DYM Chapter 1702

Ye Mo didn’t close his eyes and meditate like he did before when he comprehended the Void Fist, and he sacrificed his World Stone Scales to attack everywhere in this space as if he was crazy. In a flash, the entire space was filled with his World Stone Scales, and everywhere was crisscrossed with divine sense immortal energy. Even the divine rules here were destroyed by the World Stone Scales and became disordered.

Fortunately, there were no people or immortal demon beasts here, otherwise even any immortal demon beast would have suffered under such circumstances.

When Ye Mo’s immortal energy was dissipated and even his divine sense was 90% gone, his World Stone suddenly stalled and then appeared thousands of metres away without any warning, smashing down at the same time, with no time interval visible before or after.

Ye Mo stopped instantly and stared dumbly at the World Stone scales, he had actually comprehended a new divine ability, Instant Kill. Again, it had something to do with the laws of space. He suddenly felt that the laws were more important than the divine ability, with the laws, the divine ability was there.

How many of these World Stones could be defended against after they were sacrificed, without the process appearing directly above the opponent’s head? Unless the opponent had an extremely strong defensive magic treasure, this was a true instant kill.

Ye Mo panted, from now on this move would be called Tarzan Press, it just consumed too much immortal energy and divine sense, so it was better to save it for life. After putting away the World Stone, Ye Mo didn’t continue to study the technique divine ability, his thoughts dwelled on the World Stone’s divine ability Tarzan Press just now. If he could use the spatial laws on his escape, instantly, who could catch him?

Ye Mo was unable to move instantly, much less move. However, he had heard that misshift was a great divine ability that could travel from one planet to another, or even from one celestial domain to another. Ye Mo was also clear that with his current cultivation level. It was simply impossible to move around. Even if there was a great magician. Even if he was taught by hand, he would not be able to do so. But he could study instantaneous movement, or he could study the instantaneous movement divine ability.

Three months later, Ye Mo completely gave up on instantaneous movement, he was completely unable to comprehend the divine ability of instantaneous movement, he always seemed to be so close. However, he did not ask to enter the fifth level of the Inquiring Pavilion, he still had to fuse the five elemental spells for the divine ability on the fourth level, as well as the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique. He had offended too many people, apart from raising his divine ability cultivation. Escaping was also extremely important to him.

Another two months later, Ye Mo’s Five Elements Transporting Technique was greatly accomplished, and four months later, the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique’s ninth blade, Rainbow, came out, and the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique was greatly accomplished.

According to Ye Mo’s thoughts, he did not want to perfect the ninth blade of the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, which was boundless in the Cultivation Realm, but was somewhat ribbed in the Immortal Realm.

It was only when he was fusing the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique’s divine ability that he realised that the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique itself had not become a great success and could not be fused with the divine ability. He could only perfect the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique. The ninth blade, Rainbow, was accomplished.

Rainbow was the only blade move in the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique that was not named after an illusory cloud, and it was also the only blade move that was between a spell and a divine ability.

When Ye Mo’s rainbow blade move was completed. This time, without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, a golden ladder of light and shadow automatically came out on the fourth level, which Ye Mo knew was the ladder of light and shadow leading to the fifth level of the Daoist Pavilion. What he feared most was this thing, going up there later would be countless more of the same.

Although Ye Mo hated this thing, he still had to walk up the light ladder. He had stayed at the Avatar Dao Pavilion level long enough, and there was no point in staying here if he still did.

To Ye Mo’s amazement, this time he was not blocked in any way and easily arrived at the fifth level of the Dao of Inquiring Pavilion.

“The Dao of Laws.”

When Ye Mo saw this Law Dao, his heart was even more overjoyed, he did not expect there to be a Law Dao inside the Dao Enquiry Pavilion.

The function of the Laws Ye Mo had clearly experienced at this time, he had relied on the Laws to save his life in the fight with Guan Feijian and also relied on the Laws to kill Guan Feijian.

But the laws he mastered were only a pitiful sliver, and it was this sliver of laws that allowed him to kill Guan Feijian, so it was clear how important the power of laws was in the Immortal Realm.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and felt the chaotic aura of this place. Yes, it was indeed a chaotic aura, which was somewhat like his Golden Page World. Unfortunately, his Golden Page World was not perfect and he could not feel any law power.

Instead, this was a perfected chaotic space, with all sorts of law auras swirling around him.

Gold Law, Wood Law, Water Law, Fire Law, Earth Law, Wind Law ……

Laws of Space, Laws of Time, Laws of Realms, Laws of Life ……

Countless law information came, Ye Mo memorized this information and then went on to integrate it ……

Three months pa*sed, half a year pa*sed, even a year had pa*sed ……

Ye Mo slowly woke up, he found that what he could be proficient in was still the pitiful little bit of spatial laws he had comprehended before, while the rest of the laws he was completely unable to comprehend a single star apart from remembering some information.

What is this? Could it be that this Law Dao space was not as good as the big hall that he was in at the beginning? Ye Mo frowned, blissfully unable to understand what was going on.

During this year, he had tried to comprehend all kinds of laws, and he had also tried to deepen and strengthen his spatial laws, but the truth was that he had gotten nothing, not a single bit of progress.

Ye Mo did not try to comprehend the laws again, he had already figured out that it was already a great chance for him to comprehend a trace of the spatial laws, more importantly, I am afraid that Yan Jiutian had cast it in front of him, and that spatial law fluctuation and immortal energy fluctuation was caught by him.

Now there was no one to perform other laws in front of him, plus his cultivation level was limited, only Xuan Xian cultivation, to continue to comprehend the laws, that was a fool’s dream. If Yan Jiutian had been a Great Immortal or a Bit Immortal back then, he might not have been able to comprehend the laws of space even if the other party had exerted them. Yan Jiutian happened to be a Xuan Xian as well, which allowed him to catch this trace of the law by chance.

After understanding this, Ye Mo simply did not continue to comprehend the laws, he knew that he had gained something in general, at least he had more information about various laws in his mind. When the day came that he could comprehend the laws, it might be the right time to do so.

Ye Mo began to continue his research on instantaneous movement, he had never wanted to give up on it. It was a top-notch escape skill, and an absolute killing tool in a fight. Plus if he comprehended instantaneous movement, it would be beneficial to the eyes laid by Immortal King He-yi. There were only advantages and no disadvantages. On the fourth level of the Avatar Dao Pavilion. He had not completed the instantaneous movement. Now in the Dao Pavilion of Laws, he wanted to try again.

The Law Dao Pavilion belonged to the Chaos Dao Pavilion, where all sorts of elemental auras were present, which was of great significance for comprehending instantaneous shifts and feats.

This time, Ye Mo was not disappointed, and half a year later, Ye Mo had comprehended a hint of instantaneous movement with the help of that hint of spatial laws. At one time he could instantly move a hundred miles in range, although this range was not large. However, as his cultivation level increased, this instantaneous distance would become larger and larger. The only drawback was that the consumption of immortal energy and divine sense was not small, but Ye Mo’s immortal energy and divine sense were both far higher than those of immortals of the same rank, so he didn’t care about it.

When Ye Mo cast the instantaneous movement once again, his heart was a little excited. No wonder everyone wanted to enter the Pavilion of the Way of Questions, this place was simply a paradise for cultivation. If he could be allowed to slowly stay on each floor for hundreds of years, how great would his achievements be?

Before entering, Ye Mo had asked how long he could stay in the Daoist Pavilion, and the length of time he could stay was based on each person’s understanding, not how long he wanted to stay. Some people got out in a few years or even a dozen years, while others could stay for decades or even hundreds of years. It is said that the maximum length of stay in the Inquirer’s Pavilion is one hundred years. Only rarely do people stay for the full hundred years.

The fifth level once again disappeared from the staircase of light and shadow, even though Ye Mo knew that there were many benefits to remain in the Dao of Laws Pavilion. However, his time was limited and he could not stay in this place for a long time to cultivate. At this moment, he could only say aloud, “I have mastered a hint of spatial laws and request to go up to the sixth level of the Dao Pavilion of Inquiries.”

A light shadow rolled in, and Ye Mo landed directly on the sixth floor of the Dao Enquiry Pavilion. Ye Mo was still sighing in his heart, fortunately he had mastered a trace of spatial laws, otherwise this sixth floor would not have been possible to come up at all.

Ye Mo raised his eyes and just saw three big words ‘Reincarnation Dao’ when he felt a wave of dizziness come over him.

Then a clear image flashed before Ye Mo’s eyes, merchants, soldiers, generals, emperors, go-getters, peasants ……

Countless similar faces, countless kinds of reincarnated lives flashed before Ye Mo’s eyes, and it was as if he saw a different version of himself.

He saw himself being born in Yanjing, saw himself being a*sa*sinated, saw himself sitting in a cla*sroom at Ning University, and then his another reincarnation reborn into this body ……

It turns out that the Ye Mo that was once there was just a reincarnation of me, that was still myself, but only reborn by another reincarnation of myself. No wonder Su Su was reborn with twenty years less, it turns out that the Ye Mo of Ninghai and the Ye Mo of Dongxuan Continent were his two reincarnations, and there was just a difference of twenty years between these two reincarnations.

Suddenly another image appeared in front of Ye Mo, inside an extremely beautiful garden, a woman with messy hair pulled a young boy, crying and kneeling in front of a middle-aged man wearing an emperor’s crown. Next to the middle-aged man wearing an imperial crown, there were a dozen teenagers, and dozens of extremely beautiful women.

The woman was crying and trying to hold the emperor’s legs. The middle-aged emperor frowned and said with a cold snort, “What is the use of such rubbish? Let’s throw it away.”

“Lord Za Di, please keep the youngest child ……”

Before the woman could finish her sentence, the middle-aged emperor just kicked down, and the woman and the youngster immediately rolled down from the stone steps.

“Find a cultivation world where aura is scarce and throw it away, whether he can be reincarnated or not all depends on his luck ……” that middle-aged emperor turned around and left after he finished speaking.

“Za Di ……” the woman let out a cry like a cuckoo crying for blood, but the middle-aged emperor left on his own as if he hadn’t heard.

The two sturdy men had then rushed towards the teenager and led him away directly, leaving behind only the woman who was crying for blood.


Ye Mo woke up with a start, only to find that he was already in tears. There was nothing but the three big words ‘Reincarnation Dao’ in front of his eyes.

Was this teenager one of his former reincarnations? That aura-starved cultivation world was the Eastern Xuan Continent? Who was this middle-aged emperor called Emperor Za? Why had he abandoned himself?

And who was that woman? Why did she defend him so much? And what was that extremely beautiful garden?

A whole day had pa*sed and Ye Mo found that he hadn’t even moved while standing in this Reincarnation Dao Pavilion.