DYM Chapter 1672

Ye Mo and the others soon learned who the Blood Clothed Immortal Xue Shengxuan was, one of Ruan Lotian’s most murderous Xuan Immortals, with extremely high cultivation and could even easily cross the level to kill the Great Bronze Immortal. He could even kill a Great Immortal with ease. Anyone who messed with Xue Shengxuan would be found and killed by him, even if they fled far away or hid themselves. If you offend him, even if you are killed, your friends who meet Xue Shengxuan will also be killed.

It was because of this nature of Xue Shengxuan that he was given the title of Blood Cloth Immortal. And he has a spirit dog, so as long as you offend him, he can find you no matter where you flee to.

Heavenly Sword Immortal Fu Lingtian, Ruan Le Tian’s most talented Sword Immortal in the Sword Dao, a top ten figure in Ruan Le Tian’s Heavenly Immortal Ranking, and also an Exceptional Xuan Immortal who crossed great levels to kill his opponents. However, he was different from the Blood Cloth Immortal, he had principles in killing and was not as murderous as the Blood Cloth Immortal.

Immortal Xuan Leng, was the most powerful in the use of divine abilities among Ruan Le Tian Heavenly Immortals. Under her divine powers, even the Great Ethereal Immortal would likewise be destroyed in ashes, and was likewise an existence that no one dared to mess with in Ruan Le Tian. It was just that Immortal Xuan Leng was cold and arrogant, and as long as she did not provoke her, she would not, under normal circumstances, actively seek trouble from others.

Blue-shirted Immortal Ke Yan, never in blue immortal robes, has unparalleled divine abilities and is an invincible existence in the same cla*s, even Blood-clad Immortal Xue Shengxuan has to give him a third of a point. I heard that this person is from the Upper Heavenly Domain, but he is now in Ruan Le Tian, representing the Ruan Le Tian competition of course.


Each of these Ruan Lotian geniuses seemed to have their own brilliance, and Ye Mo was listening to the side with great interest when a majestic and overpowering aura suddenly overwhelmed him from above the square.

Ye Mo was startled in his heart and immediately lowered his head to collect his aura. Trying hard to calm himself down.

It wasn’t just Ye Mo. All the immortals in the Question Square stopped their continued chatter. Quietness fell. Ye Mo reckoned that it should be Ruan Le Tian’s great immortals coming over.

Sure enough, that to majestic and overpowering might was like a breeze blowing by, as a grey-clothed immortal dissipated after landing on the main altar at the top of the square.

After this grey-clothed immortal fell, dozens of immortals soon fell again, and Ye Mo found that the three immortal kings of the sect were among them.

Dozens of immortal kings were all concentrated in the Question Square, and that kind of pressure spilled out in all directions, even if it wasn’t the intention of these immortal kings. Other immortals did not even dare to breathe.

Ye Mo, however, breathed a sigh of relief as he noticed the grey-clothed middle-aged immortal, also an Immortal King, who should presumably be a late Immortal King. It was not known whether this kind of occasion was not worthy of an Immortal King coming over, or whether there were no Immortal Kings in the Middle Heaven Domain at all.

No one dared to talk about it, and Ye Mo had no idea what this grey-clothed Immortal King was.

The grey-clothed Immortal King stood on the main altar of the square and swept the crowd in the square before he said aloud, “I am Immortal King He Yi of Ruan Le Tian, the person in charge of this Middle Heaven Eleven Domains Dao Questioning Competition.”

Ye Mo was as uncomfortable as if his clothes were on fire as he swept over himself, and was secretly shocked. This Immortal King He-yi was simply too terrifying. At the beginning, that Self-Realisation King was intentionally using his divine sense to oppress him, while this Immortal King He-yi above casually glanced at him. Compared to Immortal King He Yi. The Self-Realisation King was not worth mentioning at all.

“This Great Dao Questioning Competition is of great significance, and those who have participated in the Great Dao Questioning Competition understand that the Great Dao Questioning Competition has never been open to only Heavenly Immortals. And good or bad results are related to whether the Great Daoist and Bit Immortals of each Heavenly Domain can enter the Dao Asking Pavilion ……”

The words of Immortal King Huyi Ye Mo, however, was a bit puzzled, he only knew that the top two hundred in the Dao Asking Competition could stay in Ruan Le Tian, and the top thirty could directly enter the Dao Asking Pavilion to ask for the Dao. However, he had not heard that good or bad results could be related to the Great Daoist and Rank Immortals of the major celestial domains, could it be that the entry of Great Daoists and Rank Immortals into the Dao Asking Pavilion was also related to the Dao Asking Grand Competition?

“This time, the Questioning Dao Grand Competition is divided into three rounds, with a total of six hundred immortals participating, Ruan Le Tian taking advantage of the location, with one hundred participants and the rest fifty from each heavenly domain. Because this time coincides with the opening of the Seven Refinements Tower, which only opens once in 100,000 years, the first round of this Great Dao Questioning Competition will be to break into the Seven Refinements Tower, everyone can form teams, but the number of people in each team must not exceed seven ……”

Before Immortal King Huyi could finish his words this time, he was covered by numerous murmurs. Ye Mo had not heard of the Seven Refinements Tower, but he knew from the expressions of the immortals participating around him that this Seven Refinements Tower seemed somewhat terrifying. In contrast, Ruan Lotian’s participants were calmer, most likely they had already known from the inside that the first round was breaking into the Seven Refinements Tower and had prepared for it.

From the chatter of the crowd, Ye Mo learnt that the Seven Refinements Tower was divided into seven tiers, but it was never opened, or only opened once in 100,000 years. Each layer was a crazy, bloody world, and the higher you went up, the more dangerous it became, and ordinary immortals died more often than not when they entered.

Listening to the chatter, Ye Mo sighed in his heart, no wonder Ruan Le Tian would be at the top of every big competition, it looked like not only did they have the numbers, they also had the advantage of being the host.

Only when the crowd’s chatter had died down a little did Immortal King He Yi then pressed down with his hand and the chattering underneath came to an abrupt end.

“The Seven Refinements Tower is indeed dangerous, but the encounters inside are also amazing, opening once every 100,000 years, and even those immortal spirit herbs and rare materials are precious beyond compare. The participants who enter the Seven Refinements Tower this time will own anything they get.

The Seven Refinements Tower is divided into seven tiers, with one point added to the squad that pa*ses the first tier, five points to those that pa*s the second tier, ten points to the third tier, twenty points to the fourth tier, forty points to the fifth tier, eighty points to the sixth tier and one hundred and sixty points to the seventh tier. Of course, this is not the only way to score points, in the Seven Refinements Tower there are many Seven Refinements stones, the more colours of the Seven Refinements stones the higher the level, a single coloured Seven Refinements stone accumulates one point, seven coloured ones accumulate seven points ……

I would like to remind everyone that no matter how many colors the seven refining stones are, they are guarded by immortal demon beasts. Of course, every participant who enters the Seven Refinements Tower will be given a teleportation talisman, which can be crushed to get out in case of danger. If they do not have time to crush the talisman, they will only fall. At the same time, at the end of the competition, two points will be deducted from the squad size for every person lost ……”

After Immortal King Huyi said this, the square was already silent. Of course, the larger the team, the better, but there were points deducted for dying inside the Seven Refinements Tower. There was a huge loophole in this rule, which allowed two teams to kill each other. Once one team killed the other team, not only could they get the other team’s Seven Refinement Stones, they could also have their points reduced.

Ye Mo, however, did not care about this, he was wondering what that Seven Refining Stones was. He even had a hunch that this first round of trials would most likely have something to do with the Seven Refining Stones.

Immortal King Huyi, however, did not care about the reactions below him and still said in a calm tone, “The squads with the top ten points in the first round, each squad will get a Heavenly Immortal slot to enter the Daoist Pavilion. The second and third ranked squads will get a Heaven Immortal slot in addition to a Heaven Immortal slot, and the first ranked squad will get a Bit Immortal slot to enter the Questioning Pavilion in addition to a Heaven Immortal and a Great Immortal slot.”

Ye Mo finally understood why it was said that the Questioning Dao Grand Competition and his entry into the Questioning Dao Pavilion on behalf of the Heavenly Domain’s ranked Immortals and Great Immortals were also related, so it was based on the results of the three rounds of Xuan Xian’s participation in the Questioning Dao Pavilion Grand Competition. The reason why the Zong’s Immortal King Kai Feng did not say anything was because he knew that it was simply impossible for the Zong to get such a quota.

However, Ye Mo could also guess some of it, the reason why the three Immortal Kings followed the Zong’s Dao Asking Team over was that they actually still had such a little fantasy in their hearts. In case someone from the clan got first place in one of the rounds, that was a chance to enter the Dao Asking Pavilion. In the Middle Heaven Domain, Immortal Kings had reached the ultimate level, and if they wanted to advance to Immortal Dignity, only Immortal Pills were not enough, they also needed chance, and what was chance? Asking the Daoist Pavilion to ask for the Dao is chance.

Even though they knew that such a chance was impossible, several Immortal Kings still did not want to give up. Perhaps the three Immortal Kings of Zong had come over, or they had all negotiated with each other.

Seeing that everyone had understood, Immortal King Huyi nodded and said: ”The participants from their respective Heavenly Domains will now follow us and teleport to the Seven Refinements Tower. I hope that all of you can achieve a good ranking and make some contribution to your Heavenly Domains, so that it will not be in vain for the Immortal Kings of your Heavenly Domains to send you here for one. As for the second round, it will continue after the first round is over.”

Ye Mo looked at the three Zong Immortal Kings standing behind Immortal King He Yi and did understand the helplessness of these three Immortal Kings. For them every time they asked for the Dao Grand Competition, the Zong was the dowry, seeing that all the other Heavenly Domain Immortal Kings had the opportunity to enter the Dao Court, they could only come here for a turn and then go back. Not only was it a loss of face, it was also a great loss.

A great competition at the Heavenly Immortal level at the Questioning Pavilion has attracted so many Great Daoist and Immortal Kings from the major heavenly realms to come over, and it is probably because of this quota to enter the Questioning Pavilion. When cultivation reaches a bottleneck, or when merit methods reach a bottleneck, who doesn’t want to go to the Inquirer’s Pavilion?


The Seven Refinement Pagoda was one of Ruan Le Tian’s most famous trial places, containing all kinds of high grade immortal spirit herbs and high grade immortal materials. However, the time interval between the opening of the Seven Refinements Tower was too long and only Heavenly Immortals could enter, and Heavenly Immortals and above would not be able to enter the Seven Refinements Tower, which made the Seven Refinements Tower less famous than the rest of the trial places.

Although there were 600 Xuan Xian immortals participating in the first round of the competition, when Ye Mo and the others arrived before the Seven Refinements Tower Square, there were already over 100,000 people here. This wasn’t the end of it, there were more and more immortals heading here.

Some of the big merchant buildings had already put up signs to buy the Seven Refinements Tower’s immortal demon beast demon pills and various high level immortal spirit herbs and some materials at high prices.

Some large sects had also put up signs, wanting to recruit talented immortals from the Seven Refinements Tower. Because some immortals with good results would definitely stay in Ruan Le Tian, it was important to have a good sect. Scattered cultivators, whether in the cultivation world or in the immortal world, had a low status not to mention little future.


Before entering the Seven Refinements Tower it was necessary to form a team, and the participants from the major heavenly domains quickly formed their own teams. However, Ye Mo found that Zong had directly formed seven teams of seven people each, and surprisingly no one was willing to join and take him with them.