DYM Chapter 1703

Ye Mo took a step forward, his heart seemed to have some clarity, he vaguely felt that the teenager was one of his reincarnations, the woman who was crying and holding him seemed to be his closest relative.

Ye Mo clenched his fist, before his reincarnation he was abandoned, after his reincarnation, he was still abandoned. After he was reborn from one reincarnation to another, after he started cultivating with his eight miscellaneous spiritual roots, he was still the one being abandoned. The Heavenly Dao was likewise abandoning him, and every thunderstorm seemed to be backstabbing him and setting him to death.

If he did not have the Golden Page World, if he did not know the formation, if he did not have the ‘Three Life Decision’, if he did not succeed in refining his body by chance ……

Without these, he would have been abandoned once again, and that lightning tribulation would have turned him into flying ashes long ago. But this time, he had mastered his destiny with overwhelming fortune and perseverance, and at least until now, the Heavenly Dao thunderclap was still helpless against him.

After looking at the three words ‘Reincarnation Dao’ on the sixth floor of the Daoist Pavilion for a long time, Ye Mo raised one hand and slowly said, “From now on, no one will dare to let me enter reincarnation, from now on I, Ye Mo, will live with heaven and earth and never reincarnate!”

After saying that, he waved his palm down, bringing up a golden light to split out.

The sixth floor of the Inquirer’s Pavilion vaguely resounded with the echoes of the void, “…… with heaven and earth, never reincarnate …… never reincarnate …… ”

The voice stretched on and on, echoing continuously in the ‘Reincarnation Dao’ of the Questioning Dao Pavilion.

From now on, his fate will be in his own hands, no one can abandon him, no one is qualified to abandon him. He had the Golden Page World, the ‘Three Life Duel’, and the Bitter Bamboo …… He didn’t believe that he couldn’t keep himself alive forever.

“Boom boom ……”

After Ye Mo made his own vow, the immortal energy in his body rolled and flowed as if a yellow river was churning. Ye Mo just stood still. His Immortal Yuan did not need to cultivate to automatically raise. It went from late Xuan Xian to the peak of Xuan Xian. And then to the complete Xuan Xian ……

His sea of consciousness was even as if it was substantial, equally extended and solid, as if it was magnifying his vow.

A golden Immortal Yuan lingered on Ye Mo’s body surface, seemingly still tempering his body.

One day, two days ……

A month pa*sed, and once again, Ye Mo struck out with his fist, and a trembling in the void seemed to shake even the entire sixth floor of the Daoist Pavilion.

Ye Mo knew. It was time for him to go up to the seventh floor.

“From now on I will not enter reincarnation, no need to ask for reincarnation, please go up to the seventh floor of the Inquirer’s Pavilion.” Ye Mo said loudly to the empty sixth floor of the Inquirer’s Pavilion.

“Do not enter reincarnation, do not borrow the Dao of Reincarnation, please come out of the Dao of Reincarnation ……” A simple-minded voice came from the void, and Ye Mo instantly understood.

‘Do not enter reincarnation, do not borrow the Reincarnation Dao, please come out of the Reincarnation Dao’ This means to let him out of the Questioning Dao Pavilion ah, Ye Mo was sure that there were the ears and eyes of Immortal King He Yi outside, once he came out of the Questioning Dao Pavilion. Where would he still be alive?

When a dizziness came, he was already in a state of shock. He hurriedly pulled off the hair that Immortal Kaoran had marked and discarded it, and at the same time a stealth trick. He had originally planned to use this hair to lure out Fairy Kaoran and teach her a lesson, but now that he was about to be teleported out, how could he dare to keep such a scourge?

At the same time he also completely understood what the Dao of the Dao Asking Pavilion meant, asking for the Dao and also borrowing the Dao, this Dao had two meanings. First you are in one of the layers, you must understand a hint of the Dao of this layer, for example, in the Dao of Laws, you must have an understanding of a hint of the laws of space or other laws, this is the only way to enter the next layer.

When you understand this hint of the Dao, and this layer of the Dao becomes another meaning, that is the true path. You can use this path to enter the next place where you ask for the Dao. The Dao that allows you to enter the next layer is the teleportation or the ladder of light and shadow.

And since he had gone so far as to say that he did not enter reincarnation at the sixth level of the Pavilion of the Way of Enquiry, he obviously could not enter the seventh level with the help of the path to reincarnation. Even if he understood his reincarnation, that would not work. If he still wanted to enter the seventh level of the Inquiring Pavilion, he could only come next time, or he would simply appear on the seventh level next time.

If he couldn’t enter the seventh floor by using the Reincarnation Dao, then it was obvious that he would be transported out of the Questioning Pavilion and appear in the Questioning Square. This was the cause of Ye Mo’s great alarm, once he was exposed in the Questioning Square, even if he left, he would not be able to escape Immortal King He Yi’s a*sa*sins.

After Ye Mo felt that he landed in the Question Square, he didn’t have any thoughts at all, and immediately just made several instantaneous shifts in quick succession.

Five instantaneous shifts happened in a matter of breaths, and after the fifth instantaneous shift, Ye Mo went into hiding and did not make any more movements. When he had just left the Daoist Pavilion, there were definitely spatial and immortal energy fluctuations. Although he had a concealment technique, Ye Mo was still not sure if such fluctuations would be detected by others.

Several years had pa*sed since the Dao Questioning Competition, and there were still people in the Dao Questioning Square who had not dispersed, still feeling the hint of Dao rhythm that had once overflowed.

“Brother Tent, did you feel a hint of spatial fluctuation in the middle of the Dao Questioning Square just now?” At the place at the edge of the Question Square, a Dala Immortal asked the Dala Immortal next to him in confusion.

The Da Luo Immortal called Brother Tent frowned and nodded, “Brother Fang Yi, I just felt a hint of fluctuation before I searched carefully, but when my divine sense swept through, there was nothing.”

The two men looked at each other, both showing cautious expressions, and said almost simultaneously, “Go and take a look.”

Ye Mo, who was already out of the Questioning Dao Square, felt that there was no more divine sense sweeping around him and did not dare to stay and continued to start transient migration. At this moment, he was only a few hundred miles away from the Questioning Pavilion, and he did not dare to use his evasion technique openly, much less sacrifice the Green Moon.

Whether it was a recluse technique or a flying magic treasure, the spatial fluctuations were too great and would be viewed by others, only the instantaneous movement was the least volatile. Unless that person’s divine sense was exactly in the direction of his transient, or already knew that he was transient and was paying attention to the spatial fluctuations around him all the time, he would not be able to find him.

Those two Da Luo Immortals were still examining the spatial fluctuations in the Daoist Square, while Ye Mo had already started to cast his evasion technique.

After a dozen times of transcending, Ye Mo was really exhausted. If he continued like this, he would definitely not need those Great Luo Immortals to make a move, a Void Immortal would be able to kill him. Therefore, he was ready to cast his evasion technique when he was almost two thousand miles away from the Question Square.

Ye Mo also planned to cast the recluse technique to escape from Noe Immortal City and immediately step as far away as he could with the Green Moon. However, before he could cast his recluse, a terrifying sense of danger came over him and Ye Mo made a decision in an instant, he directly concealed his cultivation at the middle stage of Golden Immortal and then walked inside a nearby merchant building.

In Noe Immortal City, he did not dare to enter the Golden Page World yet. His current cultivation level was too low, and the Golden Page World was his last resort, and he absolutely could not expose it in a place where Immortal Kings roamed.

As expected, Ye Mo had just entered the merchant building when he felt a powerful divine sense sweeping directly from the place where he had just stored himself.

Ye Mo was secretly anxious in his heart, although he was now in the merchant building, but firstly he did not have a mask to hide his face, and secondly he did not have a technique to change his appearance.

A few years ago at the Question Square, he had come out of nowhere and I believe that most people in Noe Immortal City already knew him. Now in Noe Immortal City, the whole world knew him as soon as he showed his face.

Ye Mo was right in his thinking, that divine sense just now was swept over by two Da Luo Immortals, although their divine sense could not sweep into the merchant building, but some streets of Noi Immortal City could be seen.

“Brother Tent ……”

Before the Da Luo Immortal called Fang Yi could speak, he was interrupted by that Brother Tent, “Brother Fang Yi, it’s only a few years until the opening of the Daoist Pavilion. By the way, there are less than two months left before we have to turn in our shifts. We must keep an eye on the Questioning Pavilion Square to prevent accidents from happening.”

That tent brother immediately understood Fang Yi’s meaning, nodded with a heated smile and said, “Fang Yi is right, we must keep an eye on the Questioning Pavilion Square.”

The two of them had already sensed the fluctuation of immortal energy just now, so they guessed that someone had come out of the Dao Enquiry Pavilion, but once they couldn’t find this person, it wouldn’t be easy if that Immortal King He-yi blamed them. In fact, apart from the divine sense fluctuations they had sensed, they really had no clues. So it was better to pretend that they didn’t know anything and leave it to others to monitor in two months’ time anyway.

Besides, the main reason the two came here was to spy on Ye Mo, and to them, Ye Mo was only a mere mid Xuan Xian Immortal. It was absolutely impossible for a small mid Xuan Xiantian to leave the Questioning Pavilion and not be discovered by the two. Even if someone had left the Daoist Pavilion just now, it would not have been the Xuan Xian who they wanted to spy on.

With the attitude that more is better than less, the two gave up on pursuing Ye Mo, while unbeknownst to Ye Mo, he was currently hiding on the ground floor of the merchant building looking at some lower grade immortal weapons.

“The price of pills is rising too fast here, let’s go to Fengwei Immortal City, I heard that not only are the prices of pills cheaper there, but the prices of weaponry refining are not high either.” The two Xuan Immortals felt that the things here seemed too expensive after going around the ground floor of the merchant building.

After hearing this, Ye Mo’s heart was moved, he could leave through the teleportation formation.

Seeing that these two were still discussing, Ye Mo however left the merchant building first and he quickly rushed to the teleportation formation. He had an extreme sense of crisis, it seemed that if he stayed in Noe Immortal City for one more second, there would be one more danger. If he had to leave, he should leave before it was too late. If he couldn’t go out through the city gates, he would go out through the teleportation array.

Ruan Le Tian Noi Immortal City had very many teleportation arrays, but as long as they weren’t teleporting to another heavenly domain, they basically wouldn’t be checked.

Ye Mo was a mere Golden Immortal, and not many people bothered to check him, so he easily arrived at Fengwei Immortal City from Noi Immortal City’s teleportation formation. In Fengwei Immortal City Ye Mo did not go out at all, he directly teleported to Zelings Immortal City again ……

The first thing that happened was that Ye Mo left Noe Immortal City in less than half an incense stick, and an extremely strong divine sense started searching the entire Noe Immortal City inch by inch.

As soon as this strong divine sense swept out, the entire Noe Immortal City immediately fell silent. The anger of this divine sense could be felt by anyone. Even the immortals walking in the streets and trading in the market had stopped, no one dared to offend the owner of this divine sense.