DYM Chapter 1682

In fact, after those who inquired about Mo Ying asked, they knew that they all knew this Mo Ying. It was the mid Xuan Xian who had no one willing to lead a team and only one person ended up teaming up to enter the Seven Refinements Tower.

The first in the clan? Not only did the few Immortal Kings of the Zong freeze, but the other Immortal Kings also froze. Was this a mistake? How could Zong be first, or that Mo Ying, who only had a one-man group?

In the next moment, almost all eyes were fixed on Ye Mo, even dozens of Immortal Kings also fixed their eyes on Ye Mo. Everyone understood that it was impossible to get this list wrong, that meant that Zong was indeed number one.

A mid Xuan Xian Immortal, alone, had actually scored over 300 points in the Seven Refinements Tower and achieved first place, this was indeed a little hard to believe.

“Congratulations to Immortal King Kai Feng ……”

“Congratulations to the Zhongzhou Immortal King ……”


While the three Immortal Kings of the clan were still in a daze, all sorts of congratulatory voices were already coming, first place, ah, that was a place to enter the Immortal King of the Inquirer’s Pavilion. All the immortal kings here were immortal kings, who wouldn’t be envious?

The three Immortal Kings of the clan were still a little dazed, and the Zhongzhou Immortal King said in a daze, “This, how is this possible ……”

Immortal King Kai Feng, however, came back to his senses as he laughed and kept clasping his fist in thanks. He was also shocked in his heart, he didn’t understand why Ye Mo’s squad alone could win the first place instead, what exactly did this guy come from? What were his origins? Why did he pretend to be wishy-washy before? He definitely didn’t believe that a Xuan Xian who was so powerful had acted so poorly before, the only possibility was that he was pretending.

“Haha, Zong can really be astonishing without a sound. This is a good way to do it. Intentionally teaming up with one person. And ended up getting the highest score. Looks like we’ll have to use this method next time too, hehehe ……”

A sour voice rang out and the crowd understood what this Immortal King meant, that the people of the clan were all connected by communication beads and the Seven Refining Stones that other squads got were deliberately given to the squad called Mo Ying. So Mo Ying got a large number of Seven Refining Stones and his score only rose high. As a result, all the other squads lost, but this one alone, Mo Ying, succeeded instead. That Mo Ying, needless to say, had a great backstage in the clan as well.

“Immortal King Mo Ying. If you really do this, then next time you won’t even have a spot in Weng Chongtian.” Immediately, an Immortal King said with a cold laugh.

“If others can do it, why can’t I do it?” Immortal King Moju had a somewhat hot temper, although he had just recently been promoted to Immortal King and it was also his first time leading a team in the Great Dao Questioning Competition, but this kind of thing made him very uncomfortable. This, coupled with the fact that many Immortal Kings around him had cold smiles on the corners of their mouths, clearly disdaining to speak to him, made him even more uncomfortable.

An Immortal King next to him, who was also a Weng Chongtian, hastily pulled him and said, “After the squads draw cards and group them together, the squads from the major celestial domains will be recorded by the formation. Inside the Seven Refinements Tower, the first person to collect the Seven Refinements Stone. This Seven Refinement Stones will belong to his squad. Seven Refinement Stones obtained by different squads from the same Heavenly Domain are not awarded points when put together, and can only be wasted.”

Immortal King Mo Lifted immediately understood. Only Seven Refinement Stones obtained by different squads from different heavenly domains, or by the same squad from the same heavenly domain could add points, which obviously could not be cheated. Immortal King Desolation Lift’s old face flushed with embarra*sment. It was his first time participating in this Dao Questioning Competition, and he really didn’t know this rule.

Earlier he had ridiculed that Mo Ying for cheating, but it turned out that it was not cheating at all. Being slapped in the face in front of so many Immortal Kings made him embarra*sed beyond measure, and even that Mo Ying looked at him with displeasure.

Immortal King Kai Feng ignored Immortal King Mo Jiu’s sneer, he knew that this Immortal King Mo Jiu had just been promoted to Immortal King, he did not know many things and was not even as knowledgeable as those Xuan Xian who were participating.

Immediately after he had suspected Ye Mo, he was wildly happy. A small team from the Zongtian Domain had gotten first place, wouldn’t that mean an extra place for a ranked Immortal and a Great Immortal to enter the Inquiring Pavilion? As for that Mo Ying being suspicious what did it matter?

At this moment, both Immortal King Wo Huan and Immortal King Zhong Zhou also woke up to the fact that this matter was true, and that Zong had received a place to enter the Dao Enquiry Pavilion. The three of them looked at each other, unable to contain the excitement within them.

Immortal King Wo Huan had long forgotten that she had regretted bringing Ye Mo earlier, and now her mouth couldn’t even close up in a smile.

“Congratulations to the Zong domain, it’s indeed astonishing when you don’t make a sound, not only did you make it into the top ten, but you’re also number one.” Immortal King Huyi also calmed down at this time, and his divine sense swept Ye Mo and said.

The three Immortal Kings of the clan hurriedly thanked the crowd for their congratulations, and were even eager to immediately pull Ye Mo aside and ask him about it in detail.

As Immortal King He-yi’s divine sense swept over, Ye Mo felt a chill run through his body. That divine sense moved away in a very short time, making him feel a little relieved in his heart.

He had concealed his cultivation at the middle stage of Xuan Xian and had the intention of testing whether the Immortal King could see it. If the Immortal King could see his true cultivation level, it would mean that once the Immortal King wanted to oppress his Sea of Consciousness, he would most likely expose the Golden Page World. If the Immortal King could not see his concealed cultivation, it meant that he was safe.

From the divine sense that that Immortal King had just swept through, Ye Mo knew that he was still relatively safe now.

Having gotten a first place, it would be considered helping the clan to make some contribution. After all, he had taken most of the Green Thunder Immortal Spring and had also made a small fortune with the help of the Zong. Not to mention the fact that he was now certain to enter the Questioning Pavilion, even if he couldn’t enter the Questioning Pavilion, he had still made a big profit.

He had obtained so many immortal spirit herbs at the Seven Refinements Tower, as well as many Seven Refinements Stones, that even if he were to upgrade the ‘Mist Lotus Heart Flame’ to an immortal flame, it would not be impossible.

As for the second round, there was no need for him to go all out, with a place available, it was completely unnecessary to go all out again. He was now a one man team, one man got first place, one man had three spots, he wouldn’t believe that this Heavenly Immortal spot would still be taken away from him.


The Xuan Immortals from the clan who came to participate were also looking at Ye Mo in disbelief. It was fine if the people from other heavenly domains were not familiar with Ye Mo, but they were familiar with this guy. Even asking the Immortal King questions was humiliating to the point of shame, and after being ridiculed, he cowered and never even dared to come out on the immortal ship. It was hard to believe that such a person could get the first place in the team competition.

The only ones who didn’t doubt it were Xu Ji and the Purple Rain Immortal and others, who had seen Ye Mo’s unbelievable performance with their own eyes. Even Ruan Le Tian’s Blood Clad Immortal didn’t dare to nag in front of Ye Mo and even handed over the Seven Refining Stones, it wasn’t impossible for such a ruthless person to take first place. They had thought before that it was possible for Ye Mo to advance to the top ten, they just didn’t expect it to be number one, what they were eager to ask at this point was how many levels this Mo Ying had entered.

Not only Xu Ji and the others, but all the Immortal Kings were eager to know exactly how many levels Ye Mo had entered. Whether or not he had obtained the Six Coloured Seven Refinement Stones, one should know that the Six Coloured Seven Refinement Stones were something that were worth a lot of money.

Every time the Seven Refinements Tower opened, the most precious thing was the Seven Refinements Stones, but generally speaking, the highest Seven Refinements Stones circulated inside the Seven Refinements Tower were five-coloured, and it was extremely difficult to even encounter six-coloured ones, or rather, one could not see six-coloured ones at all.

Five-coloured and six-coloured Seven Refining Stones must be found on the fifth and sixth levels of the Seven Refining Tower. This is different from the four-coloured ones, which can occasionally be found on the third level. But one could never find five-coloured Seven Refining Stones on the fourth level, and likewise one could never find six-coloured Seven Refining Stones on the fifth level.

“Senior brother Ouyang, this guy is too lucky, he got first place all by himself, did he find hundreds of one-coloured Seven Refining Stones on the first layer?”

A Xuan Xian wearing a brown immortal scarf was frowning at Ye Mo, and a long-haired Xuan Xian next to him spoke sourly.

After saying that, it seemed as if he couldn’t get enough and added, “What an idiot with stupid luck, this kind of person Senior Brother Ouyang and Fairy Zi Yu could have been taken care of with only a slap, but he has such unbelievable luck.”

“You shut up, big brother Mo Ying’s cultivation is far beyond my Purple Rain, don’t bring me along.” When the Purple Rain Fairy heard this, she could no longer hold back an angry shout.

Ouyang Yi glanced at Fairy Purple Rain in a daze before saying in a puzzled manner, “Fairy Purple Rain, although Wang Pu is a bit fast-talking, he is also a straightforward person ……”

Ouyang Yi’s meaning was obvious, that was that that Mo Ying was indeed inferior to them. Fairy Purple Rain sneered at Ouyang Yi and said in a light voice, “Senior brother Ouyang is someone who can rival big brother Mo, I, Purple Rain, am ashamed of myself.”

After saying this, Fairy Zi Yu turned around and walked away. Xu Gui and the other two people who were also standing with Ouyang Yi, after hearing this, Xu Gui and the other two Xuan Xian frowned similarly and stood a little further away. Although they did not say anything, the meaning was the same as that of the Purple Rain Immortal. Ouyang Yi was a person of the same level as Mo Ying, and they were just ashamed of themselves.

Chu Xiangzi, however, could see the problem, and he hurriedly walked up to Xu Gui and asked for advice in a whisper.


Immortal King Huyi waited for all the rankings on the big screen to be revealed before he continued aloud once again, “The first ** family of the Great Competition of the Questioning Pavilion all performed wonderfully, Mo Ying of the clan even took first place in the squad with a one-man team and a total score of 356, more powerful than a multi-person team, becoming the biggest highlight of this ** competition… …”

Ye Mo’s heart was chilled, this son of a b*tch He Yi Xian Wang didn’t offend him, he didn’t even know him, why was this guy pulling hate on himself? The people who came here to participate in the Dao Questioning Competition were all elites among elites, and each person was arrogant beyond compare. Although Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of others, he wasn’t in the mood to fight and play it cool.

In fact, even if this Immortal King He Yi admired him, all he had to do was say his name. That the phrase “more powerful than many people in the group” did not need to be brought up at all, it was simply not in line with the manners of an immortal king. Ye Mo was definitely not convinced that Immortal King He-yi appreciated him so much that he couldn’t help but praise him with so many kind words.

As soon as Immortal King He Yi said these words, some unfriendly divine senses in the square swept towards Ye Mo together. There were even a few divine consciousnesses with a harsh killing intent, clearly treating Ye Mo as their number one opponent.

This old thing, Ye Mo was not a nice gentleman, and he was extremely upset at being backstabbed by Immortal King He Yi. In fact not only did Ye Mo hear it, some Immortal Kings also heard that Immortal King He Yi’s words were not really admiring his junior, but pulling hatred for that Mo Ying. Needless to say, this was something that Immortal King He Yi said on purpose for the sake of the competition afterwards.