DYM Chapter 1734

If he could not find a way to resist the numinous power without using the numinous beads, Ye Mo would rather not enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain. The encounter on the ghost ship in the void was still fresh in his mind. A few immortal spirit veins were certainly nice, but greed could not be built on the protection of others. Without that strength, he would rather not be greedy.

Ye Mo did not use the numinous beads to block the pressure around him this time, but tried to cast that divine sense net he had seen in the Netherworld Spring. When that divine sense net had trapped the middle-aged scribe, he used his divine sense blade to touch it, but he was splintered and spat out blood and flew backwards, unable to penetrate halfway, so it was clear how powerful that divine sense net was.

If he could change his divine sense net a little bit and lean towards that divine sense net, he might be able to block this kind of numinous power as well.

As soon as he thought of it, he did it, now that the Dao Exchange Conference had not yet started, it was the right time to take his time and test it out. Ye Mo slowly stretched out his divine sense domain, and when his divine sense domain was stretched to a certain extent, Ye Mo immediately felt that the pressure seemed to have really decreased, although it was not obvious.

After thinking that this method might be successful, Ye Mo began to recall the method of arranging that divine sense net that he had seen inside the Ethereal Spring, as well as some of the angular range of the arrangement, and then kept modifying his divine sense net in an effort to get closer to that divine sense net in the Ethereal Spring.

Time disappeared as Ye Mo kept trying, because the place where Ye Mo was belonged to the foot of the mountain of the fallen emperor which was under a lot of pressure, plus the Daoist Exchange Conference had not yet started, surprisingly no one noticed that there was still someone trying to suppress the numinous power at the foot of the mountain of the fallen emperor.

Ten days later, a radiant light suddenly shot out from the depths of the Fallen Emperor Mountain and shot straight up into the clouds, and an aura of the Great Dao of Simplicity seeped out from that white light. Those immortals who were outside the Fallen Emperor Mountain. Immediately, they either knelt down. Or sat up. They were fully concentrated on feeling this aura of the Great Dao.

And when Ye Mo was stirred by this light, he instantly winced, and he surprisingly understood in this instant how to set up a divine sense net that blocked the thoughts. But as he looked at that bright star-like emperor light, a feeling of worship actually rose up, and he could not wait to immediately incorporate that emperor dao crystal that emitted the emperor light into his divine soul, completely forgetting to set up the divine sense net.

Ye Mo slowly closed his eyes, forcing that thought away, that was not his Dao. His Dao did not need the Emperor’s Dao Crystal.

Half a pillar of incense later, Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness and Yuan Shen only became completely clear, and the emperor light that had attracted him was cast aside as he set up his newly comprehended divine sense net at the first opportunity. The moment his divine sense net was formed, the surrounding numinous energy and pressure dissipated into thin air.

Ye Mo’s heart was surprisingly not elated, but calm, knowing that his state of mind had once again risen to a new level. And his nine revolutions of divine thoughts had unknowingly advanced from a vague second-transformation Shattered God to a third-transformation Domainborn.

When Ye Mo opened his eyes again, the emperor light had already disappeared. Ye Mo let out a breath. He had found a way to block the numinous suppression by relying on the nine revolutions of divine thoughts, and that divine network in the Netherworld Spring. It was possible to enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain.

But even so, Ye Mo did not immediately enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain, back on the ghost ship, he was able to save his little life because of his caution and carefulness. To enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain, one had to be just as cautious and careful. Any chance came with a hint of risk, and Ye Mo knew this very well. If it didn’t carry a hint of risk, this chance wouldn’t have waited for him to take it, someone else would have taken it long ago.

Ye Mo exited the foot of the Fallen Emperor Mountain and sacrificed the Green Moon to leave the Fallen Emperor Mountain instead, after a hundred thousand miles, Ye Mo stopped. He was now able to set up a long distance teleportation array, but that would take a long time, and in a short period of time, he could only set up a teleportation array of tens of thousands of miles.

A hundred thousand miles of teleportation array was enough for Ye Mo. It was completely sufficient for him to come out of the Fallen Emperor Mountain and then leave with ease.

After setting up the teleportation array, Ye Mo did not immediately enter the Fallen Emperor Mountain, but left the place again to find an extremely remote place and entered the Golden Page World.

The first thing Ye Mo did after entering the Golden Page World was to take out the Star Core Flame, which was given to Ye Mo by the middle-aged scribe to use to advance the Mist Lotus Heart Flame. Of course Ye Mo would not really use the Star Core Inflammation to upgrade the Mist Lotus Heart Flame, his Qing Ru Xiaotian was already at Violet Nirvana level three, now of course he would use it to upgrade the Qing Ru Xiaotian.

Entering the Fallen Emperor Mountain was not a trivial matter, and any preparations he could make had to be done first. If he didn’t have the Star Core Flame, then it would be fine, but now that he had the Star Core Flame, he absolutely had to advance his Qing Ru Xiaotian to Immortal Flame before he could do so. With one more Immortal Flame, the chances of saving one’s life would be ten percent higher.

The Star Core Flame was given by that middle-aged scribe, and that middle-aged scribe and Ye Mo were only using each other. Even though he knew that the other party would not tamper with the Star Core Flame, Ye Mo still carefully swept it several times with his divine sense. Only after confirming that there was nothing wrong with the Star Core Inflammation did he offer up the Qing Ru Xiaotian.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Mo threw the Star Core Inflammation into the Qing Ru Xiaotian.


Terrifying green flames shot up into the sky and Ye Mo hurriedly stepped aside, fortunately he was prepared this time and purposely tried it in a corner of the Golden Page World, otherwise this terrifying green smoke could even roast his Immortal Medicine Garden dry.

The bright to dazzling cyan tumbled up and instantly illuminated the entire Golden Page World, or rather instantly turned the entire Golden Page World into a cyan world.

Even though Qing Ru Xiaotian was his own, but Ye Mo still felt the terrible scorching, Ye Mo knew that it was caused by Qing Ru Xiaotian being upgraded.

The cyan flames tumbled in the air of the golden page world, but Ye Mo felt a chaotic aura rushing into the cyan flames, which was quickly absorbed by the cyan flames again. This Golden Page World was his, even if the five elements were incomplete, there was a hint of movement that Ye Mo sensed. So when Qing Ru Xiaotian absorbed the chaos breath, Ye Mo could also feel it.

Suddenly Ye Mo felt a little something more in the Golden Page World, and that little something seemed to be surrounding Qing Ru Xiaotian. Ye Mo was sure that if the Golden Page World was not his, he would not have felt that extra bit of something.

Because that little something only existed in the midst of the thoughts, it was not even physical, and even Ye Mo’s feeling was still vague.

Qing Ru Xiaotian was his, the Golden Page World was his, and the Star Core Inferno had been devoured by Qing Ru Xiaotian. Even the Chaos Breath had been absorbed by Qing Ru Xiaotian, he could feel it, and there was something else here that he could not control, so it must not be something that was his. What was it if it wasn’t his?

No colour, no entity, not even the upgraded Qing Ru Xiaotian could burn away?

Ye Mo’s cold sweat brushed off, he finally understood what this thing was, it must be a divine sense mark placed by that middle-aged scribe from the Netherworld Spring. He himself had just thought that it was impossible for him to put the divine sense mark in the Star Core Flame, but in the blink of an eye, he found an additional mark in the Star Core Flame.

If he really sent this Star Core Inferno into the Misty Lotus Heart Flame to upgrade, even if he had the Golden Page World, he might not necessarily be able to feel that thing, after all, the Misty Lotus Heart Flame was of a lower level. Once the Heavenly Flame upgrade was complete and he withdrew it, that thing that was simply invisible would immediately merge into his body.

These old things were so terrifying that Ye Mo finally understood how arrogant he had been. If this point came down on his body and he really thought he could find it, it would be a joke. I’m afraid that even if he reached Immortal King, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to find out this mark.

Fortunately, that old demon had miscalculated that he still had Qing Ru Xiaotian, and that he still had the Golden Page World. As a result, this point of the mark was forced out by Qing Ru Xiaotian, Qing Ru Xiaotian could not burn it, and this thing could not enter Qing Ru Xiaotian, it could only circle around it. Obviously at this time, if Ye Mo retracted Qing Ru Xiaotian, the thing would just as easily integrate into his body.

If he hadn’t found it, forget it, but now that he had found the mark, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t just stop there. The Qing Ru Xiaotian had already been upgraded and formed a real green flame, and around the flame were four thin golden lines.

Ye Mo kept hitting the forbidden systems and formation flags as he tried to trap the threads of what he could only feel as a divine sense mark in the Golden Page World. The Golden Page World was his world, and he could do exactly what he wanted.

Even if it was just a little invisible divine sense mark, it took Ye Mo three whole days, and after three days, Ye Mo trapped the trace of divine sense mark completely. Only then did he retrieve the Qing Ru Xiaotian and leave the Golden Page World.

As for the branch of the yellow middle plum tree that he had planted to the side, Ye Mo decided to come back and study it when he had time. These old demons’ things were not easy to take, and with the example of the middle-aged scribe in front of him, Ye Mo’s scorn for that Haotian Emperor was even heavier.


After upgrading Qing Ru Xiaotian and finding the divine sense mark of that middle-aged scribe, Ye Mo was in a good mood. He once again returned to the foot of the Fallen Emperor Mountain, and this time Ye Mo did not extend his divine sense net, instead he took out the numinous pearl to protect him.

The numinous pearl would allow him not to waste his divine sense. Even if the Hao Tian Emperor had done something in the numinous pearl, he would not be afraid now.

The numinous pearl carried a faint shield that completely shielded Ye Mo, who sped up his advance slightly. The beads could not stop the full force of the thoughts and pressure, but they could save Ye Mo’s life, he just needed to walk slower.

Half a day later, the extremely cautious Ye Mo had completely approached the foot of the Fallen Emperor Mountain, Ye Mo put away the numinous beads, and a terrible pressure and numinous force came. Without waiting for those numinous powers to act on him, Ye Mo instantly sacrificed his divine sense net.

It was useful, and Ye Mo was surprised to find that his divine sense net was a little more effective than the numinous beads, only that he consumed more divine sense in this place closer to the Fallen Emperor Mountain.

Only after knowing that his divine sense net was useful, did Ye Mo take out the Nianzhu again and put away the divine sense net. His divine sense had swept in, and just for a few moments, he felt the vicissitudes of the years. Ye Mo even thought that if he didn’t use the numinous beads or the divine sense net, he could comprehend the laws of time under this Fallen Emperor Mountain.

The Law of Time was terrifying, even countless times more terrifying than the Law of Space. However, Ye Mo did not do so, he thought that his cultivation level was still too low. He decided to wait for the day he advanced to Immortal King before comprehending the laws of time.