DYM Chapter 1711

After seeing the Heavenly Void, Ye Mo didn’t even think before he flew into the void, even if he had to die, he couldn’t be caught by Immortal King He-yi. Even if he died, he could not be caught by Immortal King Huyi. Dying in the Heavenly Void was much better than falling into Immortal King Huyi’s hands.

The Heavenly Void was not the most dangerous for Ye Mo instead. The most dangerous thing was the moment he entered the void, which he feared he would not be able to endure even if he was an Immortal Nether Body. If anyone could enter the Heavenly Void at will, the Heavenly Void would not be so dangerous.

Normally, to enter the Heavenly Void, there were specific areas other than Immortal Ships. And at this time, Ye Mo rashly entered the void from a place where he could not enter the void at all, and immediately felt the terrifying void cracks and void pulling force.

Ye Mo knew very well that this kind of terrifying tearing root was not something he could block, and he entered the Golden Page World without hesitation. He couldn’t care about that much, in the void, the Golden Page World was taken to wherever he went.

After Ye Mo entered the void, the Radiant City Immortal King was already starting to block this area into the Heavenly Void, only he was just half an hour slower than Ye Mo.


“Is the Heavenly Void blocked?” When Immortal King Chang Xin arrived, his first words were to ask if the Heavenly Void had been blocked when he arrived. He also knew that with Ye Mo’s cultivation level if he wanted to escape from here, he could only enter the void. Although Ye Mo would definitely die if he entered the void, he could not just let Ye Mo die.

“Yes, I have blocked it all off. As long as he dares to enter the Heavenly Void, I will immediately know and stop him before he enters.” The black-faced Radiant City Immortal King immediately replied.

Immortal King Chang Xin nodded, his face showing hostility, “Search this place for me, even if I have to turn this place upside down, I will find him.”

Immortal King Chang Xin indeed had the strength to speak. For Ye Mo, he had brought dozens of Da Luo Immortals, and six Immortal Kings. Not to mention Ye Mo alone, even if it was an ant, he would catch it. What’s more, Immortal King He Yi had also gotten the news and had likewise brought his men over here.

For Immortal King He Yi to come over, Immortal King Chang Xin wasn’t worried, what he wanted was simple, it was that imitation Hao Tian Drum. The rest of the stuff. He didn’t intend to ask for it at all. He believed that Ye Mo should have some secrets on him, but what secrets could compare to the Haotian Emperor’s legacy?

Only a few hours later, in the Western Desert Sands, a violent explosion came from the place where Ye Mo was in seclusion. The violent explosion separated the surrounding sands. A huge sand ravine was formed.

Immortal King Chang Xin and the others arrived here at the first opportunity.

“What’s going on?” Immortal King Chang Xin immediately asked.

A Great Ethereal Immortal who had been injured by the explosion hastily said respectfully, “A stone tablet and a few lapis lazuli slabs were found underground here. When I tried to get that stone tablet, I didn’t expect it to activate a hidden explosion formation. This formation should have been set up by Mo Ying, as it didn’t last long.”

Immortal King Chang Xin frowned, what did Ye Mo want to set up an explosion formation inside the sand? Had he had enough?

“Check that stone tablet out.” Immortal King Chang Xin immediately instructed, no matter what the reason was for staying, since the other party made a move he would proceed.


Of course Ye Mo did not know that the explosion formation he had backstabbed Lu Zhengqun with had now exploded, only that the explosion had changed to Chang Xin Immortal King’s people.

But even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t care. At this point, he had already spent six days in the Golden Page World, and every time he sent out the monitoring array discs, they indicated that they were still in the middle of the void turbulence, so he could only remain inside the Golden Page World.

A month later, Ye Mo exited the Golden Page World. At the same time, he stood in the void once again. Last time in the void, he had Yan Bingyu with him, but today he was alone here. Yet, Ye Mo knew that he had at least escaped the Immortal King’s pursuit.

As for where he was now, Ye Mo didn’t know at all. Instead, he knew very well that no matter what his location was, it shouldn’t be too far from Ruan Lotian.

This Ye Mo was not afraid of, as long as he reached the void, he would have a way to escape. His first thought was not to run on his own, but to take out a ‘Void Flying Snow’.

In the vicinity of the Heavenly Void, there was no ‘Void Flying Snow’, but he had it.

Half a column of incense later, a ‘Void Flying Snow’ carried Ye Mo and disappeared into the endless emptiness. The ‘Void Flying Snow’ flew faster and faster, and in the blink of an eye, it merged with the endless void of the heavenly realm. Even the divine sense of an Immortal King would not be able to easily pounce on it.

In the Golden Page World, Ye Mo summed up the gains and dangers of his visit to Ruan Le Tian this time. He was almost caught by the Immortal King, but compared to his gains, the dangers were worth it.

The next time, Ye Mo did not cultivate, he began to use the Seven Refining Stones to quench his Heavenly Fire Nine Suns.

Five months later, Ye Mo exited the Golden Page World, while putting away the ‘Void Flying Snow’. He was clear that he was now completely lost and didn’t even know where to right where at all. He had the Void Locating Disk, but it was useless. The Void Locating Disk also had a limit on the extent of the void, not everywhere would be included in the Void Locating Disk.

The Heavenly Domain Void was boundless, countless times larger than the 33 Heavenly Domains combined, and Ye Mo did not expect the Void Locating Disk to find any location.

In this void, Ye Mo lost his direction and did not have enough resources to cultivate. Not worried about this, he began to start collecting Void Meteorites while starting to purify Void Secret Silver.

Ye Mo’s intention was to purify a portion of the Void Secret Silver, then let the ‘Void Flying Snow’ rush on again while he slowly refined his weapon inside the Golden Page World. There would always be a time when the ‘Void Flying Snow’ would find a place to land.

He couldn’t refine out a top grade immortal weapon yet, so this was the right time for him to use to learn how to refine. The Way of Weapon Refining was ever-changing, and recently Ye Mo had been inspired by the Dao of the Questioning Pavilion’s Art Dao again, and had gained some new experience from upgrading his Purple Seal.

The only pity was that there weren’t enough materials for him to practice with, some of the materials inside the Golden Page World were Ye Mo’s spoils of war, all top-grade materials that he wouldn’t be willing to use to practice with. Besides those things were not much, in the void void secret silver was the most abundant, if he could refine enough void secret silver, then he could slowly learn to refine weapons.

During his time collecting Void Meteorites, Ye Mo had encountered patches of Void Immortal Demon Beasts, Void Meteorite Storms, and Void Vortex Flows.

With danger came opportunity, and for Ye Mo, it was no different. Two months later, he had already collected a large pile of Void Secret Silver, although the grade was not very high, Ye Mo did not care, all he wanted was just the material for refining weapons.

Moreover, in the process of collecting Void Secret Silver, Ye Mo found that the matter of purifying his material was getting bigger and bigger. If he sacrificed ‘Qing Ru Xiaotian’, he could even melt a Void Meteorite in a very short time and purify the Void Secret Silver in the Void Meteorite.

Not only was it Void Secret Silver, he had also obtained dozens of extremely beautiful Void Diamond Jades, which were even more beautiful than ordinary jades and came in all sorts of colours. For the female immortals in the Immortal Realm, Void Diamond Jades could not only be the best jewellery, but could also be refined into various defensive magic treasures.

In the third month, Ye Mo stopped continuing to collect Void Mystery Silver, the Void Mystery Silver he had collected was already enough for him to refine weapons for some time. The grade of the materials was slightly lower, but if he could refine the low grade materials into high grade immortal weapons, that would be the real thing.

While Ye Mo was thinking of entering the Golden Page World and letting the ‘Void Flying Snow’ continue on its way, he was surprised to find a Heavenly Domain Immortal Ship, which seemed to have suddenly appeared in the middle of his divine sense.

The Heavenly Domain Immortal Ship was immense in the sky above the Immortal City, but it looked extremely small in the endless emptiness.

It was such a Heavenly Domain Immortal Ship that Ye Mo saw stretched across the void and appeared to be very small.

“I can finally not have to run around in the void by myself.” Ye Mo knew that not all immortal ships were as shameless as the Heavenly Domain Immortal Ship he was on back then, most of the Heavenly Domain Immortal Ships would still provide services for a fee.

Such a Heavenly Domain Immortal Ship stopped in the void and was obviously collecting void meteorites, so how could Ye Mo not be happy. He accelerated his speed and rushed towards the Heavenly Domain ship, he had already thought of a good way to say that he was also collecting Void Meteorites and ended up meeting a Void Meteorite Storm and then missed the Immortal Ship’s departure.

However, the closer Ye Mo got to the immortal ship, the more he felt that something was wrong, the immortal ship was too silent, there was not even a trace of life. In other words, this immortal ship was like a ghost ship.

Ye Mo was a Great Ethereal Immortal, he had travelled to many places, not to mention ghosts, even evil spirits and immortal demons, he had killed countless of them, he was not afraid of them at all.

But in the endless void, such a silent immortal ship of the Heavenly Realm that could not be more silent stopped in the void was indeed too bizarre.

If an accident had happened, this immortal ship shouldn’t be so intact, ah, those cabins on the immortal ship that were facing into the void were still open, seemingly waiting for some immortals who had gone out to collect void materials to return.

Ye Mo stopped, ghosts were not scary, but there were too many things in the void that were scarier than ghosts. He did not want to rush into this heavenly immortal ship and end up with his soul destroyed.

He was not going to give up on this immortal ship either. He could not take the immortal ship, but if something really happened, there were definitely more treasures on this immortal ship. Moreover, he also wanted to find a void locator disk to know exactly where he was at.

Ye Mo cautiously concealed his cultivation, and then carefully flew to the first deck of this Heavenly Domain ship. There was no obstruction, no sound, and when he reached the deck, even the sound of the turbulence in the void outside disappeared.

Standing on the deck, Ye Mo only had one feeling, this place was too quiet.