DYM Chapter 1157

Ye Mo casually swept it, and Yang Feicheng’s face became icy cold. Although that killing intent did not spill out, but Ye Mo subconsciously winced, he guessed that Yang Feicheng would not be willing to kill him until he did. He guessed that even with Lu Wuhu’s help, Yang Feicheng might swallow his bear’s heart and leopard’s guts and include Lu Wuhu in his calculations.

No, he was definitely at a disadvantage if this went on. From Xuan Bing Sect to Dan City, Ye Mo was not too worried, what he was worried about was how to get to Mo Yue City after arriving at Dan City.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo stood up and cupped his fist to some cultivators who were leaving and said, “All sect masters, and elders, it’s Ye Mo’s luck to meet with you all today, to meet so many seniors and high achievers. This time, I will be staying in Dan City for a month after returning to Dan City. After a month, I will return to the City of Moons. In order to appreciate everyone’s support for me here, so as long as a friend who can accompany me to Dan City to the City of Ink and Moon in a month’s time, Ye Mo will refine a potion for him for free as long as he is a senior above the Cultivated Tripod, but of course the potion is below the Heavenly Grade Seventh Grade.”

If the people inside the main hall hadn’t been excited and reached ** with the previous bout, the scene had completely ** with these words from Ye Mo. Almost all the cultivators stopped in their tracks and looked at Ye Mo with fiery faces.

Just kidding, a Heavenly Grade Seventh Grade Pill. Not to mention a Tripod Cultivator, even a Transformation True or Robust Transformation Cultivator could not easily find someone else to refine it.

The main and vice city lords of Dan City could help people refine seventh grade pills, but would they be willing to do so? Even if they were willing, could you afford the price? Many cultivators were already more than a thousand years old, they had long stored up a batch of spiritual herbs, the bitterness was just that they had no one to help them refine the pills. And now that Ye Mo, the Seventh Grade Dan King, had issued this promise, it was simply more incredible than a pie falling from the sky.

Le Yao nodded, this was Ye Mo making a move. Taking advantage of his natural strengths to strike, there was almost no opportunity like this that anyone who was a Cultivator of the Cultivation Tripod would not be willing to take.

But not waiting for the excitement to pa*s for these people, Ye Mo once again dropped a bombshell, “As you all know, I have also said it. I believe I can advance to Ninth Grade Dan King after ten years. Once again, I am here to promise. As long as you accompany me to Ink Moon City in a month’s time to congratulate my friends from Ink Moon City. Those who are at the Robbery Transformation cultivation level within a hundred years, I can refine a Ninth Grade Pill for them. If it is a Transformation True friend who goes with me to the City of the Ink Moon to congratulate me, then my junior will refine ten pills for them after they have advanced to Ninth Grade Dan King.”

Even a Transformation True cultivator wanted to pull to celebrate the City of the Moon-moon, this statement from Ye Mo immediately made it clear what was going on.

It should be pulling in some bodyguards, but even if Ye Mo did this, there were still quite a few people who wanted to go with Ye Mo. As long as they accompanied a trip to the City of Moons. One could ask the Seventh Grade Dan King to refine a potion for free, who else wouldn’t be willing to do such a good thing?

“City Lord Ye, then we are going to follow you to Dan City now, and then stay in Dan City for a month before going with you to the City of the Moon-moon okay?” Le Yao said crisply with a smile.

Ye Mo didn’t know that Le Yao was helping him, so he immediately cupped his fist and said, “Of course I’d like that even more. Thank you, sister Yao.”

“City Lord Ye, your mouth is really sweet.” Le Yao giggled again and said, “My sect’s Hua Zhen Xu elder and I will go along with City Lord Ye.”

Ye Mo was overjoyed in his heart.

As Le Yao’s words came out, many sects agreed to send their elders to Dan City a month later. The patriarch of the Wuji Sect, Yang Feicheng, had a cold expression at the moment, but he knew that he had miscalculated one thing, and that was that he had not counted Ye Mo’s status as a Dan King.

Ye Mo’s prowess as a seventh grade Dan King was revealed at this time. It was originally a gathering for them to pull people together, but now it had turned into a place for Ye Mo to pull experts together. Although Yang Feicheng was so depressed in his heart that he was going to vomit blood. However, there was nothing he could do.

He had roped in so many experts right here. When he arrived at Dan City, he would casually call out. There would also be several True Transformation cultivators going over together.

But the Wuji Clan had suffered such a great loss at the hands of Ye Mo, it was impossible for him to let this Ye Mo go, and at the same time, he also knew that the Wuji Clan had exterminated the Sword Valley, and there was no way to reconcile the hatred with the other side.

The Thundercloud Sect’s Wang Shiphe was silent at this moment. Ye Mo was only a Void God cultivator, and he had simply dissolved the Southern Alliance that was to be established into nothing, and at the same time, he had the support of so many sects. Now that the Thundercloud Sect had only lost one Tian Ao Feng, should they still fight with Ye Mo?

The Wuji Sect had already lost four talented cultivators to Ye Mo. Moreover, Ye Mo was only at the first level of Void God, and he was already almost invincible in the same cla*s, so when he reached Body Condensation or even Cultivation, how could it be?

Wang Shiphe, who was bound to kill Ye Mo, wavered in his mind for the first time.

Those sects that wanted to befriend Ye Mo, Ye Mo was not one to turn away, as long as they wanted to go to the City of Moons, he welcomed them all.

After Luo Ying learned that Ye Mo was going to take them away immediately, she immediately spoke to Ye Mo and brought Bei Wei to Fan Yi Zhu’s front to bow and greet her master. Although she felt that Ye Mo didn’t seem very friendly to her master, he was still very kind to her


Seeing Luo Ying and Bei Wei coming over, Fangyizhu sighed and said, “Cultivate well in the future, for you, cultivation is the first important thing.”

“Yes, Master.” Luo Ying had been desperately cultivating before, just to go to the Eastern Xuan Continent to look for Ye Mo, now that she had found Ye Mo, cultivation was really not the most important thing to her. Being able to be with Ye Mo, she was already satisfied. But the words of the master could not be refuted.

Fangyizhu took out a coloured cloud handkerchief and handed it to Luo Ying, and took out a pair of cloud-piercing boots and handed them to Tang Beiwei, before saying, “Master doesn’t have anything good to give you, these two true weapons were obtained by me in my early years, so I’ll give them to you now.”

Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei took their Master’s things, thinking that without him, they would definitely not have ended up well, and thinking that they were about to leave the Xuan Bing Sect, they were both saddened.

Fangyizhu said with a faint smile, “When you are high in cultivation, you can also come back to see my master, there is no need to be like this. Especially Susu, if your husband wasn’t the city lord of Dan City and a seventh grade Dan King, I would definitely not have let you leave Xuan Bing Mountain.”

Yan Guan was relieved to see Fan Yizhu take out something to give to Lok Susu and Tang Beiwei, he was afraid that Elder Fan was a stickler to the end and did not know how to be flexible at all, but he did not know that Fan Yizhu was really a bit unhappy with Susu.

Yan Guan, however, brought a Transformation Transformation Elder to Ye Mo and said, “Ye City Master, Yan first congratulates you on your reunion with Susu. Master Teacher is a Transformation Transformation Elder of my Xuan Bing Sect and Yan Guan’s senior brother, so in order to congratulate City Lord Ye on his return to the City of Moons, he has gone to congratulate you, so please don’t mind, City Lord Ye.”

Ye Mo laughed, of course he wouldn’t mind, the more experts he went with, the “better. Even if he knew that the congratulations were fake and befriending him and asking for a potion was real, he was still grateful to Yan Guan.


A few days later, Dan City.

Some of the cultivators who followed Ye Mo to Dan City and wanted to go to the City of Moons were arranged by Ye Mo through the City Master’s Office of Dan City to the VIP accommodation.

The meeting of Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue, Tang Beiwei and Fei Luo was again a joyous one, each recounting their farewells with great emotion. It was a good thing that Susu’s master, Fangyizhu, was good and helped them arrange a good place, otherwise no one would dare to think about what would happen now.

Only Yun Ziyi’s life and death were unknown, and several people were saddened. Luo Ying and the others even knew by now that Ye Ling, Ying Zhu and Jing Wen were all in the Northern Watch Continent. Ye Mo said that after he returned to Mo Yue City, he would immediately go back to Beiwang Continent to bring them all together to Mo Yue City.

Although they knew it would be difficult to bring so many people to Mo Yue City, all of them believed in Ye Mo. He arrived in Luo Yue even later than them, yet he was already far ahead of them.

Only Luo Ying had a secret in her heart that she didn’t say, it was a secret that she and Ye Mo shared. Although everyone was now cultivating, she didn’t want to tell that matter out.

At this moment, Ye Mo couldn’t even be bothered to go and make out with Luo Ying and Light Snow, he was indeed running around to pick up Ye Ling and the others. Yimo and Zifeng were missing, and Xiao Yun couldn’t be found, so he had no choice now, but Ye Ling and the others he had to go and get back, it had been two or three years.

He has to go to Lu Wuhu, because the transmission array Ye Mo asked, there is no way to transmit the “entertainment show” to send so many people to South Anzhou. He had to ask Lu Wuhu to see if he could help him refine a top-notch flying magic treasure so that he could fly back.

Ye Mo wanted to find Lu Wuhu, but in fact Lu Wuhu was now even more eager to find Ye Mo. Earlier on the road there were so many people and Ye Mo had been mushy with that what’s-his-name Susu, he had no chance to talk at all, now that he had returned to Dan City, he had to ask Ye Mo.

So without waiting for Ye Mo to enter Lu Wuhu’s ramshackle smithing stall, he was pulled into the house by Lu Wuhu.

When Ye Mo followed Lu Wuhu into the smithing stall and arrived at an inner room inside, he was frozen in his tracks. It was surprisingly something else inside, not only was it spacious and luxurious, but the spiritual qi was so abundant that Ye Mo didn’t dare to imagine. He was sure that there was at least one lower grade spirit vein here.

“Don’t act like you’re surprised, you have more good things than I do, I just have this spirit vein, maybe you can’t even look at it. Heavenly Fire, Earthly Fire, that Dan Furnace, and that Eight Great Cauldron, hehehe, especially that chopper ……” Lu Wuhu immediately deflated his mouth when he saw Ye Mo’s surprised face.

“Elder brother Lu is in a hurry to find me over, is there something urgent?” Ye Mo saw Lu Wuhu start to count his things and hurriedly interjected the topic, he was really afraid that he had something that this old demon had taken a fancy to, in case he wanted to ask for it by force, he would really have no choice.

Lu Wuhu said with a glare, “How can my old man fancy your stuff ……” adding in his heart, if he does, you have to give it too.

“That’s good, that’s good, those things of mine are worthless.” Ye Mo said in a hurry.

Lu Wuhu said with a disdainful grimace, “Worthless? What was the last thing you extinguished the fire swallowing insect with, if others can’t see it, don’t think I can’t see it too. It was the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’, right? Isn’t it?”

After saying that, Lu Wuhu stood up and stared at Ye Mo with an excited face, just waiting for Ye Mo to answer