DYM Chapter 1725

“Actually, I have some personal matters I want to talk to sister Xi Yue about, just ……” said Fairy Ning’e after pouring a cup of immortal tea for Ye Mo and Thistle one. However, she deliberately said half of the sentence, then glanced at Ye Mo, and then paused.

Her meaning was obvious, that she was talking about a daughter’s private matter, and whether or not Ye Mo was Thief’s sister, it was inappropriate to stay here.

Thistle smiled faintly, seemingly knowing that Ning E wanted to support Ye Mo, she immediately interjected, “Sister Ning E, in fact, Xi Yue came to see sister this time because she had something to ask sister’s help.”

Ning’e’s spirits were lifted when she heard Thistle’s words, it would be best if Thistle had something to ask for her help, she was afraid that Thistle would find her for nothing. Now that Thistle had opened her mouth and said that she had something to ask her, she quickly said, “Sister Ning’e just say what you have to do, as long as I can help, I won’t put it off.”

“Then I will thank Sister Ning’e in advance, this is something that Sister can definitely help ……”

Before Thistle finished her words, Ning’e felt as if something was wrong, and indeed Thistle immediately continued, “My brother heard that there was a Piaomiao Immortal Spring in the Piaomiao Immortal Pond that was extremely useful for cultivating and improving qualifications, so I boasted that I could help him go to the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to cultivate for three months …… ”

Ye Mo was amused in his heart, where had he heard of the Piaomiao Immortal Spring? All this was said by Thistle, otherwise he wouldn’t have known at all.

Ning E’s face turned a little ugly, waiting for Jie Xie to finish, she was silent for a while before saying, “Piaomiao Immortal Spring is all a place where my Piaomiao Immortal Pond core disciples, and meritorious disciples are rewarded for cultivation. And those who go in to cultivate are all fairies, and when they enter the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to cultivate, they all have to strip naked. Your brother ……”

“It’s okay. My brother won’t mind. He just needs a place that is out of the way. It won’t disturb the other senior sisters’ cultivation ……” How could Thistle not know that the Piaomiao Immortal Pond was all female disciples and immediately replied.

Ning E was depressed in her heart, saying I know your brother won’t mind, but I do, my Piaomiao Immortal Pond disciples mind.

“That, if it really doesn’t work then forget it, I’ll just take my brother away later, I can’t make things difficult for sister Ning’e.” Thistle seemed to have seen a little something. Somewhat lost in thought, she said.

“No.” Ning’e said hastily, her words had not yet been said, what would happen if Thistle went away?

Seeing Thistle look at herself in confusion, Ning’e’s heart suddenly moved, seeming to remember something, and then she spread her face and said, “Sister Xi Yue, of course I am willing to let your brother enter the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to cultivate. It’s just that there are three areas in my Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s Immortal Spring, and the ordinary cultivation areas all have disciples cultivating in them, and those are all immortal children. It is not convenient for your brother to go to cultivate. In addition to the ordinary area, there is also the advanced area, which is where my Piaomiao Immortal Pond body refiners cultivate. Usually only Immortal Nirvana Body and above can go to cultivate. Even in such places, there are disciples cultivating, so it’s still inconvenient for your brother to go ……”

Seeing that Thistle’s face seemed to be getting ugly, Ning E hurriedly continued, “Of course there is also a top cultivation area, but unfortunately that place is also a place where only body refining immortals can go in, and you need to be above the Immortal Spirit Body to do so. Alas, it’s not that I’m not helping you out, even though I’m a Saintess, I can’t make a disciple in cultivation stop cultivating and then let your brother go in.”

Ye Mo secretly laughed in his heart at this Fairy Ning’e for lifting a stone to smash his own feet, he didn’t wait for Thistle to speak before taking the initiative to say to Fairy Ning’e, “Thank you sister Ning’e, I cultivate a special technique that can really be compared to the Immortal Spirit Body, so it’s fine to go to the area where the Immortal Spirit Body refines the body.”

Ning E’s face changed and said, “This is no joke, if you can’t block it when you go in, you won’t be able to save your little life. Even if the kung fu is special, it won’t work.”

Thistle also hesitated, she had brought Ye Mo here to let him enter the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to purify his body and improve his qualifications, if his little life was in danger, she didn’t want him to risk it.

“When Ye Mo saw that Thistle hesitated, he hurriedly transmitted his voice to Thistle and said, “Sister Xi Yue, I am the body refining immortal of the immortal spirit body.”

“Ah ……,” Thistle stared at Ye Mo in a daze, she was completely surprised that Ye Mo had cultivated to Great Supreme Immortal and still had time to refine his body, and that it was an Immortal Spirit Body. Coupled with the fact that he was a Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master, where would he have so much time?

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to believe it, it was just too unbelievable. Even in the Upper Heaven Domain, there were only a very few immortals who had raised their body refining cultivation to a very high level in addition to their cultivation, but not many of them could reach Immortal Spirit Body.

Even if they could reach Immortal Spiritual Body, they were all disciples who came from large sects. Body refinement consumes no less resources than cultivation, and even more. Body refinement required all kinds of immortal spirit herbs to work with and all kinds of materials to support it. Where would Ye Mo, a casual cultivator, have so many resources to refine his body?

Of course she didn’t know that the reason why Ye Mo could refine his body so fast, apart from some of the immortal spirit herbs, was mainly due to his gong method and the bitter bamboo effect. Some of the ** and Yuan Shen damage was invisibly dissolved.

“Sister Xi Yue, you have to believe me, what I said is true.” Ye Mo saw that Thistle was dazed and hurriedly added another voice transmission. After entering the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, he felt that the Piaomiao Immortal Spring was really useful to him.

Thistle breathed out, she was already somewhat convinced that what Ye Mo said was true, but she wasn’t half happy. The Immortal Spirit Body was good, but how many hidden dangers should there be in Ye Mo’s body if he was a casual cultivator who had cultivated to the Immortal Spirit Body? Maybe the next moment, his physical body would collapse.

Understanding that Ye Mo’s body might have hidden dangers, Thistle wanted to let Ye Mo enter the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to cultivate even more. The immortal spring liquid inside the Piaomiao Immortal Spring could allow the body of a body refining immortal to recover perfectly.

“Sister Ning’e, it doesn’t matter, my brother cultivates a special technique, entering the Piaomiao Immortal Spring to cultivate will only be good for him. The dangers you mentioned are there for others, they won’t exist for my brother at all.” Thistle said with certainty.

“This ……” Fairy Ning’e froze, she couldn’t imagine that after she had said such restrictions, Thistle still asked her brother to enter the Immortal Spring to cultivate, could it be that this Ye Mo was an Immortal Spirit Body Immortal? How was this possible.

The scene was quiet for a moment, and Fairy Ning’e s heart sighed slightly, she knew that not letting Ye Mo in would not work. She had no choice but to take out a talisman and hand it to Ye Mo and said, “Then you go in and try, if there is any danger, just crush the talisman and come out immediately.”

When Thistle saw Fairy Ning’e take out this talisman, her heart was relieved, she was also afraid that something would happen to Ye Mo, this was the best.

“Misty Luan, you take Ye Mo to the top section of the Piaomiao Immortal Spring.” Fairy Ning’e gave another instruction to a female fairy outside the Four Corners Pavilion, and after she finished she looked at Ye Mo with a meaningful smile.

“Brother, cultivate at ease, if there is any danger, crush the talisman immediately, I will wait for you here.” Before Ye Mo left, Thistle was uneasy and once again admonished.

Seeing Ye Mo and Misty Luan leave, Ning E said with a bitter smile, “Sister Xi Yue, when I saw your relieved expression, I knew that you weren’t sure if Ye Mo could cultivate in the Immortal Spirit Body area either. You know that the value of my one talisman is not low.”

The reason why Fairy Ning’e took out this talisman was of course because she didn’t want anything to happen to Ye Mo, once Ye Mo did, she and Thistle would not be able to speak well.

“Sister Ning’e you are the Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, where can a talisman be considered a matter to you.” Thistle put her heart down and said with a smile.

“I won’t be a Saintess soon.” Ning’e said with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Thistle asked hurriedly, she was still grateful to Fairy Ning’e.

Ning E didn’t answer Thistle’s words, instead she looked at Thistle and asked seriously, “Sister Xi Yue, if I wanted to ask you to become a Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, would you agree?”

“Ah ……” Thistle froze, but she immediately reacted and said, “How is that possible, I am a disciple of the Hazel Moon Imperial Clan, how would I become the Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond? If that’s the case, wouldn’t that be ……”

“Is it possible I have a solution, I just want to ask sister Xi Yue if you are willing to do so?” Ning E interrupted Thistle’s words to ask seriously once again.


Ye Mo stood on the colored cloud of that lead fairy Misty Luan and asked a few questions without words, he wanted to inquire about the situation of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. But he soon found that no matter what questions he asked, the other party just ummed and didn’t have any intention of wanting to talk to him at all, so Ye Mo knew better than to continue asking.

“Senior Brother Ye, it’s already here.” While Ye Mo was still searching around with his divine sense, the Mist Luan had already landed on the coloured clouds.

Ye Mo surveyed the place in front of him, the place where he was standing was just the peak of a mountain peak, where was the immortal spring?

Misty Luan took out a jade token and slapped it down out of thin air, Ye Mo immediately found a ripple-shaped circular door in the void in front of him, the location of the door was on top of a mist-shrouded cliff. Entering through the door was like taking a step into a cliff.

“Senior Brother Ye, as long as you go inside through this door, you will be in the advanced cultivation area of the Piaomiao Immortal Spring. Once you go inside, there is a changing area inside, so you can enter the Immortal Spring to cultivate after you change your clothes. If there are any problems, you can immediately crush the talisman given to you by the Holy Maiden and immediately teleport to here

After saying that, Misty Luan’s face surprisingly blushed slightly. She had received a transmission from the Holy Maiden, yet she had to stand here and wait for the other party. Making her wait here for a **man to teleport out, it made her not feel half as good about Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo saw Misty Luan’s somewhat unnatural face, he understood on second thought. He had stripped naked and entered the Misty Immortal Spring to cultivate, if it was really like what Fairy Ning’e had guessed, he would definitely not be able to stay inside the Misty Immortal Spring. Since he couldn’t stay inside the Immortal Spring, he would immediately crush the talisman to teleport here, and at that time, his clothes would definitely be too late to wear.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, wanting to see me make a fool of myself like this, what this Saintess Ning’e did was not saintly at all.