DYM Chapter 1674

“Boom ……”

The late Xuan Xian Xian who was attacked by Ye Mo sacrificed a shield in haste, but the shield was simply like a piece of paper under the World Stone scales, and was smashed to pieces in an instant.

“Poof ……” The World Stone was only slightly sluggish before it landed on the late Xuan Xian Immortal’s body again, splattering blood mist.

Ye Mo’s intention this time was to kill it all at once, not holding back half a second, after the World Stone smashed the first Xuan Xian Xian into a bloody mist, it directly struck at the second Xuan Xian. This time, he didn’t hold back his World Stone, and the Xuan Xian who was turned into a blood mist even burst his ring into pieces.

However, Ye Mo wasn’t worried, he believed that these four people must have more than one map jade slip.

When the world stone smashed into the second Xuan Xian, the remaining three reacted at the same time, and apart from the Xuan Xian who was smashed, the other two were actually happy instead of shocked. Obviously, they all saw that this black world stone of Ye Mo’s was an extremely powerful magic treasure. Once Ye Mo was killed, this item would be theirs as well.

These two late Xuan Xian Immortals did not hesitate to sacrifice their own magic treasures and attacked Ye Mo at the same time. Seeing the two attacking over, Ye Mo was relieved instead, he was afraid that someone would escape at this time, once someone escaped at this time, he would definitely not be able to kill them all.

He was not originally from the Zong and had come to participate in the Great Competition of the Dao Enquiry Pavilion for himself. Once the three Immortal Kings of the clan did not defend him, it would not be very easy for him to kill the disciples of the Tang Yao Heaven competition.

Now that these two had taken a fancy to his magic treasure and did not want to escape, it was just what Ye Mo wanted. Immortal Yuan frantically poured into the World Stone, and at the same time, the Purple Blast already split out.

The second Xuan Xian who was hit by the World Stone, although a defensive giant bell magic treasure was sacrificed. However, it was still unable to stop Ye Mo’s World Stone scales. Ye Mo’s immortal energy was already far beyond that of an ordinary Xuan Xian. Not to mention that it was now smashed out with the help of the World Stone Scales.

“Clang …… click ……”

The giant bell magic treasure exploded and tore.

The World Stone Scales once again built up, this late Xuan Xian like did not block the terrifying power of the World Stone and was smashed into mush, while the Yuan Shen was directly swallowed by the Shadowless.

With one move, Ye Mo instantly killed two late Xuan Xian Immortals. The first time could still be said to be a sneak attack by Ye Mo, who was too rushed to block it, but the second time was a complete frontal blast. At this point, the remaining two were horrified. Already they knew it was bad.

Plus, while blasting out the black hill, Ye Mo was able to sacrifice the purple circus again, showing a divine sense and immortal energy far beyond theirs. At this time, they would be idiots if they didn’t know to flee. This middle Xuan Xian immortal in front of them was simply not comparable to ordinary Xuan Xian.

That Xuan Xian perfectionist had even seen Ye Mo’s power a step earlier, and when he was about to crush the jade token to escape, he found that he could no longer crush it. The sword domain, he found himself bound by the sword domain. This Xuan Xian perfectionist was horrified and even more frantically burned his immortal energy. He only needed a breath, no. Half a breath would be enough.

The blade domain formed by the Illusory Cloud Domain Slaying Blade easily tore through the sword curtain he had already sacrificed, and as he resumed his movements. The blade mane had already split his body apart, in less than half a breath before and after.

Seeing Ye Mo kill three people in a row in just a breath, the last Xuan Xian was already completely dumbfounded. He was not stunned, but he was frozen by Ye Mo’s continuous divine sense blade slashes. At this moment, how could he even bother to inspire his magic treasure, his hand was even trembling slightly, thinking all the time to take out the jade token and crush it, but at this moment, he found his sea of consciousness was in chaos, and there was no way to hold the jade token in his hand.

After killing the third Xuan Xian, Ye Mo turned around and brought up a purple rainbow, and this last person who was still trembling was also killed by Ye Mo.

After killing four people in a row in an instant, Ye Mo’s face was incomparably pale, if these four people didn’t flee, he wouldn’t have been able to use much strength here. But once he relaxed a little, someone would be teleported out. So after killing four Xuan Xian in a row, it was the fourth person that Ye Mo had the hardest time killing.

He desperately used his divine sense blade to cut down this Xuan Xian, leaving the other party with no way to activate the jade token, which was extremely taxing and damaging to his divine sense. Fortunately, this was still a late Xuan Xian, if it was a complete Xuan Xian, Ye Mo estimated that he would have to leave a mouthful of blood as a price, and he might not even be able to lock up the other party.

Collecting the three rings, Ye Mo didn’t stay at all and left the scene in the blink of an eye.

An incense stick later, Ye Mo set up a simple concealment formation in a forested area, and then took out the three rings.

As expected, in the three rings, apart from some pills and immortal crystals, there were also three jade slips of the Seven Refinements Tower’s map. It was just that the jade slips were very simple, merely describing how to find the entrance to the next level. At the same time, the jade slips also introduced some basic general knowledge of the Seven Refinements Tower, and that one should pay attention to the Vortex Killing Void and the Hidden Immortal Demon Beast when flying in the air. Once you are swept into the swirling void, immediately abandon your flying magic treasure and seek a chance of survival.

It also introduced the places where the Seven Refining Stones were likely to appear, usually in places with dense spiritual energy and guarded by immortal demon beasts.

These were however enough for Ye Mo, all he wanted was the jade slip to find the entrance to the next level.

Gathering his things, Ye Mo left as fast as he could, he was going to the second layer. The first layer had no advantage for him. He was only one person, and even if he was as fast as the rest in searching for the Seven Refining Stones, his score would still be a fraction of the rest of the small group.

Ye Mo thought that the Seven Refining Stones must be a kind of immortal material for refining weapons, usually buried in a rock somewhere or in the ground. However, when he found the first Seven Refining Stones, he realised that he was too naive. The Seven Refining Stones were good materials, but they were not buried in the ground or extracted from rocks, but grew on a flowerless, leafless plant.

When he got this Seven Refining Stones, it was indeed guarded by a Tier 2 Immortal Demon Beast, only that a Tier 2 Immortal Demon Beast was not enough for Ye Mo, it was just a slash.

This monochromatic Seven Refinement Stone appeared to have seven sides, like a seven-sided crystal, with each side being of an even size. Ye Mo swept it with his divine sense, and for a moment, he couldn’t even tell if it was a refining material or an alchemy material. But among the seven refining stones, Ye Mo pounced on a hint of the properties of flame.

It was said to be monochromatic, but in fact Ye Mo held it in his hand but it had two colours. The remaining six sides were off-white. Only one side was already yellow.

Ye Mo did not throw the Seven Refining Stones he had obtained into the jade token. Instead, he threw it into his Golden Page world. He felt that he needed to study this thing and at the end of the day, if he didn’t have enough points, it would be too late to throw it in again.

Along the way, Ye Mo obtained three more monochrome Seven Refinement Stones, all of which he threw into the Golden Page World.

Half a day later, Ye Mo found the entrance to the second level, which was just a small teleportation vortex.

Before Ye Mo was in the vortex, his divine sense scanned that several small groups were also heading this way, and he didn’t stop. He swiftly entered the vortex, and in just a few moments, he was transported to the second level of the Seven Refinements Tower.

The immortal spirit energy on the second level of the Seven Refinements Tower was much denser than the first time, and the space seemed to be much more violent. Once Ye Mo entered the second layer, he saw another number one underneath the seventy-nine on the back of his jade token, which meant that the seventy-nine group now had a score of one. Ye Mo tried to throw a seven refining stone into the jade tile, and sure enough that point immediately changed to two.

The second level Ye Mo likewise didn’t stay long, although there were already level three immortal demon beasts on the second level, and even three coloured seven refining stones, to Ye Mo this wasn’t a place he wanted to stay.

After he found five or six Seven Refining Stones on the second layer. Immediately, he entered the third level.

At this moment, Ye Mo was not only looking for the Seven Refining Stones in his heart, he found that the Immortal Spirit Gra*ses in this Seven Refining Tower were in full vintage. Even the second and third level immortal spirit gra*ses on the second level were tens of thousands of years old, and some were even hundreds of thousands of years old.

It could be said that for the same portion of Immortal Spirit Gra*ses, the price of Immortal Spirit Gra*ses in this Seven Refinement Pagoda was far more expensive than other places. The earlier one entered the Seven Refinements Tower, the more good things one would definitely get.

Ye Mo stayed at the third level because the third level was already infested with level four immortal spirit herbs and level four immortal demon beasts. From this, it was clear that by the fourth level there would definitely be level five immortal demon beasts out there.

A week later, Ye Mo had already killed more than a dozen level four immortal demon beasts and obtained dozens of level four immortal spirit gra*ses of sufficient vintage, as well as a number of level three immortal spirit gra*ses. He had also obtained nine three-coloured Seven Refinement Stones and one four-coloured Seven Refinement Stone.

There were a few times when Ye Mo almost met other squads, but he carefully avoided them all. The third level was where many squads would need to stay for a long time, and there would definitely be more and more people by then. Ye Mo didn’t want to meet up with these people, and he wanted to go to the fourth level. Before going to the fourth layer, Ye Mo decided to raise his cultivation level to late Xuan Xian.


The array display on the plaza of the Seven Refinement Towers already clearly showed the points of the one hundred and six squads, which were clearly distinguished from top to bottom.

The eleventh squad in first place was already at eighty-three points, and the thirty-five squads in second place were also at eighty-one points. Under the long ranking, the lowest ranked squad, the forty-first squad, actually had zero points.

“How come there are still zero-point squads up to now?” Someone had already seen that there was still a squad with zero points on the points screen.

“Needless to say, it must be that one-person squad from Zong. That guy is really miserable too, even if it’s worse than one point, it’s more than one point. Could it be that he didn’t even find a single Seven Refining Stones?”

“It’s hard to say, maybe he really didn’t find it.”

“He wouldn’t have been taken out by an immortal demon beast, would he?”

“That’s not likely, the immortal demon beasts on the first level of the Seven Refinements Tower are only at most level two, even if that guy is bad, he’s still a mid Xuan Xian, he can still deal with level two immortal demon beasts. However, it is possible if he doesn’t have eyes and gets killed by hand for blocking the path of the rest of the squad ……”

As some people talked, someone had already laughed out loud with a harrumph.

In the VIP room of the Seven Refinement Tower Plaza, dozens of Immortal Kings were also here watching the points screen while discussing some cultivation issues with each other.

The discussions of those low-level Immortals on the square could apparently be transmitted to the VIP room as well. Although none of the Immortal Kings in the VIP room would take the initiative to say so, everyone knew that the small team with zero points should be the Zong’s. It was just that no one had brought it up in order to look after the faces of the several Immortal Kings of the Zong.

Immortal King Kai Feng and Immortal King Ping Zhou didn’t say anything with sullen faces, but Immortal King Wo Huan’s face was iron blue, she somewhat regretted bringing that Mo Ying to Ruan Lotian, this was a disgrace to the family.