DYM Chapter 1753

A Da Luo Xian man whom Ye Mo did not know seemed to take the initiative to help answer in order to echo the words of the Purple Clothed Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, “The one who has the most thorough control over the laws of the world should be the True Saint Emperor, apart from the True Saint Emperor, the Scorching Saint Emperor is equally thorough in the laws of the world, he can even perform divine powers to turn back time. Compared to the laws of time, there are even more great powers that control the laws of space, such as the Ancient Peng Emperor, the Daoless Emperor, the Peerless Emperor, and the Lin Gu Emperor are all great powers that control the laws of space.”

Ye Mo bowed and cupped his fist and said, “Thanks to this senior brother for clearing up the confusion, I know about the True Saint Emperor, I’ve also heard of Emperor Peng and Great Emperor Wushuang, I just don’t know who the Outer Scorch Saint Emperor and Great Emperor Wu Dao and Great Emperor Lin Gu are?”

That Da Luo Xian man took the initiative to help Ye Mo explain because the Purple Clothed Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond seemed to be good to Ye Mo. Now seeing that although Ye Mo was at the bottom of his cultivation level and did not have much knowledge, he was considerate in his manners, he nodded in satisfaction.

Seeing that Ye Mo continued to ask, and there were some people next to him who didn’t understand were leaning in to listen, he said with some interest in the conversation: “The Scorching Saint Emperor’s name is Bai Zhuohe, and I heard that he has the second most exotic fire in heaven and earth, the Star River Red, and his Star River Red has also advanced to a divine flame and has devoured the ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ to become the king of fire. He became the king of fire. He succeeded in attaining the Dao through the divine Flame Star River Red and became a supreme power second only to the True Sage Emperor. I heard that after the battle with the True Sage Emperor back then, he too, like the True Sage Emperor, did not reappear after that battle.”

As the crowd heard this, they all booed. Having cultivated to the level of the True Saint Emperor and the Scorching Saint Emperor, they were already Saints of the Dao, and they too had to fall. It was evident that in the vast universe, there were no immortals who could not fall.

Seeing that the crowd was listening carefully, that Great Luo Immortal continued, “The original name of the Daoless Emperor was Yan Wudao. He came into being slightly later than the True Saint Emperor and the Scorched Saint Emperor. He was also a supreme power. In the ancient stars and rivers. There were not as few supreme powers as there are today, and even half-saints numbered in the dozens. I heard that after he failed to achieve his Dao, he also disappeared into the long river of the immortal world.”

When Ye Mo heard that the Daoless Emperor’s surname was Yan, he immediately wanted to ask about it, but someone else asked before him, “The Scorching Saint Emperor succeeded in his Dao enlightenment through the Divine Flame Star River Red, so how did the Daoless Emperor enlighten himself?”

“The Daoless Emperor is amazingly talented, his way of attaining the Dao no one else would even dare to think about.”

When that Great Luo Immortal said this. Not only Ye Mo, but all the people present listened with attention, obviously wanting to know about how Dao-less Great Emperor had attained his Dao. Even some of the people on the side came over to listen.

However, that Great Luo Immortal sighed and said, “Dao-less Great Emperor is indeed a miracle worker in heaven and earth, he actually came up with the idea of proving his dao through the 33 Heavenly Realms, no one can understand his genius idea. But it is certain that once Great Emperor Wu Dao is able to prove his dao through the Thirty-three Heavenly Domains, his great divine power will be unimaginable.”

Ye Mo didn’t understand how to prove the dao through the Thirty-three Heavens, and neither did the rest of the people. It was the Great Luo Immortal who spoke who likewise did not understand.

Sure enough, that Great Luo Immortal said, “To prove the dao through the Thirty-three Heavenly Realms, our cultivation level is too low. No one can understand it. Legend has it that after the Daoless Great Emperor had witnessed the Dao to the 24th Heavenly Domain, he suddenly failed and his body fell away. Then after that, there was no more news of the Daoless Great Emperor, in fact, the Daoless Great Emperor’s cultivation could be fully called a half-saint emperor.”

That Great Luo Immortal was still talking about Great Emperor Lin Gu, while Ye Mo was once again shocked in his heart, he was almost 80% sure that that Yan Jiu Tian was the Daoless Great Emperor.

After he had finished testifying to the twenty-four heavenly domains, he only failed in the ninth heavenly domain, which had become a grievance for him. He took the name Yan Jiu Tian, so perhaps after taking his body, he still wanted to prove the 33rd Heavenly Domain.

Ye Mo was thinking to himself, but he vaguely heard that Da Luo Xian say that Immortal Emperor Wu Dao had offended many people because he had never acted with only his own likes and dislikes, regardless of others’ opinions.

However, Ye Mo’s heart was moved, that Immortal Emperor Wu Dao had offended many people, which meant that he did not dare to let others know where he came from either. Thinking of this, Ye Mo finally let go of a bit of his mind. As long as Yan Jiutian was like him and did not dare to reveal his origins, he would not be afraid of Yan Jiutian, at least not for now.

It seems that there are thousands and thousands of paths to Dao enlightenment, and there are Immortal Emperors or those who do not have the Chaos Object, who can still succeed in enlightenment.

After putting away his fear of Yan Jiu Tian, Ye Mo suddenly remembered something and once again clasped his fist and asked, “This senior brother, I heard you say that Scorched Saint Emperor’s divine Flame Star River Red had devoured the ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’, I wonder what that ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ looks like? What does it look like? I read in an ancient brief that the ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ was a soft piece of ore that was extremely hot, is that right?”

That Great Luo Immortal shook his head with a faint smile and said, “No, the reason why ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ is extremely rare is because it is extremely difficult for the ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ to grow in its first step. The soft tofu shape you mentioned is the first shape of the ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’. This shape usually exists in an extremely remote part of the Immortal Realm, or in one of the interfaces of the Cultivation Realm.

If it was in the Cultivation Realm, this state of ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’ would be the most difficult to collect, as even the cultivators of the Cultivation Realm who had transformed into true believers would not be able to get close to this state of ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’. But this state of ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ is the most precious, and once obtained, it is the best thing to use to nirvana the Heavenly Flame.

When this state of flame grows to a certain point in the cultivation world, it will gradually expand its burning range until it burns up everything within a hundred million miles, or even a realm, and will then conceal itself into the void. The ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ that enters the void is the real ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ and will be surrounded and protected by the hidden void flames. Ordinary people could not even see it, not to mention getting it, and even if they did, they would not be able to get it at all. It was precisely for this reason that the ‘Starry Sky Inferno Marrow’ was exceptionally precious.

When the ‘Starry Sky Marrow’ reaches a certain level of maturity, the outside of the ‘Starry Sky Marrow’ will be completely protected by void flames. protection, while the ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’ becomes a liquid. However, this liquid is bone-chillingly cold, yet it never freezes. The ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’ that became an ice-cold bone-chilling liquid is the real ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’.”

Ye Mo forced down his inner elation and hurriedly clasped his fist to thank him, he couldn’t have imagined that he had obtained the true first form of ‘Starry Sky Inflammation Marrow’ by mistake and used it to nirvana the ‘Qing Ru Xiaotian’.

While everyone was still talking about it, an extremely loud voice rang in the crowd’s ears, “Will those who are participating in the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Competition please hold the right to board the ship.”

The time to board the immortal ship had arrived, and Ye Mo hurriedly followed the crowd and lined up to enter the immortal ship.

There were tens of thousands of people in each of the remaining celestial domains, except for Qing Wei Heaven. Looking at the dense crowd of people boarding the ship, Ye Mo was a little speechless when he thought that only one thousand people could meet the Immortal Emperor. There were hundreds of thousands or even millions of immortals here, and only a thousand or so ended up getting the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit, which was indeed too few.


The first time he saw an immortal ship as big as today’s was the first time he had ever been on one. With millions of immortals, it was surprising that everyone had a nice cultivation room. Ye Mo was also allocated such a cultivation room, which was not only large in size, but also had two rooms. It was that the immortal spirit qi was also incredibly dense, the pattern of this Upper Heaven Domain was just extraordinary.

At this time, everyone had already entered their respective cultivation rooms, and Ye Mo was also in his own cultivation room thinking about his thoughts. Of course he wouldn’t go to cultivate, as his cultivation level got higher, the more resources he needed, which inevitably had to offend some people. For example, Yan Jiutian and Lu Zhengqun were both offended because of their cultivation resources.

Ye Mo had only been sitting inside his room for an hour or so when the forbidden system outside his room moved, Ye Mo waved his hand and opened the forbidden system, Yan Jiutian’s figure quickly landed in Ye Mo’s room and raised his hand and struck a shielding forbidden system of his own.

Ye Mo stood up and stared coldly at Yan Jiutian. At this moment, he was not afraid of Yan Jiutian, not to mention that Yan Jiutian did not dare to make a move in the immortal ship, even if he did, Ye Mo would not lose to him.

At the beginning, he was a mid Xuan Xian and Yan Jiutian was a late Xuan Xian, and the two were almost evenly matched. Now Yan Jiutian’s rank was two ranks higher than his, but he had comprehended several great divine abilities after coming out of the Daoist Pavilion, and his strength had increased by thousands of times.

Ye Mo also did not dare to underestimate this Yan Jiutian in front of him, the other party came from a Half-Saint Daoist, and his understanding of divine abilities was definitely much higher than his. If he fought again, I’m afraid it would be somewhat difficult for him to win against Yan Jiutian.

“You have quite a few secrets, I thought that having a World Stone was already your biggest secret, but I didn’t expect you to have a Time Formation Disc. If I’m not wrong, the True Saint Emperor’s Time Formation Disc should be on you, right?” Yan Jiu Tian’s voice was incomparably cold, giving Ye Mo an illusion as if he had returned to Immortal Grave Ridge.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, the World Stone was really known by Yan Jiutian, and the other party not only knew about the World Stone, but also knew that he had the Time Array Disk. In fact it was indeed a good guess, if he didn’t have the time array disk, would he be able to cultivate so fast?

Seeing that Ye Mo was silent, Yan Jiu Tian’s voice was even more grim, “Hand over the Time Formation Disk and the Divine Mind Nine Revolutions technique, and I will spare your life.”

Yan Jiutian did not ask Ye Mo for the World Stone Scales, he knew that Ye Mo would never hand them over to him. Although the World Stone Scales were far less precious than the Time Array Disk, the World Stone Scales were something that Ye Mo needed to save his life.

Seeing Ye Mo’s disdainful look, Yan Jiu Tian was not the least bit anxious and continued, “If you provoke me, I will directly say that you have the World Stone and the Time Array Disk on you, the big deal is that I, Yan Jiu Tian, just don’t want them, you are just as dead.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, reached out his hand and pointed outside and said, “Go ahead and say so, I’m waiting for you, Ye Mo.”

Yan Jiutian’s eyes stared, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to not be afraid of him leaking it, did this guy know that he didn’t want others to know that the time array disk had appeared? For Yan Jiu Tian it was really like that, the Time Array Disc was much more important to him than Ye Mo, at least cultivating to the Immortal Emperor stage, he didn’t have any bottleneck. If he had the time array disk, he would just need to turn the resources he got into cultivation.

“You’re not afraid?” The murderous aura on Yan Jiu Tian’s body spilled out once again, causing a ripple to form in the space around him that was invisible to the naked eye.

“I even brought the True Saint Emperor’s World Stone, so would I be afraid of a mere Daoless Emperor like you? You think highly of yourself.” Ye Mo said sarcastically.