DYM Chapter 1160

Lu Wuhu was looking at the flying magic treasure in his hand with satisfaction, when he saw Ye Mo coming, he quickly waved to Ye Mo, and when Ye Mo came in, he handed the magic treasure to Ye Mo and said, “What do you think of this? The Dark Cloud Cone, it was refined just as you wanted it to be, an extremely high grade true weapon. If there weren’t a few ninth grade materials and a little less ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaves, I might have refined it to become a semi-immortal weapon.”

Although regrets were spoken under his breath, Lu Wuhu was obviously very satisfied with this Dark Cloud Cone he had refined.

“It’s actually an extremely high quality true weapon?” Ye Mo gladly picked up the light green coloured Dark Cloud Cone, which entered his hand as if it was a feather. This appearance, he liked it as soon as he saw it. Previously, he thought that it would be very good if he could refine a semi-polar true weapon, but to his surprise, Lu Wuhu had actually refined an extreme true weapon.

The reason why Ye Mo refined it into a dark cloud cone was because it was good at concealment, and it was difficult to be discovered when it was generally concealed into the clouds.

Ye Mo fondled the cone in his hand and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it. Lu Wuhu was worthy of being a top refining master, no wonder he could be called the ‘Land Weapon God’, his strikes were so amazing.

“After this dark cloud cone is refined, the inside is close to two feet square, as for some of the furnishings needed you can sort it out yourself. I have purposely reduced the area in order to increase the defensive capability and speed, and there is also a concealment formation inside.” Lu Wuhu said proudly, obviously when he saw Ye Mo’s expression, he knew that he had something that Ye Mo liked very much.

Ye Mo immediately bowed and said to Lu Wuhu, “Old Brother Lu, this time I am really too grateful to you, I owe you a favour this time. Originally, I wanted to ask Old Brother Lu to accompany me to the City of Moons and then have Old Brother Lu return my favor, but now I’m too embarra*sed to ask.”

“Haha ……,” Lu Wuhu said with a laugh, “Very well, I like it when you owe me a favour. At the end of the month, I will also go to the City of Moon-moon to take a trip, so it’s a deal.”

After saying that, without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, Lu Wuhu suddenly said once again, “You are very much right for my vision. Originally, I wanted to bear the pain of giving you a semi-premium attack true weapon, but your chopper is better than any of my treasures, so I thought I’d better forget it.”

How could Ye Mo not know that Lu Wuhu wanted to look at his ‘Purple Sandal’, this time he was not the least bit stingy and directly took out the ‘Purple Sandal’ and sent it to Lu Wuhu and said, “Old Brother Lu, how about this chopper? ”

“Good technique, really good technique ……” Lu Wuhu stroked the ‘purple chopper’. He marveled repeatedly, “This is definitely a treasure left over from the ancient times.”

After looking at it for another half a day, he stared at Ye Mo and asked, “You refined this chopper, you should know that it’s just an artifact embryo, right?”

Without waiting for Ye Mo to nod his head, he added. “You should know that this kind of weapon embryo can be added to materials to advance to a magic treasure, and that after the first addition of materials, future upgrades will continue in the form of the first magic treasure.”

Ye Mo nodded his head.

Lu Wuhu immediately said seriously, “You must not casually add materials to upgrade, firstly the material level is not enough will make your performance of this chopper greatly degrade, and secondly your refining skills are not good enough, and the same will affect this treasure.”

Of course Ye Mo knew this, otherwise he would have already started to upgrade the ‘Purple Chopper’. There was absolutely no way he would have taken the Grade 5, Grade 6 materials in his hand to upgrade the ‘Purple Sandal’.

Seeing that Ye Mo knew, Lu Wuhu handed the ‘Purple Lobster’ back to Ye Mo. “When you find the materials later, come find me, I’ll help you out.”

Ye Mo smiled heatedly and put away the ‘Purple Sandblade’, he had already started refining weapons now, so when he found the materials, he definitely wouldn’t come to Lu Wuhu. Moreover, he also knew that Lu Wuhu must have a lot of top-grade materials, so when his refining level was high. He might be able to come and ask Lu Wuhu for materials.

Bidding farewell to Lu Wuhu. After Ye Mo returned to his residence and refined the Dark Cloud Cone, he found that it was immediately nearly thirty square feet. There were even two rooms. This area Ye Mo was very satisfied, to him such a large space was completely enough for him.

There were spirit stone recesses in the front and back of the Dark Cloud Cone, so not only could he push it with the spirit stones, he could also push it himself. As Ye Mo looked at the dozens of formations, he knew that Lu Wuhu was likewise a master of formations. In his heart, he couldn’t help but admire them, but Ye Mo also knew that all those who refined weapons were all formation masters. Just like that Yu Baisheng from before, the same was a formation master.

“From now on, it will be called Qing Yue.” Ye Mo directly changed his dark cloud cone to a more common name.


At this moment, the Thundercloud Sect’s Sect Master Wang Ship was silent, while a man opposite him was staring at him, expecting his answer.

Sitting opposite him was none other than Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Sect, who had come to seek the cooperation of the Thundercloud Sect.

The reason why Wang Shiphe did not answer was because before this the Thundercloud Sect had already argued very much about Ye Mo, and some of the elders thought that even if they broke the boat they had to preserve the dignity of the Thundercloud Sect and must kill Ye Mo, otherwise there was no need for the Thundercloud Sect to continue to exist. The other part of the elders believed that Ye Mo’s wings were already hardened.

If the Thundercloud Sect wanted to kill him, they would be causing trouble.

Yang Fei Cheng’s intention was to take advantage of the fact that Ye Mo was halfway from Dan City to Mo Yue City to make a move against Ye Mo, but Wang Shiphe had already backed off after learning that Ye Mo had invited so many experts.

After all, up to now the Wuji Clan and Ye Mo were the ones with the greatest hatred, while the Thundercloud Clan only had a dead Tian Ao Feng at best.

“Brother Yang, Ye Mo’s climate has become established, and this time when he returned from Dan City to the City of Moons, he even invited a wide range of helpers. There is simply no way for us to kill him midway, instead we would be explicitly trying to offend Dan City.” Wang Shuanhe sighed and said, “In fact, like Brother Yang, I would like to kill this fang immediately, but the situation now is such that we cannot kill him at all.”

Yang Feicheng said indifferently, “Brother Wang, I am sure that if we don’t kill Ye Mo this time, we will have no more chance to kill him when he enters the City of the Moon-moon. Do we dare to attack the City of the Moon-moon? Elder Ji endowment and Ye Mo are very close, and will definitely set up a top-notch defensive formation for Mo Yue City. Perhaps before we even start attacking the City of the Moon-moon on our side, Dan City will have already found an excuse to kill on our sect.”

After a pause, he stood up and said with certainty, “And among the people who will follow Ye Mo to the City of the Moon this time, apart from Lu Wuhu, Dan City will only have at most one True Transformation cultivator to go with him, plus other sects, there will only be three or four True Transformation cultivators at the most, and we can ignore the rest below the True Transformation level. We can kill Ye Mo instantly as long as we stop those few Transformation True cultivators.”

Wang Shiphe looked at Yang Feicheng in confusion and said, “Brother Yang, how do you know that there is only one Transformation True cultivator following Ye Mo in Dan City?”

Yang Feicheng smiled blandly and said with a clear mind, “A month and a half ago, the main and vice city lords of Dan City left Dan City and went to an unknown destination. Without the help of Yue Qi Chao, it was already unexpected for Ye Mo, an honorary vice lord of Dan City, who had still just been promoted, to be given a send-off by a Transformation True cultivator in Dan City, most likely not even a Transformation True cultivator, but a Robbery Transformation cultivator. My sect has five Transformation True cultivators, and the Thundercloud Sect also has four Transformation True cultivators, adding up to a total of nine Transformation True, if we add a dozen more Robbery Transformation cultivators ……”

When Yang Feicheng said this, he did not say any more, but looked at Wang Shiphe waiting for an answer.

Wang Shiphe asked in shock, “Brother Yang, are you saying that you are sending out all of our two sects’ Transformation True cultivators? And to send out a dozen or so Transformation Cultivators? Just to kill Ye Mo?”

Yang Feicheng nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s it. We stopped those Transformation cultivators, and as long as there is one more Transformation cultivator free, we can instantly kill Ye Mo. Once Ye Mo is killed, even if Dancheng knows that the interceptor who killed Ye Mo was us, what can he do to us when the Great Tribulation comes to the Southern An Continent? Even if the great tribulation doesn’t come, do you think Dan City will come and destroy our two nine-star sects for the sake of a dead Dan King?”

Yang Feicheng snorted coldly and said, “Dan City is not that bullish, nor would it do that. Sword Valley was the one that my Wuji Clan exterminated on trumped up charges, have you seen Dan City come out and speak up? Moreover, Ye Mo is a Dan King, it’s not a loss for me to put out so many people to kill him.”

“That’s really true.” Wang Shiphe muttered.

Half a long time later, he nodded resolutely and said, “Alright, just this once, if I can’t kill him Ye Mo this time, my Thundercloud Sect has decided not to make any more moves.”

Yang Feicheng nodded and said, “Of course it’s this time, if it doesn’t work, my Wuji Clan will not act rashly again.”

Only he sneered in his heart, “If I, the Wuji Clan, can let you, Wang Shiphe, get away from this matter completely, I, Yang Feicheng, am a little too incompetent.


Dan City.

Ye Mo sat with Luo Ying and Light Snow and Bei Wei and the others, again discussing the matter of returning to the City of Ink and Moon.

There was no longer any objection to returning to the City of Ink and Moon. Although it was safe in Dan City, it was not his own place. Even if he was cultivating, Ye Mo did not dare to enter the Golden Page World, and although he was the Honorary Vice City Lord of Dan City, his power was really limited. This title was intimidating outside, but in Dan City, it was not much more powerful than an elder.

“Brother, we have three Transformation Truths together including Senior Lu, and six Transformation Robbing Seniors as well as nine Multiplying Ding Seniors, so many experts going back together, what other strength can stop us?” Tang Beiwei asked out in some confusion when she heard Ye Mo say that their strength was too low.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Yang Fei City will definitely break through and take this opportunity to deal me a heavy blow. If Lord Yue City was still around, I would be able to ask him to make a move, but unfortunately, I can’t wait for him to go out for even a year or two this time. Although we have three Transformation True cultivators, it is definitely far from enough. The Wuji Clan alone has five Transformed True cultivators, while the Thundercloud Clan has heard that they likewise have four Transformed True cultivators, which could kill several of us in seconds if they all went out.”

“They have that much guts?” Ning Qingxue was aware of Ye Mo’s status in Dan City, and asked out in some disbelief.