DYM Chapter 1732

The surrounding fight was instantly silent, the two Great Supreme Immortals surrounding Thistle were even looking at Ye Mo in shock, what kind of cultivation level was this? In just a dozen breaths of time, a Great Supreme Immortal had killed a Da Luo Immortal? If Ye Mo was a Perfect Great Supreme Immortal and Ming Cai was just a Da Luo Immortal, after a fight between the two, it would barely make sense for Ye Mo to kill Ming Cai.

But Ye Mo was only at the early stage of Great Supreme Immortality, while Mingcai was already at the middle stage of Great Luo Immortality, with such a cultivation gap, for this to happen, this was simply too terrible a point, right?

It was good that the two instantly understood that Ye Mo was so terrifying that once he came over to stop them, it would be difficult for them to escape at all.

Flee, after the two Da Luo Immortals thought of this, they no longer cared about blocking Thistle, they instantly launched their vanishment technique and disappeared without a trace in a flash.

While Ye Mo froze and looked at his fist, the semi-divine power blade art Rainbow had already given him great confidence, but the terrifying move of a void made him understand what this was truly a divine power. Thinking of the Silent Finger that had almost sent his soul flying, Ye Mo became even more satisfied with the Void.

He didn’t know that his shock had caused two Da Luo Immortals to escape, and even if he did, he didn’t care now. He now had several divine abilities, and just now he had killed that mid Da Luo Xian with just a slash and a punch. In that case, he was perfectly capable of fighting a Da Luo Immortal Perfection, and could even kill the other party.

“Brother.” Thistle flew over in surprise and called out, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was even more powerful than her, were all Immortal Spirit Body Immortals so terrifying?

Ye Mo breathed out and reached out to take in Mingcai’s ring before calling out, “Sister Xi Yue.”

“I was scared to death just now, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. Was that punch you made just now a divine ability?” The look of surprise on Thistle’s face. It could no longer be concealed.

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “Yes. I worked out a divine ability on my own, and I will carve a jade slip for you later. However, that punch requires mastering a hint of spatial laws ……”

Thistle was about to say that he didn’t need it when he heard the spatial law and immediately spoke out in shock again, “You actually mastered a hint of spatial law?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, I caught a hint of spatial law inside a chance. So in combination with a move I met my opponent with before, I created this punch.”

“Let’s go first.” Thistle pulled Ye Mo onto the Green Moon, driving it before saying cautiously, “Brother, you should definitely not easily reveal to others that you control the spatial laws, you can’t afford to be defensive. Once it is known that you can control the laws at Great to Immortal, someone might think that you have some kind of secret.”

“I understand.” Ye Mo also replied gruffly. People with high qualifications were certainly prone to control a trace of the Law, but this was not absolute, the main thing about the control of the Law was the ability to comprehend and chance. Even if your qualifications are high, but your comprehension ability is poor. Or if your chance is poor, you will not be able to control such a top level thing.

At the same time, he felt that Sister Xi Yue was right. When he had entered the Dao Enquiry Pavilion immediately after exposing the Spatial Laws, there hadn’t been any problems. What would have happened if he hadn’t entered the Dao Enquiry Pavilion was anyone’s guess.

“Now that your whereabouts have been exposed, even if you hide, the Piaomiao Immortal Pond will know that you are fine. When we get to Yuan Cave Heaven, you and I will go to see my master together and ask my master to help intercede.” Thistle knew that Ye Mo had killed Langmang’s people, which was the same as exposing his whereabouts.

Ye Mo was silent for a moment and said, “Sister Xi Yue, after I arrive at Yuan Cave Heaven, I want to find a place alone to cultivate for a while. I’ll come back after things settle down over here.”

Thistle thought about it and also felt that Ye Mo was right, then she nodded and said, “It’s fine, after I have settled your affairs, you will come out to me. It’s just that you killed Langmang’s people, although he doesn’t dare to deal with you openly, he will definitely strike in secret, you have to be careful of that person.”

“I know, I don’t think I will be afraid of him even if he is a false immortal king.” Ye Mo already had an intuitive concept of his divine ability. As long as Rou Mang had not advanced to Immortal King, he really wasn’t afraid of the other party anymore.

Thistle was also a little proud in his heart, what kind of person was Little Immortal King Lu Mang? A guy who couldn’t find an opponent under Immortal King, and Ye Mo actually said he wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, she knew that Ye Mo was not talking nonsense, and since Ye Mo was her newly recognized brother, she was of course unrestrained in her heart.

The two of them talked and discussed all the way, took another teleportation array on the way, and in just two days, they arrived at Pingliang Immortal City.

Ye Mo and Thistle did not wander around in Pingliang Immortal City and went straight to the teleportation formation. The two had already discussed that upon arriving at Yuan Cave Heaven, Ye Mo would immediately leave alone, being with Jie Xie would be too conspicuous. After Thistle had set things right with Ye Mo at the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, Ye Mo would come out to find her again.

“Brother Ye ……”

Ye Mo and Jie Xie had just arrived at the teleportation array when Ji Shu’s surprise greeting came. Ji Shu was surprised to see Ye Mo, but then he froze as he saw Jie Xie beside Ye Mo.

Ji Shu, Qi Beicang, Jiu Shu Yan and Yin Huan all stared at Ye Mo in surprise, as well as Thief at Ye Mo’s side, and it was only when Thief and Ye Mo came closer that several people figured out what was going on.

“Haha, Brother Ye Mo, I bragged in front of you before, I didn’t expect you to be the deep hidden expert, awesome, awesome.” Qi Beicang was the first to come over and give Ye Mo a thumbs up, obviously thinking that Ye Mo had caught up with Thistle.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Brother Qi, you are mistaken, Thistle is my sister.”

“Yes, yes, I know, sister brother, of course I know.” Qi Beicang’s face was all sympathetic understanding.

“Brother Qi, Brother Ji you are also going to the Yuan Cave Heaven Dao Exchange Conference, right, we happen to be together.” Ye Mo also had some understanding of Qi Beicang’s persona and said without caring.

In fact, without waiting for Qi Beicang to make a wink, Ji Shu already knew and said, “Brother Ye, we have to wait a bit before we go, you and Fairy Xi Yue can go first. We’ll take our time and talk more about it at the Dao Exchange Conference.”

After saying that several people actually left the teleportation array in a hurry without waiting for Ye Mo’s reply, as if they had come to see the teleportation array and then left.

Ye Mo shook his head with a bitter smile and could only follow Thistle to the teleportation formation first, as for this misunderstanding, there would be plenty of time to explain later. When he arrived at the Upper Heaven Domain, he did not intend to leave casually either. This place was rich in resources and dense with immortal spirit qi, making it the best place to cultivate.


“Actually, I think you all guessed wrong.” After the four of them left the teleportation formation, Jiu Suoyan was the first to say.

Seeing the four people looking at themselves in confusion, Jiu Suoyan then continued, “I feel that what Senior Brother Ye said is true, he seems to have really formed a brother-in-law relationship with Sister Xi Yue.”

“Ah ……” Several people immediately stopped talking when they heard Jiu Shuuyan’s words and stared at Jiu Shuuyan, this news was a bit too strange if it was true. However, Jiu Shuuyan’s observation ability was particularly strong, if she said it was true, it might still be possible.

“Oops, let’s hurry up and chase after them then. I still have a few questions to ask Brother Ye, I’m too impressed by Brother Ye’s insight.” Ji Shu said in a hurry.

The rest of the few people agreed with Ji Shu and hurriedly hurried to the teleportation formation once again. Earlier they had deliberately stepped aside in order to leave Ye Mo and Thistle alone, and now since it was not the kind of relationship they had guessed, several people hurriedly searched for Ye Mo again.


Ye Mo of course did not know that several people were looking back again and wanted to go to Yuan Cave Heaven with him, at this time he had already separated from Jie Xie.

Once he arrived at Yuan Cave Heaven, Ye Mo separated from Thistle, Thistle went to look for her master, Ye Mo said he had to be alone for a bit, in fact, Ye Mo was going to look for the inheritance of the Haotian Emperor.

Ten days later, Ye Mo had appeared in the extreme southern part of Yuan Cave Heaven that Hao Tian Da Di said he was looking for Nian Shan.

Originally, Ye Mo thought that Nian Shan was very famous, and after he arrived, he could know where it was with a little inquiring. But the truth was, he had been asking around for a few days, but he had not been able to get the exact location of Nian Shan.

Not being able to find Nian Shan was a waste of time for Ye Mo. In his heart, he also despised the Great Emperor Haotian, who had left a bead and a mountain name for an inheritance, but nothing else, so where would he go to look for it?

This day Ye Mo came to an immortal town again, he still came to inquire about Nian Mountain. The location of this Immortal Town was already extremely remote, and it was estimated that the main purpose of setting the Immortal Town in this place was to facilitate the mutual trading of some Immortals looking for cultivation resources. Because of this, the largest place inside the immortal town was an immortal workshop.

Ye Mo walked into an immortal rest house outside the immortal workshop, he was about to find someone to ask about Nian Shan when he heard someone talking about Zha Kong Emperor.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, this Saakong Emperor seemed to be somewhat related to him. He then searched for a remote place to sit down, and at the same time asked for a pot of wine.

The taste of the immortal wine in the remote immortal town was not even a little bit worse than the ‘Drunken Qiong Spring’ in Fei Xia Immortal City, but the immortal spirit energy was considered sufficient, only that the wine was stronger.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t care about the wine, he had come to hear news about the Saakong Emperor.

The people discussing the Zha Kong Emperor were four immortals, two were late Xuan Xian and two were early Da Yi Xian.

“This time, I heard that apart from the Zaakong Grand Emperor, the Dragon River Grand Emperor will also go there, so it is clear how much importance my Upper Heaven Domain attaches to this conference.”

“I heard that there are three great emperors going this time, apart from Great Emperor Zakong and Great Emperor Fusion, Great Emperor Predicate Wind who has just come out of seclusion will also be going over. Although Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor has only been a great emperor for a short time, it is likely that he will become one of the new Four Great Emperors.”

“Yes, this I believe, the Predicate Wind Grand Emperor is so profoundly cultivated that he can completely match the remaining three grand emperors. But this Reincarnation Dao Exchange Conference is so cautious, it is considered unprecedented.”

“You guys don’t know, right, I just got the news that this Dao Discourse Exchange Conference will be held at the Fallen Emperor Mountain. The Immortal Dao that stands out at the Dao Discourse Conference will not only be rewarded handsomely, but will also receive an Imperial Dao inheritance.”

“Didn’t it say that it would be held in Linjie Immortal City? How come it’s changed to Fallen Emperor Mountain?”