DYM Chapter 1727

“Hold on!” An abrupt and clear voice interrupted Fairy Ning’e’s movements.

Only then did Thistle realise that there was suddenly someone else in front of her, a female Immortal who looked even younger than her. But then she realised to her horror that she couldn’t see through the other person’s cultivation at all.

Ning’e also saw the visitor and hurriedly saluted, saying, “Ning’e has met Senior Uncle Yingyang ……”

As a holy maiden, Fairy Ning’e’s status was certainly valuable, but even more so, when she met the sect’s ancestor, she still had to be polite. The female immortal who came in front of her looked younger than her, but in fact was already in the generation of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s senior ancestors, and her cultivation level had even reached the early stage of Immortal Dignity. Ning’e called her senior uncle because Ning’e’s status was not ordinary, and an ordinary Immortal King below her would call her senior ancestor now.

The female immortal called Yin Yang looked at Ning E with some seriousness and said, “Ning E, as the Saintess of my Piaomiao Immortal Pond, although you have the greatest freedom. However, there are some things that you have to think about before you do. Recently you have already done this several times in a row …… alas ……”

In the end, Yin Yang did not say the words that Ning E had made mistakes several times, in fact, she was already violating the Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s sect rules by speaking of the Saintess alone in an educational tone. Although it was clear to her that Ning’e was no longer fit to be a Saintess of the Immortal Pond.

“Yes, Ning’e respectfully remembers.” Although Immortal Ning’e’s status was a little higher than Yin Yang’s, yet she respectfully responded.

“Hazel Moon Imperial Clan Thistle Thief has met Immortal Sovereign Yin Yang.” Thistle hastily blessed her salute on the side, and when she heard the name Yin Yang, she immediately knew who the other party was. The Immortal Sovereign of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, Immortal Sovereign Yin Yang.

“Misty Luan has met Ancestor Yin Yang.” Misty Luan, who had been standing next to her, also hurried over to salute.

Yin Yang’s face eased up a little and nodded to Thistle and Misty Luan. Then she said to Ning E again, “It’s alright if there are men in the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. After all, you are a Saintess. You can also make such decisions. But for you to allow men to enter the Piaomiao Spring to cultivate is already a violation of the sect rules.”

“Ning’e knows that she is wrong.” Immortal Ning’e bowed her head and her tone was even more respectful.

Thistle wanted to say that she had asked Ning’e to do this, but at this moment she didn’t have half a mind to say so, Ye Mo’s life and death were unknown now, and her heart was nothing but panic and anxiety.

Yin Yang sighed and said, “If I wasn’t an Immortal Spirit Body refiner and didn’t have a body refining technique, even I wouldn’t last long if I went in. You are a mere half-step Immortal King. You dare to enter the top zone of the Piaomiao Spring, as the Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, are you ignorant, or are you fearless? What’s more, don’t you know that you need to strip naked to enter the Misty Spring?”

Seeing Ning E, who was already shocked to the point of being speechless, Yin Yang said again, “Or you may say that you can crush the teleportation talisman in an instant, but say I tell you. As long as your cultivation level has not reached Immortal King, nor are you a body refining immortal above Immortal Spirit Body, you will have no chance to crush the talisman after you enter. So. If I don’t come here, you will enter the top zone of Piaomiao Spring. There is only one ending, a fall.”

Ning’e’s face suddenly paled, she couldn’t have imagined that this would be the outcome.

“There are only four jade tokens that can enter this place, of which you have one and I have one as well. If I hadn’t arrived here in time, you would have fallen without a doubt.”

“Ah ……” Ning E’s forehead was already seeping with cold sweat, she didn’t want Ye Mo to die in the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, but to let herself bury the other party, that would be too much.

Then she thought of Thistle, only to find that Thistle’s face was even whiter than hers. She was even trembling a little, so it was clear that Ye Mo was very important in her heart. A kind of guilt rose from Ning’e’s heart, she should not have agreed to Thistle’s request. Thistle didn’t know the danger here, she should have known it herself.

At this moment, Ning’e also understood why the sect gave her the permission jade token, but did not tell her that she would fall if she went in here. The Saintess was a symbol of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond and needed to be steady and rational. The sect gave her the jade token but only told her that she had to be an immortal with an immortal spirit body to enter, so that it was also a test of her heart.

If she couldn’t resist entering the Netherworld Spring, the only result would only be to fall, and even if she were better off and fell a Yuan Shen, it would still be a miserable end. Once such an outcome occurred, it would mean that she was unfit to become the Saintess of the Misty Immortal Pond. To fall in such a way, the sect would probably not have any half-hearted sympathy.

Ning’e surprisingly felt a slight chill, she had deep feelings for the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, yet she hadn’t thought that even a Saintess could be sacrificed at any time in the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. The guilt she had recently felt towards the Piaomiao Immortal Pond was now much less instead.

Yin Yang looked at Ning E’s expression and knew that Ning E had understood the clan’s approach, she sighed and said: ”Ning E, you have recently made continuous mistakes, so I guess you cannot remain in the position of Saintess. The selection of the next Saintess is for you to do, how are you doing now?”

She finally said the words that Saintess Ning’e had made mistakes.

Ning’e subconsciously glanced at Thistle, who was extremely pale next to her, but did not say anything.

When Yin Yang saw that she said the next Saintess, Ning’e immediately looked at Thistle, and then understood what Ning’e meant. She had heard of Thistle, a core disciple of the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect, and her qualifications and looks were perfectly suited to be the next Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. Moreover, with Ning E’s relationship with the one from the Hazel Moon Imperial Clan, she could completely persuade Thistle to transfer to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond.

“Sister Xi Yue, I’m sorry, I was too careless, this matter is my fault.” Ning’e sighed and said to Thistle.

Thistle shook her head with a pale face and said, “Sister Ning’e, you are not to blame for this matter. It was my brother and I who took it for granted, and as for the matter you brought up before, I don’t want you to bring it up again. I only hope that you can let me wait here for my brother for three months.”

Although even the Immortal Dignitary had said that Ye Mo should be gone, Thistle still held on to that sliver of hope because Ye Mo had told her that he was an Immortal Spirit Body. Or maybe Ye Mo had gone into the innermost part of the Ethereal Spring and everyone just didn’t see it. Deep down, she believed that Ye Mo wouldn’t lie to her, it was just a feeling.

It was because she had experienced those things in front of Ye Mo that she had an extreme feeling of trust in him. If it wasn’t for that feeling, she and Feng Xi owed Ye Mo for saving their lives and could have repaid him in other ways, there was no need to necessarily become siblings with Ye Mo.

Before Ning E could say anything, Yin Yang shook her head and said, “That’s impossible, although Ning E is a Saintess, she has violated the same sect rules by allowing your brother to enter here, and is subject to punishment. If you continue to stay here for three months, not only will Ning’e be punished, but I won’t be able to escape either. Your brother should not have reached Immortal King, right?”

Thistle subconsciously shook his head and said, “No, he is at the early stage of Great to Immortal.”

“At the early stage of Great to Immortal, if you are not an Immortal Spirit Body, you have no chance of survival when you enter here. I guess your brother is a Great to Early Immortal and cannot be an Immortal Spirit Body either. So ……”

The latter words were not spoken by Yin Yang, but everyone knew exactly what they meant. A Great to Early Immortal entering the Piaomiao Spring had no hope of surviving.

Seeing that Thistle was somewhat unable to bear it, Ning E hurriedly said, “Sister Xi Yue, why don’t you go to my place for three months, if your brother is safe and sound, after three months, he will automatically come to you.”

Thistle was silent for a moment, and could only agree with Ning’e’s words. After the four of them went out, the place once again returned to its original tranquility.


Ye Mo had already entered the deepest part of the Ethereal Spring at this time, and the steel needle-like feeling had long disappeared, and he could even feel the increase in his **strength, as well as the purification of his meridians.

At this moment, he did not cultivate, while he was very clear that this elevated and purified body would be extremely beneficial in the future, whether it was for cultivation or body refining. After understanding this, he was even more immersed in this process of purifying his body, completely forgetting the loss of time.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed at all, but Ye Mo suddenly came to his senses again, and he flew up from the bottom of the spring and stood on the foggy water. The bones all over his body clicked, and the flow of immortal energy was even more gurgling. The feeling of fluidity on his body was even more comfortable.

Now Ye Mo was sure that the same Immortal Spirit Body refining cultivation, the same Great to Immortal, was a level stronger than he had been before. Moreover, Ye Mo knew even better that his real gain was not here, his gain was in his potential, and his cultivation potential would be even more powerful in the future.

The Piaomiao Immortal Spring was indeed a good thing, although it did not directly raise his cultivation level, but the benefits to him could not be measured in terms of cultivation advancement at all. The emperor clan’s heritage was indeed incomparably powerful, this was the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, and Sister Xi Yue’s Hazel Moon Emperor Clan had no idea what some of the goodies were.

Looking at his incredibly well-proportioned and sturdy body, Ye Mo said to himself in satisfaction, “Not bad, this body Susu and the others must be very satisfied.”

Even he himself was feeling a little narcissistic, fortunately there was no one here. Ye Mo looked at the Misty Immortal Spring at his feet and muttered, “What method should I use to take some of the spring water here away?”

“It’s useless even if you take it away, young man, you have to be content. Also, I hate it when people stink in front of me.” An abrupt voice came over.

Ye Mo was instantly appalled and immediately asked in a startled voice, “Who is it?”

Someone was speaking in his ear and he couldn’t even find where the voice was coming from, this cultivation level was a little too scary, right?

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you can come to me, and I will give you a great creation.” That voice came out again, seemingly right next to Ye Mo, yet seemingly in a distant place.

“Where are you?” Ye Mo calmed down and then took out his clothes and was about to put them on, while his divine sense carefully swept out. The divine sense here had limitations and there was no way to sweep further away, but Ye Mo could still sweep a dozen meters around him.

The result was, of course, that nothing was swept away, except for the Misty Spring, and the fog that lingered above it.