DYM Chapter 1745

If Ren Fei didn’t take out 100 million immortal crystals, Ye Mo couldn’t have given her the map jade slip for nothing.

To Ye Mo, the map of the ruins was precious, but Hei Wu Ren already knew about it, and Ye Mo thought that the ruins had already been patronised. Even if there was a jade slip, there probably wasn’t much good stuff left. Instead, it was the hexagonal token that made Ye Mo look forward to it.

The black hexagonal token had not been put into the ring, which meant that it was as important as the map jade slip, and being held in his hand, it was also something that could be used at any time.

“Many thanks to Immortal Friend Ye, and good luck to Immortal Friend Ye as well.” After saying that, Ren Fei took both Chu Shining and Yu Jin and quickly entered the forbidden stone door.

In a flash, Ye Mo was the only one left here, and Ye Mo seemed to look a little anxious. He quickly walked towards the stone door and stepped inside with one step. After he took one step into the stone door, his figure had disappeared.

“Surprisingly, it’s an ancient relic, luck, it’s really luck. Four little mongrels, they dare to share the benefits with my brothers, they are really looking for death!” Just as Ye Mo disappeared, a voice accompanied by a light and swift shadow landed at the doorway of the stone door.

When this shadow stopped, it was a man with a card-white face. He was dressed in white, and his face and hair were all snow-white, the exact opposite of Black Wu Ren who was just there.

When this white-faced man finished speaking, he didn’t even hesitate for half a second and took a step towards that stone door.

But just as he was halfway across, he was immediately alerted. No good, a terrifying feeling came over him, and he didn’t even have the chance to sacrifice his magic treasure before he felt the space around him completely change into a harsh and majestic killing machine enveloping him.

“Boom ……”

There was nothing of substance, yet a terrifying explosion erupted from the space. And in the midst of this explosive sound. The space around him was in chaos. Even divine sense could not peek a single star.

A moment after the explosion, a diffuse mist of blood spilled out in the air. The chaotic space also gradually recovered, and a man in white who was already missing half of his body appeared in the space.

Almost at the same time, Ye Mo also appeared opposite him, but at this time, Ye Mo already had an additional purple blade in his hand.

The one who sneaked up on this man in white was of course Ye Mo, who looked as if he had entered the stone door, but secretly hid at the doorway of the stone door for the purpose of sneaking up on him. He had left a formation flag outside. As soon as the man in white came, he sensed it.

“How dare you backstab this Immortal.” The man in white had a fierce face as he stared at Ye Mo in a hateful voice, and a dazzling white bone had appeared in his hand.

That white bone magic treasure gave Ye Mo a very odd feeling, seemingly containing infinite power within it.

“Give me death.” The man in white simply ignored the fact that he was no longer human, the white bone in his hand had been offered, and a terrifying cold killing aura instantly filled the entire space. In the face of this terrifying killing machine, it seemed that no matter where Ye Mo hid, it was hard to escape being killed.

Ye Mo was secretly shocked, he was sure that this person was Bai Wu Ren. I didn’t expect that after backstabbing this guy once, he hadn’t killed this guy. Instead, he still had the strength to counter-attack. With this one blow, an ordinary Great Supreme Immortal Perfection would definitely have enough trouble blocking it.

If he had really teamed up with Ren You to deal with Black Wu Ren before, then when this White Wu Ren came, Ren You’s few people would definitely not end up well.

Ye Mo was sure to stop Bai Wu Nian, but Ren Fei and the three of them definitely couldn’t stop Black Wu Nian. Even though Ren Fei was also a half-step Immortal King, her strength was not even a little bit different from that of Black Wu Ren.

He also knew that the main reason why Bai Wu Ren did not jump out and join hands with Black Wu Ren was because he was afraid that he would crush the jade slip and split up in two.

But now there was only one Bai Wu Ren, not to mention that the other party had been seriously injured, even if he was not injured, Ye Mo could block him.


Ye Mo’s purple shooting head simultaneously brought up a diffuse purple light, cleaving through the cold, insidious killing Qi that had already covered the space.

The sword magic divine ability rainbow came out again.

The purple blade aura instantly transformed into countless coloured blade rainbows, and the roiling cold killing Qi that was swept up by Bai Wu Ren instantly transformed and dissolved in front of these countless rainbow blade auras, disappearing into thin air in just a short period of time.

After seeing this slash from Ye Mo, Bai Wu Ren’s face immediately revealed extreme shock. He completely understood that even if Ye Mo did not sneak attack him, he would not be able to win in front of Ye Mo. This extremely powerful blade power showed that the other party was not even half a point inferior to him.

After Bai Wu Ren understood this, he was already regretting in his heart, he should have known that he should have fled immediately after being sneak attacked, but it was still too late to escape now.

“Ka ka ka ……”

The purple lining chopped into the white bones, emitting a terrifying ear-piercing clicking sound, while Bai Wu Ren did not care about his white bone magic treasure and turned his hand to sacrifice a talisman.

Where would Ye Mo give his opponent the chance to sacrifice a talisman, and then he punched through the


This punch was as if it came over from the void, the void was silent, and there was no return. After this fist came out, those cold killing machines left in space, and those coloured blade auras that were still in the air, were all taken away by this fist, forming a killing potential vortex.

Bai Wu Ren was swept up in this vortex of killing power, horrified beyond belief, he couldn’t understand why a Great Supreme Immortal would want to go against the odds to such an extent. He was a half-step Immortal King, even if he had been attacked by a sneak attack in front of him, he would not have been pressed into service like this. His talismans were all swept up by this killing vortex, which was simply the law of space.

“Spare me ……”

Bai Wu Ren only had time to utter these two words before he was strangled by this spatial killing vortex.

Ye Mo reached out and collected a white ring, while the white bone magic treasure was also collected by him.

This white bone magic treasure carried an aura of death and destruction, so it was obvious that it was of unusual origin. Ye Mo just hit a few prohibitions and threw the magic treasure into his ring, what interested him was how much stuff this white ring of Bai Wu Ren had.

A few moments later, Ye Mo had unblocked the ring, and when Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside the ring, he was frozen.

It was the first time he had seen such a rich ring, even in that small world of the Hao Tian Emperor, he was not this shocked.

The piles of immortal crystals were at least one billion, and these one billion immortal crystals were like a huge mountain peak. This wasn’t even Bai Wu-er’s main possession, his main possession was also twenty immortal crystal cards, each one worth one hundred million. Together with the pile of one billion immortal crystals, this fellow had three billion immortal crystals alone.

Apart from these immortal crystals, there were also mountains of immortal spirit herbs and all kinds of refining materials. There were seven or eight extremely high quality magic treasures, and as for the rest of the various magic treasures and pills, there were countless more. As for the detailed stuff, one would have to go slowly to take stock.

How many people had this son of a b*tch robbed? He was too rich. Ye Mo, who was used to seeing good things, was shocked for half a day. With this ring alone, his trip was not in vain.

Immediately, Ye Mo thought of Black Wu Ren in his mind… White Wu Ren had so many good things, how many would Black Wu Ren have? Thinking of this, he was actually looking forward to having another fight with Black Wu Ren.

After the surprise, Ye Mo put away the ring and the formation flag and took a step into the open forbidden stone door.

Just as Ye Mo entered the stone door, there were a few “clicks” and then Ye Mo saw four fragmented jade slips of maps landing on the door behind him.

These four jade slips were clearly the ones that he, Ren Fei and Hei Wu Ren had set into the stone door just now. What Ye Mo did not expect was that after he entered, these four jade slips fell down again. Ye Mo collected these four jade slips, only to find that the stone door behind him had once again changed to look exactly the same as when he entered.

At this moment, Ye Mo realized that he still had to use these four jade slips to get out. Even if that Black Wu Ren had gotten something, as long as the jade slips were in his hands, there was nothing he could do.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo was overjoyed, it looked like he and Black Wu Ren would have to meet after all, he could only blame that guy for his bad luck.

A vast and desolate aura came from him, and only then did Ye Mo remember that he had already entered inside the ancient ruins.

At the same time, Ye Mo only noticed that the place he was in was actually a wilderness mountain range. Rolling hills and some trees that had died and withered were scattered in a messy manner in the wilderness. A long dried up river ditch came and went like a spider web with no end in sight. When Ye Mo’s divine sense stretched out, it was even immediately blocked. Even his gaze could only see a circle of tens of metres.

If Ye Mo didn’t know that he had already entered inside the ruins, and that there was no Yin Qi pervading this place apart from the vast and pale aura, he would have thought that he was still in Immortal Grave Ridge, which was really somewhat similar to it.

Ye Mo didn’t move, he quickly saw that something was wrong, these rolling hills and spider web-like dry river gullies all seemed to have a pattern to them, they weren’t just random. It was the dead trees that didn’t seem to be growing randomly either.

Ye Mo took out the map jade slip and immediately understood that the map on this jade slip could only be seen by referring to the physical object. Looking at the scene in front of him and referring to the map in the jade slip, a vague route was formed in Ye Mo’s mind.

Half a long time later, Ye Mo put away the jade slip, and he already had an unmistakable route.

It was now becoming clearer and clearer in Ye Mo’s mind that he and Hei Wu Ren and Ren Fei had come from the same place and had been given the same map, it was likely that the safe route formed in the three men’s minds was completely different.

After Ye Mo searched for a good line, he directly flew and leapt into a river ditch that had long since dried up and quickly entered the depths of the ruins.


“Something isn’t right ……” Hei Wu Ren, who was walking, suddenly stopped.

“What’s not right, Master?” The shadowy Great Supreme Immortal hastily asked in a respectful voice.

“The safe route here should be automatically generated according to each person’s sea of consciousness, and those marks I left behind will allow your master uncle to find his way here. But once you come in, you won’t be able to continue to find my marks.” Hei Wu Ren said regretfully as he slapped his head for a moment.

“Huh, that’s really true, what about this?” That Great Supreme Immortal’s divine sense swept back and did not find the mark he had just made, and immediately understood.