DYM Chapter 1719

“I’ve heard of Bitter Bamboo, it’s one of the Ten Great Spiritual Roots. I’ve heard that cultivating under Bitter Bamboo is free from mind demons and has a great ability to comprehend.” Jiu Suoyan said in a jab.

“That’s right.” Ji Shu nodded and continued, “Just because all the things that the True Sage Emperor obtained were all unique things, he was met with jealousy by others. And I heard that the True Saint Emperor was unruly and never reasoned with others, just killing anyone who offended in his hands.

Once when the nine Saint Emperors gathered, he took a fancy to the daughter of another Saint Emperor and pointed directly at that Saint Emperor’s daughter and said, ‘You will be with me from now on’, thus showing how strong the True Saint Emperor was. The True Saint Emperor’s strength and unruly nature finally brought him disaster, and at one point, he was finally besieged by the rest of the eight Saint Emperors jointly.”

Qi Beicang said disdainfully, “Of course a siege is just an excuse, who knows which Saint Emperors are really uncomfortable with the True Saint Emperor’s unruliness or because of something else? I heard that the reason why the True Saint Emperor was besieged was because he had obtained the Bitter Bamboo. Because that Bitter Bamboo was unwilling to take the Sage Emperor seriously as its master, the other Sage Emperors asked the True Sage Emperor to take out the Bitter Bamboo to see who could make the Bitter Bamboo acknowledge its master, and the True Sage Emperor disagreed, resulting in a fight.”

Yin Huan said in a low voice in a hurry, “Bei Cang, don’t talk about the rest of the Saint Emperors.”

Although Qi Beicang was still unimpressed, he nodded and did not continue to speak ill of the rest of the Saint Emperors.

“Although the True Saint Emperors were a*sa*sinated before, that great battle was simply a battle in which the sun and moon lost their light, the heavens and the earth changed colour, and the stars and the dou moved sideways. I heard that there was only one heavenly realm in the immortal world in the distant past, and because of that great battle, the immortal world split into the thirty-three heavens. As the years went by. The void was divided. The immortal spiritual energy in each of the thirty-three heavens was different. In the end, three major domains were formed, the upper, middle and lower.”

Ji Shu’s words shook Ye Mo to his core, he never thought that the Thirty-Three Heavens came to be broken by nine Saint Emperors, how many people had to die?

“Then wouldn’t the people of the Immortal Realm at that time ……” Ye Mo asked in shock.

Ji Shu said with a hmph, “That’s right, at that time, it could be said that there were not ten living souls left in the Thirty-three Heavens, and the rules of the Immortal Realm were broken, causing difficulties for Immortals to comprehend the laws. So after that great battle, no more Saint Emperors came into existence. At that time, that great battle. I heard that only four to five of the nine Saint Emperors were left behind.”

No wonder Hao Tian Da Di said four to five Saint Emperors, Ye Mo finally understood. Thinking about what he was carrying, Ye Mo’s heart was surprisingly vaguely uneasy, and he asked worriedly, “Brother Ji, what about the True Saint Emperors?”

“The True Saint Emperor’s flesh and Yuan Shen were both destroyed under the siege of eight Saint Emperors. However, I have heard that the True Saint Emperor did not actually fall, and that he had a trace of his Yuan Shen that escaped into the void. In order to avoid being decimated by the rest of the Saint Emperors, that sliver of the Yuan Shen transformed into countless spirit cultivators, which continued to grow. In the void, they devoured the spirits. Many heavenly immortal ships in the void, once they encountered this kind of spiritual cultivator transformed by the genital spirit. They would be exterminated cleanly, and this spirit cultivator Yuan Shen would slowly grow stronger after devouring countless immortals’ Yuan Shen and god souls.”

Only here did Ji Shu look at Ye Mo and ask, “Now do you understand what a ghost ship is? A ghost ship is a spiritual cultivator formed by a fragmented soul of the Holy Emperor’s Yuan Shen, invisible and untouchable. The higher the level of the spirit cultivator in the ghost ship, the greater the chance of an immortal falling after meeting it. Of course, this is only a legend, as to whether the ghost ship is really caused by the true saint emperor’s split soul, I am not sure.”

“In wouldn’t it be the same as the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Bug?” Ye Mo replied in amazement, the Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect is where several split souls gradually grow stronger and finally fuse together to grow perfectly.

“It seems to be similar, but in fact the difference is huge. The split souls of the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect need to be controlled by a person, while the split soul genesis of the True Saint Emperor will actively seek out the rest of the split souls to fuse and then grow again once they grow to a certain point.” Ji Shu explained.

Ye Mo became more and more frightened, he didn’t expect that the ghost ship he met might be a spiritual cultivator of a split soul of the True Saint Emperor, this was a little too frightening. If it was really like Ji Shu said, he was too lucky to have escaped from the ghost ship. Whether it was or not, Ye Mo was secretly thankful in his heart that he had used the concealment ban when he used the Bitter Bamboo Leaf. Even so, he wasn’t sure if the Bitter Bamboo had been exposed.

“Why don’t the rest of the Saint Emperors care about those ghost ships?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

Ji Shu, however, shook his head this time and said, “I also heard about it, after that big battle, the rest of the Saint Emperors seemed to rarely come out and even disappeared. It is estimated that they are all seriously injured as well. As for the ghost ship, no one is even bothered about it. The best place for spiritual cultivators to cultivate is in the void, the ghost ship doesn’t go to the Heavenly Domain, and no Immortal Emperors in the Heavenly Domain are willing to meddle, or dare to meddle.”

“What about those top-level magic treasures of the True Saint Emperors?” This was what Ye Mo was concerned about.

This time Qi Beicang jacked in and said, “I’ve heard of some of this, I heard that the True Saint Emperor’s top level magic treasures have been exiled to various locations in the 33 Heavens of the Immortal Realm, and even in the void, and some of the lower level magic treasures have also been exiled to the Cultivation Realm ……”

Ye Mo’s heart was shocked when he heard this, he instantly understood, was the Meteoric True Hall that appeared in the Luo Yue Continent one of the True Saint Emperor’s magic treasures?

The more Ye Mo thought about it, the more right he was, the seventh level of the Meteoric True Hall had a spiritual cultivator, or it was controlled by a sliver of the True Sage Emperor’s split soul. If this was really the case, then the opening of the Hall of Meteoric Truth once every thirty years would be a conspiracy. Every thirty years countless elite cultivators would enter the Hall of Meteoric Truth and then send their souls to the spirit cultivators. Only cultivators with extremely strong qualifications and souls could get to the seventh level, and getting to the seventh level was just the right time to give away food.

At the same time, Ye Mo also thought of the Bitter Bamboo and a World Stone he had obtained in the Meteoric Truth Forbidden Land, if that was true, they would all belong to the True Sage Emperor. Now that he got them, when the True Saint Emperor recovered, the first thing he would do was to destroy him, Ye Mo, and people could destroy him in one breath.

If he could still resist Lu Zhengqun and Immortal King He Yi and the others for a moment or two, then when he faced the True Saint Emperor, he could only wash his neck and wait.

Now he could only hope that what Ji Shu had said was a legend and did not in fact exist. However, Ye Mo knew very well in his heart that at least most of these legends that Ji Shu spoke of were true, if not all of them were true. If that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t have been a Meteoric Truth Hall. Had he known this. He would have stayed in the Cultivation Realm for a longer period of time after his transformation into a true being. He had simply entered the Hall of Meteoric Truth once more and refined that Hall of Meteoric Truth.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face was a bit ugly. Ji Shu took the initiative and said, “Let’s gather here today, Brother Ye, are you going to stay at my cave or ……”

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “I’d better go to Immortal City and rent a cave house.”

“No problem, leave these matters to me.” Ji Shu immediately replied.


This was already the third day after Ye Mo and Ji Shu’s few gatherings, and Ye Mo was still meditating in his cave mansion at this time.

The cave house was rented with Ji Shu’s help, and the immortal spirit energy was incomparably dense not to mention that the environment was also excellent. Although Ye Mo was satisfied with the cave house, and the few friends he had made in Fei Xia Immortal City Ye Mo also felt good about it. However, Ye Mo was still preoccupied.

Lu Zhengqun he really didn’t put in his eyes, and even Immortal King He Yi he didn’t particularly care about. It was only a matter of time before he himself would surpa*s these people.

But what about the True Saint Emperor? If the True Saint Emperor recovered completely, where could he, Ye Mo, still survive? Several of the True Sage Emperor’s items had fallen into his hands, so would the True Sage Emperor be able to let him go? What’s more, when the True Saint Emperor and the rest of the Saint Emperors fought it was because of the Bitter Bamboo, and now the Bitter Bamboo was one of the most important things he had.

Ye Mo didn’t have the heart to stay here anymore, he planned to go to Yuan Cave Heaven first and get the Hao Tian Emperor’s inheritance beforehand.

After deciding, Ye Mo went to look for Ji Shu to resign the first time. He did not find Ji Shu, after the party ended three days ago. Ji Shu had gone out with Yin Huen, Qi Beicang and Jiu Shu Yan, seemingly on some important business.

Ye Mo did not find Ji Shu at his residence. He left after leaving a message that he was going to Yuan Cave Heaven first.


Before, when Ye Mo was with Ji Shu and the others, everyone didn’t treat him as an outsider and he didn’t feel it. But now that he was walking alone on the spacious and incomparable streets, the reflection showed his shabbiness.

Everyone else was clothed in Luo and precious clothes, and at the very least, they had luxurious armour, while he only had an ordinary outer shirt on him, and even his inner armour was extremely ordinary. Ye Mo had recently undergone frequent tribulations and body refinements, not to mention the inner armour, even the defensive magic treasures had all been consumed by him. The magic treasures he had on him now were all refined later in the void with ‘Void Secret Silver’, which was suitable for refining defensive immortal weapons and attack immortal weapons, but not for refining armour and inner armour.

Ye Mo did not care about the clothes being far different from others, what he wanted was how to get to Yuan Cave Heaven.

Transmission between the heavenly domains also required millions of immortal crystals, and Ye Mo would need immortal crystals to go to Yuan Cave Heaven. All his immortal crystals had been taken away by the Void Rift Teleportation Formation, so he really didn’t have any more millions of immortal crystals to take out.

A beautiful immortal music instrument came out, and Ye Mo, who was walking on the street, was immediately attracted to it. Immediately afterwards, he saw twelve fairies dressed in extremely thin robe coming on coloured clouds, these fairies were playing fairy music while slowly moving the coloured clouds.

The colourful clouds moved with great rhythm, as if they were dancing, making it extremely relaxing to watch, and with the fairy music, it made people feel as if they were in a fantasy world. In the centre of the four coloured clouds, there was a huge lotus cloud, on which there was no one, as if waiting for someone to go up.

The immortals on the spacious street gave way when they saw these immortals stepping on the colourful cloud. Ye Mo also followed the immortals on this street and gave way, giving the spacious street to these fairies playing immortal music.

Just as Ye Mo wondered what these people were up to, these fairies playing fairy music all stopped and began to scatter flowers.

“Colourful clouds of immortal music plus fairies scattering flowers to greet, who is Piaomiao Immortal Pond greeting this time, what a big grandeur ……”

“This is nothing, just look at the twelve sounds of Piaomiao that are coming here.”

The whispered chatter around the room immediately surprised Ye Mo in his heart, the Piaomiao Immortal Pond was an eight star sect in the South An Continent, when Light Snow first arrived in the South An Continent, it was at the Piaomiao Immortal Pond. I didn’t expect this Piaomiao Immortal Pond to have such a big status in the Immortal Realm? Even the Upper Heavenly Domain?