DYM Chapter 1704

Such a strong divine sense was obviously the divine sense of an Immortal King, only this Immortal King was not Immortal King Huyi, but Immortal King Chang Xin. Immortal King Chang Xin was at the peak of Immortal King cultivation, one of Ruan Le Tian’s top Immortal Kings, and also the master of Guan Feijian, the number one person on Ruan Le Tian’s Heavenly Immortal list.

The reason why Immortal King Chang Xin took on a Heavenly Immortal disciple was solely because of Guan Feijian’s development potential, not to mention that Guan Feijian had also given him the jade slip of the Haotian Finger. Therefore, he was very fond of Guan Feijian as a disciple and believed that his future achievements would not be inferior to his.

Originally, he thought that there was no way anyone would threaten Guan Feijian at the Dao Questioning Competition, so he did not care about the Dao Questioning Competition at all.

To his surprise, he returned to Noe Immortal City only to receive the news that his disciple, Guan Feijian, had lost his life, and had been killed head-on by his opponent in the ring. This news was not believed by Immortal King Chang Xin at all, but when he heard that his opponent had comprehended a hint of space law at the middle stage of Xuan Xian, he believed it.

Unfortunately, the Xuan Immortal called Mo Ying had already entered the Questioning Pavilion, and even though he, Chang Xin, hated Mo Ying to the core, there was nothing he could do about it.

So he, like Immortal King He-yi, had similarly set up eyes in the Questioning Square, also a Da Luo Immortal. His desire to kill Ye Mo was arguably more urgent than Immortal King He Yi’s, because Ye Mo had taken everything from Guan Feijian.

It was fine if Guan Feijian had other things, but that Haotian Drum was related to the legacy of the Haotian Emperor. When Guan Feijian had received a very small portion of the Hao Tian Emperor’s inheritance, he did not receive the real Hao Tian Drum. After that, he had studied all the things that Feijian had obtained, but had not found anything useful, and this time he left Ruan Le Tian. It was to search for the Haotian Emperor’s inheritance.

After he once again found the place where his disciple Guan Feijian had got the inheritance at the beginning. He found that the imitation Haotian drum was very doubtful. Originally he had come back to study the Haotian Drum again. Instead, he learnt that his disciple Guan Feijian had been killed and the Haotian Drum had been snatched away.

Whether it was because of his disciple being killed or the matter of the Hao Heaven Emperor’s legacy, he had to find that Mo Ying.

After Ye Mo came out of the Questioning Pavilion, the Da Luo Immortal that Immortal King Chang Xin had set up down at the Questioning Square also discovered the spatial fluctuations, only that he likewise failed to find out exactly who had come out of the Questioning Pavilion. But unlike the two men Immortal King Huyi had set up, the one he had reported it to him in the first instance.

What depressed Immortal King Chang Xin was that he was refining an extremely important elixir when the news came. He did not go in time to check the news. When he finished refining the pills, he found out that the news was that someone from the Inquirer’s Pavilion might come out.

This news was extremely important to him, and he covered the entire Noe Immortal City with his divine sense at the first opportunity. As a peak Immortal King, he would not think that the person who came out was not Ye Mo.

From his perspective as an Immortal King, Ye Mo was able to kill Guan Feijian, his methods were definitely not ordinary, not to mention that he had heard that Ye Mo had mastered a hint of space law? It wasn’t impossible for someone with this kind of skill to escape the surveillance of a Da Luo Immortal. The more important point was that apart from Ye Mo’s need to escape when he exited the square, the rest of the people did not need to escape at all.

Because of these judgments, Immortal King Chang Xin was certain that the person who escaped was the one he was trying to catch, Mo Ying. He also used his divine sense to monitor the entire Noe Immortal City at the first opportunity.

Ye Mo was already gone, and he certainly did not get anything. His divine sense did alert the rest of the Immortal Kings, but he couldn’t care less about that.

An incense stick later, Immortal King Chang Xin got the news that Ye Mo had left from the teleportation array, and his face was even more blue. Without informing Immortal King He-yi, he directly began to track the teleportation formation and even began to prepare to intercept all of Ruan Lotian’s teleportation formations.


Zailing Immortal City belonged to a small immortal city, and Ye Mo did not continue to use the teleportation formation after he came out of Zailing Immortal City. He didn’t know if he had been tracked, but he had experience in escaping.

Not to mention that this was the Middle Heaven Domain of the Immortal World, even if it was on Earth, Ye Mo knew that relying on the transferring official camp’s car to escape would be the dumbest thing to do. An Immortal King could definitely get the situation of the transmission array of his heavenly domain in a short period of time, not to mention the fact that there was most likely an Immortal Djinn in Ruan Le Tian?

Immortal King Huyi’s intention to kill him was very clear to Ye Mo. Therefore, after he came out of the teleportation formation in Zelingshan Immortal City, he immediately left Zelingshan Immortal City.

Ye Mo did not know that the one chasing him was no longer Immortal King He-yi, but Immortal King Chang Xin. However, his caution allowed him to escape once again, and the fact that he left the teleportation formation was the same as leaving the control of Immortal King Chang Xin. Otherwise, even if he teleported as many times and as far as he could, he would still end up in the palm of Immortal King Chang Xin’s hand.

Apart from being careful, Ye Mo had another thought when he left Zailing Immortal City, and that was that he was going to prepare to cross the tribulation to advance to the Daxian level.

Even if he could cross the level and kill the Great B Immortal, but what if he faced the Great Luo Immortal? Now that all the conditions for him to advance to Great Bronze Immortal had been met, the sooner he could advance to Great Bronze Immortal, the better.

After leaving Zailing Immortal City, Ye Mo sacrificed the Green Moon, and in just a few moments, he had already disappeared from the confines of Zailing Immortal City.

No matter how powerful Immortal King Chang Xin was, there was no way to monitor all the Immortals leaving the city in any one Immortal City, Ye Mo left Zelings Immortal City sandwiched among many Immortals, and no one even noticed.


Half a month later, Ye Mo appeared in the middle of a desert. This desert was called the Western Desert Sands in Ruan Le Tian, and the exact location was found by Ye Mo from a map jade slip, which of course came from Guan Feijian’s ring.

In Guan Feijian’s ring and Jane Kill’s ring, Ye Mo had obtained a large amount of rare materials. Especially in Guan Feijian’s ring, apart from numerous pills and immortal spirit herbs, there was also a 100 million immortal crystal card. The immortal crystal card was similar to a spirit stone card, similar to a storage space, yet it had nothing to do with a merchant.

Although it was just a card, hundreds of millions or even hundreds of millions of immortal crystals could be stored inside this card. Normally, only some extremely rich immortals would use the Immortal Crystal Card. Ordinary immortals’ immortal crystals thrown inside their rings would be enough, there was no need to use an immortal crystal card.

After sorting out the things he had obtained, Ye Mo didn’t bother with the cracked Haotian Drum, but studied this jade slip of Ruan Le Tian’s map.

From this map jade slip Ye Mo learned that Zelingshan City was to the west of Ruan Le Tian, and that the Western Desolate Sands was no longer within the boundaries of Zelingshan City. The Immortal Spirit Qi in the Western Desolate Sands was relatively poor in Ruan Le Tian, and Immortal Spirit Herbs and Immortal Materials were scarce, so apart from some low-level Immortals who would try out here, most Immortals would not come to the Western Desolate Sands to try out.

The Western Desert Sands was tens of millions of miles in circumference, although this area was not much different from a palm in the Immortal Realm, but to Ye Mo it was the best destination for transmigration. Ye Mo liked to advance in the desert, and it wasn’t the first time he did so, the desert was wide and the chances of being discovered were relatively much less.


In the centre of the Western Desert Sands, Ye Mo only left the 100 million immortal crystal card, the rest of the hundreds of millions of immortal crystals were all thrown out by him to set up a great spirit gathering immortal formation.

Ye Mo knew very well that the amount of immortal spiritual energy he needed to advance to Daxian wouldn’t be just a little bit or two, there was a lack of immortal spiritual energy here, he wouldn’t dare to do it casually, once there was a shortage of immortal spiritual energy during the tribulation, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Generally speaking, the promotion of an immortal to Daxian is a milestone, and both the casual cultivators and the sects attach great importance to the process of promotion to Daxian, and the process is always guarded by someone. Once there was a shortage of immortal spiritual qi, someone would provide it, but for Ye Mo, there was no such good thing.

After swallowing the special ‘Taiyi Dan’, Ye Mo ran the ‘Three Life Dictate’ with all his might while starting to absorb immortal spiritual qi.

The surrounding immortal spiritual qi slowly began to converge to Ye Mo’s side, and as Ye Mo’s ‘Three Life Dictate’ ran, more and more immortal spiritual qi was absorbed over by Ye Mo. Even though there was a lack of immortal spiritual qi in the Western Desert, Ye Mo used hundreds of millions of immortal crystals to set up a level four immortal formation, and with this terrifying immortal spiritual qi driving him, the immortal spiritual qi from the rest of the desert was quickly absorbed, and all the immortal spiritual qi in a 10,000 mile radius flocked to him.

A day later, a huge vortex of immortal spiritual qi had formed above Ye Mo’s head, and the immortal crystals around him were as if they had misted up, the overflowing immortal spiritual qi completely wrapped around Ye Mo’s body.

The calm sky over the desert began to cloud up, and the muffled sound of booming rang out from far and near, as if explosive thunder would fall at any moment. Ye Mo knew that his great immortal thunder tribulation was coming.

He had been a*sa*sinated once by a thunder tribulation when he was promoted to Xuan Xian, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was an Immortal Nirvana body, he would have been killed. Now even if Ye Mo knew that ordinary thunder tribulation did not pose any threat to him at all, he did not dare to be the least bit careless.

“Ka ……” An explosive sound rang out over the desert, the shocking explosion of thunder caused Ye Mo’s Yuan Shen to pulsate for a while, seemingly communicating with his divine soul.

“Boom, boom, boom ……”

Three thunder arcs fell, Ye Mo’s eyes revealed shock, he had crossed the tribulation countless times, and he had been ravaged by thunder tribulations.

But even if he had crossed more thunder tribulations, he had never met such a terrifying thunderbolt, or rather he had never seen such a terrifying thunderbolt.

Although there were only three arcs of lightning, each of them was as thick as a bucket of water, and the power of the falling thunder seemed to be about to knock his soul into hell, making his heart and soul tremble. What kind of thunderstorm was this?

In the blink of an eye, three bucket-thick arcs of thunder tribulation had reached the top of his head.

Ye Mo could no longer think about anything else, even if his Eight Great Cauldrons were intact, this kind of lightning arc would not be able to block it.

This time, it was another lightning tribulation that would kill him. Ye Mo’s eyes turned bloodshot, and as he sacrificed the World Stone, countless lightning arc swords struck out, these lightning arc swords only dealt with one of the lightning tribulation arcs, while his fist went straight for the last lightning tribulation arc.

If he wanted his life, he would also trade it for his life, not even the thunderclap.