DYM Chapter 1717

Ji Shu said with a faint smile, “Yes, but I never relied on my father, I got to where I am today because I struggled on my own, and it has nothing to do with my father. Of course, others might give me some help for the sake of my father.”

To Ji Shu’s words here, Ye Mo believed it, the fact that Ji Shu could go alone to the Endless Inferno River in the Void Rift to refine his body showed that he was different from other young lords of the city. At least in the path of cultivation, he would not be afraid.

“Fine, then let’s go to Fei Xia Immortal City and take a look.” Ye Mo agreed with Ji Shu’s words, he hadn’t seen the Immortal City in the Upper Heaven Domain, so it would be good to go to Fei Xia Immortal City to have a look.


Ye Mo had seen the immortal cities of the Lower Heavenly Domain and the immortal cities of the Middle Heavenly Domain. He was already in a surging mood when he first saw the Bizarre Immortal City. Later on, he had seen more and more immortal cities and had considered himself to have seen the world. Even when he arrived at the Noe Immortal City in the Middle Heaven Domain, that kind of grandeur Ye Mo did not think much of it.

But after arriving at Fei Xia Immortal City today, Ye Mo once again felt that he was a bit of a rustic. Not to mention the inside of the Immortal City, even the outside of the Immortal City was extremely dense with Immortal Spirit Qi. For someone who was used to the immortal spiritual qi of the Lower and Middle Heaven Domains, suddenly coming to a place with such a dense immortal spiritual qi, he was really not quite used to it.

The huge gates of the Immortal City were even a hundred feet away, and the city walls were even more impossible to touch with divine sense, only knowing that there were walls over there, but not knowing the exact height of the walls, or what materials were used to build them up.

It was clear to Ye Mo that this must be due to the top-level formations, and this kind of immortal city was most suitable for defence.

After entering the Immortal City with Ji Shu, what attracted Ye Mo was not the dense Immortal Spirit Qi instead. Instead, it was the streets of the Immortal City and the surrounding merchant buildings. The signboards of many of the merchant buildings were all made of top grade immortal jade. Some even had their doors inlaid with various top-grade immortal materials.

The streets here were at least ten times wider than the streets of the immortal cities in the Middle Heaven Domain. Ye Mo also noticed that the clothes on the immortals entering and leaving the merchant buildings were all good grade immortal weapons that were not only beautiful, but also defensive magic treasures.

“Is the Upper Heaven Domain all this rich?” Ye Mo muttered to himself in awe. Not only was the immortal spirit energy here incredibly dense, but the immortals that came and went seemed to be incredibly wealthy as well.

“Hehe, don’t look at the fact that all the immortals here are going in and out of high-cla*s immortal buildings and are wearing damask and treasure shirts, hehehe, in fact, these are all superficial phenomena. In the Upper Heaven Domain Immortal City if you dress too poorly. People will look down on you. Many people even have a little bit of their family belongings on their bodies, don’t envy them.” Ji Shu patted Ye Mo’s shoulder and said.

Ye Mo laughed bitterly and shook his head, hearing Ji Shu’s words he finally understood. No wonder from the Immortal City’s gates coming in to this surroundings were extremely luxurious, it turned out that the theme of the Immortal City in the Upper Heavenly Domain was to compare, this seemed too vulgar, right?

In fact, Ye Mo has not really figured out the situation of the Upper Heavenly Domain Immortal City, immortal city climbing is indeed one aspect, more importantly if you get a look at the poor, whether you go to the immortal building to buy things or go out to find resources, people do not take you to play.

For the truly rich immortals. The damask and treasure shirt they wear outside is just a cover, their inner armor is the real immortal treasure.

“Ji Shu ……” a hoarse voice rang out. Ye Mo and Ji Shu, who were talking, looked up at the same time.

The one who called Ji Shu was a square-faced immortal, and like Ji Shu, both were at the late stage of Da Luo Xian cultivation.

“Haha, I was just about to go look for you guys, I didn’t expect to meet you guys just as I returned.” Ji Shu laughed and had pulled Ye Mo over.

Ye Mo had long seen that it wasn’t just one person coming across, there were at least five people, three men and two women.

When Ji Shu greeted a few people, Ye Mo was staring at one of the extremely beautiful female immortals in a bit of a daze. He saw that the extremely beautiful female immortal was surprisingly somewhat familiar, the feeling he couldn’t say, but it was just familiar.

The female immortal that made Ye Mo somewhat familiar did not look enthusiastic, nor did she have much of an expression on her face, and she even had some thoughts between her brows.

A blue fitted fairy dress, with a flute sticking out of her back, her appearance was not at all inferior to the Fairy Kaoran that Ye Mo had seen back then.

Ye Mo was a bit puzzled, it was only logical that he should know someone he was somewhat familiar with, but this female immortal he surprisingly didn’t seem to have seen before.

“Brother Ye, Ye Mo ……,” Ji Shu immediately became a little embarra*sed when he saw Ye Mo staring at the female fairy across the room without blinking. He hastily pulled Ye Mo, and in his heart, he was a bit amused, this Brother Ye has seen a lot, he probably hasn’t had much contact with pretty fairies, it would be good to introduce a few to him when the time comes.

“Hmph ……” The Da Luo Xian with slender eyes on the opposite side had long since noticed Ye Mo’s rudeness, and immediately just gave a cold snort to express his dissatisfaction.

Ye Mo woke up with a start, he seemed to have acted a bit too much, and hastily withdrew his gaze and cupped his fist, “Because it’s the first time I saw such a beautiful fairy, I was a bit rude.”

“Brother Ji, this new friend of yours is really interesting. Good, some people wouldn’t dare to say it even if they were rude, you’re a friend I’ve made for Qi Beicang.”

The one who spoke was another Da Luo Immortal, handsome beyond compare, clutching a golden folding fan in his hand, which set off even more of a Confucian Immortal aura than others.

“Haha, let me introduce.” Ji Shu hurriedly laughed, interrupting Ye Mo’s embarra*sment and said, “Ye Mo, this is Qi Beicang, the young city lord of Pingliang Immortal City, suave and elegant, known as the fairy killer, as long as the fairy he sees will definitely fall into his gentle trap.”

Ji Shu introduced the very same handsome Da Luo Immortal who had just said that Ye Mo dared to do something, and Ye Mo hastened to clasp his fist in greeting.

“This is Si Shi Yu, a core disciple of Hazel Moon Immortal Mountain, Hazel Moon Immortal Mountain is one of the top Immortal Sects in my Chang Rong Heaven, an Imperial Sect. Ye Mo should get close to Brother Si in the future ……”

Si Shi Yu was the Da Luo Immortal who had just coldly snorted at Ye Mo, Si Shi Yu did not wait for Ji Shu to finish his introduction before he said blandly, “I am not very fond of a*sociating with horny people, I appreciate the kindness of Brother Ji.”

However, Ji Shu did not care and did not explain to Ye Mo, but pointed to the female immortal wearing a green immortal dress and said, “Brother Ye, this is Jiu Shu Yan, the personal disciple of the head of the Sound Sword Sect of the Immortal Exaltation Sect. The Sound Sword Sect is also one of the great sects of my Chang Rong Heaven.”

That Jiu Shuuyan was polite, and when she was introduced, she even took the initiative to come out and give Ye Mo a greeting.

After Ye Mo and Jiu Shu Yan had greeted each other, Ji Shu then pointed to the square-faced Da Luo Xian who had greeted him before and said, “This is Brother Yin Huun ……”

Not waiting for Ji Shu to finish, that square-faced Yin Huun said with a laugh in a hoarse voice once again, “I am a scattered cultivator, I don’t have the luxurious origins of the rest of you.”

“I’m also a casual cultivator.” Ye Mo however felt that among these few people, this Yin Hunch’s cultivation level seemed to be the highest. These people were considered to be divided into groups, not only were they all Da Luo Immortals not to mention that, but apart from that Yin Huun, the rest of them seemed to have uncomplicated origins.

“This is Thistle, who is also a core disciple of Hazel Moon Immortal Mountain, and his master is even ……”

Ji Shu was still introducing the blue-skirted female immortal, but Ye Mo was frozen in his tracks, Jie Xie, no wonder he was so familiar with her. If Ji Shu didn’t say her name, Ye Mo guessed he wouldn’t even be able to remember, but as soon as Ji Shu said her name, Ye Mo immediately remembered who this female immortal was.

It was the heroine who was the heroine of the Fallen Soul Ruins ah, her father seemed to be called Jie He, and was friends with Feng Chun, the former Lord of Bright Moon City in the Fallen Soul Ruins.

Thistle’s fiancé was called Feng Xi, who was also Feng Chun’s son. As a result, Feng Xi and Thistle and Thie He were all a*sa*sinated by Feng Chun, and Feng Chun and his married wife, Miao Hui Zhen, were a muddle.

Feng Chun wanted Thistle’s spiritual roots, so he used the Spirit Grafting Formation as a soul nurturing formation to trick his son, in order to get Thistle’s spiritual roots.

His son, who was deeply in love with Thistle, took the initiative to use his own divine soul to warm up the unconscious Thistle’s spirit in the Spirit Grafting Formation after Thistle fell into a coma, rather than become an ordinary person and lose his life expectancy, actually because he was tricked into grafting on the spirit root. In the end, he was interrupted by Thistle and took away his daughter, while Feng Xi lost his soul. (If any of you have forgotten Thistle’s story, you can read chapters 1212 to 1220 again)

It was because there was a trace of Feng Xi’s divine soul aura on Thie He that Ye Mo felt some familiarity, and he still had a tear-stained relic in his hand from Feng Xi’s death incarnation. Inside the relic were two dark red tear marks, the two tear marks of Feng Xi before he died, and an expression of his love for Thistle.

Ye Mo did not expect that Jie Xie had not died, but had instead ascended to the Immortal Realm, and in only a few thousand years, Jie Xie was already at the late Da Luo Immortal stage, this qualification was a little too heavenly. No wonder Feng Chun wanted Jiguang’s spiritual roots, which were not a little bit good.

Now that he has met Thistle, the tear-stained relic in his hand should be returned to its rightful owner. It was originally a testimony of Feng Xi’s love for Thistle, and it would be most appropriate to keep it in Thistle’s hands.

Feng Xi was a tragic figure, but his love for Thistle and what happened to himself made even Ye Mo feel a little heartbroken.

“Brother Ye ……” Ji Shu helplessly pulled Ye Mo again, in his opinion Ye Mo was definitely not an ordinary immortal, but his performance today was really a big miss.

“Oh, Ye Mo is a friend I met during my body refinement, his insights on body refinement and cultivation are absolutely extraordinary ……” Ji Shu pulled Ye Mo while explaining a few words to the other few people with slight embarra*sment.

Si Shi Yu, who had slender eyes, coldly snorted and said, “Brother Ji, this friend of yours is of too high a grade, I, Shi Yu, cannot afford to climb high, Senior Sister Ji, let’s go.”

After saying that, he turned around and left, surprisingly not saying any more. Thistle glanced at Ye Mo, and without making any expressions followed Si Shi Yu and left.

Seeing this, Ye Mo hurriedly called out, “Senior Sister Jie Xie, I’m looking for you for something.”

Ye Mo didn’t say anything about Feng Xi, he didn’t know what Jie Xie thought about Feng Xi, if people didn’t feel anything at all about Feng Xi, it would be a really unpleasant ending for him to rashly say it now.