DYM Chapter 1158

Ye Mo nodded, he had to admit it, because he had long known that the eating thing he had that had turned from grey to gold and now from gold to grey again was the ‘Shadowless Taosworms”

However, Ye Mo did not know the origin of the ‘Shadowless Taosworms,” thing, that book inside also did not introduce the ‘Shadowless Taosworms” that day when he and Min Wujian fought, Min Wujian said ‘not a spirit worm not an immortal, not the first Shadowless Taosworms” Ye Mo didn’t know what it meant, but Min Wujian should definitely know about the ‘Shadowless Taosworms” Unfortunately, he had already been killed by his own fire swallowing insect.

“It’s really the ‘Shadowless Taosworms.” …” Lu Wuhu got excited, he clapped his hands one after another, jī walked around several times, and finally shook his head again and said, “Pity, pity, this kind of legendary thing, to be spoiled by you, I old Lu would rather you go and spoil a few more Nan’an Ten Beauties, rather than you ……”

Speaking of this seemed to see Ye Mo’s ugly face, Lu Wuhu rubbed his hands and laughed heatedly, “Just kidding, just kidding.”

Ye Mo ignored him, several of his own things are legendary things, not all of which he got. There were many legendary things, wasn’t that Jiu Qian’s ‘One Purple Flame’ also legendary? There was also the fire swallowing insect that he had extinguished earlier, which was not something common either.

Lu Wuhu rubbed his column hand again and said:, “Shadowless Taosworms, once they recognize their master, they will not change for life. You can rest a*sured that my old Lu will not hit the ‘Shadowless Taosworms, the idea, but the ‘Shadowless Taosworms, there is another characteristic, you do not know if you will be clear, is that the ‘Shadowless Taosworms, every time they advance will use their own silk to form cocoons, have you seen this?”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, this silkworm cocooning was really there. Every time ‘Shadowless, when it slumbered, it would use cocoons made of silk to surround it, eventually forming a circle of hòuhòu white silk cocoon, could this be the silk cocoon?

Thinking of this Ye Mo fished out a white silk cocoon from inside his ring and said, “Is this what you’re talking about?”

“Yes, yes, yes ……” Lu Wuhu bolted the white silk ball from Ye Mo’s hand as soon as he could and said in a loud voice, “Yes, yes, this is it.”

It was the second time that Ye Mo saw such an incomparably excited expression on Lu Wuhu’s face, the first time was when he saw himself taking out the ‘Bitter Bamboo,’ leaves, and this time he saw the silk cocoon.

“Good thing, good thing, the most precious weapon refining treasure, the most precious treasure.” Lu Wuhu looked at the silk cocoon in his hand in awe and kept saying.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Old Brother Lu, of course I know that this silk cocoon is a weapon refining treasure, but Old Brother Lu, can you return it to me after watching it?”

Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo with an embarra*sed face, and the silk cocoon in his hand was not returned to Ye Mo. Half a day later, seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, he said with some embarra*sment, “How about I help you refine one more thing, or help you out three more times, and also owe you a ……,”

“Stop.” Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You haven’t paid back what you owe me last time, and now you’re doing it again.”

Lu Wuhu was even more embarra*sed, but the silk ball in his hand just wouldn’t let go.

Suddenly, as if he remembered something, he reached out and took out three jade boxes, opened them all and placed them in front of Ye Mo and said, “Look at them yourself and take the ones you like.”

When Ye Mo saw these things, he sucked in a breath of cold air, he had always thought that he had a lot of good things, but now when he looked at the things that Lu Wuhu took out at random, he immediately understood that compared to Lu Wuhu, he was just a poor calligrapher.

In front of him were not only the Eight Extremes material Xuan Bing Marrow, the Eight Extremes Spirit Herb Illusionary God Flower, but even an ‘Inferno Lotus Fluffy Heart”

‘Inferno Lotus Fluffy Heart, of course Ye Mo knew about it, when Elder Kong Ye gave him one, he didn’t expect Lu Wuhu to have one too.

Luckily, he had been hiding the ‘Misty Lotus Heart Flame, inside the Golden Page World since he came to Dan City, otherwise this guy would have discovered it last time.

Ye Mo knew that the ‘Misty Lotus Heart, was a top-notch good item, precious beyond compare, although it wasn’t very good in refining, it was of great use to him, and this kind of thing Lu Wuhu was actually willing to take out. This is something that allows one’s ‘Misty Lotus Heart Flame, advancement ah, Lu Wuhu this guy knows he has ‘Misty Lotus Heart Flame’ last time are not willing to take out to give himself, this guy is also too stingy, good thing this time is finally forced out.

This is still something that Lu Wuhu took out casually, so it can be seen how many good things he has collected. Ye Mo suddenly regretted that the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ that he had given to Lu Wuhu before had only taken up a few painless shots from him.

What was this ‘Shadowless Taosworms, what exactly was it? The silk cocoon that it produced would be so valued by Lu Wuhu? Suddenly the idea of learning to refine weapons came to Ye Mo’s mind, in case this silk cocoon was something excellent, wouldn’t he suffer another big loss?

He put aside the matter of smithing for the time being, and he did not want to let go of any of these items in front of him, he wanted them all.

But without waiting for him to speak, Lu Wuhu spoke up, “Ye Lao Di, since you know the function of the silk of the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’, you should know that the silk used by the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ to make cocoons for the first time is worth the least, at most you can only exchange it for one.”

Ye Mo was dumbfounded, he didn’t know sh*t, he didn’t even know what the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ silk was for. It was because Ye Mo understood that only if he knew the value of this item could he squeeze out more goodies, that’s why he hoodwinked Lu Wuhu and said he knew.

Now that Lu Wuhu said that, wouldn’t that mean that in the end he would still only be able to choose the same thing? Ye Mo thought about it again and felt that it was not right, since this silk cocoon could only be exchanged for one thing, Lu Wuhu would definitely not take out so much, he only had to take out the ‘Inferno Lotus Fluffy Heart’, he would definitely need the Inferno Lotus Fluffy Heart, himself.

Since he took out the ‘Inferno Lotus Heart’ and later took out many other things, it means that he was in a hurry, so he took out something of about the same value as the silk cocoons, and the words after that might be a test mouth. A seventh-grade Dan King” Shadowless Taosworms, the value of the silkworm silk, hey, I will not say.”

After saying that, Ye Mo did not wait for Lu Wuhu to speak, he said again, “I’ll take all these things.” Then he moved a handful of those jade boxes in front of himself.

When Lu Wuhu saw Ye Mo take all these jade boxes, he didn’t get angry just said, “Alright but your agree that next time your ‘Shadowless Taosworms, the silk threads that are knotted should also be given to me, at least three times as well.”

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “That’s no problem, you have a proposal, I also have a proposal, that is, can you give a copy of your refining manual for me to mull over?”

“You still want to refine weapons?” Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo with a look of disbelief, “You are a Dan King and an array master, and you still want to refine weapons?”

Ye Mo scratched his head and said with some embarra*sment “Isn’t it a bit troublesome to beg you every time?”

“Fine, fine, why don’t you just worship me as your master.” Lu Wuhu immediately rubbed his hands together and became excited.

Ye Mo suddenly stared at Lu Wuhu and said, “Old Brother Lu, how many Ninth Grade Alchemy Sect Masters are there in Southern An Continent?”

“There are about seven or eight.” Lu Wuhu did not know what Ye Mo meant.

“What about Dan Kings of the seventh grade and above?” Ye Mo asked again.

“There’s about six or seven, five or six, I think there are four or five…,” “Lu Wuhu suddenly felt Ye Mo’s ill intent.

“Then you’re asking me, a seventh-grade Dan King who is more precious than an artifact-making master, to worship you as his master? What would the few old Dan Kings of Dan City think?” Ye Mo slowly put away the box and said indifferently.

Lu Wuhu laughed heatedly, “Just kidding kidding, here, this is a general outline of weapon refining.” Without waiting for Ye Mo to say anything more, Lu Wuhu had already thrown a jade slip to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo saw that Lu Wuhu had the intention of giving away, but he said unhurriedly, “Old Brother Lu you said you would help me refine weapons last time, I never had the time to come to you, today I came here specifically to find you, because I want you to help me refine a magic treasure, of course beyond the real weapons I like it more.”

Lu Wuhu said with no good humour, “I knew you’d say it, refine what?”

Ye Mo didn’t talk nonsense this time and said directly, “I want to refine an extremely high quality flying magic treasure that can fly from the South An Continent to the North Wang Continent …….”

“What?” Without waiting for Ye Mo to finish, Lu Wuhu interrupted, “You are dreaming, right? Even if you have that kind of flying magic treasure, you alone can fly from South An Continent to North Wang Continent? The old demons of the Heartless Sea don’t know how many times they have devoured you. Not to mention you, even for my old man to get from South An Continent to North Wang Continent without going through the teleportation array, it would take a lot of effort.”

Ye Mo ignored Lu Wuhu’s words and asked again, “Just say yes or no, don’t beat around the bush.”

Lu Wuhu said with a heated smile, “Even if I could refine it, do you have the materials? To refine a flying magic treasure that flies from the South China Continent to the North China Continent, not only do you need to have top quality materials, but also specific flying materials. Not to mention you, I don’t have the means to get it together either.”

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Lu Wuhu to say more and directly took out a few materials and placed them in front of him and said, “Can you see if these few things are okay?

Lu Wuhu looked at the items Ye Mo took out and his eyes immediately went straight, “Qing Ru Xiaotian’s ‘Nine Feather Golden Roc, tail feathers, tenth grade material, Brilliant Star Stone, ninth grade smithing material, Half Extreme Star Sand, another ninth grade material ……”

He stared at Ye Mo with wide eyes, “Where did you get so many good things from? Not only do you have a Brilliant Star Stone, but you even have a tenth grade ‘Nine Feather Golden Roc, tail feather? And both of these items are most suitable for refining flying magic treasures, did you have a desire to refine flying magic treasures for a long time, and that’s why you collected them all around?”

“That’s right.

That Old Brother Lu, why don’t you tell me if I can refine it first?” Ye Mo said somewhat helplessly, that was all he had and he took it all out.

Lu Wuhu nodded and said, “These things of yours can certainly be refined into top flight magic treasures, but the main stem is missing, I happen to have a top grade 10,000 year old comb wood heart, so I’ll give it to you as well. And that ‘bitter bamboo, leaves, I also add a little into it, but even with this kind of top flight magic treasure, your cultivation is really going ……”

The latter words Lu Wuhu did not say, but Ye Mo already understood that he meant that his cultivation level was too low. Ye Mo didn’t care about his cultivation level, what he cared about was that the ‘Bitter Bamboo, Ye could join the flying magic treasure.

Although he wanted to take out a ‘Bitter Bamboo, Leaf and give it to Lu Wuhu, but Ye Mo also knew that such a thing was brain dead. He could only secretly resolve to give some to this old man when his cultivation was high, at least today Lu Wuhu was still more agreeable to his eyes.