DYM Chapter 1726

“Many thanks.” Ye Mo clasped his fist for a moment and directly stepped into that void ripple gate.

When Misty Luan saw Ye Mo go in like that, she became a little nervous. If the Saintess hadn’t instructed her, she would have left long ago. However, she also understood that once she left, the one called Ye Mo would not be able to make a fool of himself. Although she was annoyed at Ye Mo’s arrogance and ignorance, she also had some slight expectations.

She had pa*sed through cultivation since she was a child, and because she had sufficient resources, she didn’t need to look around for cultivation resources, and after she arrived at the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, she even just knew how to cultivate. Now her cultivation had met a bottleneck, so she came out to do some odd things, the same as other disciples, and used this to calm her cultivation mind and then advance to the next level. Because of this, she had never seen what **men are like, and when that Ye Mo was teleported out later, he would definitely be **naked** and would let her see a bit.

But she was destined to be disappointed, she had waited for almost an incense stick and did not wait for Ye Mo to come out when she felt that something was not quite right. To say that Ye Mo could cultivate in the top area of the Piaomiao Immortal Spring, she would never believe it.


After Ye Mo entered through that rippling gate, he actually landed in a wooden house surrounded by all verdant immortal spirit gra*s. When I say wooden house, there was actually only a row of wooden rails, plus a wooden roof.

A faint fragrance came from it, and Ye Mo felt that this place was a place for women to cultivate. In front of the wooden house, a foggy pool, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in, but found that his divine sense could not penetrate the fog. On the side of this pool, there were three large words suspended in the void, ‘Misty Spring’.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out from here again, only to find that it was like a void, and his divine sense could only sweep into the verdant immortal spirit gra*ses. He could not touch any physical buildings at all. The only entity was this Misty Spring in front of him. There was also this wooden hut.

There were some long wooden piers inside the wooden hut. It was like a bathhouse for people to put their clothes in. This was the place for changing clothes? Ye Mo shook his head, even though he knew full well that there was no one around here to watch, he was still a little uneasy that this was someone else’s territory.

Although to an immortal, even if there was a blockage, as long as there was no defensive formation, divine sense could bypa*s it all the same. But psychologically speaking. If one stripped naked in a place where there was no obstruction, ordinary people would always have some obstacles.

Ye Mo was certainly not an ordinary person, and he casually struck out several forbidden blocks. Whether anyone saw the place or not, he also had this habit.

After setting up the prohibitions, Ye Mo took off his clothes three times. He didn’t leave his clothes here and threw them directly into his ring. When Ye Mo wanted to walk into the Ethereal Spring, he noticed that the wood of this wooden house seemed to be a bit unusual. He subconsciously touched the wood of the wooden hut with his hand, but was shocked to find that the wood was actually an eighth grade immortal wood fragrant canopy. With so many incense canopies, the emperor clan’s heritage was indeed too terrifying.

The incense canopy was a top grade immortal material for refining ornaments, and could ward off evil spirits and prevent the invasion of mind demons when cultivating. It could also automatically filter some of the impurities in the Immortal Spirit Qi, facilitating the wearer’s cultivation.

After understanding that this was an incense canopy. Ye Mo was almost about to make a move to remove this wooden hut altogether. Luckily, he still knew that it was not his own and forcibly resisted this impulse. It was not his, and once he removed it, Sister Xi Yue would not be able to speak well.

Ye Mo took a breath and walked over to the Misty Spring. The Misty Spring was covered in mist all around, and the spring was calm and waveless, so it was impossible to see anything wrong with it. This kind of place could only be visited by immortal spirit bodies? Although Ye Mo did not go inside, he also felt somewhat suspicious.

After just a moment’s hesitation, Ye Mo took a step into the misty spring and the warm spring water gushed in, Ye Mo felt so comfortable all over his body that he almost screamed.

The warm spring water surrounded him, making Ye Mo almost forget that he was here to cultivate, not to soak in a hot spring. He shook his head, that Saintess Ning’e Fairy was a little too shameless. This place was only for immortal spirit bodies to enter?

Immediately after that, Ye Mo put these thoughts aside, closed his eyes and began to run the Three Life Dictates, he didn’t choose to refine his body here, he felt that it was better to cultivate inside this Ethereal Spring than to refine his body.

“Snorting ……”

While Ye Mo was running the Three Life Dictate, the surrounding spring was like countless steel needles piercing into his body, these steel needles were getting more and more dense and piercing deeper and deeper into his body. Ye Mo was sure that if he wasn’t an immortal spirit body, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to crush the talisman in time for this blow just now.

If he was too late to crush the talisman, then he would definitely be torn into pieces by this immortal spring without a doubt. Ye Mo didn’t dare to think too much, and his body refining technique hurriedly ran, and those steel needle-like springs seemed to ease up, while they began to slowly ravage his muscles and bones, and even his meridians and dantian were not spared.

However, at this time, Ye Mo could already control these spring water steel needles, instead of being defenseless as before.

This Fairy Ning’e was after his own life?

Ye Mo’s heart suddenly winced, that terrifying danger just now, if he wasn’t an immortal spirit body, even if he was at the peak of Da Luo Xian, he wouldn’t be able to hold on, what was this Ning E doing if she wasn’t asking for his life? It would be strange for him to be able to crush the talisman under those circumstances, not to mention the life-saving talisman she gave him.

With his Body Refining Technique running, Ye Mo immediately felt the benefits of the Ethereal Spring, and then he left Immortal Ning’e to the side.

After those steel needle-like springs pierced into his body and meridians, he could clearly feel his body changing, and it seemed that some impurities in his body were taken away by those springs, and his body became clear. At the same time he could also feel his meridians and dantian changing, the steel needle-like spring water seemed to be rinsing his meridians over and over again before taking away some useless things.

As the body refining technique ran, Ye Mo soon forgot about the terrifying nature of the spring water and he felt a lazy taste. At the same time he unconsciously moved towards the centre of the Ethereal Spring, and half a column of incense later, Ye Mo even completely sank into the Ethereal Spring.

And the area around the Misty Spring once again calmed down, as if no one had ever come here before.


Thistle didn’t know what Immortal Ning’e had to do so that she could become a Saintess of the Misty Immortal Pond, and if she hadn’t heard from Feng Xi before, she might have asked her master. But now, she had absolutely no intention of doing so. It was only a matter of time before Feng Xi came back to life, so would she be able to go back to being a Saintess?

Seeing Immortal Ning’e staring at herself, Thistle shook her head apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, Sister Ning’e, you’re late with me.”

Although Immortal Ning’e guessed that Thistle and Ye Mo had an unusual relationship, when she heard Thistle say it like that, her heart still stuttered and an unspeakable disappointment surged to her heart. There weren’t many people who could take her place, it wasn’t just a matter of being pretty, but one needed top-notch qualifications. To have such qualifications, there were very few people in the Immortal World, even in the Upper Heavenly Domain.

Even if there were a few, they would have been taken away by other great clans long ago, would they be able to wait for her to find them? Thistle met this requirement not to mention that she happened to be able to get Thistle to come to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond.

But now that Thistle said no, she herself said it was too late, and it immediately left Ning’e’s heart empty, and she subconsciously inquired, “Is it because you have a beloved one? You can’t be a holy maiden?”

Thistle did not hide from Ning’e and nodded, “Yes, I have found my beloved, I will not be a holy maiden.”

Immortal Ning’e’s heart was filled with bitterness, she remembered that a month ago she had still received information that Thistle didn’t have anyone she liked, even if it was the Little Immortal King, she didn’t care. She was certain that after Thistle joined the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, even the Little Immortal King would not dare to pester her. Of course, with Thistle’s current status, Little Immortal King Roumang could only go through the clan’s method of asking for her hand in marriage.

But it hadn’t even been a month, and things had changed so drastically that Ning E couldn’t even believe it. Yet she knew that Thief had not lied to her, for all that happiness was already written on Thief’s face. She had known Thistle for a long time, and although she had not met her much, she knew that Thistle had always had a kind of sorrow between her brows, and the fact that that sorrow was now gone was the best indication of that.

“What’s wrong?” Immortal Ning’e suddenly stood up, frowning and staring at Misty Luan who had come in panic.

The panic on Misty Luan’s face could be seen without even asking. Thistle immediately stood up as well, her face instantly tense. Ye Mo had just left with Mog Luan, and now Mog Luan was the only one who came back so nervous, that meant ……

Thistle didn’t dare to think about it at all, in case something happened to Ye Mo, she couldn’t feel at ease even if she died.

“Back to Senior Sister Saintess, that Ye Mo did not come out again after he entered the top area of the Piaomiao Immortal Spring ……” Mog Luan bowed with her head lowered, although she could not be blamed for this matter, but Ye Mo was the one she brought there. She had always called Senior Sister Ning’e, but now she didn’t dare to call her that.

“I’ll go and take a look.” Fairy Ning’e was also a little nervous, she had given the talisman to Ye Mo, thinking that once Ye Mo was in danger, he would definitely crush the talisman the first time. Who knew that after Ye Mo went in, he didn’t come out? In case something happened, it would not be a good idea.

Whether it was from friendship or the fact that Ye Mo couldn’t have anything happen to him. She and Thistle were very close, and once something happened to Ye Mo, their relationship would definitely drop to a freezing point. Secondly, as a core disciple of the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect, although Jie Xie’s status was much less than her own, the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect and was not half as bad as the Piaomiao Immortal Pond in the slightest.

There was not a word left for Thistle to say, and she could only nervously follow Fairy Ning’e as she hurriedly rushed to the location of the Misty Immortal Spring.


“This is the Piaomiao Immortal Spring? There’s no danger here, why has my brother disappeared?” After seeing the calm and wave-free Ethereal Spring, Thistle’s tone was surprisingly a bit unreasonable in her anxiety.

“Duke Ye really came in here just now, I sent him in with my own eyes.” Misty Luan said eagerly.

Fairy Ning’e instead calmed down at this point, she comforted Thistle said, “Sister Xi Yue, you don’t need to worry, I’ll just try entering the Immortal Spring and see, in fact, I haven’t entered here either.”