DYM Chapter 1701

Ye Mo accelerated his speed, and when he quickly walked into the golden door of the Inquirer’s Pavilion, a vortex rolled in and instantly swept him away and disappeared.

After a burst of extreme dizziness, Ye Mo was wide awake. The sound of cars honking rang in his ears, and several extremely trendy teenage boys and girls pa*sed by him, even looking at him in a strange outfit in confusion.

This was Ninghai University, and Ye Mo immediately understood what this place was. He had just entered the Inquirer’s Pavilion, and he had arrived at Ninghai University. Was it rare that this was all real and not a virtual fantasy?

Decades had pa*sed, the sea had changed, and the gates of Ning University had been completely replaced. Ye Mo panted, he had heard Immortal King Kai Feng say that the first level of the Inquiring Dao Pavilion was the Dao of the Heart Demon. However, he cultivated the ‘Three Life Dictates’ and had the Bitter Bamboo inculcation, so he had no heart demons at all, so how could he say that he had asked for a heart demon?

“I have no heart demon why do I need to ask for a heart demon!” Ye Mo simply ignored the men and women around him and directly said loudly.

The next moment he once again felt a dizziness, and in the blink of an eye he had disappeared from the entrance of Ninghai University, and what appeared before him were countless immortal spirit herbs, all kinds of rare materials, and even all kinds of talisman making and formation materials.

A voice from the distant sky rang in his ears, as if taught by a benefactor, “The art daoist, dan, weapon, talisman, formation, side dao …… the path of dan dao is thousands, but all thousands return to one ……. ”

All kinds of dan techniques, all kinds of weapons refining techniques, fused and intertwined in the void ……

This is surprisingly a layer that allows one to feel the Dan Dao, Weapon Dao, Talisman Dao, Formation Dao and Pun Dao, Ye Mo did not think that the Pun Dao was from the Question Dao Pavilion, what with all the measuring, easy numbers and so on coming from the Pun Dao path. Ye Mo was even thinking about Lu Zhengqun’s search for a side dao expert to calculate his whereabouts. I wonder if he found them.

But these were cast aside by Ye Mo in the blink of an eye. Although he had no interest in talismans. However, the Dao of Dan and the Dao of Weapons and the Dao of Formation completely attracted him. He frantically absorbed this knowledge, completely forgetting all about time, even forgetting that he had come to the Dao Enquiry Pavilion mainly to ask for the Dao divine Abilities, not to learn about alchemy and weaponry.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but Ye Mo woke up with a start, he didn’t know how long he had been in this second layer of the Dao of Arts, but he knew he couldn’t continue to stay there, if he stayed any longer. It was possible for him to stay here for hundreds or thousands of years. There was no end to the Dao, just the path of the Dan Dao was enough to keep him for countless years. For him, as long as he knew some sense and direction, he would have his own way.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer cared about the simple-minded sounds in his ears and once again said aloud, “I have already understood the Dao of Art, there is no need to ask any more questions, please go up to the third level!”

But this time there was no response, his ears were still filled with the various sounds of the Art Dao. Ye Mo’s face changed. Was he really going to study the Art Dao inside the Questioning Dao Pavilion for the rest of his life?

If that was the case, wouldn’t all those who entered the Dao Enquiry Pavilion to ask about the Dao only be able to ask about the Dao of Art on the second level. Until they grow old? Or was his golden dao token different from other dao tokens?

Ye Mo thought that it was likely that his golden dao token was different from the other dao tokens, when Immortal King Kai Feng first told them, he only said that he was asking about the Dao of Heart Demons and the Dao of Spells, there was nothing about the Dao of Arts ah?

Ye Mo no longer had the heart to learn the Art Dao, and half a day later, he said once again, “I have entered the Dan Dao, Weapon Dao and Formation Dao, please go up to the third level of the Dao of Questioning!”

“Boom,” after Ye Mo finished speaking, he felt a boom in his mind, and then he felt a dazzling light coming from him, and in an instant he was once again transported away.

When Ye Mo landed, all that met his eyes was a variety of spells criss-crossing the area, and the surrounding area was still chaotic. Ye Mo’s heart was happy, he finally understood what was going on, he had to have at least one art dao initiation on the second level, and he could only enter the third level after he raised it. Otherwise, he could only wait until the Dao Enquiry Pavilion clearly sensed that he had become completely proficient in the art dao, and this would automatically transport him to the third level. Or if the Dao Enquiry Pavilion knew that he had reached the limit of his learning and had no more chance to rise, it would directly teleport him out of the Dao Enquiry Pavilion.

Ye Mo believed that there was no one so bullish who dared to say that he was completely proficient in the Art Dao. Not to mention being completely proficient, even being completely initiated was not a simple matter, or at least he could not do it in a short time.

“Those who are in the Dao of Dharma, all dharmas are born, are they not in gongfu, spells or dao ……”

The vain simple-minded voice came again, but Ye Mo’s heart was happy, he was precisely going to fuse the spells, he wanted to be a divine ability, and it looked like the third level of the Daoist Pavilion was asking for spells.

But after a long time had pa*sed, what Ye Mo saw and heard were all kinds of merits and spells fusing and intermingling, but he could not comprehend half of the divine ability at all. And those things, even if he wasn’t here himself, he could still slowly derive them through the ‘Three Life Dictates’. The greatest benefit of being here was that it gave him just a general rule of spells, giving him a direction for the future.

To other Xuan Immortals, the third layer might not be learned through in a lifetime, and it was even the most precious layer among the nine layers, but Ye Mo had no more interest.

He once again said aloud, “My sword art has entered the Dao Gate, only the divine ability is missing, I request to comprehend the divine Dao.”

A golden light ladder suddenly appeared in front of Ye Mo, and Ye Mo immediately knew that the fourth level was not through teleportation anymore, but up through the ladder.

Ye Mo didn’t hesitate to step into the golden light-shadowed ladder, and he had just stepped onto the first ladder when a void voice asked, “What is the Dao?”

After this voice appeared, Ye Mo felt a powerful force pushing in, not to mention that he crossed onto the second step, even staying on the first step was a little difficult.

Ye Mo knew that it was asking him to answer the question, otherwise it would immediately push him back to the third level, and he immediately replied, “Man follows the laws of the earth, the earth follows the laws of the sky, the sky follows the laws of the dao, and the dao follows the laws of nature, so nature is the dao.”

He didn’t know where this was the answer, he only knew that when he used the ‘Three Life Dictates’ to push the gongfu, there seemed to be such a phrase, and he carried it straight over.

Sure enough after Ye Mo finished answering, the resistance in front of him immediately disappeared and Ye Mo hurriedly stepped up to the second step, while once again hearing that voice from the void, “What is the Dao?”

The same question?

Ye Mo frowned for a moment and said once again, “Something is mixed and formed, before heaven and earth are born. Silent and few, independent and unchanging, circumambient and unchanging, it can be the mother of heaven and earth. I do not know its name, but the word for it is Dao.”

After the second question was answered, Ye Mo took another step up, and was then given the same question again, “What is the Dao?”

“One yin and one yang is called the Dao.”

“What is the Tao?”

“The Tao is that which man moves through, so that all things do not know their cause.”

“What is the Tao?”


Ye Mo came out in a cold sweat, he found that no matter how much he said, he was only taking one step forward, if this continued, he would be answering what is the Dao for the rest of his life. Could this be asking the Dao?

This is also asking a little too evil, Ye Mo is tempted to talk nonsense, although nonsense is also a kind of Dao, but he does not know if once he talks nonsense, he will be transported out and lose the opportunity to ask the Dao.

Ye Mo stopped at the eighth step and said after a long time of thought: “I came to ask for the Dao because I want to know where to ask for the Dao? If I repeatedly did so, why would I need to ask for the Dao? If I ask again, I am the Dao.”

As Ye Mo finished these words, suddenly his Yuan Shen pulsed and he was enlightened. The various Dao he answered were all other people’s Dao, everyone has their own Dao, wouldn’t I am the Dao be exactly their own Dao?

I wanted to know where to ask for the Tao. Now understanding that the Tao is in oneself, why do I need to ask for it?


Ye Mo felt that the steps beneath his feet suddenly disappeared and he was in a new place again, the three words ‘Avatar Dao’ appeared before his eyes, Ye Mo immediately knew that he had reached the fourth level, the Avatar Dao Pavilion.

The various spell fusions and the various dao arts in his own mind jumped up and down, making him want to immerse himself in them uncontrollably.

Ye Mo didn’t even have to think about it, he had already immersed himself.

Immersed in the divine ability fusion, Ye Mo originally wanted to find a divine ability for the World Stone Scales, but after he was completely immersed in this feeling, the first thing that surfaced in his sea of consciousness was surprisingly the finger that Guan Feijian had used before he died.

That finger was like the Milky Way rolling backwards and the mountains bursting, absorbing the killing power of heaven and earth as it reappeared in front of him.

“Boom ……”

Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness tumbled as if a finger had once again stretched out from the distant heavens, pointing straight at his Yuan Shen.

A regal voice came from the void, “Hao Tian First Finger, Silence ……”

Silence and destruction?

Ye Mo’s six senses were completely attracted by this finger of silence, being in between the rules of this divine fusion, constantly fusing, transforming and absorbing ……

Time flowed away like water, Ye Mo was completely immersed in this finger, unable to extricate himself.

One day, one month, one year ……

This day Ye Mo suddenly woke up again, and at the same time struck out with a fist ……

The fourth floor of the Inquirer’s Pavilion was instantly swept by this punch, as if the entire space was attracted to this punch, forming an imposing killing vortex, and then the entire space was silencing, void, and disappearing ……

“Good fist.” Ye Mo said as he looked at the space that was still stirring around him and looked at his fist.

“From now on this will be my number one divine ability, the Void.” Ye Mo forced down the excitement inside him and said to himself.

The Void was just a fist, but it incorporated the Silent Finger and a hint of spatial factors, and even a hint of divine sense attack in it. Ye Mo was certain that if he had comprehended Void before, this punch could have completely blocked Guan Feijian’s Silent Finger and even firmly suppressed him.

Ye Mo did not continue to study the second punch, he was already extremely lucky to have comprehended one punch, he did not expect himself to be able to comprehend a second punch of divine ability in a row.

At this moment, Ye Mo took out his world stone scales, to him, the Void was only an absolute killing move, the scales were his main tool.