DYM Chapter 1722

“You said you are a Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master?” Thistle repeated with some excitement.

Ye Mo said with a hmph, “Yes, the pills I used were all refined by me, I am indeed a Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master.”

“Good, that’s great, I didn’t expect you to have such talent ……” Thistle was really a bit excited, she calmed down for a while before pulling Ye Mo and said, “Originally I was thinking how to get you to the core disciples. This time it’s definitely possible. When we get back, I’ll take you to the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect and you can join the Imperial Sect. From now on, you can just cultivate, and I’ll help you get the materials you need to make pills.”

Ye Mo looked at the genuinely joyful Thistle and was grateful in his heart, Thistle was treating him as a real family member, that joy was completely from his heart.

Although it was safe to go to the Hazel Moon Imperial Clan, it wouldn’t work for Ye Mo. Firstly, the people who were going to trouble him were too scary and the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect couldn’t cover them, and secondly he had too many secrets and it was too dangerous to cultivate inside an imperial sect. Ye Mo was silent for a moment, but still said, “Sister Xi Yue, thank you. I don’t want to join a clan, I’m used to being alone and free.”

Thistle froze for a moment, but quickly said, “You are already a Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master, you really don’t need to join a clan, even the Imperial Clan would snatch you up, it’s my fault for being thoughtless. Let’s go to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond first, after we’ve been to the Immortal Pond, we’ll go to Yuan Cave Heaven and discuss it slowly on the way.”


Luo Yue Continent, Meteoric Truth Hall.

At the mouth of the stone staircase leading from the sixth level to the seventh level, three women stood here. All three were from Mochizuki City in the Southern An Continent, and if Ye Mo came back, of course he knew these three except Su Jingwen. The other two were Jing Yingli and her daughter Yimo.

“Ying Li. Is this where you and Ye Mo ended up in the first place?” Su Jingwen asked. She had the highest cultivation level among the three, and was already at the first level of cultivation of Transformation Truth.

Jing Yingli shook her head and said, “No, we went to the seventh level, we didn’t walk in at the seventh level, we were almost wiped out just after we entered, those spirit cultivators were very scary.”

Yi Mo smiled and said, “Sister Ying Li, with the strength of the three of us. There shouldn’t be any problem trying to get through the seventh floor, right?”

Jing Yingli nodded and said, “I don’t know if any Cultivators of the Cultivation Hall of Meteoric Truth have ever come in after the ancient war, but I’m sure no Cultivators of the Transformation Truth have ever come in. Sister Jing Wen is already a cultivator of the True Formation, so there shouldn’t be any problems. When the Hall of Meteoric Truth was just opened, it was said that there was an ancient battle on the seventh floor of the Hall of Meteoric Truth and many Transformation Truth cultivators fell here, so we should be careful too.”

“Yes, I also try my best to cultivate every day how come I’m still at Cultivation Cultivation level? Aunt Wen’s qualifications are too good too.” Yimo said pretending to be dissatisfied.

Su Jingwen smiled faintly, her qualifications were indeed top notch. But it was also inseparable from her desperate cultivation, she missed Ye Mo. So wanted to ascend to the immortal world sooner. Wanted to see Ye Mo. Not only her, but also the rest of the people in the City of the Moon-moon, who were not working hard to cultivate?

How could Jing Yingli not know what Su Jingwen had in mind, she said with a slight sigh in her heart, “There must have been people with similar qualifications as Sister Jingwen in the Luo Yue Continent in the past, and even more with the qualifications of both of us. But there has never been a place with the rich spiritual energy of the Moon-moon Lake, where cultivation not only has spirit pools and even immortal crystals, but also pills that are all top-notch. Even without those pills, I’m afraid that the only place that uses immortal crystals for cultivation is our Inkmoon City.”

Su Jingwen said approvingly, “Ying Li is right, we can cultivate so fast, apart from our qualifications, the immortal crystals and spirit pools are the most crucial.”

After a pause, Su Jingwen said again, “When we get to the seventh level, Yimo, you should not run around. The three of us are all together, and if we really can’t stop it, we’ll guard it until the Hall of Meteoric Truth opens. After all, there have been True Transformation cultivators here before, so it’s always good for everyone to be careful.”

Although Yimo’s strike was fierce, but Su Jingwen was also afraid that something would happen to Yimo, in case something happened to Yimo, she was sorry for Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo and Jing Yingli came in, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s help, Jing Yingli wouldn’t have been able to withstand that kind of pressure. However, this time, although the three of them also felt the pressure, they entered the seventh level with ease.

Jing Yingli was able to feel the progress in person, as YuanYing and XingDing were not on the same level at all. She was also secretly grateful to Ye Mo in her heart, if it wasn’t for the Immortal Crystals Ye Mo had left her, how could she have advanced to the Cultivated Tripod? Or to the peak of Void God was even very good.

“Back then, Ye Mo was also struggling, but now the three of us coming up here are not struggling, which means that things are possible.” Jing Yingli smiled and said.

“Why is the aura on the seventh layer so patchy and unpleasant? It’s not even as good as the fifth level?” Yimo asked in confusion as he stood on the seventh floor of the Meteoric Truth Hall.

Jing Yingli said in a low voice, “There are spirit cultivators on this floor, let’s be careful, spirit cultivators like this kind of place.”

A gust of coldness attacked over, and the space around them seemed to be caving in.

“This is a Spirit Cultivator sneak attack, not a space collapse, you have to be careful and use the Strange Fire.” Jing Yingli said in a deep voice.

“I’ll do it.” Yi Mo raised his hand and twelve thunder beads flew up, countless thunder arcs flashed and the surrounding grey spatial collapse disappeared in an instant. A ‘snorting’ scorching smell, attached to some screaming came out, while the surroundings seemed to clear up once again.

Su Jingwen smiled faintly and said, “I finally believe the words of others now, so many people went to the City of Moon-moon to sue, Yimo you have done a lot of bad things outside, right?”

Ye Mo brushed aside his mouth and said, “I wouldn’t do anything bad, the few guys I taught a lesson to were all nosy ones who didn’t have eyes to nag. Otherwise I wouldn’t be in the mood to teach others a lesson, I want to ascend to the immortal world early, just like Aunt Wen. There’s really nothing more to do in Nan’an Continent, and when I get out of here, I’d like to go to the Heartless Sea for a while. Right, Aunt Wen, Sister Ying Li, do you want to come with me?”

Su Jingwen’s face sank this time and she said, “The Heartless Sea is not Nan’an Continent. The City of Moons in Nan’an Continent has a very high status and has become the leading city in Nan’an Continent, so everyone else will give it some face. But the Heartless Sea is different, there are demonic beasts rampant there and various forces, you are definitely not allowed to enter the Heartless Sea until you have reached the late stage of Transformation.”

“Actually, I was originally living in the Heartless Sea, my master took me to the Heartless Sea to kill demonic beasts back ……”

As Yi Mo was still muttering, he was interrupted by Su Jingwen without hesitation, “No matter what, the Heartless Sea is not allowed to go now.”

“Boom boom ……” There was a muffled sound as a long line of neatly arranged teams rushed over, carrying a familiar face.

“This ……” This procession instantly interrupted Su Jingwen and Yimo’s conversation, and immediately after Yimo said one word in confusion, he knew it was his mind that was being confused.

“Attack, this is Spiritual Cultivation’s Confused Mind.” After Su Jingwen said in a deep voice, she raised her hand and an ice blade chopped out. The ice blade was all of several feet long, and as soon as it went out, it cut off the booming group.

Jing Yingli also sacrificed her flute and struck a stream of flame.

The sharpest of all was Yimo, who had originally only sacrificed twelve beads, but by now she had sacrificed thirty-six thunder beads.

The thirty-six thunder beads brought up three levels of lightning, and once those shadows in the grey mist were struck by these lightning bolts, they instantly collapsed clean. Even the invisible shadows were dissipated under the lightning of these thunder beads. In just a blink of an eye, the surrounding mist was once again empty, and those illusions from before disappeared.

“Why can’t I find a single Pure Spirit Pearl, sigh.” Yimo let the thirty-six thunder pearls swirl around his head, and said with a sigh while doing so.

“Your thirty-six thunder pearls are of a different grade, the spirit cultivators here are at too low a level, they would die if they knocked, there is no way to leave behind a pearl of purity. In the beginning, big brother Ye was also lucky enough to get a Pure Spirit Pearl.” Jing Yingli replied.

Only at this moment did she feel relieved, back then she and Ye Mo were both at the YuanYing cultivation level, and even if Ye Mo was unbelievably unbelievable, it was still difficult to move an inch in this seventh level. And now, she didn’t even have to do anything, she only had to rely on Yi Mo alone.

Yimo said dejectedly, “The other twenty-four thunder beads that Grandpa Lu Wuhu helped me refine are not the original ones, there are always some differences, sigh.”

Su Jingwen said with a tearful smile, “Just be content, there are a few people who can have the Land Weapon Gods refine their weapons. Senior Lu helped you refine twenty-four extremely high quality True Weapon Thunder Beads at once, and you’re still not satisfied.”

“Actually, what Yimo meant was to say that if the Land Weapon God could come to the City of the Moon-moon earlier, he could still meet Big Brother Ye.” Jing Yingli understood what Yimo meant and smiled to help.

“Let the fight begin.” Another burst of gloomy coldness hit him, and Yi Mo directly sacrificed thirty-six thunder beads to roll up the sky and spill out the lightning. Jing Yingli and Su Jingwen simply didn’t have to do anything, they just had to look after one or two on the side.

Two Cultivators of the Cultivation and one Cultivator of the Transformation, the rank in this Hall of Meteoric Truth was too high. The most fearsome of those spirit cultivators were only equivalent to condensed bodies, and under the ravages of the thirty-six thunder pearls, even if they were concealed, they were strangled away in pieces.

Jing Yingli and Su Jingwen ended up simply collecting some immortal spirit herbs at the edge.

The further back they went, the more cultivator remains the trio found, and Jing Yingli was even more nervous as she looked around.

When Yi Mo swept away another patch of grey mist, a not-so-large pavilion suddenly appeared in front of the trio, with three words written on it, ‘True God Pavilion’.

“So this is the ‘True God Pavilion’?” Yimo asked as she looked at the small pavilion in confusion.

After saying that she remembered something and said again, “I heard that the ‘True God Pavilion’ has an extremely large number of gong methods and magic treasures, I wonder if it’s …… sister Yingli, what’s wrong with you?”

It was only then that Yi Mo noticed Jing Ying Li flinging herself onto a corpse and crying in pain, with a ring cupped in her hand.

Su Jingwen went over and pulled up Jing Yingli and said, “Your grandmother’s spirit in heaven is already very happy that you were able to find her ……”

Before Jing Yingli could say anything, the three of them suddenly found that the ‘True God Pavilion’ in front of them had suddenly disappeared again, and a cold, terrifying aura swept over, so that even the three of them could not help but detach themselves from it.

Jing Yingli instantly understood that this terrifying cold aura was the Spiritual Cultivator Commander of the seventh level, a strength that even Su Jingwen was afraid would not be able to stop.