DYM Chapter 1676

Ye Mo was also a little dazed, this Xue Sheng Xuan’s magic treasures were all good, the World Stone attacked twice, the first time it was blocked by the Shattering Sky Thunder Gun and the second layer was blocked by this red light shield. And the world stone scales had not smashed it, so it was clear that not only was Xue Shengxuan’s immortal divine sense strong, but at the same time his magic treasures were indeed very good.

It was only after a while that the blood-clothed immortal Xue Shengxuan came back to his senses. Seeing Ye Mo staring at him, he felt a pang of discomfort in his heart. He had always been the one to look at others like this, but today someone dared to look at himself with such a gaze. But he still had to endure it, he knew that even if he went up again, he was no match for the other party. And he also knew that the reason why the other party did not continue to pursue him was not that they had kindly spared him, but that they knew that they could not kill him in this Seven Refinements Tower.

“Humph ……” Xue Shengxuan coldly snorted, put away his own defensive magic treasure, turned around and left, disappearing in just a blink of an eye.

Ye Mo didn’t go after him, he knew that this Xue Sheng Xuan was different from the Xuan Immortals he had killed before, this guy was way more powerful than those Xuan Immortals. With his current ability, it was obviously impossible to kill Xue Shengxuan before he could activate the jade token.

If Xue Shengxuan escaped, his strength would be exposed. This was not a good thing for Ye Mo, and Ye Mo knew that once he entered the Seven Refinements Tower, it was only a matter of time before his strength was exposed. He would definitely not hold back his hand in order to enter the top ten, and whether he fought Xue Shengxuan or not, the result would be the same.

Ye Mo was not afraid of his strength being exposed, what he was afraid of was his Golden Page World being exposed. When he was in seclusion to impact the late Xuan Xian Immortal stage, Ye Mo had already made up his mind and decided to hide the Golden Page World to the deepest part of his Sea of Consciousness. In this way, even if an Immortal King used his divine sense to suppress him. They would not be able to force out his Golden Page World. Unless the other party directly stirred up his sea of consciousness.

The Golden Page World would be hidden in the deepest part of his sea of consciousness. Others could not do it, but he could, he had the divine sense technique and his control over his sea of consciousness was far beyond other immortals.

Ye Mo believed that there would not be such a perverted immortal king, he was just a contestant, the other party would have no reason to churn up his sea of consciousness no matter what. At most, they would only suspect that he had some kind of opportunity to use his divine sense to sweep through his meridians. Or, like that Self-Realisation King, use his divine sense to oppress him.

Putting away the World Stone, Ye Mo stayed on the third level for another day. It was only when he saw a late Xuan Xian Immortal being swept up by a man-devouring vine and instantly sucked up, that he realised that it was not only the demonic beasts that were dangerous inside the Seven Refinements Tower, but even a small plant around him could kill someone.

Even if the danger on the third level was too much greater than the first two levels, there were still more and more people coming to the third level. Ye Mo decided to go to the fourth layer, the points on his jade token was only seven right now. Although he had many Seven Refinement Stones on him, he only threw one of these Seven Refinement Stones in a single colour inside the jade token, the rest he threw into the Golden Page World. He felt that these Seven Refinement Stones were good things. It was too bad to use them all to exchange for points.


Xue Shengxuan was very stifled. He had killed like a sack, but it was the first time he had slipped away in such a stifled manner. He was a man who loved face, and even though he had suffered such a big loss under Ye Mo, he still looked as if nothing had happened when he rejoined his squad mates.

The four of them were all elites of Ruan Le Tian, and were all immortals on the Heavenly Immortal Ranking, and it was because they were all very conceited that the four of them formed a team. It was because they believed that even with four people, they would have no problem taking the top spots.

“Senior Brother Sheng Xuan is back so soon?” An Eagle-eyed Xuan Xian smiled heatedly and asked casually.

The people in the small group did not see that Xue Shengxuan had suffered a loss, they just felt that his breath was a little weak. This Xuan Xian perfectionist was still on good terms with Xue Shengxuan, and directly thought that the reason why Xue Shengxuan’s breath was a little weak should be caused by tossing that pretty female immortal.

Xue Shengxuan only gave a muffled grunt, but did not reply.

A few people were used to seeing this kind of character of the Blood-clad Immortal Xue Shengxuan, he was very cold-blooded and killed people like flies, when he did not want to talk, it was best not to anger him.

For a day, all four of them were also on the third level looking for the Seven Refining Stones. Xue Shengxuan was the captain, he did not offer to go to the fourth layer, nor did anyone else.

“Zong’s ……” Xue Shengxuan suddenly snorted coldly and said four words before immediately shooting out with electricity.

The other three who were with Xue Shengxuan immediately swept up a small group of six, and now that Xue Shengxuan had pa*sed, the three of them followed without hesitation.

The team that Xue Shengxuan saw was one of the Zong’s teams, and the leader was the Purple Rain Fairy, who was second on the Zong’s Xuan Ranking, and there was also Xu Ji in the team, so it could be said that this was one of the Zong’s more powerful teams.

However, even if the Zong is a strong team, it is not enough in front of Xue Shengxuan, not to mention the fact that this team has just lost one of its members.

At the same time as Xue Shengxuan came over, Xu Gui and the others saw it.

“It’s Blood-clad Immortal Xue Shengxuan.” Immortal Zi Yu snorted coldly before immediately sending out a message, causing the remaining five to stand in a half-bow formation.

“Hand over your storage rings, the female stays, or die.” As soon as Xue Shengxuan landed, he immediately spoke coldly, while the Shattering Sky Thunder Gun was already suspended above his head, surrounded by silky silver thunder light, carrying a regal and stern killing power.

Xu Ji and the others knew that as long as someone dared to move, this thunder spear would shoot through the Dantian of the person who had made the presumptuous move in the first place. With Blood-clothed Immortal Xue Shengxuan’s skills, he would be able to kill them before they could activate the jade token. What’s more, at this moment, there were three more people behind Xue Shengxuan, and these four people were vaguely surrounding the six of them.

“Blood-clothed Immortal, we have no grudge against you. If you want the Seven Refining Stones, we can take out some for you, why do you have to be desperate.” Although the Purple Rain Fairy was very arrogant in the sect, she could only soften her words in the face of the Blood Cloth Immortal.

“What are you, qualified to bargain in front of Senior Brother Sheng Xuan? Three breaths of time, if you don’t do as Sung Xuan says, all die. Don’t think you have a chance to inspire the jade token, if anyone’s hand moves, I guarantee he will be a dead man immediately.” At this moment, the eagle-eyed Xuan Xian of Xue Shengxuan’s squad said with a cold snort.

Xu Gui said slowly, “Blood-clad Immortal, I’ve heard of your mighty name, but isn’t this a little too overbearing?”

“Overbearing? I can only blame you for being from the clan. Today, this Immortal is killing the trash of the clan.” An icy glint shot out of Blood-clad Immortal Xue Shengxuan’s eyes, and with a shake of his silver thunder spear, he was about to strike.

“Old me is also from the clan.” Another voice came out, this time Xue Shengxuan heard it but trembled, the aura of the thunder spear that was about to be inspired immediately weakened.

This voice he was his nightmare, how could he forget it? As expected, he then saw Ye Mo who was not slow to walk over. A day ago, he had lost face at the hands of this man, and almost got killed, but to his surprise, it had only been a day and they had met again.

The other three people in Xue Shengxuan’s squad all saw Ye Mo as well and immediately murderous intent filled the air. However, none of them made a move, because they all knew the rules of the Blood Cloth Immortal, that if someone dared to choke him, the Blood Cloth Immortal Xue Shengxuan, this person Xue Shengxuan would definitely make him beg for his life and die. Absolutely will personally torment, absolutely no one else will be allowed to interfere.

“Boom boom ……”

Two flashes of light pa*sed, and two of Xu Gui’s squad had already taken the opportunity to crush the jade token and be teleported out, but the remaining four hadn’t moved yet.

The Purple Rain Fairy’s eyes flashed with disdain, teaming up with such fearful teammates was really an insult to themselves. The remaining four didn’t bother with the two teammates who had fled, and all fixed their eyes on Ye Mo who had just arrived. Hearing that Ye Mo actually opened his mouth with Laozi, the Purple Rain Immortal and Xu Ji and the others all frowned. This was the disgusting thing about cultivators who had soared up from the cultivation world, completely devoid of any semblance of immortal manners.

Xu Gui frowned, but for a different reason than Immortal Purple Rain, he knew that Ye Mo would only anger Xue Shengxuan to kill him immediately. In his opinion, it was already remarkable that this Mo Ying was able to reach the third level alone. He should still have some real talent, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t be able to come here.

Without waiting for Xue Shengxuan to speak, he immediately said to Ye Mo, “Mo Ying, don’t talk too much, our squad is short of three people, you are temporarily merging with our squad.”

It was impossible for Ye Mo to join their squad, before entering the Seven Refinements Tower, all the teams had been divided up. Merging was barging in together, not joining a squad. In Xu Ji’s opinion, no matter if Ye Mo was cheating or not, he had already gained his respect for being able to come to the third level as a one-man team.

Ye Mo did look at Xu Gui in a puzzled manner, he could not imagine that Xu Gui had such a heart. However, he just nodded to Xu Ji and said directly, “You guys go, I’ll be fine alone.”

Xu Qi gave a bitter smile and did not reply, if they could have gone, they would have gone long ago. Suddenly it occurred to him that something was not right, according to the arrogance of the Blood Cloth Immortal Xue Shengxuan, Ye Mo acted as his old man, would this Xue Shengxuan not turn his face up?

Not to mention Xu Ji puzzled, even several of Xue Shengxuan’s teammates also looked at the former Blood Clothed Immortal with puzzlement, why hadn’t he had a fit by now.

What was even more astonishing to the people around was that not only did the Blood Clothed Immortal not make a move, but instead he stared at Ye Mo and asked in a deep voice, “What exactly do you want?”

With this question, Xu Ji and the Purple Rain Fairy were completely frozen. When did the Blood Cloth Immortal become so nice? How could he even ask what about the person who was filling his old man’s shoes?

“Senior Brother Sung Xuan ……,” the eagle-eyed Xuan Xian finally couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart and called out.

Originally, Ye Mo knew that he couldn’t kill the Blood Clothed Immortal Xue Shengxuan and had no intention of stepping forward, but now that Zongbei’s squad was suffering because of him, it made him feel very uncomfortable in his heart. He was looking for a reason to make a move when the guy on this side spoke up, immediately making him lash out with an excuse, “Kid, shut up.”

This eagle-eyed Xuan Xian raised his eyebrows, Zong District, a middle Xuan Xian Xian, also dared to shout at him, looking for death?