DYM Chapter 1685

Originally, the number of participants in the second round was one hundred and fifty-two, but only one hundred and fifty actually came. There were two less people in Zong, and as to what the reason was, Immortal King He Yi did not even bother to ask.

Seeing that one hundred and fifty people had arrived, Immortal King He Yi then said, “The second round of the competition is to leave a Dao Questioning Mark on the Dao Questioning Monument, and in fact this second round of the competition is to prepare for the third round. The top sixty-four people who ask for the Dao marks will participate in the third round, while the rest will all be eliminated.

There will only be five rewards for the second round, the first place will receive a Questioning Dao Pavilion Bit Immortal slot, the second place will receive a Questioning Dao Pavilion Great Immortal slot, and the third to fifth place will each receive a Questioning Dao Heavenly Immortal slot.”

While Ye Mo was still wondering what a Questioning Dao mark was, Immortal King He Yi and the remaining four Immortal Kings around him each struck out a curtain of light. The five light curtains soon formed a pentagonal circle of light in the middle of the square in front of the main altar, and rumbling sounds rang out in this pentagonal circle of light, as if something was about to explode, causing people to hear some palpitations.

Half a column of incense later, an empty void door appeared in the middle of the square’s circle of light, and this door appeared very abrupt. There were no monuments or stones, nor anything else, apart from this empty door. The pentagonal circle of light around it slowly spread out, until it reached a few metres in front of the participants in the square, and then it stopped.

Not only was Ye Mo puzzled, but many people who didn’t understand the question marker were just as puzzled. Even the stele didn’t leave much of a mark? Ye Mo thought it was the same as the test name stele on the South An Continent test name stele square, where it was fine to leave your name on it, but now it seemed that it was not the case.

“This void gate is the door to ask for the second round of the competition, the participants just need to enter through this gate. Walk to the end. Then you will see a stone tablet. Then just leave your name on the stone tablet.” Seeing the confusion of those who did not understand, Immortal King Huyi explained simply.

“It’s that simple?” Some of the contestants had asked out in confusion.

Immortal King Huyi said with a faint smile, “Perhaps it’s a little more simple than you think, good luck to everyone, now the participants will all enter the Door of Questioning.”

Ye Mo frowned, he felt that this gate was not so easy. The second round was delayed by Ruan Lotian for three days, did they just come up with this simple method of competition? It was only logical that they would use a tournament method that was favourable to their side.

From the fact that Ruan Lotian had twice as many entries as the other Heavenly Domains, Ye Mo could see that this host was somewhat shameless. He did not believe that in the second round, Ruan Lotian would not tamper.

Although Ye Mo thought so. Or maybe there were many others who thought the same as Ye Mo, but more people rushed into the circle of light after hearing Immortal King He Yi say that the match was starting.

In their minds, if they entered that Questioning Gate one step earlier, then they would see the Questioning Tablet one step earlier.

However, those who rushed in were swept back by a powerful force after only a few steps, and a dozen Xuan Xian were even swept out of the circle of light once again.

Before the dozen or so Xuan Immortals who had been swept out of the circle of light could re-enter the circle of light, Immortal King He Yi said once again, “All participants who have entered the circle of light and then been swept out of the circle of light have failed in the second round of the competition. No further entry into the circle of light is allowed.”

When Immortal King Huyi said these words, the ten or so Xuan Xian who had been swept out of the circle of light were dumbfounded. They hadn’t even participated yet, and this was eliminated?

Really sinister, Ye Mo sneered in his heart, this Immortal King He-yi was also shameless, he didn’t even make the rules of the competition clear. And he didn’t even explain that the aperture had elasticity. As a result, those who were swept out of the circle of light were not Ruan Lotian’s Xuan Xian, Ruan Lotian’s contestants all looked grave as they walked towards the Questioning Gate one step at a time. Obviously they all knew very well that in order to enter the Questioning Gate, they needed to walk slowly, rather than rushing straight in.

Ye Mo saw that everyone understood and were all walking forward one step at a time, and also crossed into the circle of light. Just as he entered the circle of light, a powerful force swept over. Ye Mo finally understood what was going on, this kind of power could really be swept out of the aperture if he was rushed.

Ye Mo’s immortal energy and divine sense far exceeded that of ordinary Xuan Immortals, and although the resistance inside this circle of light was strong, it was not difficult for him to be the first to enter the gateway to the Way of Inquisition if he wanted to. Only he did not do so, but moved slowly with the crowd.

He had already been given a place in the Dao of Questioning, and although he had promised Immortal King Kai Feng that he would give his all, he did not want to be the first to go in this unknown situation. That Immortal King He Yi had helped him pull the hatchet before, so who knew if there would be any problems once he was the first to enter this Dao Asking Gate? Moreover, Ye Mo suspected that this Door of Questioning was somewhat like a magic treasure, once this was a certain Immortal King’s magic treasure and he went in, wouldn’t the secrets of his body might be exposed?

So as Ye Mo walked, he was also torn. If the second round wasn’t related to the third round, he would have been automatically swept out of the aperture long ago.

Psychologically speaking, Ye Mo still wanted to help Immortal King Kai Feng, not to mention that the Midcontinent Immortal King had given him a good piece of stuff. Moreover, the matter of him hiding his cultivation was not even mentioned by the few Immortal Kings, let alone asking him what secrets he had. Immortal King Kai Feng even gave him a broken jade slip from the Forbidden Upper Heaven, which belongs to the Upper Heaven Domain, so who knows if there are any good things in it?

Of course there was also the fact that although he was no longer in the sect, Zhen Bingyu was still there. Once he got two places in the Dao Enquiry Pavilion and gave one to Immortal King Wo Huan, Immortal King Wo Huan would definitely take care of Zhen Bingyu in the process. No matter what, Zhen Bingyu was also brought to the clan by him, and the two of them had shared hardships together. He couldn’t go away and give Yan Bingyu a contradiction.

At this moment, the one who walked to the first place was the white-clothed Immortal Guan Feijian, who was indeed incredibly strong. He even swept a glance back at Ye Mo, that disdain was obvious. It was obvious that he thought that the reason why Ye Mo had gotten a high score in the first round was because of luck.

This showed that the Blood Clothed Immortal, Xue Shengxuan, did not speak out about him suffering a defeat, and that the two people with the Blood Clothed Immortal did not dare to speak out either.

Immediately behind Guan Feijian was a Xuan Xian with a full beard, looking at his clothing he should also be from Ruan Le Tian, Ye Mo did not know his name. And after him was a green-shirted Xuan Xian, this person Ye Mo had heard Xu Ji say was called Leng Qing Shirt. He was a participant from the Kong Shengtian domain, the fourth in the squad he brought in the first round.

If Guan Feijian and Leng Qingshui and the bearded Xuan Xian belonged to the first ladder, then those behind them were the second ladder. After Leng Qingshui were a man and two women, three people Ye Mo had also heard of. The man was Qin Wujian of the Royal Jia Heavenly Domain, who led his squad to finish third in the first round, and the two extremely beautiful female immortals were Fairy Xuan Leng and Fairy Kaoran of Ruan Le Tian. The former led her team to fifth place, while the latter seems not to be in the top ten.

Further behind them were Dance Wan Ling and Mu Kill from Jiang Yu Heavenly Domain, Liao Ling Xuan from Xiaomang Heavenly Domain, Tie Zong Fei from Weng Chong Heavenly Domain and a few others Ye Mo didn’t recognise. What puzzled Ye Mo was that the Blood Clothed Immortal Xue Shengxuan had not been eliminated out in the first round and had also participated in this second round.

Zong’s Purple Rain Fairy, Xu Ji and Yu Lai were all on the fourth rung of the ladder, and as for Mang Yong, who Ye Mo was more optimistic about, he was even on the fifth rung of the ladder, and Ye Mo could catch up with him with just a little more effort.

There was something odd about this Mang Yong, he had to reserve his strength for this second round. Others did not know that Mang Yong was saving his strength, but Ye Mo knew clearly that this guy was saving his strength. With Mang Yong’s performance on the fifth level, Ye Mo was sure that he could enter the second ladder, and even the first ladder was not impossible.

Seeing that Guan Feijian was approaching the Door of Questioning and Ye Mo was still hanging on at the end, Xu Ji glanced back at Ye Mo with some doubts. He was aware of Ye Mo’s abilities, and Ye Mo must be reserving his strength again now that he was at the end.

In fact, Ye Mo really didn’t want to reserve his strength, he was afraid of that Door of Questioning. However, now that Xu Ji was looking at him suspiciously, Ye Mo knew that even the three Immortal Kings would suspect him if he didn’t hold on tighter.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo quickened his pace and instantly overtook Mang Yong and the others and approached Xu Gui and Fairy Zi Yu and the others. He figured out that even if this Door of Questioning was the magic treasure of whichever Immortal King, unless that Immortal King dared to stir up his sea of consciousness, he would definitely not be able to see his golden page world.

In this Dao Questioning Competition, deliberately stirring up a contestant’s sea of consciousness would be to cause a heavenly domain war. Even Ruan Le Tian would not dare to do so, and although Ruan Le Tian was powerful, he would not be able to challenge the wrath of the remaining ten celestial domains at the same time.

“Brother Mo, you go first, let’s try to enter the top 64.” Xu Ji nodded to Ye Mo and said, thinking that Ye Mo was looking after their faces.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t explain. At the same time, he took out a Double God Pill and put it in his mouth and quickened his pace. Half a column of incense later, when Guan Feijian was about to enter the Door of Questioning, Ye Mo also arrived at the second step of the line.

“Hello brother Mo, my name is Ning Kaoran, I’ve been admiring you for days, it’s great to meet you today.” A faint fragrant breeze arrived beside Ye Mo, while a warm and soft voice that was a little overwhelming rang in Ye Mo’s ears.

Ye Mo turned around to see a female fairy with a yellow crushed flower fairy dress moving to his side and was still smiling at him, it was obviously this female fairy who had just spoken.

The innocent looking and extremely beautiful face made people feel slightly good at first glance, and this kind of beauty was only slightly inferior even compared to Zhen Bingyu.

In fact, without the other party’s introduction, Ye Mo knew that her name was Fairy Kaoran, he just didn’t expect the other party to take the initiative to talk to him.

“I’m just lucky, with Fairy Kaoran Ruan Le Tian’s fourth place on the Heavenly Immortal Ranking, this second round will definitely take back the honour that belongs to me.” Ye Mo hastily said politely, and what made him feel even more good was that this Fairy Kaoran’s surname was Ning. This made him think of Ning Qingxue in an instant, after coming to the Immortal Realm, he had been constantly running around for cultivation. Now that he thought of Ning Qingxue, those thoughts in his heart flowed out without thinking.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face appearing gentle, Kaoran smiled faintly and did not take it seriously. How many people who had seen her face would not be attracted to her? Ye Mo did not need to turn his head to know that it was Fairy Xuan Leng, a person whose appearance was no less than that of Fairy Kaoran.

Ye Mo knew that these two women were somewhat at odds, he didn’t want to be caught in the middle of this, he just smiled lightly and immediately quickened his pace, in just a few breaths, Ye Mo had already caught up with Leng Qing Shirt.