DYM Chapter 1695

“Since there is a host, then of course how to draw lots should be left to the host of the tournament, if everyone goes and meddles in the tournament, wouldn’t it be chaos?” Immortal King Huyi choked on Immortal King Kai Feng’s words and could only say forcefully. If this was the middle of nowhere, he would have teamed up with Immortal King Kai Feng to kill him long ago.

“Hahahahahaha, I, Huang Ming, have seen unreasonable people, but I have never seen an unreasonable person like you.” Immortal King Huang Ming suddenly laughed loudly, directly interrupting Immortal King He Yi’s words.

Seeing that all the Immortal Kings were looking over, Immortal King Huang Ming curbed his smile and said with a cold face, “He-yi, stop pretending. We are all not blind, and we do not want to talk about the rules you set in favour of anyone in the front. But that mole Da Luo Immortal who presided over the third round, how dare he cheat openly, was recognized by the clan’s Mo Ying and dared to kill someone, I would like to see who that kid who presided over the tournament was instructed by.”

Although Huang Ming knew that it was Huyi’s instructions, he still didn’t say it directly in the end, it wasn’t a good idea to tear his face off with several of Ruan Lotian’s Immortal Kings. Besides, although the rules favoured Ruan Lotian contestants in the previous rounds, it wasn’t particularly obvious or even catchable. This entry into the top four was said to be a lottery, and at the end of the day, they even dared to hand out lots. This was simply blatant cheating.

Those eight sticks, if Ye Mo didn’t interrupt and each person drew them, it was certain that Ye Mo would face off against Guan Feijian and Leng Qingshui and Qin Wujian would face off against each other.

“Hmph, I would also like to know who is directing the tournament host who is cheating so blatantly.” One of Kong Shengtian’s Immortal Kings also snorted coldly. Standing out, he said. The aura on his body likewise rose wildly. It was obvious that a fight was about to break out at the first word.

“Immortal King He-yi. The person presiding over the match is indeed ill-considered. Although he is well-intentioned, it is a bit inappropriate to send this lottery shadow light point directly to the individual contestants.” Another Immortal King of Ruan Lotian knew that what that Da Luo Immortal had done had already stirred up public anger, and if Immortal King He Yi didn’t admit his mistake, it would be a disaster.

If so many Immortal Kings fought, this Immortal City would be destroyed, and Ruan Le Tian would have to go backwards by countless years.

Facing the aura of several Immortal Kings. Immortal King Huyi could only compromise, Immortal King Huangming had already given face to him, so if he didn’t compromise again, he would be asking for trouble.

“Escort it down and change the match host.” Immortal King He-yi said coldly, not even bothering to say the words to make a show.

That Da Luo Immortal had originally obeyed Immortal King He Yi, but he didn’t expect to end up being beaten and seriously injured, not to mention being escorted off.

Soon another Da Luo Immortal who was presiding over the match came to the ring, and without daring to take back those light shadows, he said directly, “Please ask the eight participating Xuan Immortals. Each one choose a signature shadow.”

Guan Feijian was the first to take in a light shadow, while giving Ye Mo a cold look and said, “Escaping a fate doesn’t mean you can escape a small one.”

Ye Mo also collected a light shadow. He didn’t even bother to look at Guan Feijian. Guan Feijian saw him as a dead man, and he saw Guan Feijian as a dead man as well.

Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t disrupt these signature shadows, the first person he would have to face was Guan Feijian. This was fine with him, he would have liked to kill Guan Feijian sooner. But then he wouldn’t be able to slap Immortal King He-yi one after another.

This was because he knew that Leng Qing Shirt and Qin Wu Jian would definitely kill each other as rivals, which allowed Ruan Le Tian’s people to sit back and enjoy. Ye Mo knew that Leng Qingshui would definitely fight to the death and even kill one of them if he faced Ruan Lotian’s men. And Qin Wubian was even more cold-blooded and ruthless, he would definitely decapitate his opponents as well.

If he, Leng Qingshui and Qin Wujian all drew Ruan Le Tian’s opponents, they could kill three of Ruan Le Tian’s guys if they were luckier.

Because of Immortal King Huyi’s tournament rules, which made the last eight out of five Ruan Le Tian’s, if they were killed by three, even Immortal King Huyi would have to vomit blood in anger. As for going up against Guan Feijian, Ye Mo was in no hurry. He believed that with Guan Feijian’s skills, they would definitely meet in the end.

Ye Mo crushed the light shadow and a row of words hovered above his head, number three versus number six. Immediately afterwards, he saw the row of words floating up above Zhang Mad’s head read, Number six versus number three, which meant that his opponent was Zhang Mad.

At this point the remaining few people crushed the light shadows in their hands, Guan Feijian against Ning Kaoran, Leng Qingshui against Meng Qian, and Qin Wujian against Yan Xuan Leng.

Although this was not the most ideal result in Ye Mo’s mind, he was nonetheless satisfied with the result of the draw.

In the first match, after Guan Feijian took the stage, Kaoran knew that he was no match for Guan Feijian and simply conceded defeat.

In the second match, Leng Qing Shirt took on Meng Qian, who was also considered a dark horse. Although the rules of the tournament favoured Ruan Le Tian, it was simply impossible to advance to the top eight without certain skills.

Leng Qing Shirt’s magic weapon was a dark red halberd, which Ye Mo had seen when Yu came to challenge Leng Qing Shirt. It was the same dark red halberd that Leng Qingshirt subsequently used, but Ye Mo knew that Leng Qingshirt, like Guan Feijian, had never exerted his full strength.

Meng Qian’s magic treasure was the Ice Silver Ring, which was said to be a silver ring, but was actually more like a mirror. However, this mirror was different from the Fire Mirror in that the centre was covered in ice and snow, while the edges were surrounded by flames.

Meng Qian knew that Leng Qing Shirt wanted to kill him, and in fact he had received the message to kill him. Leng Qing Shirt had tried to kill Fu Ling Tian in the last match, only Fu Ling Tian’s cultivation was so powerful that Leng Qing Shirt did not kill him.

This time, Meng Qian came up with his full strength, and when the Ice and Silver Ring was sacrificed, it formed a side of flame and a side of ice and snow in the ring, while in the midst of the flame and ice and snow, Leng Qing-shirt’s dark red halberd was like a blood auger, tumbling and moving.

At first the crowd could only see the ice and snow of the silver ring and the flames, but later on the ice and snow were swallowed by the blood auger and gradually dissipated, leaving only the flames and the blood auger. As the immortal energy stirred, the blood auger once again gradually covered the flames.

All of them knew that Meng killed was already at a disadvantage, and it was only a matter of time before he fell.

Immortal King Huyi’s face looked gloomy as he swept a glance at that Great Luo Immortal, who understood and knew that this was for him to remind Meng Qian to admit defeat.

In fact, there was no need for that Great Luo Immortal to remind him. Meng Qian was already planning to admit defeat. But he had just opened his mouth. The cold green shirt’s dark red halberd suddenly retracted. The endless blood auger dissipated without a trace. Meng Qian’s heart rejoiced and he immediately knew that his chance had come.

“Poof ……”

A ray of blood pa*sed over Meng Qian’s body, and with his mouth open Meng Qian finally understood what Leng Qing Shirt meant. Knowing that he was going to admit defeat, Leng Qingyi surprisingly condensed all of that endless blood auger’s killing intent into a single halberd line. The moment he thought his chance had come, it tore through his body by sneaking in.

But that wasn’t the end of it, the dark red halberd suddenly twisted inside Meng Qian’s body, and Meng Qian’s body immediately split apart in all directions. In an instant, it turned into a mist of blood. In this blood mist, Meng Qian’s spirit was struck by the shadow of Leng Qing Shirt’s dark red halberd and was reduced to nothingness in the blink of an eye.

In the second match, Leng Qingshang won.

Immortal King Huyi’s eyes were cold, not only had Meng Qian lost, but he had also been killed by Leng Qingshui. He once again swept a cold glance at Ye Mo, who had become a thorn in his side at this point. If Ye Mo hadn’t disrupted the order of the match, Meng Qian wouldn’t have been killed at all.

When the Grand Luo Immortal who was presiding over the match saw Meng Qian being killed, he winced, he didn’t have time to stop Leng Qing Shirt from killing Meng Qian. This was no small matter.

Ye Mo had long known that he and Immortal King He Yi had become sworn enemies, but he didn’t care.

The third match. Qin Wubi took on Fairy Yan Leng.

Immortal Yan Xuan was ranked second only to Zhang Mad on the Heavenly Immortal list, but ranking did not mean strength, and her strength was far weaker than Zhang Mad in comparison. However, her beauty should give her some extra points on the Heavenly Immortal list. Although nine out of ten female immortals in the Immortal World were extremely beautiful, Fairy Xuan Leng’s beauty was beyond the average beauty.

However, Qin Wubi had no concept of beauty. He had killed two of the three people he was fighting against, and the third was not because he did not want to kill them, but because his opponent happened to escape from the ring.

At this moment, Leng Qing Shirt had just killed Meng Qian, that blood colour had long inspired his killing aura, he already saw Fairy Xuan Leng as a prey. To others, they might not be able to spare a heavy hand when facing a beautiful woman like Fairy Xuan Leng, but Qin Wubian had no such concept at all.

As soon as the two of them started to fight, Qin Wubian went all out, and the entire ring was even filled with the light from his magic treasures bursting out. Although Immortal Xuan Leng was a woman, her hands were not much worse than Qin Wubian’s.

As a result, the ring’s forbidden system was shaken by the two of them, and it was impossible to tell who had the upper hand.

Ye Mo did not use his divine sense to check the battle between Qin Wubian and Fairy Xuan Leng. It was not very important to him who won and who lost this rivalry. He was thinking about where he should go after asking the Daoist Pavilion.

An hour later, instead of decreasing, the sound of spell explosions in the ring became more intense.

“Don’t you dare ……”

A clear and abrupt voice came from a distant place, causing Ye Mo to snap back to attention. The voice was still extremely far away and a shadow was already approaching the square, only before this shadow reached the ring, he saw a miserable cry from the ring. The shadow instantly stalled, and Ye Mo could already see clearly that it was an extremely beautiful woman, also at Immortal King cultivation.

“How dare you kill Xuan Leng, I’ll kill you ……” this Immortal King said in a stern voice, and after he finished raising his hand, he shot out an ice arrow.

It was obviously an extremely simple ice arrow, but Ye Mo felt like his mind had been taken away from him. He didn’t even dare to sweep that ice arrow with his divine sense at all, he had an intuition that once his divine sense touched that ice arrow, his sea of consciousness would immediately tumble uncontrollably and even melt away.

This was the strike of an Immortal King? So powerful. Ye Mo’s heart shook wildly, while he lowered his head and clenched his fist even more. He was so shocked by this female immortal’s random ice arrow, what if it was an immortal king’s full power strike?

At this moment, Ye Mo finally understood that even if he could kill his opponents across levels, and was far from even being comparable to his opponents of the same level, when he reached Da Luo Immortal Perfection, he might not be able to kill the worst ordinary Immortal King.