DYM Chapter 1716

He had already advanced to Great Supreme Immortal, refined his body to the early stage of Immortal Spirit Body, and had also achieved some modest success, even comprehending a divine ability, Wave Kill. Ye Mo himself was somewhat satisfied, compared to when he had just left Ruan Le Tian, at this time his cultivation had increased by more than several times.

Plus he had now arrived at the Upper Heaven Domain, if he had the chance to find the inheritance left behind by the Great Emperor Hao Tian, then he could completely cultivate to Da Luo Immortal Perfection with the Immortal Spirit Veins of the Great Emperor Hao Tian. Ye Mo had seen the fear of Immortal Kings, and although Ye Mo knew that he might not be a match for an ordinary Immortal King even if he was a Da Luo Immortal, he believed that once he was a Da Luo Immortal, it would not be easy for an Immortal King to kill him.

Ye Mo did not continue his cultivation, he was refining his body in the Endless Inferno River while looking for that red ore. That kind of ore did not give him a bad feeling, and it was still something good.

Another year had unknowingly pa*sed, and Ye Mo was getting farther and farther away from the Infinite Inferno River, his body refining cultivation was rapidly consolidating at the early stage of Immortal Spirit Body, becoming more and more solid. And he found more and more red ores, and even found a few ores that were chokingly red.

At this moment, the message from the communication bead came through, and Ye Mo knew that it was Ji Shu calling him, he had been here for almost two years, so he guessed that Ji Shu should have advanced to the late Xian Nei Body stage.

Ye Mo packed up and quickly went out of the Yan River, he soon saw a delighted Ji Shu.

“Brother Ji, congratulations on advancing to the late stage of Immortal Nirvana Body.” As soon as Ye Mo saw Ji Shu, he immediately clasped his fist and congratulated him.

Ji Shu laughed, in a very good mood, but then he looked at Ye Mo in a daze and asked, “Brother Ye. You’ve actually reached Great Immortal cultivation?”

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “Yes. When I first started, I had been a Great Immortal for many years. Now that I’ve advanced to Great Supreme Immortal, it’s sort of a waterfall.”

Ji Shu didn’t know that the years Ye Mo said were just a few years, he thought it was thousands of years, so he also congratulated him and said, “That’s good, this time we have all gained something, not only have I advanced to the late stage of Immortal Nirvana Body, but I also found a few good pieces of ‘Endless Inferno River Gold’. ”

“Endless Inferno River Gold?” Ye Mo froze for a moment, then took out a few ores he had picked up and handed them to Ji Shu and asked. Are you talking about this kind of stuff?

“You have it too? Yes, this is Endless Yanhe Gold, the value is very high, these few pieces of yours have reached the sixth grade of immortal materials, if you can get a seventh grade Yanhe Gold, take it inside Immortal City, others will rush to ask for it. Congratulations, Brother Ye, your luck is not bad either.” Ji Shu saw that Ye Mo had also obtained Endless Yanhe Gold and immediately congratulated him.

It turned out to be Endless Inferno River Gold. Ye Mo collected a few ores and thought to himself that he had picked up a whole lot of it over the past year. If you take this item and sell it for Immortal Crystals, you should be able to exchange it for a lot, right?

“Endless Inferno River gold is deep in the Endless Inferno River, the redder the colour, the higher the grade. Generally, those like us with Immortal Nether Body cultivation can only obtain Endless Inferno River Gold of the sixth grade, to obtain better Endless Inferno River Gold, we must go to the depths of the Endless Inferno River, but to reach the depths of the Endless Inferno River, our body refining cultivation must at least reach Immortal Spirit Body.” Ji Shu explained.

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t take out the rest of his Grade 7 Endless Inferno River Gold, since this thing had a use, he would wait until he figured out exactly what the use was. It was like that Seven Refining Stones, the use was not ordinary.

“By the way, Brother Ye, something happened in the Endless Inferno River a year ago, did you notice it?” Ji Shu asked after leading Ye Mo out of the Endless Inferno River.

“What happened?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Ji Shu said with a cautious face, “A year ago when I was refining my body by the Infinite Inferno River, I noticed that the Immortal Spirit Qi of the Infinite Inferno River was rioting and seemed to be swept away. This riot lasted for several days, and there was also the sound of thunder. That thundering sound was even more terrifying than an Immortal King’s tribulation, and I was afraid that it was some kind of powerful Immortal Demon Beast that was in the middle of a tribulation. I wanted to send a message to inform you, but I was afraid of offending that Immortal Demon Beast, but fortunately you are fine.”

Seeing that Ye Mo was baffled, Ji Shu hurriedly explained once again, “Generally for Immortal Demon Beasts that have reached the Immortal King level, as long as you don’t mess with them, they usually won’t come against you. So in the future, when you meet such powerful immortal demon beasts, just pretend that you don’t know anything. Except for some hot-tempered immortal demon beasts, most of them won’t randomly kill and destroy immortals.”

Ye Mo let out a long breath, nodded and said, “I understand.”

He couldn’t have imagined that his tribulation would be considered by Ji Shu as an Immortal King level Immortal Demon Beast tribulation, was this praising him or scolding him. Ye Mo did not tell the truth, there was no need to tell such things. The next time he crossed the tribulation would be an unknown number of years later, and he might have been separated from Ji Shu long ago.

“Let’s go, let’s speed up and go to the teleportation formation. There are spatial cracks and spatial storm flows everywhere here, so it’s not good to use flying immortal weapons.” Ji Shu finished speaking and flew away first.

Although Ye Mo had a divine sense domain to use the flying immortal weapon, but Ji Shu even said that it was not good to use it, so he could only follow behind Ji Shu.

The two talked and walked along the way, exchanging some body refining tips with each other. Soon Ji Shu realised that even though he was already in the late Xian Nei Body stage, Ye Mo’s understanding of body refinement was much deeper than his.

Half a month later, the two arrived at a meteorite platform that was thousands of miles in circumference. This meteorite reminded Ye Mo of the Meteorite Gate in the Chaos Star Domain. Only this meteorite was much bigger than that meteorite gate.

The meteorite was imprisoned by a huge confinement formation, and there were some caves and even a few simple merchant buildings on the meteorite, with some immortals coming and going in the merchant buildings.

“Those who come here are all body refiners, and almost all immortals who refine their bodies in the last eleven days come here to refine their bodies. Basically the immortals who come over to refine their bodies are all successful in Nirvana, and even so, every year some immortals die in here. Some times it was because they failed to refine their bodies, other times it was because of a void misalignment or they met a big void storm flow and couldn’t dodge it.” Ji Shu explained to Ye Mo, while sighing.

Ye Mo also secretly sighed, if he didn’t have the Golden Page World, he would have been finished the first time he refined his body in a void rift, he wouldn’t have been able to wait for today. The path of cultivation was incredibly arduous, whether it was the Cultivation World or the Immortal World, the slightest carelessness would result in the destruction of one’s soul.

Ji Shu led Ye Mo to a large hall, which was devoid of anything except a teleportation array. A Da Luo Xian sat expressionlessly beside the teleportation array, looking as if he was the one guarding it.

“Brother Ye. It costs twenty million upper-grade immortal crystals to teleport once.” Ji Shu saw that Ye Mo had no intention of taking immortal crystals. He took the initiative to remind him.

“What? That much?” Ye Mo was frozen. Even if it was a heavenly domain teleportation, there was no need for so many immortal crystals.

Ji Shu said with a bitter smile, “Brother Ye, this is the Upper Heavenly Domain. This is still the price to teleport out, if you want to come in, the price is even higher. If you don’t have enough immortal crystals, I can lend them to you.”

Ye Mo rubbed his nose and said, “I have the immortal crystals, I just didn’t expect it to be such a high price.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out the only 20 million immortal crystals he had. After these immortal crystals were taken out, he was once again empty.

Body refinement was really not something poor people did, just finding a place to refine one’s body required tens of millions of immortal crystals. If you added in some body refining materials, as well as high-level immortal pills and whatnot, not many people could afford to play with it. Ten million immortal crystals was even an accumulation of countless years for a great to immortal.

Those great powers really knew how to make a fortune, to think of building a transmission array in the void rift, how many immortal crystals would this earn in a year? Ji Shu could come to refine his body in this, it looked like he wasn’t a simple person either.

Usually spending so much. He would definitely not go out for a short time after entering, Ji Shu might have gone out early because of himself. Thinking of all this Ye Mo hastily clasped his fist to Ji Shu and thanked him, “Brother Ji, you have spent a lot of immortal crystals, and you have only been refining your body for a few years before going out, so I am a bit sorry.”

Ji Shu said with a smile, “I hadn’t planned to stay here for long, Brother Ye, I speak to you very well and I consider you a friend, so there’s no need to mention this small matter anymore. Maybe you can even help me in the future.”

Ji Shu felt that Ye Mo was different, he truly wanted to become friends with him. Originally, he was indeed going to stay for a few more years, and because of Ye Mo, this was why he came out earlier. Besides, tens of millions of immortal crystals didn’t really matter to him.

Ye Mo nodded and smiled, “It’s fine, I still have a few grasp on refining, if Brother Ji needs to refine a weapon, yet he can look for me.”

Ye Mo thought about the fact that he could already refine eighth grade immortal weapons, so he might really be able to help Ji Shu.

“Hmph, arrogant.” When the two immortals following Ye Mo and Ji Shu heard Ye Mo’s words, one of them snorted coldly. An excellent immortal weapon master was built up over countless years, and Ye Mo did not seem to be too old to say this and was obviously considered as arrogant.

Ji Shu hurriedly pulled Ye Mo into the teleportation formation and said, “Let’s go, there is no need to be general with others.”

However, Ji Shu didn’t bring up the matter of refining weapons either, guess he also thought that Ye Mo could only refine ordinary medium grade immortal weapons at most, to him, a Da Luo Immortal, he wouldn’t even look at ordinary medium grade immortal weapons. What’s more, what immortal weapon didn’t he have at home?

Ye Mo smiled faintly, even if Ji Shu didn’t take the initiative to pull him, he wouldn’t be ordinary with that person. Arrogance or not was something one knew, there was no need to explain it to others. He wouldn’t help that person refine weapons, and that person wouldn’t look for him to refine weapons, just a stranger.

From the teleportation array, they came out and went to a place similar to the Voiddian Star Heavenly Domain, then the two of them then took an immortal ship back to the Ever Rising Heaven. By the time Ye Mo and Ji Shu arrived at the Ever Rising Heaven domain, it was already a month later.

“Brother Ye, what are your plans now?” As soon as they arrived at the Ever Rising Heaven, Ji Shu pulled Ye Mo and asked.

He had spent all this time with Ye Mo and felt that not only did Ye Mo know a great deal, but his understanding of cultivation was also not comparable to his other friends.

“I plan to look around in Chang Rong Tian, and then I will leave Chang Rong Tian.” Ye Mo did not say that he wanted to go to Yuan Cave Heaven to search for the inheritance of Immortal King Haotian, but yet he did not lie to Ji Shu either, he did want to leave Chang Rong Heaven.

Instead, Ji Shu said eagerly, “Brother Ye, if you don’t mind, come with me to Feixia Immortal City. I have many friends in the Flying Haze Immortal City, and I can introduce them to you when the time comes. I believe you will soon be recognised by everyone. Moreover, my father is Immortal King Yiyang, the city lord of Fei Xia Immortal City, and he is also extremely good friends with the Heavenly Lord of Chang Rong Heaven ……”

“Your father is an immortal king? Or a city lord?” Ye Mo repeated in shock, he couldn’t imagine that this Ji Shu’s origins were not simple.