DYM Chapter 1741

The three Da Luo Immortals were all a little surprised that Ye Mo, a Great Supreme Immortal, dared to use a flying magic treasure to fly so fast in Immortal Grave Ridge, was he not afraid of the extremely heavy Yin Qi here? Therefore, once Ye Mo landed, all three of them stared at Ye Mo, but did not say anything.

Ye Mo clasped his fist and said, “I am Ye Mo, the three immortal friends please.”

The middle-aged beauty saw Ye Mo’s polite words and did not underestimate Ye Mo’s cultivation, so she hastily clasped her fist as well and said, “So it’s Immortal Friend Ye, Ren Fei has met Immortal Friend. Immortal Friend Ye has suddenly caught up with us, I wonder what is the matter?”

The middle-aged beauty called Ren Fei had already seen that Ye Mo had hurriedly come over because there was something going on. She was well read, and just now, after Ye Mo came, his eyes lingered the longest at Yu Jin, as if he had something to do with Yu Jin.

At the middle-aged beauty’s very opportunistic attitude, Ye Mo nodded and then said, “I had a bug playing at Immortal Grave Ridge, and when I came out, I found that the bug was gone, I don’t know if a few of you saw it.”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words came out, Ren Fei immediately understood that the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ actually belonged to this Great Supreme Immortal in front of him. This Great Supreme Immortal was really lucky to have obtained a ‘Shadowless Taosworms’. Although it was said that it was extremely difficult for the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ to advance, once they did so, they had a heavenly ability.

Now that Ye Mo had all chased him over and clearly said that the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ were his, this middle-aged beauty already knew that people were well aware that the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ had been obtained by them.

“So that ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ is actually Immortal Friend Ye’s, Immortal Friend Ye is blessed. Half a month ago, the three of us saw a wiggling worm at Immortal Grave Ridge and caught it, only to find that it was a ‘Shadowless Taosworms’. We have been carrying it with us since then. Since this ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ belongs to Immortal Friend Ye. Of course it is returned to its rightful owner.” Ren Fei was surprisingly good at talking to Ye Mo.

If the other party didn’t give it, then he would have to make a move. Shadowless had been with him for a long time, and it would never be possible for others to take it away. However, Ye Mo understood on second thought, Shadowless had already recognized him as his master, so it would be useless for ordinary people to take it away.

“Yes, the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ are indeed mine, so I’ve caused trouble for the three of you. Ye Mo would like to thank you.” Ye Mo said thankfully.

“Yu Jin, that ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ is Immortal Friend Ye’s, take it out and return it to Immortal Friend Ye.” Ren Fei immediately said to the Da Luo Xian maiden beside her.

That Da Luo Xian maiden was already upset when she heard her sister-in-law admit that she had found the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’, and now she had to ask her to give it back, she was even more dissatisfied in her heart.

She could only mutter, “This ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ is an unowned object at Immortal Grave Ridge, and I have found it for most of the month, so who knows that it must be this person’s? Aunt Flirt. Could it be that he deliberately scammed us?”

Ye Mo’s face sank, and his heart became a little unhappy. This was all laid out clearly. Even if it was a fraud, that Shadowless would have known as soon as it was released, and if it had recognized its owner, it would have definitely come to his side the first time. This young girl didn’t want to take it out, so it was obvious that she wanted to keep it for herself. Although Shadowless could only acknowledge its master once, the silk achieved each time Shadowless shed its cocoon could be refined into a top-grade immortal garment.

Not only did Ye Mo’s face sink, but Ren Fei’s face was also a bit unhappy, she hummed and said: “Yu Jin, what is ours, no one else can take away. If it is not ours, we cannot force it, so take out that silkworm.”

The Great Luo Immortal with the sword eyebrows also smiled slightly and said, “Yu Jin, whether the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ belong to this Immortal Friend Ye, you will know if you take them out. If it is, I wouldn’t want you to keep it for yourself.”

“Alright.” The young girl helplessly took out a talisman, and Shadowless was imprisoned by the talisman, and as soon as that talisman was taken out, Shadowless looked at Ye Mo and screamed a few times.

“You eating b*****d, you still have the face to scream.” Ye Mo angrily chided, and when Shadowless heard Ye Mo’s chiding, he really didn’t dare to make another sound.

It was obvious that Shadowless was what Ye Mo had raised.

When the Da Luo Xian maiden saw this, she also knew that if she forced to keep Shadowless any longer, it would really just not make any sense and could only put away the talisman.

The Shadowless, whose ban was removed, immediately turned into a shadow and landed on Ye Mo’s body.

Only then did the other three understand that if the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ hadn’t shaken from eating in the first place, the three of them really wouldn’t have been able to catch this thing.

“Thank you to the three immortals for treating Shadowless kindly.” Ye Mo was also grateful to these three for releasing Shadowless without any action.

Ren Fei obviously saw that Ye Mo was not ordinary and immediately smiled and returned the salute saying, “Immortal Friend Ye is very kind. I see that Immortal Friend Ye can still sacrifice his flying magic treasure to fly rapidly in this Immortal Grave Ridge without being disturbed by Yin Qi, so I guess the grade of the ‘Yang Lin Dan’ used is also very high, right?”

“Yang Lin Dan?” Ye Mo looked at Ren Fei in confusion, but he immediately understood that the reason why Ren Fei and the three of them were able to get here without any influence was not because they were protected by some divine sense domain like him, but a kind of pills called ‘Yang Lin Dan’.

After reacting, Ye Mo immediately replied, “I haven’t used ‘Yang Lin Dan’, and I don’t know what ‘Yang Lin Dan’ is.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Ren Fei’s eyes lit up and she immediately asked, “Then I wonder what kind of elixir Immortal Friend Ye used? Or is there any special way to not be infested with Yin Qi?”

“This ……” Ye Mo was immediately speechless, how could he say this thing, the reason why he was not infested with Yin Qi, apart from his Immortal Spirit Body’s body refining cultivation, there was also the Divine Sense Domain and the Three Life Dictates. Although he had a good feeling about this middle-aged beauty and the man with the sword eyebrows and clear eyes, it didn’t mean he had to tell the other party this, right?

“It was me who was abrupt.” Ren Chou was highly cultivated, and when she saw that Ye Mo was unwilling to answer, she immediately knew that she had been a bit presumptuous in asking.

The male cultivator frowned a little and didn’t say anything, supposedly thinking that Ye Mo was a little less than generous. His own side had given away the shadowless without asking for any reward at all, and the other party didn’t even want to talk about a way to avoid the Yin Qi attacking his body.

The young girl even snorted coldly and said, “Aunt Flirt, I told you, not everyone is as generous as you are.”

“Yu Jin, don’t talk nonsense.”

Ren Fei first chided the Da Luo Xian maiden, then gave Ye Mo a faint smile and said politely, “In that case, we will not disturb Immortal Friend Ye.”

Originally, she wanted to join Ye Mo in dragging him along, but since Ye Mo was not even willing to reveal this secret, there was no use in forcing him to do so.

Seeing the trio quickly leave, Ye Mo had no choice. In the Immortal World, divine Sense Techniques were no longer rare, but truly advanced divine Sense Techniques were extremely rare. Those that could be compared to his Divine Sense Nine Revolutions were even rarer. What’s more, his Nine Revolutions of the Divine Mind, which he himself had modified repeatedly, was considered a secret.

Ye Mo looked at the cowering Shadowless, knowing that this fellow had fallen into someone else’s hands because of his greed, and was very dissatisfied in his heart. Now he didn’t have time to nag Shadowless, he was going to go and cross the tribulation to advance to Da Luo Xian, and then follow the remnant diagram given by Immortal King Kai Feng to find that kind of extremely fine material.

Since he had no immortal crystals on him, if he wanted to transmigrate, he would have to find a place with extremely dense immortal spirit energy and set up a chain of spirit gathering immortal formations. Although the Immortal Grave Ridge was also good in terms of immortal spiritual qi, it could not meet Ye Mo’s requirements.

After throwing Shadowless into the Golden Page World, Ye Mo was just about to leave, but he found that as soon as Shadowless entered the Golden Page World, the first thing he did was to pounce on the Emperor Dao Crystal that had been sealed up by Ye Mo.

“You want to eat the emperor dao crystal?” Ye Mo was puzzled and gave a message to ask, and Shadowless immediately transmitted a strong desire was to want the emperor dao crystal.

Ye Mo was even more puzzled, a few years ago he gave the Emperor Dao Crystal to Shadowless and Shadowless didn’t dare to devour it, how come he wanted to devour it of his own accord now?

However, the message that Shadowless pa*sed on, Ye Mo immediately understood. It turned out that Shadowless had swallowed too much Yin Qi and Yin Souls in these years at Immortal Grave Ridge. Swallowing the Emperor Dao Crystal at this time would suit its appetite.

The Emperor Dao Crystal was treasured by others, but Ye Mo didn’t care much about it. If the deal with Immortal Emperor Haotian still existed, he wouldn’t have let Shadowless devour it. It would at least have to be handed over to Cang Zhenzai, but right now there was no deal between him and the Haotian Emperor, so if Shadowless wanted to devour it, then so be it.

Ye Mo then removed the ban, and Shadowless swallowed the fist-sized Emperor’s Dao Crystal in one gulp.

Ye Mo had seen Shadowless devour things countless times bigger than it with his own eyes and its body didn’t change, but after devouring the emperor dao crystal, Shadowless’ body immediately swelled up, even like a leather ball. It made Ye Mo’s heart tremble as he watched, as if this leather ball could explode away at any moment.

However, Shadowless wobbled and flew underneath the Bitter Bamboo, not moving, apparently entering the slumber stage once again.

I wonder what this guy will be like when he wakes up, Ye Mo was looking forward to it. His divine thoughts came out from inside the Golden Page World, and he was about to sacrifice the Green Moon and look for a place to cross the tribulation, when he heard a sharp scream coming from him, while a strong spatial fluctuation came from far away.

Those three people had just met trouble, and the first time Ye Mo heard that the sharp scream was from the young girl.

Ye Mo didn’t even think about it and immediately flew over. Ren Fei had just helped him, and those three people did not give him a bad impression, so if he could help, it did not matter if he went to help.

It only took dozens of breaths for Ye Mo’s divine sense to clear up. To Ye Mo’s amazement, the handsome man, Ren Fei, was besieging an old man with a pitch black face. It was just that both of them were in a downward spiral, and Ren Chou had long since lost the mature and quiet look she had before, replacing it with a cloak of hair and a madness as she kept offering her own magic treasures to attack the other side.

The young girl called Yu Jin had already had one of her arms cut off, and her entire upper body was torn from her skirt, with the two firm ma*ses of her breasts long exposed. And she herself was completely imprisoned, lying on the ground with a shocked look on her face.