DYM Chapter 1159

“What kind of flying magic treasure do you want to refine?” Lu Wuhu was also very satisfied with the materials Ye Mo had brought out.

Ye Mo wanted his flying magic treasure to be easy to conceal, and after thinking about it, he said, “Let’s refine a dark cloud cone that is easy to hide, not only is it fast, but it’s also not easy to see when hidden inside a bird cloud with a concealment formation.”

“Good, you come over in half a month, eh…” Lu Wuhu said as he picked up the jade boxes, only before he could finish his sentence, he let out a eek.

“What?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Lu Wuhu took out a small piece of black stone from inside the jade box containing the ‘Brilliant Star Stone, jī looked at it again and again, and muttered, “World Stone, there really is a World Stone ……, there really is a World Mountain, there really is… …”

Suddenly he looked up and stared at Ye Mo and said, “Not only do you have the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ and the World Stone, how come you have so many heaven defying things?”

Ye Mo secretly cried out in his heart, this World Stone was the one he found from inside Yu Baisheng’s relic with Bo Rong and the others. When he first took this jade box containing the ‘Brilliant Star Stone, he found a piece of material inside that he didn’t recognize, and only after he arrived at the World Mountain did he understand that the material was the World Mountain’s stone. However, he had already obtained a large piece of the World Stone at the World Mountain and did not care at all about the tiny piece of black stone inside the jade box, not even bothering with it.

At the same time, he guessed that it should be left behind by the ancestor of Yu Baisheng who had gone to the World Mountain.

But he didn’t expect to be discovered by Lu Wuhu today, which was really killing him.

Seeing Lu Wuhu staring at himself, Ye Mo had no choice but to say: “This small stone and that ‘Bitter Sudden, leaf, both I picked up under that great mountain of thunder and lightning in the Meteoric True Forbidden Land, are things together I don’t recognise this and the small black stone as the World Stone. If brother Lu is useful take it, this thing is really not of any use to me.”

Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo in disbelief for half a day before saying, “Your luck is too unbelievable, you can pick up such good things?”

Ye Mo knew that the other party was suspicious, so he could only explain that suspicion was the only way to be suspicious.

Luckily, Lu Wuhu did not mean to delve deeper and took out the small piece of world stone and said, “The world stone doubled in size, the weight will increase ten times, no one can explain why the world stone is like this, because it is also a supreme material for refining weapons. Alas, you have a lot of good things.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand why he was so heavy with the stone he dug down from the world mountain, while this small piece wasn’t heavy.

“You go back first don’t worry, after getting your piece of world stone, I will add some more materials for you when I help you refine the Dark Cloud Cone.” Lu Wuhu reckoned that Ye Mo was lying, but there was nothing he could do if Ye Mo didn’t want to tell the truth.

He didn’t suspect that Ye Mo still had the World Stone, or the ‘Bitter Bamboo, Leaf on him, because it was too rare. To get such a little bit was also unbelievable luck.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly left Lu Wuhu’s weapon smithing stall. To be honest, he was really afraid that Lu Wuhu would break the sand pot and ask questions to the end.

Although Ye Mo wanted to ask Lu Wuhu what the main function of the world stone was, he was afraid that if he did, Lu Wuhu would immediately think that he had the rest of the world stones on him, which was not something to joke about.

After Ye Mo left Lu Wuhu’s smithing stall, he completely pounced on smithing, he handed Lin Yi half a dozen million spirit stones and just told him to go to Dan City to acquire various materials.

With Ye Mo’s wealth and his identity, it was really simple to acquire materials in Dan City. Although there were no extremely high quality materials, there were still plenty of simple materials below the fifth level.

Half a month later, Ye Mo could already refine lower grade spirit weapons. Although the appearance was not good, it made him very satisfied. He had to know that he had only been learning to refine for just over half a month and could refine lower grade spirit weapons, this speed could be said to be very impressive. But even before learning to refine weapons, Ye Mo could occasionally refine extremely high grade magic weapons. But even so, this learning speed was still very fast.

One should know that Ye Mo had only taken Lu Wuhu’s general outline of refining, and saying it was a general outline was just a nice way of saying it. In fact, what was said in it was only the introduction to smithing, and there was also an introduction to some materials and flames.

As for the materials, Ye Mo had learned a lot about them in the ‘things’, and the flames, he even had three types of strange fires.

If this general outline of weapon refining was given to someone else, it would not be of much use. However, it was enough for Ye Mo, what he wanted was this kind of rough general outline, too much detail would not be of any use to him yet.

The main function of the ‘Three Life Decree, is to form his own system, anything that has a beginning, Ye Mo can form his own system. Moreover, Ye Mo also knew that this was still his ‘Three Life Dictates, realm was too low, once his ‘Three Life Dictates, realm was high, he could form his own system of refining weapons without using this weapon outline at all.

Now within half a month, he had successfully refined a lower grade spirit weapon, Ye Mo believed that as long as he worked hard, in another year and a half, he should be able to refine an upper grade spirit weapon, or even an extremely high grade spirit weapon. However, he also knew that learning to refine weapons was the same as learning to refine pills, even if he had the ‘Three Life Decision’ wasting much less material than others, it was still a matter of burning spirit stones.

The good thing was that he was still an alchemist, so he didn’t care if he burned some spirit stones.

Apart from refining, Ye Mo spent his days with Ning Qingxue, Luo Ying and the others. All these years, he had been running around to cultivate to a higher level, so he rarely had time to spend with them. Now that it was easy to be together, Ye Mo also wanted to spend more time with them.

Now that there were so many people living inside this small courtyard in Dancheng itself was a bit crowded, and besides Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying were now both at Golden Dan Perfection. Ye Mo also had no intention of letting them form babies in Dancheng, and would talk about it after he returned to his own place. Moreover, both Luo Ying and Qing Xue’s gong methods would be changed to something else after they condensed into a YuanYing.

This day, he was chatting with Luo Ying and Light Snow when he received a transmission from Lu Wuhu, apparently the flying magic treasure had been refined.

Ye Mo was excited and was about to say hello to both Luo Ying and then go to Lu Wuhu’s place when Ning Qingxue suddenly asked, “Husband do you still have a wife called Xiao Yun?”

He understood that Light Snow and Luo Ying knew about this matter but he didn’t know how to mention it to the two of them. Light Snow and Luo Ying were not from the Luo Yue Continent, although Luo Ying was also from the Luo Yue Continent before she was reborn, but Light Snow was not, and both of them had lived on Earth.

It was ridiculous enough that he had married Luo Ying and Light Snow, but there was also an additional Xiao Yun, and they knew about Song Yingzhu and Su Jingwen.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face appearing embarra*sed, he did not say anything. Luo Ying smiled faintly, walked to Ye Mo and grabbed his hand and said, “That Xiao Yun must be a very good woman if she can get your liking. Where is she now?”

A trace of sadness flashed in Ye Mo’s eyes, he too often thought of Mu Xiaoyun, but never had the slightest news of her. Even if Yimo and Zifeng couldn’t find her, at least he could still get a little bit of news whereas Xiao Yun had no news at all. Ye Mo even wondered if Xiao Yun had come to the Luo Yue Continent, or if Xiao Yun was no longer alive.

Ning Qingxue also walked to the other side of Ye Mo and likewise grabbed his hand and said, “Husband I am not talking about you, I know Xiao Yun is a very good girl before we have heard from Zi Yi, you should not take it to heart. Now that we can be together every day, I think it would be nice if we were all together like this every day.”

Ye Mo backhandedly grabbed both of their hands and said, “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you guys about this matter first, I really didn’t know where to start. Xiao Yun is a good woman I am very much holding on to her. Don’t worry guys, there won’t be anyone else in the future.”

These days he was with Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue, to Ye Mo, if it wasn’t for the series of events that happened behind him, he might have been Luo Ying and Qing Xue for the rest of his life, there wouldn’t be a third.

Song Yingzhu was because after having Yi Mo, Ye Mo married her again. But Mu Xiaoyun was a girl that Ye Mo could not bear to discard, and once he gave up on Mu Xiaoyun, her fate would be incomparably miserable. Moreover, the kind of gentle and virtuous woman like Mu Xiaoyun, Ye Mo was indeed moved. It seemed that all the virtues of a woman could be found in her body, she was simply a virtuous personification.

For Su Jingwen, Ye Mo had been hesitant to share a room with her, of course it was a point that she hadn’t built her foundation in the first place, but after she did, Ye Mo still didn’t do that. It wasn’t that Ye Mo didn’t like Su Jingwen, but he wanted to wait until he found Light Snow and Luo Ying before he joined Su Jingwen. This was a sign of respect for Luo Ying and Light Snow, and a promise to Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen had chased him from Ninghai to Luo Yue, from Luo Yue to the Small World, and from the Small World to Nan’an Continent.

If he had not happened to see that bracelet, Su Jingwen would have died in another country, in a place where no one knew and no one had any family. He was moved by Su Jingwen’s kind of love that could transcend thousands of mountains and even time and space.

On that snowy street, Su Jingwen just stood quietly in front of him, as if she was a snowman, watching him not move. That image could not be erased in Ye Mo’s mind for the rest of his life. At that moment, he accepted Su Jingwen.

He could even imagine Su Jingwen’s loneliness alone after Yi Mo was taken away. It was already a great fortune for her, a woman, to survive in a place like the Cultivation World.

So the moment Ye Mo hugged Su Jingwen, whose eyes didn’t even want to close and who was unconscious, he knew that she would likewise be with his own population for the rest of his life that there was no reason, or that was already the reason.

Perhaps others could not understand Su Jingwen’s feelings, but Ye Mo could. In the midst of a sea of people, yet there was no one who understood him or her, no one who really knew him or her. That kind of loneliness, that kind of solitude, was something that no one could understand. When he first appeared alone at Ninghai University, that was the kind of mood he was in.

“We know, husband, don’t think too much about it. Go to senior Lu’s place, he should have called you just now. After Jing Wen and Ying Zhu and Xiao Yun arrive at the City of Moons together later, we will never be separated.”

Luo Ying felt the kind of sadness that Ye Mo was feeling as she once again followed Ning Qingxue and called out for her husband. This word, which she had learned from the earth, was simple and common, but could express the warmth of her heart, and Luo Ying found herself gradually falling in love with it.