative to encourage Qi Beicang to fight. This active agitation was tantamount to asking Qi Beicang to go and send him to his death. This Ye Mo was good, no matter what he said or did, he was so nonsensical, as soon as he came, he encouraged Qi Beicang to go and send him to his death.

Ji Shu and the others sighed, he and Qi Beicang had an unusual relationship, so of course he knew that what Ye Mo said was right. At this time, they could only encourage Qi Beicang to raise morale instead of demoralising him.

Fairy Ning’e looked at Ye Mo and shook her head speechlessly. Fang Cheng laughed coldly and did not say anything. He was not even a match for Xiang Changyong, so Qi Beicang might as well kill himself instead of going to send him to his death. He was able to stand here mainly because of Fairy Ning’e, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed in this place at all. Ning’e could appear here mainly because of Thistle.

Ye Mo laughed and said aloud, “For this kind of thing, of course I’ll go.”

Fairy Ning’e looked at Thistle with worry and asked in a small voice, “Xi Yue, your brother he ……”

Jie Xie smiled faintly, but she was not worried. She knew Ye Mo’s fighting strength too well, it definitely wouldn’t be worse than Xiang Changyong, and she knew a bit about Ye Mo’s character. Again, he wasn’t the type to let his friends die, so she didn’t say much when Ye Mo said he was going to deliver the letter.

“He’s staying in the Fandu Heaven area, room A138, so you can set it for me for three days later.” Qi Beicang added, as he was already determined to die in battle, pouring out the kind of uncertainty he had before.

“I will accompany you.” Ji Shu immediately stood up as well.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No need, as long as I go alone, a mere battle letter.”

After saying that Ye Mo once again said to Ji Shu, “Sister Xi Yue, you can wait for me here, I will go to find Xiang Changyong and will be back in a while.”

After two words, Ye Mo turned around and left without even half a minute’s delay.

Seeing Ye Mo leave as soon as he arrived, and still going to help Qi Bei Cang deliver the verbal challenge, the people inside the room fell silent.

The Da Luo Immortal who had helped Ye Mo explain his proficiency in spatial laws earlier, however, broke the silence and said, “I think that although this senior brother Ye is a bit impulsive, what he said is correct. If we cultivate immortals, why should we be afraid of a battle? It is better to die in battle than to live.”

“Good, everyone who is here today is my friend Qi Beicang, thank you for not leaving at the most difficult time for me, today is my treat.”

After saying this, Qi Beicang took out a dozen or so altars of immortal wine. The wine altar was opened and the fragrance was overflowing. Everyone knew that this should be Qi Beicang’s collection, presumably because he knew he was bound to lose, so he was willing to take it out and share it with everyone.

The wine smelled very good, but everyone was not very excited to drink, and even a little ashamed. Qi Beicang said that when he was at his most difficult time, it was true that people didn’t leave, in fact the one who could help him was not, instead the one who encouraged him to fight, Ye Mo, went to help him deliver the war letter.

“If we had an expert like Lang Mang here, who would dare to challenge the one among us?” After Yin Huun finished a mouthful of wine, he angrily smashed the wine jar in his hand.

The people inside the room fell silent, everyone knew that Yin Huun was right. If there was an expert like Little Immortal King Luo Mang among these dozen people, absolutely no one would dare to challenge the group. The reason why everyone had formed a group was to increase their strength and not allow themselves to be bullied by others at will. And now that Qi Beicang was about to be killed in the name of a challenge, it was tantamount to bullying at the door, yet no one dared to come out and speak up.


The major heavenly regions on the immortal ship were clearly separated, and Ye Mo easily found the Fandu Heavenly region after he left the Ever Rising Heavenly region.

Room A138 was even easier to find, Ye Mo didn’t even need to ask anyone, he could sweep it with his divine sense from afar. Moreover, this room A138 was not even forbidden, and the room was incredibly noisy inside. Compared to Qi Beicang’s room, this place was nothing but lively.

When Ye Mo walked to the entrance of the room, the twenty to thirty immortals inside the room looked at Ye Mo together, as no one knew Ye Mo.

“Who are you? What is the business of coming here?” A cold and stern voice barked out the question, the one asking was a late Da Luo Xian immortal.

“There’s no need to care who I am, just know that I’m here to place a war cry.” Ye Mo said in a cold voice, facing twenty to thirty Da Luo Immortals, he didn’t have any half-hearted fear at all.

After a short silence, inside the room was a burst of laughter, seemingly amused by Ye Mo’s genuine attitude.

Only after Ye Mo waited for the laughter inside the room to stop did he ask without slowing down, “Who is Xiang Changyong? The person I am looking for is you.”

A big, sturdy man suddenly stood up, and at the same time, the killing qi on his body exploded out, directly turning into a straight line and rushing towards Ye Mo. This killing qi carried a stored but not yet fired killing opportunity and rushed directly to Ye Mo’s body before violently bursting open.

Ye Mo stood in the doorway, not even moving, the killing qi was like meeting an invisible barrier in front of him, the sound of the burst was really scary. But that sound only ripped the surrounding space with a snorting sound, while Ye Mo didn’t even move a hair.