DYM Chapter 1693

The immortals watching on the stage all looked at Ye Mo who had come down with a puzzled expression, why was it Jane Kill who died? The sixth on the Ruan Le Heavenly Domain’s Heavenly Immortal list was killed so easily?

Xu Ji, Fairy Purple Rain and the others instantly understood that it was Ye Mo who had won, and immediately clenched their fists in joy, finally putting their hearts down. Jane Killing was no match for the Blood Clothed Immortal, and only when they saw Ye Mo kill Jane Killing with their own eyes did they ease down. After they had relaxed, the two of them also vaguely understood Ye Mo’s meaning.

Only the Blood Clothed Immortal had a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, he had long known that Ye Mo would win. And he also knew that Ye Mo’s strength wasn’t even taken out, he still had a small mountain of stones.

“The fourth match is won by Zong Mo Ying.”

Immortal King He-yi suddenly shot two sharp auras out of his eyes and swept straight towards Ye Mo. Even though Ye Mo felt someone sweeping him with divine sense, and it was the kind of divine sense that was murderous, he didn’t look back, he knew it was Immortal King He-yi. Even if this old thing was a bully, he wouldn’t dare to kill him now. The most dangerous thing for him was not now, but when he came out from inside the Inquirer’s Pavilion.

Blood-clothed Immortal Guan Feijian frowned as he cautiously glanced at Ye Mo, with some doubts in his heart, it was clearly Jane Kill who wanted to kill the other party, why did it turn into Jane Kill being killed in the blink of an eye? After Jane Kill called out the word kill, even he himself needed the leather drum to sound out to resist, why did this Mo Ying block it without any effect? He was a little wary of Ye Mo, as his leather drum and Jane Kill’s killing sound had something in common.

The few Immortal Kings of the clan were finally relieved, they had heard from Zi Yu that Ye Mo was able to frighten away the Blood Clad Immortal. It was reasonable to say that even if he was not able to defeat Jane Kill. He wouldn’t be pressured as he was before. Now Ye Mo had really killed Jane Kill back. In their opinion, Ye Mo had deliberately shown his enemy weakness before, then let Jane Kill relax, which was how he killed Jane Kill by surprise.

Not only did the few immortal kings of the clan think so, but most of the people also thought so, that Ye Mo had shown his enemy weakness.

The match continued and without surprising Ye Mo, the win was basically for the top thirty-two ring-keepers. Only a very few challengers knocked the ring-keepers down. And these very few challengers were all from Ruan Le Tian.

Nine of them were decapitated in the ring, Ye Mo killed one, Tie Zongfei of Weng Chongtian killed one, Mu of Jiang Yu Tian killed one and Ruan Le Tian killed four. There were two more decapitated opponents that Ye Mo didn’t know and wasn’t interested in trying to ask.

After thirty-one matches, among the top thirty-two, apart from Ye Mo, there was also a Mang Yong in Zong. The one match of Mang Yong’s that Ye Mo’s divine sense had seen was the twenty-seventh match. The challenge was a Xuan Xian of Jiang Yutian. After a fierce fight between the two, Mang Yong won.

But Ye Mo’s vision was powerful. He could tell at a glance that Mang Yong’s fierceness was feigned and the other’s fierceness was the real deal. With Mang Yong’s strikes, he could completely kill the opponent in seconds. However, this guy fought hard against his opponent and finally suffered some injuries before defeating him.

Ye Mo was already too lazy to despise this guy, he was pretending because he wanted to kill Guan Feijian, this kid was pretending entirely for the sake of concealment. We’ll see how long he can stay hidden later, does this b*****d not want a place in the Daoist Pavilion? If he wanted it, then he wouldn’t be able to hide even if he did in the later rounds.

The top sixteen matches began and the first match was still for Guan Feijian. This time no one was on the stage to challenge, everyone could see clearly how strong Guan Feijian was. Ye Mo belonged to the top sixteen, he wanted to challenge but was not qualified to do so.

When Guan Feijian saw that no one was challenging, he suddenly pointed at Mang Yong and said, “Mang Yong of the Zong, come up here, I want to see how powerful the Zong who has been number one for two consecutive times is.”

When no one came up to challenge, the ring keeper could pick the person who came up to the stage at will. So Guan Feijian’s choice of Mang Yong was perfectly in line with the rules.

All the people knew that Guan Feijian was going to take Zong, and as long as Mang Yong went up, he was bound to be killed by Guan Feijian.

Ye Mo, however, was in high spirits, he also wanted to see how powerful Mang Yong was, just as he was about to send a voice to Mang Yong, asking him to help kill Guan Feijian, Mang Yong, however, came to the front with a dishevelled face and clasped his fist and said, “I admit defeat in this match, I am no match for Brother Guan.”

Ye Mo froze, this kid actually admitted defeat? What kind of rhythm is this? Did he really not want a place in the Daoist Pavilion? Originally, he felt that Mang Yong would not necessarily lose to Guan Feijian if he went up there, and he would use his divine sense blade to cut down Guan Feijian at a critical moment to help out a little. However, Mang Yong conceded defeat just to hide his cultivation.

Although Ye Mo was both puzzled and angry at Mang Yong’s admission of defeat, the rest of the group felt normal about it. This means that Guan Feijian will definitely kill Mang Yong, who is obviously not a match for Guan Feijian, so no one thinks he’s a coward for admitting defeat at this point. After all, there weren’t many people like Tallow, not to mention that when Tallow and Guan Feijian were fighting, Guan Feijian’s strength hadn’t been exposed yet.

Giving up his place in the Inquirer’s Pavilion nor wanting to challenge a fight, Ye Mo had already crossed Mang Yong off the list of immortals who had achieved something uncomplicated. It was fine to hold back, but to hold back to such an extent, Ye Mo did not believe that he could achieve much. Even a place in the Daoist Pavilion could be withheld from him, at least he, Ye Mo, could not do it.

Competing for resources is a necessary process of cultivation, and no resources under the sun fall down for no reason. He could have fought for a place in the Daoist Pavilion, but he gave it up, how could he become a peak powerhouse?

Ye Mo did not pay any more attention to Mang Yong, such a person was not worth his attention.

To Ye Mo’s surprise, Mang Yong even took the initiative to walk up to Ye Mo and greet him before he left the competition, this was already the second time he took the initiative to greet Ye Mo. If the first time he greeted him, Ye Mo still wanted to get to know him, then this time, Ye Mo had no interest at all.

The second and third games, Leng Qing Shirt and Qin Wu Blade, were both easy wins, while in the fourth game Ye Mo had just gotten on the stage when one of them fell on the stage. It was evident that although he had killed Jane Kill, he was far less intimidating than Guan Feijian.

“Duan Jingtian Tianguan Yifeng has come to receive a lesson.” The one who came up was a valiant female immortal, although she was able to enter the top thirty-two, this female immortal was far worse than even the Blood Cloth Immortal Xue Shengxuan, and Ye Mo didn’t even need to put in any effort.”

Half a column of incense later, Ye Mo struck Shangguan Yifeng’s back with a slash, and Shangguan Yifeng was sent flying directly by the immortal energy brought by the slash, hitting the top of the forbidden system and falling down, instantly becoming a bloody man.

Shangguan Yifeng was defeated.

Ye Mo didn’t kill her, although Shangguan Yifeng wanted to win against him, she didn’t have a killing chance, showing that her opponent didn’t want to kill herself either. For those who wanted to kill him, Ye Mo would never let go, but since the other party did not want to kill him, there was no need for him to drive them to extinction. Even the slash that hit the opponent’s back was intentional on Ye Mo’s part, otherwise the slash could definitely have split her front chest.

The match after that was uneventful, except for Weng Chongtian’s Tie Zongfei who killed his opponent, and Ruan Le Tian who killed three people. Blood-clad Immortal Xue Shengxuan killed his opponent in two consecutive matches, and like Weng Chongtian’s Tie Zongfei, he also killed two in a row. The other one who killed two people in a row, also from Ruan Le Tian, was Zhang Mad, who was ranked sixth in the second round and had a full beard.

Ye Mo now knew that Zhang Mad was the second on Ruan Le Tian’s Heavenly Immortal ranking list. Despite his bearded face and rugged looks, his performance in the ring was very different from Guan Feijian’s. In the ring his performance had been unbelievably calm and his strikes were much calmer.

Ye Mo had seen both of his matches, and the two Xuan Immortals who approached him to fight were killing at every turn as soon as they came on stage, that stance was to kill Zhang Mad in the ring. If Ye Mo had met such an opponent who was full of killing strokes, he would have been the same as Zhang Mad and would have killed his opponent.

But Weng Chongtian’s Tie Zongfei and Ruan Le Tian’s Blood Cloth Immortal Xue Shengxuan were different, the two they killed were both killed after they lost and were too late to admit defeat. That is to say, they were deliberately killed. It is clear that among the three, Tie Zongfei and Xue Shengxuan are far more murderous than Zhang Mad.

After sixteen matches, the rankings did not exceed everyone’s expectations, leaving most of the top sixteen in the second round. The two places that were successfully challenged were also both for Ruan Le Tian, of which the Blood Clad Immortal was listed.

This time there was no longer the same atmosphere in the square as when they had just entered the third round of the tournament, which had traditionally been called the decapitation tournament, and this time it was the same. Only this time more people seemed to have been killed than ever before, before the match had even ended, more than a dozen people had already been killed, knowing that these were all elites from various heavenly domains.

The expressionless Da Luo Xian of Ruan Le Tian flew once again and landed on top of the ring, announcing loudly, “The first sixteen places of the third round have been decided, now still according to the ranking of the inquiring trace tablet, the first eight will guard the ring, the next eight will challenge at will, the competition begins.”

The first person to guard the ring was Guan Feijian, and that Great Luo Xian had just left the ring when Guan Feijian had landed on top of it.

A huge leather drum hovered above his head, and with that look of disdain in his eyes, it seemed that whoever dared to go up to him to challenge him, he would not hesitate to kill his opponent.

But it wasn’t as if no one had gone up to challenge him this time; which of those who could advance to the top 16 were not the elites of the Heavenly Domain? How could they be intimidated by a mere Guan Feijian?

“Jiang Yutian Mu Kill has come to challenge.” A scarlet shadow landed on top of the ring.

Ye Mo nodded backwards, he knew this Mu Kill, he had finished eighth in the first round, the second round seemed to be the sixteenth, and in the first match of the third round, he had killed his opponent. He was the leader of the group in the first round, so it was reasonable to say that this guy had already qualified to enter the Questioning Pavilion, and he still dared to come up to challenge Guan Feijian, so it was obvious that he was not here for the Questioning Pavilion quota.

“Got guts.” Although Mu Kill’s skills were good, Guan Feijian did not look at his opponent in the same way. Immediately afterwards, his great drum emitted a booming muffled sound that pierced the eardrums.

Those watching from below at that moment instantly understood that the sound was somewhat like the general ‘kill’ sound made by Jane Kill. The sound was like the ‘kill’ sound of Jane Killing, but the drum was a continuous sound. After Mu killed, who knew that Guan Feijian did not even take out the most basic skills when he killed Zhuang Tallow?

Ye Mo shook his head, he also felt that although Mu Kill was good, he was not a match for Guan Feijian.