DYM Chapter 1721

Feeling that Thistle’s breath was disordered, Ye Mo was at his wits’ end. He suddenly thought of what would happen if he also lost his beloved one day. Thinking of this Ye Mo winced, such a thing would never be allowed to happen. He had to be strong and grabbing the time to go to Yuan Cave Genius was the most important thing.

After a long time, Thistle suddenly stood up, her face was incomparably pale, and two lines of traces of blood tears still hung on her pure white face. But what rea*sured Ye Mo was that her breath had finally settled down a bit.

“Ye Mo, thank you, unfortunately my couple has no way to repay you ……” Thistle said and bowed deeply to Ye Mo.

“After I die, please bury me and Feng Xi together ……”

When Thistle said this, Ye Mo immediately knew that it was not good, Thistle was going to fall on her own. Without even thinking, he was dozens of divine sense swords going over, while a single immortal energy struck Thistle’s body, blocking Thistle’s immortal energy from operating.

Thistle stared at Ye Mo in shock, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo could stop her from meting out her own death, this cultivation level was simply not inferior to hers at all. She had to know that she was a genius, and for Ye Mo to be able to do this, couldn’t it be described as a genius? It seemed that the technique he had just disrupted the operation of his sea of consciousness was a divine sense technique.

Even if she was defenceless and did not do anything to resist, it would not be easy for a Great Supreme Immortal to seal her off.

In his haste, how could Ye Mo have thought of that much. No matter which way he looked at it, he didn’t want Thistle to die. If Thistle really died, he would also be finished.

Not to mention the Hazel Moon Imperial Sect, even that little immortal king could find an excuse to deal with him. Although he was friends with Ji Shu and Qi Beicang and the others, but how long had he only known them then? That relationship was still far from reaching the point of going to fight hard for him against an Immortal Emperor, right? Besides, even if they had reached it. The rank and backstage of Ji Shu’s few people were also far from the same.

“Why are you stopping me?” Ji Shu’s shock at Ye Mo only pa*sed in an instant. In turn, Ye Mo’s awesome strike was forgotten cleanly. All that was on her mind was why Ye Mo was stopping her from going with Feng Xi.

Ye Mo sighed and said, “First of all, let’s not say that if something happens to you here, the first person to get hurt is me. Even if that’s not the case, I don’t think you should fall on your own.”

Thistle was just thinking about the transition of Feng Xi, and now once Ye Mo said it, she immediately understood and said apologetically in a hurry, “Ye Mo is sorry, I didn’t think of it.”

Ye Mo nodded and casually unsealed the immortal energy ban that had sealed Jie Xie. Thistle once again bent down and gave a salute to Ye Mo. He looked extremely respectful. Just now, although Ye Mo had hastily sealed her immortal energy ban, it would have been a simple matter for her to break free, but she didn’t do so.

“Fairy Xi Yue, listen to me finish my words, if you still want to fall on your own, I won’t stop you.” Ye Mo looked at Thistle and said.

“You say it.” Thistle nodded her head.

“Actually, the person who really killed Feng Xi should be his father Feng Chun, you should at least teach Feng Chun a lesson, that person has no humanity left.” Ye Mo had contempt for this Feng Chun guy, this man was too despicable.

Thistle was silent, Ye Mo understood what she meant. Feng Chun was considered Feng Xi’s father at any rate, and was likewise her father-in-law. It was normal for her to have scruples in her heart.

“Good, even if we don’t talk about Feng Chun’s matter, your father should still be alive, right? When your father took you away, did he not ascend?” Ye Mo once again searched for Thistle’s hope to live.

Thistle said with a hoarse hmmm, “Yes, my father should have already ascended and is probably still in the Lower Heaven Domain. Originally, I planned to go to the Lower Heavenly Realm to look for my father when I advanced to Immortal King, but now ……”

“I won’t talk about the dangers of the Immortal Realm, even if you come from an Immortal Emperor clan, you should know something about it. If you die, your father or more difficult. Of course these are not what I want to say the most, what I want to say the most is that you have heard about the True Saint Emperor, right?”

Ye Mo knew that now that Thistle had dispelled the idea of self-destruction, he just needed to give the other party another reason to live.

Thistle nodded once again and said, “Yes, I have heard of it.”

Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “A remnant of a True Saint Emperor’s soul may also be resurrected, it just has to go through countless years, and right now, the tear-stained relic in your hand has a remnant of Feng Xi’s own imprisoned soul. When you advance to Immortal Emperor, won’t you know that you can’t bring Feng Xi back to life again?”

This was nonsense from Ye Mo, he knew that Feng Xi’s situation was different from that of the True Saint Emperor, yet he knew that Feng Xi must not want Thistle to fall on her own either. Only if Thistle survived, it might be the greatest comfort to Feng Xi.

Thistle’s hand that grabbed Feng Xi’s tear-stained relic shook, her eyes instantly filled with life, and then she said in a trembling voice, “Why didn’t I think of that, I was too selfish, I should have thought of that ……”

After saying that Thistle bowed to Ye Mo once again and said, “Senior Brother Ye, thank you, thank you, you saved me and Feng Xi once again.”

“Fairy Xi Yue, I just said what I should have said, it was nothing in the first place.” Ye Mo hastily waved his hand and said.

“Ye Mo, I am foolishly a few years older than you, if you don’t mind, let’s call each other sister and brother, from now on you can just call me Sister Xi Yue directly.” Thistle’s eyes showed sincerity, while she had completely treated Ye Mo as someone close to her at this time. Ye Mo had brought Feng Xi’s relics, saved Feng Xi, and saved her.

“Sister Xi Yue, since that’s the case, Ye Mo will not be pretentious.” Ye Mo hurriedly said. Both Thistle and Feng Xi, he admired them both.

“Mm, younger brother.” Thistle called out to Ye Mo in satisfaction and then gave herself a de-dusting decision. What was dead and dull just a moment ago was already bursting with life in the blink of an eye.

She took the initiative to go forward and pull Ye Mo’s hand and walked to a boulder next to her and sat down before saying, “You must have thought in your heart that you were comforting me with that comment that Feng Xi couldn’t be saved, right?”

Ye Mo was embarra*sed and had no words to say.

However, Thistle said with a faint smile, “Back then, when Feng Xi warmed up my divine soul, part of his divine soul was inside me and was hidden in the deepest part of my sea of consciousness. In my excitement just now, I didn’t even think that the relics you brought had Feng Xi’s essence blood. Perhaps it won’t be long before I can allow Feng Xi’s divine soul and essence blood to fuse together and reshape Feng Xi’s physical body. So, I want to thank you. Without you, I almost did something stupid just now, and I am sorry to both Feng Xi and my father.”

Ye Mo froze, what Thistle said was really true, the divine soul that Feng Xi left behind at the beginning was different from others, it was all without any consciousness, without Feng Xi’s essence blood, it would definitely end up dissipating one way or another. Now that he had brought Feng Xi’s essence blood, it was the same as saving Feng Xi’s life.

After understanding this, Ye Mo was also overjoyed, he could not have imagined that the relic that Feng Xi had inadvertently given to him could end up bringing him back to life. This chance of resurrection was far too much greater than that of a True Saint Emperor.

“Take this, this is my communication bead, in the future, if anyone dares to treat you disrespectfully in the Upper Heaven Domain, you can tell me directly.” Thistle took out a communication bead and handed it to Ye Mo, her communication bead was not available to anyone else except her master and her two extremely good friends, and now she took the initiative to give one to Ye Mo.

“Your cultivation level should be far higher than the average Great to Immortal, and I think it is unlikely that an average Great Luo Immortal would want to keep you.” Thistle added after a moment’s thought, she didn’t mention the matter of Ye Mo’s divine Sense Technique.

Ye Mo put away the communication beads and didn’t explain, did he need to run if an ordinary Da Luo Immortal met him?

“Where are you planning to go?” Thistle was very close to Ye Mo, she really treated Ye Mo as her brother.

“I’m planning to go to Yuan Cave Heaven to make a break for it, I heard that there is a Dao Enquiry Exchange Conference in Yuan Cave Heaven in half a year, I still want to go and see it.” Ye Mo replied, he trusted that Thistle would not divulge about him, but the legacy of the Hao Tian Emperor, he still did not say.

Thistle came from an immortal emperor clan with many resources, there was no use telling her, it would be good for him to get these legacies himself.

Thistle said in silence for a moment, “The Saintess of the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, Fairy Ning’e, has invited me over as a guest, why don’t you come with me to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, brother?”

Ye Mo would never go to the Piaomiao Immortal Pond, he didn’t even think about refusing.

But before he could refuse, he was stopped by Thistle’s hand, “The most famous thing about the Piaomiao Immortal Pond is the Piaomiao Immortal Spring, and I’m considered good friends with that Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s holy maiden, Fairy Ning’e. You, as a casual cultivator, must be lacking in resources. The Piaomiao Immortal Spring is not only the best place to cultivate, but it is also an excellent place to refine your body.”

After saying that Thistle looked at Ye Mo cautiously and said, “You don’t refine your body, but the Piaomiao Immortal Spring can raise the level of an immortal’s physical body and will be more beneficial to your future cultivation. That Piaomiao Immortal Spring is very precious, I think if I speak up, Fairy Ning’e should agree.”

Ye Mo thumped his heart, not only was he a body refining immortal but he was also an immortal spirit body. His body refinement all came from **forced confrontation, such as spatial wind blades, void storms, inflammatory rivers and waves, and so on. This type of body refining is the most common, but if it is not adjusted properly, it will affect the physical body and even affect the advancement later on. And there is another way of refining the body, which is the special immortal spirit liquid that Thistle said.

This special immortal spirit liquid could bring balance to an immortal’s flesh and remove hidden illnesses, allowing the body refiner to take his or her body to the next level and be able to ask for higher realms. The Drifting Immortal Spring that Thistle was talking about was undoubtedly this kind of thing.

“That’s fine. But Sister Xi Yue, if the other party doesn’t agree, we won’t ask for it.” Ye Mo now wanted to give it a try even if he was rejected for the sake of cultivation resources, to him, there was nothing else that could affect him now except for cultivation.

“Don’t worry.” Thistle smiled faintly, the hint of sorrow that was still vaguely lingering between his brows a few days ago had long since disappeared.

“Leave these pills for you, I have a lot of stuff here.” Thistle said as she took out a ring and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept the pills inside the ring, they were all good immortal pills for cultivation from Great to Great Luo Immortal, he handed the ring back to Jie Xie once again and said with a smile, “Sister Xi Yue, I’m actually still a top grade six immortal pill master.”

“What?” Thistle was once again dumbfounded, a Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master?