DYM Chapter 1738

“If it wasn’t for Xi Yue, you would have been wanted by my Piaomiao Immortal Pond by now. Xi Yue’s master begged for mercy, now you just need to go to my Piaomiao Immortal Pool and apologize once, or else ……” Seeing Ye Mo send out a message, Ning E said with a cold snort once again from the side.

That handsome Great Luo Xian who had not spoken suddenly interjected and said, “Ning E, is he the Great Supreme Immortal who provoked the great anger of Sect Master Chan?”

“That’s him.” Immortal Ning’e stared at Ye Mo with a deadly stare and replied.

“Still have to go to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond.” Ye Mo finished sending the message and said with a difficult look at Ning’e.

“Of course.” Fairy Ning’e replied without hesitation.

“Hello, you two can take me along. By the way, I wonder who this immortal friend is?” Ye Mo deliberately asked about the handsome Da Luo Immortal beside Fairy Ning’e after he finished speaking.

Immortal Ning’e’s face blushed slightly as she said in a light voice, “It has nothing to do with him, I will just take you there later.”

“That’s fine.” Ye Mo nodded and finished, then said to himself, “This immortal friend is suave, I will ask the seniors of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond later.”

“What business is he of yours?” Ning E’s face was furious as she immediately said.

Ye Mo said with a straight face, “This immortal friend is handsome and elegant, I have a good feeling in my heart, so of course I have to inquire about it.”

“Brother Cheng, let’s go.” Ning E stared at Ye Mo viciously, turned around and left.

The handsome and uncommon Da Luo Xian looked at Ye Mo if meaningfully and said, “You are promising, but it seems we didn’t know each other before.”

After saying that, he didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to reply and immediately followed Ning’e Immortal and disappeared.

Ye Mo let out a breath. He had just calculated that Ning E and that Da Luo Immortal appeared here. It was that no one knew about it. It would do her absolutely no good if he relayed it to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. Sure enough, once he mentioned that Da Luo Xian, Ning E really ran away.

It was just that Ye Mo also knew that he had offended another person, that Great Luo Immortal. The words that that Da Luo Xian said when he was leaving, Ye Mo however understood it very well. He didn’t know himself, yet he used him to blackmail Ning’e. This beam was considered to be set up.

Even if he knew that he had offended that Da Luo Xian, Ye Mo couldn’t care less. His little life was important, although Sister Xi Yue had helped him plead for mercy. Saying that he should go to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond to make amends was just an excuse. If he couldn’t find him, the Piaomiao Immortal Pond might just let it go, but if he did go to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, it was greatly unpleasant.

What’s more, he was already very nervous as he had somehow been transported here to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. That middle-aged scribe’s divine ability was something he had seen before. It was truly too terrifying.

So now after telling Ning’e Immortal away, the first thing Ye Mo did was to frantically launch his evasion technique. Fleeing from the clan area of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond.


At the edge of the Daoist platform on the outskirts of the Fallen Emperor Mountain, two Immortal Daoists landed on it without a sound, one of them holding a red jade medal.

“Peng Yi, Ruo Ming, what’s going on?” Seeing that the two Immortal Dignitaries had not brought anyone over, Immortal Emperor Zhengren inquired with a frown.

The two Immortal Dignitaries first bowed to the several Immortal Emperors beside the Dao Discussion Platform before saying to Immortal Emperor Zhengren, “Lord Immortal Emperor, we did not find any trace of anyone when we went there, only a teleportation array that had been blown to pieces by the bursting talisman, and apart from that, there was this jade token. The jade token seems to have a divine sense mark inside it, which has been sealed by us.”

“Oh, bring it to me for a look.” The Great Emperor Zha Kong said immediately.

The Immortal Dignitary who was holding the red jade token hastily and respectfully handed the jade token in his hand to the Zha Kong Emperor. Just as the Saakong Emperor received the jade token, his face just changed drastically.

“What?” The Dragon River Emperor beside him saw the change in Zha Kong Emperor’s face and immediately asked.

“Take a look.” Great Emperor Zha Kong handed the jade token in his hand to Great Emperor Longhe.

After looking at the jade token in his hand, Great Emperor Longhe’s face was just as ugly. He and Great Emperor Zha Kong looked at each other before saying, “The divine sense imprint inside this jade token is at least left behind by a peak Immortal Emperor, or even a half-saint.”

“That should be correct, but this person should have been injured quite badly, and the divine sense imprint underneath is traceable. If it is such a high person, then there should be nothing left of the Fallen Emperor Mountain.” The Saikong Emperor said with a sullen nod.

“Then how should the Dao Exchange Conference be?” Immortal Emperor Zhengren also finished looking at the red jade token and inquired after a moment of contemplation.

“The Dao Discussion Conference will continue, after all, this is just a guess. But what I’m puzzled about is that since it was such a high level person who placed the divine sense mark, why was it casually discarded?” The Great Emperor Zha Kong said again.


By now the Dao discussion stage had been replaced by a Da Luo Immortal, and that Da Luo Immortal kept expounding on his Dao, and many lower level Immortals listened with rapt attention. Thistle, however, was a little distracted, she had already asked her master to help Ye Mo plead for mercy, so she was now eager to see Ye Mo and tell him what had happened.

It was at this time that she received a message from Ye Mo, who asked her to return to the Flying Haze Immortal City in Ever Rising Heaven immediately. Ye Mo did not say in his message about not being able to enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain, he was afraid that his message would be pounced on by the Immortal Emperor.

Thistle didn’t know how Ye Mo had gone to Chang Rong Heaven again, but when Ye Mo asked her out, she immediately didn’t want to stay at the Fallen Emperor Mountain.

Immediately afterwards, Thistle sent a message to her master, saying that her brother was looking for her and she couldn’t continue the discussion here. Although her master was only an Immortal Exalted cultivator, he was from the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect, so he was also qualified to sit at the judging table.

Spatial fluctuations appeared on the Fallen Emperor Mountain, to the extent that several Immortal Emperors were discussing, and of course Thistle’s master could see it clearly. Now that her disciple did not have the means to continue participating in the Discourses, she did not care. As for entering the Fallen Emperor Mountain, she had no intention of letting her disciple in.

Although Thistle had outstanding talent, she could not be considered the first, and there were many more immortals who came to Fallen Emperor Mountain with better talent than her. Moreover, something seemed to have happened at the Fallen Emperor Mountain now, and since the disciple had urgent business to go, it would be good for him to go.

But Thistle was someone who had been invited to the Daoist Conference, although she could also leave, and Thistle’s master had taken the initiative to help the disciple to ask for her resignation in deference to Immortal Emperor Zhengren.

For a participating Da Luo Immortal to leave, Immortal Emperor Zhengren certainly would not have a problem with it.

Thistle easily left the Fallen Emperor Mountain and headed for Fei Xia Immortal City.


A few days later, Ye Mo met Jie Xie again inside the private room of the Feixia Immortal Building in Feixia Immortal City.

When Jie Xie saw Ye Mo, she looked extremely happy. He didn’t care at all about not attending the Dao Discussion Conference.

“Why did you come to Chang Rong Tian again? My master has already pleaded for you, and originally I wanted you to go and listen to the Dao Discourse a*sembly. The Dao expounded by those geniuses in the Dao Discourse a*sembly, as well as the debates with each other, will be very beneficial to our cultivation.” Thistle said excitedly, her mood was gradually cheering up since she knew that Feng Xi could return and that she had recognized Ye Mo as her brother.

Ye Mo smiled and helped Jie Xie arrive at a cup of ‘Drunken Qiong Spring’, then hit a few more prohibitions in succession before saying, “Sister Xi Yue, you can trust me, that Dao Exchange Conference is indeed good, but it would be a mistake to hold it at the Fallen Emperor Mountain.”

“What’s going on?” Seeing Ye Mo’s cautious look, Thistle also asked in doubt, she trusted Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “Sister Xi Yue, the numinous power and pressure of that Fallen Emperor Mountain is so powerful that even if eight Immortal Emperors joined hands to use the ban, they probably couldn’t suppress it. It is possible that under the Immortal Emperors’ suppression, everyone could pa*s through the Falling Emperor Mountain and walk to the foot of the Nian Mountain, but they would definitely not be able to climb the Nian Mountain. If I didn’t have the chance, I wouldn’t be able to get to Nian Mountain all the same.”

“You’ve been to Fallen Emperor Mountain? What on earth is going on?” Thistle asked in shock, without the immortal emperor’s formation suppression, how did Ye Mo get to Fallen Emperor Mountain? Couldn’t that Nian Mountain be a mountain inside the Fallen Emperor Mountain?

“There is also the Nian River, Nian Bridge, and Nian Mountain inside the Fallen Emperor Mountain. The legacy of the Hao Tian Emperor is on top of the Nian Mountain, and that blink of an eye of the Nian suppression made my hair go all white.”

When Ye Mo said this and saw Thistle looking at himself in confusion, he added, “A few days of cultivation, I have cultivated back. I am only saying this to say that that Nian Mountain is dangerous.”

“How can you go to the Fallen Emperor Mountain by yourself? I heard that no one can get out there at all, you are too bold.” Thistle’s face was a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed, Thistle said helplessly, “Are you worried about me going to Fallen Emperor Mountain and then going to climb Nian Mountain?”

Ye Mo immediately nodded and said, “Yes, don’t trust those Immortal Emperors, they definitely can’t completely suppress Nian Mountain, they will die nine times after going there.”

Thistle smiled slightly and said, “You underestimate those emperor clans too much, although many genius disciples come to participate in the Discourses, and many may end up entering the Fallen Emperor Mountain, but I am sure there won’t be many geniuses going in. Those Immortal Sects are not fools who would let their sect’s core disciples enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain, I am just participating in the Dao Discourse and do not intend to enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain.”

When Ye Mo heard Thistle say this, he finally put his heart down and said with a sigh of relief, “Actually, there’s not much to Haotian Emperor’s inheritance, it’s just a Haotian Drum and an Imperial Dao Crystal ……”

“What? You got the emperor dao crystal?” Thistle asked as she stared at Ye Mo with a trembling voice.

Ye Mo nodded, “Yes, I got the emperor dao crystal and the Haotian drum, besides that there are some worn out jade slips ……”

Thistle hastily interrupted Ye Mo with a trembling voice and said, “How can you say these, shut up ……”

At the same time, he was speechless in his heart, an emperor dao crystal was enough to make the thirty-three heavens tumble, but to say that there was nothing, this was simply too much.

“I know, Sister Xi Yue, you don’t have to worry, here I have a divine sense domain, no one can hear our conversation, even if an Immortal Emperor’s divine sense comes over, I can still detect it.” Ye Mo hurriedly explained.

Thistle said carefully, “Even if you are confident, you can’t freely reveal that you have obtained the Emperor Dao Crystal. Do you know how many people can go crazy with this thing? You wouldn’t even think of it.”